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on December 9, 2003
My wife and I bought this set about 3 years ago and they are still nearly as good as new. We selected them over Analon and Cephalon because the saucepans and skillets have molded rubber handles. This makes it possible to handle the pots without using pot holders. My wife does the cooking and I clean up so I can tell you that she has never been able to damage or even get food stuck on the cooking surfaces.
One thing that you should understand about any aluminum or cast iron cookware is staining of the outside surface. Any oils or food that spill onto the outside during cooking will actually be absorbed into the metal surface creating a dark stain that cannot be removed. I consider this part of the seasoning of the cookware and not unattractive but people who like their cookware to always look new should consider stainless steel or something.
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on May 24, 2004
I've had my circulon set for about 4 1/2 years now and I loved them, couldn't live without them, until a few months ago. They're becoming increasingly difficult to clean and are forming a sticky residue despite the fact that I've cared for them exactly as the maufacturer said. When looking for the Meyers web site to email them, I came across some complaints of the exact same nature by people who sent their cookware back to Meyers in hopes that they would make good on the lifetime warrenty and Meyers sent a form letter (!!) saying they obviously misused them and that the warrenty is void. Unless you're willing to shell out a few hundred dollars for pots every few years (I'm not!) look elsewhere.
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on December 20, 2003
I bought this set for my new home when I got married. I had a great recommendation by a friend, and I worked in a store where they were sold. They cook very evenly and stay hot. I even accidentally let something burn in them, and they were still very easy to clean after soaking them for a little bit. The only minor complaint that I have is that if something stains the outside of the pan, it's a little difficult to remove. Meyer only recommends the use of making a paste of baking soda. But it doesn't hurt the overall use of the pans. I don't know why people complain about cooking eggs in them. They slide out very easily. Plus, you get the nifty little grooves in them. :)
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on September 14, 2005
I am a busy professional, one of the reasons I did not cook at home earlier was the time it took to wash the pots and pans. And apart from that, I needed the superlative non-stick ability to prevent the food from sticking to the bottom and burning. This circulon satisifes both criteria upto a certain degree. The food doesnt stick - but there is a residue left on the pan, and after repeated use you will notice a thin film of blackish mass sticking to the pan surface, which is impossible to remove because of the grooves. And you cant use a scrubber - just a light sponge for cleaning, for fear of ruining the non-stick.

But my biggest gripe is the lower surface of the pan, food does stick to it and then it burns and the pan looks terribly terribly ugly.

Regarding the non-stick durability : I had a pasta cooking and draining pan from circulon (similar in make to this 14 piece cookware set), and that one's non-stick lasted me about a year before becoming useless. I have been using this 14 piece cookware set for the last 5 months, the non-stick works fine till now.

I purchased this 14 piece cookware set from Amazon for about $125. I use some pots and pans from this set everyday, but there are some which never see any use.

Thats because, this set is a weird assortment of sizes. The chef's pan and the large sauce pan are great. I wish there was a larger frying pan though, and I have never even taken out the smaller sauce pans or the little frying pan.

But bottomline is, it is better to buy this set rather than buy individual pieces (which turns out to be more expensive) or buying a no-nonstick cookware set. I used one of those stainless steel ones without non-stick, man, everything sticks to the bottom. You will need to constantly stir the food while cooking in one of those, and cleaning is a huge hassle.

My recommendation : if you have the money, go for a better technology based non-stick. I think they have some of those at Amazon too. But if you are looking for something to last you only for a couple of years, then go for this. Its not good, but its not too bad either.

Update: After about a year of use, the frying pan which saw the most use, has absolutely no non-stick capabilities. The chef pan has a concave bending towards the center, the central area has lost the non stick ability. The rest didnt see any significant usage, so writing about them is pointless.

Anyway, just like the pasta cooking pot of similar make from Circulon, exactly after a year of use, the pans have lost their non-stick ability and to top it, look horrible. The rear end looks black, since no amount of scrubbing can get that soot blackened mess off of it.

Dont buy it.

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on September 25, 2005
I received this wonderful set of pots and pans. They looked beautiful!!! When I went to put the lid on the large sauce pan, it would not fit. The pan is warped. I called the number that the warrenty gave and told them of the defective item. Their response was that because I bought the items through AMAZON that they would do nothing to help me. They make the product not AMAZON. So, as a result of them not standing by their product and their warranty I will not order another product that holds this name again. There are to many competitors that make fine cookware to spend my money on this company.
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on August 30, 2005
I've had Circulon for the past several years and it has held up beautifully! I've gone through so many fry pans with so-called non-stick "lifetime" surfaces I could cry. This is the first product I've had that has lasted. No, it doesn't look new anymore, but hey, I use it all the time and have never had a problem. I'd say this pan has been used at a minimum of 3 times per week for at least 4 years and still has the non-stick surface in place and nothing sticks to it, at least nothing I've cooked.

I bought one of those lifetime sets of stainless with a non-stick coating for bookoo dollars and wouldn't you know it, after the non-stick coating started to flake off, the company was no longer out there for me to claim my replacement. It got so bad, I finally tossed all the coated ones from this set so only have the ones that are stainless on the bottom.

I've been looking at Circulon prices to come down so I could buy a complete set, with this deal at Amazon, I just couldn't if I can just hold off on giving the set to my wife for a Christmas present!
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on January 28, 2006
Don't pay attention to those false negative claims about circulon pots/pans. It is obvious that the negative reviewers (like T. Lawrence "HotLava", below) either works for a company that competes with Circulon or does not know how to cook with pots and pans. Maybe they don't know how to cook at all. For example: Whatever the reason during their "misfortune", why do they claim to have their Circulon sets for such a long time (like 7 years?) when black specks and pieces remain in the food? I would have thrown out that set even if I paid for it. I mean, my health is more important. It's a good chance they forgot to look closely to realize they don't have a Circulon set. Warping, Bent, or broken handles? What do they do with these things? Use them for anger therapy? If that's the case they should be mocked! My purchase of this wonderful set through Amazon took 4 DAYS to arrive. When I received it I immediately saw the reason why everyone I knew who had a set were very happy. 14 pieces of strong and only slightly heavy pots/pans/Lids that are completely non-stick. They look beautifully crafted with a quality finish. As directed, I immediately began cooking on them between low and medium flame, with NO METAL cooking utensils. And after washing WITH A SOFT SPONGE (no abrasive materials) they continue to look as if they came out of the box the first day I received them. I can see that this set is going to last a long, long time. No specks, flakes, or peeling whatsover, and they look beautiful hanging on my pot rack. For $200 & free shipping, no one could go wrong, unless, of course, you don't know how to cook and/or use pots/pans.
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on December 15, 2003
I bought a set of these pots and pans about 2 years ago. The groves can be a nuisance because sometimes food gets stuck in the them but for the price of anodized aluminum this is a bargain! The heat is distributed evenly and the food turns out great. They are basically very easy to clean too, just scrub a little deeper in the groves for stuck-in messes.
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on May 2, 2009
We have owned a set of these for perhaps 10 years. Within a few months of our purchase we concluded that the grooves were a gimmick. As described in more detail below, they make cooking and cleaning more difficult. Accordingly, we have slowly replaced the often used ones with flat bottom pans. Overall, we rate all the good quality flat bottom pans we have owned and used for a while as more enjoyable to cook with than these.

The good points:
The hard plastic handles are comfortable and insulate well. The heavy aluminum construction distributes heat evenly. They have survived 10 years of occasional mishaps with no dents. The steel lids have maintained their shapes but show scratches as would be expected. Only the most use pans show slight ware on the circular ridges.

Bad Points:
The circular grooves grip food making it very difficult to slide or nudge food around during frying or sauteing. Sliding and flipping eggs, omelets or pancakes is virtually impossible without first lifting the contents. After a year or two, we gave up and bought flat bottom pans for this type of cooking.

As a sauce thickens, the tiny trapped in the grooves often hardens and sometime burns before the balance of the sauce appears to be done. Avoiding this requires constant stirring. The problem is similar for cream soups and anything thickened with flower or corn starch.

The crust of items dusted in flower or bread crumbs and then browned tends to stick in the grooves unless there is plenty of oil in the pan initially and throughout cooking. Often, a flat edge spatula won't peal food out of the grooves.

Except for watery preparations like boiled eggs, potatoes, and some soups, it is seldom possible to dislodging food from the grooved bottom surfaces by firm wiping or by washing with a sponge. Washing first with a bristle brush became our standard procedure. Nevertheless, within a year or two of our purchase the tiny grooves on the bottom of the pans we used for frying became permanently filled in with dark burned-on goop.
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on November 11, 2005
I've had a full set for about 4 years. They worked absolutely beautifully the first year or two-although the larger sauce pan somehow bent when I dropped it shortly after purchase making a tight lid fit difficult.

The main problem is that the interior non-stick finish flakes and seems to wear out quickly than I would like. I have never used metal utensils or a dishwasher on these pots. May have been caused my using high heat when I first started using them though-absolutely nothing stuck. Still using the pots but have moved on to caphalon non-stick for skillets.
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