Customer Reviews: Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season [Blu-ray]
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For the final season of "Chuck", producers Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak faced a daunting dramatic challenge: how to generate new drama, comedy and romance for a great show. After all, at the end of season four, nice guy CIA agent Chuck Bartkowski (Zachary Levy) finally married his lovely CIA partner Sara Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), after protecting the birth of niece Clara to sister Ellie and brother-in-law Captain Awesome. Operation Bartkowski was officially ended, leaving Chuck, Sara, gruff NSA agent John Casey (Adam Baldwin), and Chuck's best friend Morgan (Joshua Gomez) without a mission. The solution: reshuffle the deck.

Using money from Alexei Volkov, last season's leading villain, Chuck, Sara, Casey, and Morgan go into the private spy business, only to discover the competition can be quite fierce. Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix) has a recurring role as the cutthroat leader of a rival firm, and as someone with a history, and maybe a future, with Casey. Morgan, who ended up last season with the Intersect in his head, discovers the hard way the challenges of having super spy skills, and in the process damages his relationship with Casey's daughter Alex. Chuck, reduced to basic nice guy computer nerd, goes through his own period of painful adjustment, before having to face his greatest opponent one more time. Sara Walker's long-missing mother will make an appearance at a vital moment, while fans will be treated to additional fun with the BuyMore gang, and to additional Bartkowski family comedy (and drama over Chuck and Sara's future).

Team Bartkowski will face a series of threats from rogue CIA agents, including one who sets up the team for the crime of the century, leaving the team with a choice of jail or life on the run. In a tense multi-episode conclusion, Chuck and Sara will battle one last ruthless opponent for control of the Intersect and everything they have built together. The suspense will be good to the last drop.

"Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season" has the last 13 episodes of the show and is highly recommended to its dedicated fans. The DVD set includes the usual blooper reel, deleted scenes, and a few farewell features.
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on January 28, 2012
Don't worry; there'll be no spoilers here.
Season 5 is the last TV season we'll have for Chuck. If you own seasons 1-4, you'll need 5 to complete the set. If you don't (yet) own those first seasons, I must ask why? Chuck gradually lost its ratings over the years, yet there is much to love in season 5, and in all 91 episodes.

There are high points in every TV season: great guest stars like Bo Derek, Mark Hamill, and Danny Pudi were supplemented by arcs with Carrie-Ann Moss and Richard Burgi. There's a house with a white picket fence; trips to Miami, Vail, and Japan; and the Intersect (long filled with secrets) which has more secrets to tell. The canon (the backstory built with each episode) takes some hits in one particular episode, but it's still our Chuck.

The two-hour series finale aired in the US last night. Fans of Chuck's early days at the BuyMore and as a begrudging member of Team Bartowski will see much that they love. Those who wish for spy fights and gun battles will have something to enjoy. Fans campaigned to save Chuck season after season. Whether we saved the show or not, the season 5 finale seemed to me a reward created for the fans. If you buy this DVD, even if you've never seen Chuck in action before, the finale "Chuck v. the Goodbye" will be your reward.
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on February 22, 2012
This review is totally biased. I absolutely love the show and am a fan of Zach and Yvonne. The last episode left me sad because-well, it was the last episode.

I'm giving this 5 stars for the sake of being a fan and because I haven't had a favorite show in soo many years. But I'll be honest with what I didn't like about this season:
There was a somewhat annoying plot and I feel it didn't work well with all the other seasons (I won't spoil with who it was, so I'll keep it vague). It just didn't make sense that someone received it and barely qualifies as an agent.
In my opinion, most of the 5th season, like others said, just didn't have that connection the other 4 had.

Overall though, winning my heart from the Pilot episode, the 5th Season is a must buy. You have to know how it all ends. Towards that last few episodes- you start to see how hard it was on the actors and actresses to close off this fantastic show. The chemistry with everyone (both on set and off) was one of a kind. It was so unique...even fans felt that connection with everyone in the show. Hell, we kept the show alive for....3 seasons, right? I signed petitions, supported subway like it was my lifeline for food, bought Chuck merchandise, etc. haha.

I honestly hope....hope hope hope....we get to see Zach and Yvonne in some random future project together, or just see them in another awesome show (together or individually) because I admire their personalities both on and off the set.

Hopefully this somewhat helps. Thanks for reading my review.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 15, 2012
Except there's only so much a Subway sandwich can accomplish. And, for such an underdog show like CHUCK, really, a five year run is pretty amazing. I'm already missing this show bad. But at least EUREKA is still around for a few more seasons... wait, what's that about EUREKA?

In the course of four years, Chuck Bartowski's evolution has been an eye-opener, Chuck having gone from hapless Nerd Herder to accomplished spy. This fifth and final season finds him coping without the crutch of the Intersect and proving that, just on his own merit and innate skills and savvy, he's still got the goods to kick bu++ in the cloak and dagger community. As noted in last season's finale, thanks to Volkoff's largesse, Chuck and Sarah are now stinking rich. They now own the Burbank Buy More store, still the cover for Castle, their underground espionage lair. With the CIA giving them the stink eye, Chuck and Sarah have struck out on their own and established their own independent security firm. But maybe the biggest "What the--?!" moment in last season's finale is that Morgan Grimes has become the inadvertent host of the Intersect. It's a fun twist, initially. But I think we were all laying odds that this sitch wouldn't last.

Foremost, I love the show's heart. We eyeball the shadowy conspiracies and the neat spy gadgets and the skullduggery and the wicked kung fu bits, but these elements rapidly become rote when you don't give a what about the characters. It's always been about Sarah and Chuck. They anchor things. It's sappy to say, but despite the geektastic pyrotechnics, it's Sarah and Chuck's romantic arc that we track and feed off from the most. Sarah Walker, who once was this lonely little girl, unwilling to trust, weapons always hot. Chuck Bartowski, hapless geek, heart ever on his sleeve. Their winding love story is pretty friggin' sweet. And, to squeaze out that last drip of dramatic conflict and tension, even in (especially in) the eleventh hour, the showrunners are all too willing to jeopardize Sarah and Chuck's happiness. Yeah, okay, it hooked me in yet again. From jump I cared about these characters. That even eventually applied to the aggravating sidekick Morgan Grimes.

Season 5's first major arc deals with Morgan as the new walking CIA database and touches on Chuck's trying hard not to feel too envious or useless. And, somewhere on the periphery, never quite going away, skulks yet another dark cabal out to destroy Chuck. There's a rogue CIA operative targeting our nerd. And Chuck and Sarah's newfound wealth... well, this show's writers just love erecting obstacles for our protagonists.

Our spy team for hire has trouble staying solvent. Doesn't help that Chuck and company are in direct competition with the flashier Verbanski Corps, of which boss, Gertrude Verbanski, seems to harbor a personal agenda against Colonel Casey. CHUCK has always had a knack for attracting guest actors steeped in nerd pop culture. This season's guest star bounty includes Mark Hamill, the reprising Linda Hamilton, Rebecca Romijn, Stan Lee (as himself), Bo Derek (as herself), two cast members from COMMUNITY, as well as a welcome recurring run for Carrie-Anne Moss who plays the steely Gertrude Verbanski.

With only 13 episodes, this season focuses less on silly shenanigans at the Buy More. Still, fans of Jeffster shouldn't fret. Jeffrey gets a pretty gratifying story arc, and there's a very nice payoff regarding Jeffster in the final episode.

My pick of the season: "Chuck vs. the Zoom," for demonstrating Chuck's improvisational tactical skills, and this without the Intersect; "Chuck vs. the Curse," because of Ellie and Captain Awesome's fun and unexpectedly perilous date night; "Chuck vs. the Baby," for shedding more light on Sarah's past; "Chuck vs. Bo," because friggin' Bo Derek's in it; and "Chuck vs. the Goodbye," for all the callbacks and because it's a fine send-off, never mind that we have to infer the happy ending.

I dunno, maybe this is a good time for CHUCK to bow out, before it starts flirting with becoming too stale. And maybe I'm getting fed up with buying them Subway sandwiches. But, man, I will miss this show something fierce. But at least WONDERFALLS is still on the air... wait... what's that?!

CHUCK - THE COMPLETE FIFTH AND FINAL SEASON comes with 3 discs and offers the following bonus material:

- "Sandwiches and Superfans: The Saving of a Show" - cast & crew, most of 'em teary-eyed, pay tribute to the show's passionate fan base (00:10:20 minutes)
- "Scoring the World of CHUCK" - spotlight on composer Tim Jones, the mind behind the music (00:06:08 minutes)
- "Chuck Versus the Final Episode" - an emotional visit behind the scenes (00:14:25 minutes)
- "CHUCK: The Beginnings" - the Flash that launched a hit show; cast & crew reminisce about how it all started (00:05:24 minutes)
- "CHUCK: Through the years" - charting the evolution of the show's characters (00:11:14 minutes)
- "Goodbye, Buy More" - Time-lapse teardown of the set (00:02:18 minutes)
- 2 Exclusive Buy More commercials (featuring Big Mike & Captain Awesome)
- Extended version of Series Finale "Chuck vs. the Goodbye" (00:52:59 minutes)
- "CHUCK: the Future" - cast & producers' predictions about the show's characters (00:04:19 minutes)
- Audio Commentaries on "Chuck vs. Sarah" and "Chuck vs. the Goodbye" (both eps with actors Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, and co-creators/co-writers Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz)
- 10 Declassified Scenes (or Deleted/Extended Scenes, for those not down with the cloak & dagger jargon)
- Gag Reel (00:03:34 minutes)

And there's also an episode guide pamphlet.
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on February 3, 2012
We the fans were lucky to get this final season. The writers and actors knew this as well and pulled out all the stops for the end of this saga. I thought season four was good but a little lacking when compared to the previous seasons. This season however was excellent. The guest stars were impressive as always with Carrie Anne Moss, Mark Hammil, Bo Derek, and many others that made for a pop culture flashback. This season centered on Carmichael industries and how Chuck, Sarah, and Casey were on there own. Oh and also Morgan has the Intersect and Chuck does not. I was a little worried about how this would play out but the writers did an excellent job giving the storyline meaning and depth. I won't go into detail but it was an interesting ride with Morgan Grimes having the Intersect.

Also Chuck and Sarah shared a lot of post marriage problems like starting a family and finding a house. It was cool to see these two try to figure out married life while shooting some bad guys. Casey gets a love interest in Carrie Anne Moss which was a nice touch for the gruff Colonel, and wouldn't you know it there was a Matrix reference added for her. The ending while a little controversial was excellent in my opinion. Anyone about to watch the finale should watch the pilot right before it. There are a lot of references to Chuck's first mission. There will also be an extended version of the finale along with audio commentary for the episode (It's about time). Even if you didn't like the finale at least the writers got to end the show on their terms.

I'm rating this in advance of buying it because I think we all know it isn't going to look great on Blu Ray. It never has been the standard for high definition. I doubt things will change now. This will be however is the best it is going to look for a while so I will gladly add it to my collection next to the previous four seasons.

The final season of Chuck was a wild ride until the final smash to black. It brought back a lot of favorite characters including a previous villain, new characters were seamlessly added to the mix, and the focus never shifted too far from the main cast. Which did an excellent job once again. Zachary Levi deserves an Emmy for his performance in the finale. I said the same for Matthew Fox for LOST and he was robbed. I hope Chuck at least gets a nomination. The final episode will be debated for a long time, but you owe it to yourself to experience the final season of Chuck. In the Pilot Chuck said he was working on his five year plan. Well Chuck your five years on television were some of the most memorable in recent memories and your final missions were just as enjoyable as your first.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 20, 2007
NBC's CHUCK is such a welcome surprise and one of the best and funniest TV shows I've seen in a while, which means it's probably headed for imminent cancellation. CHUCK achieves that heady mix of humor, action, espionage, and even a dash of romance (or pining, to be more exact). And it'll have you rooting for the nerd hero Chuck Bartowski, the physically hapless but nonetheless invaluable new member of the U.S. secret agent fraternity. Whereas, before, Chuck was someone who for thrills lived life vicariously thru video games and films, he's all of a sudden forced to cope with experiencing the very intense real thing.

Several SPOILERS follow.

The 411 on the premise and plot: A rogue CIA agent, just before being killed, downloads a wealth of top secret government files into the brain of his old college roommate Chuck Bartowski, a seemingly disastrous choice at first blush. Chuck is a social misfit, a computer geek who toils at the Nerd Herd electronics department of the Buy More supermarket. His support system consists of his best bud Morgan, who's even more of a loser than Chuck, and Chuck's lovely, protective sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), who is perpetually concerned for him and his lack of a social life. That Chuck lives with Ellie and her laid back boyfriend, Captain Awesome, doesn't exactly win him points with the cool set. But, for Chuck, things are about to change.

Chuck meets Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), who seems to really like him. But Sarah is really a CIA agent sent to wrest the stolen intel from him. Finding out that the top secret data is imbedded in his noggin, she is then assigned to keep tabs on him. To do so, Sarah works at Wienerlicious and poses as Chuck's chica. Meanwhile, the NSA trots out its top operative, the no-nonsense John Casey (the awesome Adam Baldwin), who as cover hires on as a Buy More sales clerk.

Nowadays, danger and intrigue lurk at every corner for Chuck Bartowski, who finds himself leading a double life and is now sometimes referred to as the Intersect (mostly by Casey). He proves his value when the data in his brain enables him to put two and two together and uncover an assassination attempt. Soon, he's tangling with ninjas, shadowy agents, terrorists, and bombs - and that's just in the first episode. Further shows would unveil even greater peril and more mystery. Seeds of distrust are sown as Chuck also struggles with the constant hedging and fabrication brought on by his CIA and NSA minders. More importantly, despite obstacles put up by his nemesis, the evil Asian dude Harold Tang (okay, he's not really evil...but he's bald), Chuck's trying out for the assistant manager gig at the Buy More. Good luck, Chuck.

CHUCK is a consistently funny, funny show doubling as a straight-up spy thriller. There are plenty of slick, potent action sequences, but the heart of the series is the comic fish-out-of-water premise of the geek caught in serious cloak-and-dagger environs. The show provides a steady dosage of nerd/slacker humor which always has me smiling for the duration of the episodes. And, instead of Chuck suddenly developing kung fu skills, the series makes sure that Chuck remains inept and a bit cowardly (Chuck would prefer to refer to it as being "prudent"). Zachary Levi as Chuck is wonderfully straight-faced yet has that comic timing down pat. He's very sympathetic as a guy whose nature is reserved but whose heart is shyly on his sleeve.

Which leads us to another focal point of the show: Chuck's tentative relationship with the beautiful Sarah, who as a spy is forever on her guard and who's still grieving over her recent past with a fellow agent. But there's a connection between her and our favorite Nerd Herder, as Sarah realizes that Chuck has a good heart. But only time will tell if it pans out. Yvonne Strahovski is well cast as the lethal and accomplished secret agent, who can kick enemy agent heinie even a she dances sensuously with an unawares partner. Yet Strahovski, when called for, can lend a vulnerable air to her calculating superspy. And, holy ministrone, she's hot! On the other hand, I don't think the looming Adam Baldwin is hot, but he's one of my favorite dudes to watch on TV. Fans of Joss Whedon will remember Baldwin from his memorable recurring roles in ANGEL and FIREFLY. Here, he makes for an intimidating sales clerk and government spy.

I am currently in solid geek heaven as I now find myself anticipating Monday nights for NBC's great action lineup (CHUCK, HEROES, JOURNEYMAN). Hopefully, NBC realizes how good of a product they have with this series and will, for a busload of seasons, allow its fans to enjoy Chuck and company as they wage war against irate store customers, calculating co-workers, dead-end jobs, and also some of the most diabolical enemies of America, mom, and apple pie.
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on September 16, 2012
I love this show. It was absolutely great right up until about the last 3 - 4 episodes. But as with most endings...

The first issue is they picked a brand new nemesis for the team to face... at least build that villan up a season you ask? Nope... They introduce him the last 4 episodes. The nemesis isn't some super villan. He is some fat pudgy dude that wants the intersect. Not interesting in every aspect.

Really? No build up on him at all, just thrown into the story line.

Next they have walker lose her memory...which would be fine, had they had her regain it before the show ended. But nope. Everything chuck and sarah built up to for the entire show they just took a way and placed the "hope" in your head that things might be able to be rebuilt....K that's half the show right there. Great job to whoever thought that up, and the team that implemented it. Kudos dudes...

Lastly, the goodbye between Casey and chuck was good, but since Sarah really has no idea what Casey and Chuck and her have been through, it pretty much meant nothing to her.

Sorry...But unless there is a continuation, the ending didn't cut it and it was a dumb idea. The entire rest of the show was great, and I'm glad the other characters got things wrapped up decently. But really...what crack were they smoking.

But aside from this, everything else was interesting and worth the watch.
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A quick warning. Despite attempts to be vague, my discussion of the final season may give enough clues to spoil the ending. Really, I tried, but there is no other way to review this season. Please keep that in mind before you decide to read this review.

By my count, season 5's finale of Chuck was the fifth finale that has been done for the show. For the past two seasons, the show has been renewed and extended, and each time the writers crafted a mid-season and full season finale that would have satisfied if the show had been canceled at that point. When NBC renewed the show for the fifth season, the producers were given 13 episodes and told that was it – no possibility of any more. So I’m still a little baffled by how they chose to end one aspect of the show.

The season as a whole was very good. Picking up at the end of season 4, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) now has the intersect in his head, and he’s excited to be part of the spy life, even if Chuck (Zachary Levi), Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), and Casey (Adam Baldwin) are keeping him on the side lines. All four of them are trying to make a go at a freelance spy operation without CIA involvement, thanks to the fact that newlyweds Chuck and Sarah have bought the Buy More and the spy facility underneath.

But someone is after them and seems to be pulling the strings to get them in deeper and deeper trouble. Will they figure out who is behind it in time to save themselves?

As far as the rest of the characters go, the biggest storyline involves Buy More employees Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay). When an important discovery is made about Jeff, it changes his personality and might ultimately change their friendship and their lives.

There was much to love about season 5. After the darker fourth year, this year felt like a return to the fun of earlier seasons. The show once again had the mix of comedy, drama, action, and romance that I fell in love with initially. Plus there were cliffhangers on many of the episodes, leaving us dying to know what would come next. I had grown tired of the Jeff and Lester characters, but this season changed that and I began to look forward to their scenes again since they were once more providing much of the comedy.

The acting for the entire season was great. This cast has always been outstanding, and that’s the case here yet again. They handle the mix of action, drama, and comedy while hardly breaking a sweat. And it’s those performances that have made me fall in love with these characters. After just about every episode, I was left saying, “I can’t believe this show is ending and I will never see the characters again.”

Then came the final episode. In many ways, it was pitch perfect. They were tons of nods to the earlier seasons, especially the pilot, and it felt in many ways like a love letter to the fans.

But there was one sour note, and it was a major one. The writers purposefully left things vague on how a major storyline involving major characters turned out. There’s enough there that you could reasonably write a happy ending for them, but you could also write a sad ending. One of the actors involved went on record as calling it tragic, so I know I’m not misinterpreting anything. Honestly, as I rewatch this season, I’ll probably stop a few episodes before the true ending, which is a shame because there are some great moments in the last arc. But I just don’t like how it ended.

Yes, I’ve got to rant a bit more. I know these are the creator’s characters, and I respect their desire to have an artistic ending. But really, it doesn’t feel like something that would be part of the show. Chuck was always a light hearted show, and this part of the ending is anything but. Couple that with the endings they’ve already done, where they were very conscious of what the fans of the show would want to see. I would take any of them over this ending for these characters. I’m not the only one, either. I’ve talked to other fans who thought the ending was horrid. Yes, I am given enough clues to realistically write a happy ending for them, but I shouldn’t have to. Just an extra sentence in the final scene would have been enough for me to be happy with it.

Okay, rant over.

The set includes all 13 episodes in wide screen and full surround. Extras include the standard deleted scenes, bloopers, and behind the scenes featurettes, as well as cast and crew commentaries on the final two episodes.

Despite my rant, I did mostly enjoy season 5 of Chuck. It’s worth watching for fans of the show. Just be prepared for it to end less gloriously than it should have.
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on August 20, 2012
This is a great story, even though it takes off differently than I expected. I like the way the usual "suspects" (characters) are enmeshed in the story line and the final episodes with comentaries are great! I've followed these characters since season 1 began and will miss having additional seasons to enjoy. I like the way the final episodes hint at the possibility of an additional sequel, movie, or season down the road!!!

The product is very good, the packaging is excellent and the delivery time was as I expected it to be!!!

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on December 19, 2015
Chuck is one of my most favorite TV series. This season's plot is an honest attempt to end the series on an upbeat note. After the fourth season, Chuck was to be cancelled, once again, but fans forced the network to keep it going. The cast had to deal with this being their last season, for real, this time. As a stand-alone season, I would rate it 2.5, not 5. However, if you've followed the series through the previous four seasons, then five stars are accurate...they get 2.5 stars just for trying stay true to all the avid Chuck fans who supported the series and looked forward to each episode. If you enjoyed the spy action in first four seasons, then you'll want to watch this season. If you were just into the series for the Chuck-Sarah romance, you can stop with season four.
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