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on August 4, 2012
Let me just say I haven't bought any urban books since I have gotten my Kindle and thats been 8 months ago! This is the first urban book I have read in a long time! Omg....I was captured from the beginning to the end! The characters were great and things like this really happen in the church today! But if you are considering this book, please DO! Me being a single mother of two boys, a full-time job, and other activies.....I READ THIS BOOK IN 3 DAYS AND THAT ISN'T NORMAL FOR ME! A straight jaw dropper.....just purchased Church Boyz part#2! Thanks for reading my review! :)
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on February 27, 2013
I saw that the book was free and read the reviews and thought I would give it a try. The books starts over very slow and is all over the place.

Everyone in the book is hiding something from someone and half the time you don't know what they are hiding or why. The characters are very judgmental and sanctimonious and the use of labels when identifying clothing was sickening for a Christian fiction book.
The First Lady can only wear really expensive clothes but when she leaves her husband she takes her Gucci bag and stays at the Best Western?!
The First Lady and her daughter whine a lot and were annoying.

The books never tells you anything, hence the book being a trilogy. So I assume you find out the answers to the secrets in books 2 and 3?

I will save my money
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on May 28, 2012
I just finished and was shocked and sad to flip the page of my Kindle Fire to find myself at the end. Excellent writing style and technique. So looking forward to the next part of the series. I am definitely craving more. How long must we wait!!!!!! Props to the author H. H. job well done and eagarly awaiting the next since you left us hanging. lol
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on June 27, 2014
This book is not a Christian book to me. These so called contemporary Christianity is appalling to me. Is it not written that thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife? Is it not written that be not thou equally yoked with unbelievers? this book is a sorry excuse to christian romance. One man is chasing and dreaming of and finally kissing another man's wife because he is convinced the man is not good enough for her even though he had the chance to have married her and chose not to. Why is the author trying to justify him with the reasoning of men and pushing aside the Word of God. Thou shall not covet, It is his desire that none should perish... etc. If the husband is not good enough is it not written that the character of the wife is able to convert her husband? Why these excuses that are of the world. The husband was even more faithful than his church going wife. He did not cheat on her while the christian wife and some church boy were ogling each other. Is it not written that whoever shall look at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery from the Word of Christ Jesus Himself? These are the teachings that Apostle Paul warns us against. The logic of this world. This is very sick!
Then another minister, the youth pastor, is equally yoked to a prostitute. No you be quiet! and listen .. or read. The bible says do not be equally yoke. Yeah Yeah, I know. Judge not so ye be not judge. But also BE NOT equally yoked.. Yeah Yeah, Prophet Hosea! Did you also remembered what happened to the wife? Yeah Yeah, Magdalene. Did you know she forsook her ways when she encountered the master and followed him AFTER her encounter and repentance.
LET EVERYTHING BE DONE IN ORDER. The minister's relationship with the harlot was purely based on lust! Yes! There was nothing about her that the minister could mention other that the lust for him to union with her. God chooses out of the Character of people. The woman was a nymph and he was besotted with her and believed he would change her and get his lust satisfied and make her his wife. That he married her is not an excuse. Bible says that he that cannot provided for his family is worse that an infidel. Tell me is it not written that man shall not live by bread alone? Is the man not the head of the family? If he cannot provide the spiritual meal of a sound doctrine and righteousness how is he not worse than an infidel? If he does not have the respect of his wife how is he not the tail. If he is casting his body to be used and abused by men outside, how is he better that the prostitute, for the two have become one flesh. Every time she goes out and sleep with another man, he himself has fornicated. He who has ears let him hear!
If the minister was really in love with the prostitute he would not marry her nor sleep with her. But will win her to Christ/Salvation first. There was not even ONE mention of any spiritual insight as to why he married her other than to satisfy his conscience of sleeping with her. It is God that justify and His Word states His decrees.
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on September 8, 2013
One of the first objectives that a successful author must conquer is finding, knowing, and writing for his/her audience. H.H. Fowler has mastered his craft. When I read his Amazon Author Page, I noticed he constantly remains in Top 100 of Amazon's Religious & Spirituality Authors. And, his books are #1 or in the top 10 of his genres: Christian Urban Fiction in either Protestant-Pentecostal(Charismatic/Non-Denominational) or African American. I wondered how he managed to do all three. Then I read his free Kindle book, Part I of "Church Boyz." And I knew why & how. He writes for his audience, with a genuine heartfelt conviction, equivalent to his writing talent.

The "Church Boyz I" storyline was first of all entertaining & realistic. Yet, I loved it because it was not so realistic that it was just a sermon. The scenes contained just enough 'over the top' elements, to prevent it from becoming another sermon disguised as a novel. But each scene was written with a spiritual conviction & concern, that a lesson was found within. I applaud this author for having the courage to stick with his conviction and write it-- as a novel that both teaches and entertains.

The language is hip, urban, and youthful-- but not profane. As an older person in the age 55+ category, I appreciated his ability to write his genre in urban language, that was also clean and easily understood by someone my age. I am genuinely impressed with this author, and feel that he is a bright star on the horizon of his genre: Urban Christian Fiction. He has a broad cross over appeal, and I think his conviction to both teach and entertain will keep him where he is now: At the top of his game. I look forward to reading all of his books, and purchased "Church Boyz Book 2", right after I finished reading the free Kindle Book 1 of his series.
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on August 24, 2012
I have really enjoyed reading this book. The story line seems very plausible. Several of the main characters are so lovable you can not help but pull for them. The politics behind the scenes at church make for an interesting read. The only thing that would have made it better is if the story had an ending and did not leave you having to read another book to find a conclusion.
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on April 22, 2013
It was a quick read. The charecters were not believable. The plot was not realistic.

If you enjoy suspending reality and tomfoolery then this is the book for you.
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on April 16, 2014
Initially it took me a "minute" to get into this after the first chapter. However, from that point on, I really couldnot put this book down and purchased books 2 and 3 for my kindle. I ready both in one day! This was an excellent read and although some thought it was "over the top" and unrealistic, it was very realistic in my opinion. I'm glad it ended in book 3, but it was spell-binding. I wish we could have another book to see how well the Paxtons and Dominic are doing. I'm also glad that Amo'ree did not get her way. Kudos to the author!
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on April 13, 2014
I find myself finishing the book but feeling conflicted. The style of the dialogue and the narrative did not match. There were attempts in the dialogue to make the characters sound hip and urban, yet the language seemed forced and phony. Then the narrative was much more eloquently written. The two styles did not mesh well.

Then, the story abruptly stops, leaving me wondering how it ends - so, I'm going to purchase the next book in hope that all the loose ends are tied up.
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Based on other reviews, I suspect there's a good story here. Unfortunately, I was unable to get beyond the first chapter, as the writing was so bad. To an extent, improper grammar is to be expected, as a tool to provide the "flavor" of a character's speech patterns, etc. This went beyond that, though, and I had real difficulty following the text as a result. A good editor would go a long way toward making this more approachable.
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