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on March 18, 2011
Hello I'm an autistic adult gamer.

This is my review on Chuck E Cheese Gameroom ds.

Okay I'll be blunt I bought this because I originally bought chuck e cheese party games ds & loved it this chuck e cheese gameroom ds is not the same in the least. chuck e cheese gameroom ds is for little kids maybe around 3 or 4 age group I'm not impressed with it I was expecting something more like chuck e cheese party games ds but oh well.

Buy chuck e cheese gameroom ds for a little kid not for older gamers is all I can say.

If you want a chuck e cheese ds game that's more mature & feel's like what you use to remember from going inside the actual place get chuck e cheese party games ds.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)
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on December 2, 2011
When they say the games on this are especially for little boys, they weren't kidding. I have bought a lot of DS games that were supposed to be for young children but this one my 4 year old little guy actually likes, and didn't need a lot of help with.
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on February 9, 2011
In my opinion these are games that should not have low ratings. These games are fun, and they are like being at Chuck E Cheese. All three of my kids enjoy them. These games are clean fun, and they are not expensive. I personally think Mario is over rated as the only game for kids.
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on December 30, 2010
If you have been to Chuck E. Cheese - this is the game to play without all the noise and the kids running around. It's a lot of fun that my son's grandparents play with him. It's a lot of the games that you can find at Chuck E. Cheese. It's just good clean fun.
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on January 28, 2011
It's kind of hard for me to give a rating to this game, so i'm just going to give it 3 for OK. The reason being is this is probably a 5 star game for kids under the age of 10 and under, or so, as it's not a challenging game, it's just, well the kind of games you would play at Chuck E. Cheese. Other adult players who like a relaxing, or easy to play bunch of mini-games may enjoy this too. If combination, button mashing, dodging skill games at fast paces arent your thing, then this game will definitely be for you.

Myself being an adult, and into more adult like games, you can already guess that this sort of thing just does not appeal to me, but I will not just dismiss the thing and say it's crap, as more I am just not it's intended audience, so keep in mind, i'm just reviewing this game to give you, hopefully, a more helpful review to help decide if you want to purchase this game or not, instead of something that's not very helpful, like "my kids loved this game". If that is all you need to know, then ok, your kids will most likely love this game.

The first thing you do is enter a name and date of birth, if it's your birthday on the date, it says happy birthday to you. The odd thing about this selection screen is, you select that and your avatar picture and press save, but it doesn't take you into the games rooms, you need to press quit oddly enough to be taken into them. On second boot up of the game, it will take you straight into the games.

Once in the rooms you get two screens you can choose via tapping on an arrow. In the first room, you see a black and white image of Chuck E Cheese characters in a cartoon still pic, you select each game depending on the outline of the puzzle the image is shaped in. You can select drawings, much like from the old Mario Paint game on the SNES if you ever played it. You can select coloring by various pencils and what not, and also some options to do an auto fill of the space you select in the coloring in pic and yadda yadda yadda... you get the idea.

A train game, which is pretty boring. It shows a birds eye view of a train set, and you can control the speed, a choice of 3 trains to change it to, and two areas of the track you can select to switch the lines... there is no real point to this at all, other then watching the choo-choo chug around... it might appeal to a very very young audience tho.

There is a game to build a broom broom mobile. You select the car you want from a choice of 6 pictures, click next, and select a choice from 6 wheels, then some accessories and then watch a small little animated drawing of your car driving down the road.

Next is a spot the difference game. Showing two pics that look the same on each DS screen, but 5 things are not the same, so tap where it's not.

Connect the dots and maze game are pretty much what are expected of them.

And a match the object into its hole (shape) game.

All pretty much just mini game activities for a very young generation of kids to enjoy, or the adult who enjoys a relaxing little cute game to play.

And now onto the next room where the games are.

"Matching Wheel" is a game much like the mix and match mini game of of "Super Mario Brothers 3". 3 Sections of a picture are zooming by, and you press the area of the screen for top, middle and bottom when you want that area of the picture to stop.

"Sling Shot" is a game where you hold back the ball in the sling shot, and aim it at passing by things on two conveyor belts with objects to hit on them... as prizes I guess?

"Penalty Kick" is a kicking at soccer goals game. Move the ball on the ground where you want it, then slide the stylus from below upwards at the ball to kick it and try to get it passed the moving Chuck E character.

"Piano & Organ" will allow you to press the keys of a piano/keyboard, in a realistic way, you hit the note, and it's that note... you can switch between the sound of keyboard and piano, and can also record and playback what you play. It's not the most elaborate set up for a piano on the DS, but it's fun for any age, even I got a kick out of it for a moment!

"Sound Memorizing" is one of those 'remember the pattern games'. 5 pictures appear on screen and animate as they play a sound, the computer will show you a pattern to remember, then it's up to you to repeat it.

And finally. 10 pin bowling. Which is 'bumper bowling' meaning if you hit the gutter, it doesn't matter, it will bounce off, so no gutter balls... the control is as expected, touch the ball, drag it to where you want, then flick it up by scraping the stylus upwards towards the pins, and your roll is underway.

Overall; Like I said, it's aimed at kids, so it's a bunch of mini-games directed towards kids under 8 or so. For the current price, it's not so bad, provided you ARE buying it for the kids, but i'd probably have a look around and see if it's available cheaper, say, 5 bucks or so. I'd expect this kind of game to actually be given away at Chuck E Cheese as a gift in a happy meal or something. But, again, the kids will probably get a bigger kick out of it then i did, and again, thats who the target audience is. Tho, some reviewers here said their grandparents liked it.

Something else I didn't like in the game; mostly just during Bowling, but it does it in a few other games as well, is the annoying voice saying, "START". It's as annoying as having to listen to the noise at an actual Chuck E Cheese after a while. So be warned, if you get sick of your kids in the back seat of the car playing those repetitive sound games/devices and it drives you nuts by the end of the day, then start praying their favorite game isn't bowling or the soccer one, because it did my head in after 5 mins of hearing it, and I don't even have kids!!

Something else again; There is no real point to any of the games, keep in mind it's aimed at children, so high scores are not kept, there is nothing to unlock, and a few games have no goal to achieve. A few of them you need to win 5 rounds (even thats making it sound more challenging then it is) but it doesn't do anything more then show a screen of the Chuck E Cheese toons saying "Congratulations"... but, what it will do, is help train young minds, so you could think of this as something like the Kindergarten to Elementary/Primary School version of "Brain Age" or "Brain Training" etc.

This game is a cutesy bunch of little mini-games aimed at a very young audience, but certain older audiences may get a kick out of it too. Just keep in mind, it's Chuck E Cheese, and they would not allow for a game to be released to promote them that featured any adult content, violence or bad language, so don't go out buying it expecting thrills, spills and kills. I have to go beddy byes now, mommy says I was a naughty boy for using a naughty word a few sentences ago.
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on September 23, 2013
My four year old really enjoys playing this game. He loves Chuck E Cheese. We can't always go because it is pretty far away great home and we can't afford the gas nor money for tokens. So this is a great alternative.
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on January 13, 2013
I just bought it for my little brother and he likes it. It has several sport games that little children can easily learn and play it.
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on January 23, 2014
I bought this game for my now 6 year old for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. I received it just in time too.
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on December 23, 2013
i give this game 3 starts because my 4 year old get bored with it fast, but he still play it sometimes
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on November 12, 2011
My 5 year old got his first video game system for his 5th birthday along with a few games. This one is the easiest for him to understand and use. It is the one he asks for the most to play.
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