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VINE VOICEon September 19, 2010
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The first thing I noticed about this cookware set is that it was hard to distinguish, just from looks, what was different about it versus any odd skillet/pot you see in department stores. It was metal, fairly thick, felt sturdy enough and advertised itself to be non-stick. Oh, how many times have a bought a skillet that said it was "non-stick" or "teflon coated", when in fact the outer layer of the food (usually fish in my case) would burn on, leaving the fish filleted prematurely. Sure it did not stick, but what was on the skillet after I had finished cooking left me wishing it was not so "non-stick".

However, for all of Circulon's set similarities to other brands, it quickly distinguished itself apart from them when I began using it.


When cooking my usual salmon patty, on medium settings, for about 9 minutes a side (not using any olive oil/non-stick spray), I not only noticed my patty was not sticking or having a partial layer burned on skillet, but how evenly cooked it was. On previous skillets, I have noticed an uneven distribution in heat, leaving parts burned and others faintly cooked. Usually I made up for this by moving the patty, or skillet around. With this set, I was able to place the skillet in the middle of the burner, and all parts of the patty where cooked evenly, so that I spent less time adjusting. This made the cooking time faster, and the quality of my cooking better. To add more on the "non-stick": After I had finished, it barely looked as if I used it, and flipped and moved better than if it was coated in non-stick spray/butter. Best skillet I have used by far.


When using pots to boil/simmer rice, one thing I look for not to happen is if the cover's seal is not exactly even, so that some steam and/or water seeps or falls out the side. Also, when rice is sitting for long periods of time (up to an hour), the handles can get pretty warm, so that it is almost startling to pick it up after it is ready. With this set, the lids did not have any imperfections, and sealed very tightly. The handles on the lids are kept in place by a screw on the bottom side, so it is easy to adjust should it ever come loose. Also this entire set's handles come with a covering of rubber that completely eliminates "too hot for the touch" handles after long periods of cooking. I compared this by touching the piece of steel that was not covered with rubber, and comparing it to the part that was. Let's just say the latter was room temperature and the former was scorching. Great to be able to move these without the use of those awkward oven mits.

With things as simple as pots and pans, you wonder how anyone can mess up the basic uses for such. However, with issues such as burned on food, sticky food, hot handles and leaky tops, you have to be picky with the set you choose. For me, and especially for my cooking, I look for perfection from my cooking utensils because I can, and definitely will, make mistakes doing the actual cooking. I need no help for my cookware. What I saw with this Circulon set was not an impediment on my cooking, but an unexpected helper in that it did exactly what I wanted it too and nothing that I did not intend. My cooking is faster and better with this set--and that is my review in a nutshell.
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on September 20, 2010
Color Name: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Firstly, let me start by listing what this cookware set contains.

* 1qt saucepan, with glass cover
* 2qt saucepan, with glass cover
* 8qt stockpot, with glass cover
* 3qt saute pan, with glass cover (cover also fits 10" skillet)
* 8" skillet
* 10" skillet

* Exterior: Heavy gauge, anodized brushed metal aluminum and seem very durable, but I have not had this cookware long enough to attest to that.

* Interior: The cooking surface is coated with Dupont Autograph NonStick. The advertising sticker says it is "Metal Utensil Safe" but I have only used nylon utensils. The small concentric grooves in the bottom of each pot and pan is what I imagine to be Circulon's "Total Food Release System."

* Fried Egg Test: I heated a pan and broke an egg onto it without any oil or cooking spray, to test the effectiveness of the non-stick surface and the "Total Food Release System." I let the egg cook completely, sunny side up, then lifted it out. Although it did cling a little bit as I worked my spatula under it (my egg was a little pushed out of shape and scrunched up), the fully cooked egg did lift out without sticking to the surface. This was a test, but I believe a little oil would help tremendously in every day cooking.

* Cleaning: The pan from my Fried Egg Test cleaned up quickly and easily in a sink of hot soapy water and a soft dishcloth. No elbow grease needed. Although you do have to pay particular attention to cleaning in the direction of the grooves (ie: in a circular fashion) or you could leave particles. This set is not dishwasher safe!

* These glass lids are very nice, and the handles are a work of art. They are advertised as shatter-resistant, but I would still not like to drop one on my tile floor! There are no steam vents in the covers.

* The stainless steel handles have silicone grips and tips. They stay cool when in use, so you won't need a potholder to pick one up. Nestled in the tip of each handle is a pull-out metal ring, should you prefer to store your cookware in a hanging position. This ring stays hidden in the tip if you prefer to store them flat. Oven safe to 400F degrees.

* The misaligned fit of the handles to the curvature of the pans/pots.

There is a small gap between the exterior surface and where the handle is fastened. This imprecise fit allows dishwater to flood into the handle during cleanup. The stainless steel handles are hollow (I assume to cut weight), so it takes ages for the inner section to dry completely. Even when left overnight to dry on my countertop, tilting the handle the next day resulted a small puddle of water. A silicone grommet between the two pieces (the same as there is between the glass cover and its handle) would have completely eliminated this issue, but instead, it's just very disappointing; shoddy workmanship marring an otherwise great cookware set. See for yourself: I have uploaded a User Photo to show this flaw.

Overall, this seems to be a very good cookware set for everyday use. The handle flaw, however, negates a perfect 5-star score. Also, I cannot attest to the longevity of this set because I have had it less than a week. I cook every day, so I intend to give it a lot of use! Finally, in case anyone needs to know, this cookware set is Made in China.
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Color Name: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I originally chose to review the Circulon Contempo 10-Piece hard anodized cookware set as an interesting project, but knew I was getting a "cheap" cookware set. Compared to the copper core stainless cookware set we currently use, this set is definitely less expensive. I couldn't purchase one piece of our current set for the price of the entire 10 piece Circulon Contempo set. But, does the price this set indicate poor quality?

The Circulon Contempo 10 piece hard anodized cookware set comes with 8" and 10" sauté pans, 1 and 2 Qt covered saucepans, a 3 Qt covered sautoir (straight sided sauté pan), and an 8 Qt covered stockpot. The lid for either the stockpot or covered sautoir also fits the 10" sauté pan. The clear shatter resistant tempered glass lids boast decorative silicon and stainless steel handles and stainless steel rims. The pans, oven safe to 400°, uses basic professional construction with comfortable silicone and stainless steel handles and include the metal utensil safe hard anodized food release system with high low wave technology.

Caring for this set is pretty simple. Avoid sliding the pans on the cook top, and use a similarly sized burner. Store pans separated with paper towels to prevent scratching. Don't use nonstick sprays or vegetable oil, olive or peanut oil is preferred if desired. Don't cut with sharp knives or poke with pointed items in the pans. Don't use oven cleaners; make a paste from baking soda and water to remove stains. Don't boil dry or consistently use high heat. Lastly, don't wash this cookware set in the dishwasher, including the lids.

The Contempo's care seems typical, except for not being dishwasher safe. The first thing I did when I got home was to load this set into the dishwasher and let it run. Then I read the pamphlet telling me not to. Oops! The pamphlet indicates using the dishwasher can ruin the nonstick qualities of the pans as well as causing discoloration. When I unloaded the dishwasher, the set seemed fine, but the silicone handles were an ugly pasty gray. No worries though, after using and hand washing, the original color returned to the handles.

The sturdy metal and silicon handles have a good grip, and are comfortable to use. The long double riveted stainless steel with silicone handles on the pots includes a fold out ring for hanging. The handle rings pop out freely, but are taught to prevent movement during use. The lid's handles flare out at the sides and arc on the top. This decorative handle looks nice, but their 2" height is higher than any of the lids I currently have. This really isn't a problem until placing a lidded pot into the oven. The 3/4" taller handles on top of the domed lids have a higher profile than the lids for our other sets. This makes a big difference in oven rack placement and how much I can fit into our 27" wall ovens.

The Circulon Contempo cookware set cooks much better than I expected. They heat up quickly and evenly distribute heat. The sauté pans are adequately curved for flipping food, and the handles stay cool to the touch on the cook top. The TOTAL food release system consists of circular ridges on the bottom of the pans, and works remarkably well. The glass lids reduce moisture or steam escaping by allowing full view of the pot's contents. Plus, while I would prefer sticking everything in the dishwasher, cleaning is a simple task.

If you are looking for an inexpensive quality nonstick cookware set, give the Circulon Contempo hard anodized 10 piece cookware set consideration. This set's even heating and quality construction is made to last and perform well. Plus, backed by the Good Housekeeping seal of approval and a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee, this cookware set is sure to please.

Oven safe to 400°
Hard anodized TOTAL food release system
Safe for use with metal utensils
Suitable for use on solid plate, ceramic, gas, radiant ring, and halogen cook tops
Fold out ring for hanging
Lifetime customer satisfaction guaranteed
Good housekeeping seal of approval
Easy to clean and care for

Decorative handle a bit too tall
Not dishwasher safe
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VINE VOICEon October 27, 2011
Color Name: RedVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a professional chef I test and use a variety of kitchen appliances including cookware, bake ware and gadgetry. So I was excited when this cookware set became available on Amazon Vine to test since I've used many Circulon pans for a variety of applications in the kitchen.

The pans heat pretty evenly and allow for even cooking across the entire surface. The lids are nice and heavy with an extended handle to allow ease of removal. I have noticed that many reviews rate the tall handles on the lids as an issue. If those reviewers only looked at the shipping box everything they would see that the pans and lids are meant to be together. You are supposed to slide the lid over the pan handle and hand the pan on a pot rack, thus allowing the pan and lid to be stored together. If you stick them in a cupboard you will certainly have issues with storage.

When using them or washing them the hollow handles do retain water, but dump them out, then hang them up. Even though they are dishwasher safe the harsh chemicals and cleaners are not good for the cooking surface and I suggest hand cleaning and washing. You can also use metal utensils in the pans but I prefer to use plastic heat tempered utensils with all my non-stick pots and pans.

As for the weird warning of molten metal issues when boiling the pans dry, well...duh! DON'T BOIL THE PANS DRY. It's a simple concept in the kitchen, and if you put a pot or a pan on the stove without anything in it, turn up the heat and walk away then you deserve to have ruined pans. The warning must be for those same people that drive their car without antifreeze or oil and expect it to run properly. If you don't take care of your pots and pans in the correct fashion then they will not take care of your meal time when needed.

Be safe, be happy and enjoy the best possible cooking with these high quality pots, pans and lids.
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VINE VOICEon October 5, 2011
Color Name: RedVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
For years now I've used T-fal cookware almost exclusively. I began buying it because years ago, it was hard to find nonstick cookware that was also dishwasher safe and that's an absolute must for me. If I spent 15 minutes a day washing dishes by hand, that's over 90 hours a year of my time spent on dishes. Life is too short for that.

Here's how I think Circulon stacks up against the T-fal set I own:

I have to say that the Circulon set is very aesthetically appealing. There's nothing in my kitchen that is red but I found this set was cheery and I like the lines of the handles on the lids and the curve of the pot handles as well. The silver bands at the ends of the handles is also attractive. If I had a pot rack, I would be proud to display this set.

The Circulon pots are smaller in diameter and taller than my T-fal. I sort of like that but the downside is that the cupboard where I store my T-fal is not tall and I couldn't stack the Circulon pots the way I can my T-fal. Also, I have a lid "sorter" that is attached to the door of the cabinet. The T-fal lids fit in it much better than the Circulon although to be fair, I see some of the newer T-fal sets also have the lids with handles that stick out every bit as far as these Circulon ones. Though I like the looks of that, it makes lid storage problematic. You can't really stack them and as I said before, they don't fit as well into the sorter either.

I really like the covered saute pan in this Circulon set. The sides are straight up and down which is really nice if whatever you're making needs vigorous stirring. My set of T-fal didn't have this piece. The regular skillets/saute pans are fine but when I'm stirring vigorously I sometimes slop a bit over the sides and I didn't have that happen with the saute pan in the Circulon set.

I read the paperwork included with the Circulon set and didn't note any care instructions other than not to ever let your cookware boil dry so I assume there isn't anything else you need to worry about. With the T-fal, they suggest that after every 10-15 times you run it through the dishwasher, you "season" your pans by warming on the stove then rubbing cooking oil over the non-stick interior and wiping thoroughly with papertowels. I have found that my non-stick skillets do seem to last longer and retain the non-stick properties better when I stick to this.

Regarding cost: Circulon does seem more expensive than T-fal. Since I've only had the Circulon set a short amount of time, I can't speak to durability in comparison to T-fal however, I think T-fal is a very good value in relation to cost. I generally get at least 5 years or more use out of T-fal and we don't molly-coddle the pieces at all.

There are two things I really don't like at all about the Circulon cookware.

1. The handles of the pots and skillets are hollow. After using them for a few days, I couldn't figure out where all the water was coming from in my cupboards and below my range where I store the skillets. I use the drying cycle on my dishwasher so.....why all the water??? I figured it out when I was removing a skillet from the dishwasher by grasping the side of the skillet rather than the handle and water splattered over the other dry dishes and onto the floor. It was coming from the hollow handle. UGH! I don't want to have to empty out the handles and then dry by hand prior to being able to put them away. I don't have to do that with my T-fal set. This might not be a big deal to some but it is to me.

2. The handles of the Circulon are attached through and through the sides of the cookware leaving two round, smooth "heads" that protrude slightly inside the pots and pans. I made caramel corn using the largest Circulon pot. We like to eat some of it while it's still warm so I left the pot for a few hours while we watched a movie. When I came back to clean up my kitchen, I swabbed out the interior of the pot using a dish cloth but had to use a dobie around the metal heads to get all the cooked on caramel off. I could have just soaked it I suppose but I wanted to get the dishwasher loaded and the kitchen cleaned up so I could go to bed. I don't want to be faced with dishes soaking in my sink first thing in the morning. I don't know how this will work as time goes by. Will the handles loosen letting bits of food in behind the metal heads??? Only time will tell and, again, to be fair, I've noticed that certain sets of T-Fal also have the through and through attachment of handles. This isn't as big a deal to me (so far) as the water issue above but it does give me pause a little.

Both T-fal and Circulon have some other great pieces you can add to your basic set. Circulon offers pieces that T-fal does not and conversely, T-fal has things that Circulon does not offer so in that way, it would just depend on your individual needs which set might work best for you. Before buying, I would suggest visiting each website and deciding what items you most want/need to decide which set would suit you best.

Final Impression: Both brands have a lot to like, not the least of which is being dishwasher safe, both offer a variety of choices to add pieces to your basic set but I think overall, I like T-fal better. The cost is less, I already know how durable they are and so far, the T-fal is more readily available both online and in retail stores. However, I did like the Circulon enough that I wouldn't mind doing a bit of mixing/matching with my T-fal set so I could get the "best of both worlds". As time goes along, if I notice a significant disparity regarding durability between the T-fal and Circulon, I'll update this review.
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VINE VOICEon November 25, 2010
Color Name: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We've had the Circulon 10-piece set for a few months now and I'm still quite happy with the quality of the set. The construction is solid and the nonstick surface is holding up well. The lids are fine, although the handles are just a bit too tall for them to fit well in storage and that would be okay if they weren't a kind of weird shape that doesn't make a better grip with the added height. The soft grip handles of the pans are nice, but the hanging ring in the end is more difficult to grasp sometimes. Hanging the pans from a hook is a two-handed operation. A minor quibble to be sure.

There is a nice selection of pots and pans, although as I said it's not complete. We definitely had to buy an additional larger 12" skillet. A 10" skillet is just not big enough to cook a meal for four or five easily. A 10" pan would require at least another round of cooking to make enough chicken breasts or pork chops, for example, for everyone.

Eggs in the new skillets are a dream to make as they slide right out of the pan, although I'm aware that all non-stick pans are as slick as ice when they're brand new. The question is how long they stay non-stick (because they all wear out eventually). Several months in they're just as slick as the day we got them. Only time will tell how long that lasts. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Clean up is also a breeze although the bottoms of the pans tend to stain, which is expected.

I'm not a huge fan of non-stick stockpots and sauce pans only because they're often so dark from the coating as to make seeing the food difficult, but the ability to keep sauces from sticking is nice. My wife makes oatmeal in the small sauce pan every morning and it always cleans up lickety split. If you've ever had to laboriously scrape cemented oatmeal out of a small pan that has been sitting in the sink all day, you'll appreciate how wonderful this is.

The weight of the pans is just right too. They're not too heavy to carry one-handed with food in them, but not so light that they feel cheap or that they cause scorching on the burner. I don't believe the bottoms are clad, but they are heavy-duty enough to smooth out heat fluctuations.

So in the end I would definitely recommend the Circulon Contempo set as a good starter kit of cookware for the beginner to intermediate cook. There are more expensive sets to be sure and they are sometimes better because of the expense, but most cooks don't need to spend so much. The Circulon set is a good compromise between cost and utility.
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Color Name: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you've read my other reviews on Amazon, you know that I primarily review items related to entertainment (DVDs, CDs and books), but I also cook ( I do have to eat, right?) so when this set showed up on the Amazon "Vine" program list, I decided to give the set a chance.

I've had it for about five days and tested out a few of the various utensils. Overall they are sturdy and I really like the rubberized handles that keep the handles cool, but only time will tell how well they wear. Until now my cooking vessels have been a 35 year old set of Farberware pots and a trusty Cusinart large frying pan. Oh yes, there an old 9-in Teflon covered pan that I use only for omelets.

So here are my experiences over the last few days: First I used the small covered put to cook my "non-instant" Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast. With my similar sized Farberware pot, some of the oatmeal would stick to the sides and require a bit of soaking to remove the egg. With the Circulon pot I noticed that it didn't stick but - unlike the Farberware - the milk in the oatmeal formed a "skin" and didn't mix well with the oatmeal. Of course, this only applied if you cook something with milk but it was a bit annoying. When finished cooking the pot cleaned easily. The biggest problem with this pot was the lid. As noted in an earlier review, by another reviewer, the handle on the glass lid is held in place with a Phillips-head screw. Well, when I was rinsing off the lid on the small pot , I felt a "prick" in my finger and looked and found that where the X indentation is made in the screw head, the metal was not smooth but rough and actually scrapped my finger. I checked the other lids in the set and they were smoother, but I was surprised at the lack of quality control from this company. I don't know how Amazon deals with situations like this but I wanted to alert users to check their sets as this could be dangerous.

Another thing I noticed was that the handles on all the pots (including the small one I tested) are angled up rather than being perpendicular to the side of the pot or pan. This might take some getting used to when lifting and pouring from them. It felt unusual to me.

Next I tried the frying pan to make an omelet. Usually I scramble an egg in a bowl and then place in my Teflon pan - which I preheated and added a little bit of Pam. I "jiggle" the pan to help the egg cook, add a bit of cheese, cover, turn off heat and wait 1 to 2 minutes. The eggs always slide off easily with nothing left in the pan. When I tried this with the Circulon pan, I noticed that "jiggling" the pan didn't move the egg much - even in a circular motion. So I had to use a spatula and this broke the roundness of the "omelet". After I removed the "omelet", there were small pieces of egg still stuck in the grooves that these pans have. Running the pan under water with a sponge did remove the leftover pieces but I've never had that problem with the 15-year old Teflon one.

I plan to do some meat frying in the pans shortly and hope to return to modify this review to report on those experiences.

Overall I like the look of the set and you do get a lot of pieces of cookware for the money. I know most cookware goes on "sale" regularly so the "retail price" is probably misleading. But for a starter set this collection is probably a good choice. I just highly suggest that examine all your pieces for sharp metal edges or possible openings (such as a handle noted by one other previous reviewer) and have those deficiencies corrected.

Also be aware that, unlike aluminum cookware, the Circulon pieces are heavy to lift. That makes them sturdy but those with arthritis (not me) may have a problem lifting and pouring from them.

Steve Ramm
"Anything Phonographic"
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VINE VOICEon September 26, 2011
Color Name: RedVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first thing I noticed when taking the cookware out of the box was the weight of each item. Each feels solid and far from "delicate" like some of the other brands I have used. The handles are longer, curved and have a nice silicone grip making them both comfortable to use and to hold on to. The pans have rings on the end of the handles, making them easy to hang. The rings fold down nicely and nest into the end of the handle. The lids are glass with a nice high silicone covered grip making these both user friendly and easy to grasp. This design does make it more difficult to store in the cabinet, but if you turn the lids upside down on the pan, they "nest" nicely. One could also hang these since the handles are about 3" high. One down side is, the lids do not seem interchangeable, as they don't seem to fit correctly on the fry pans.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this cookware will go into the oven. According to the manufacturer's website, it can safely be used to 400 degrees F. I also found a warning that the handles may fade over time from oven use but will not affect the silicone grips or the cookware.

This cookware is hard-anodized and has the Dupont Autograph Nonstick Total Food Release System and is metal utensil safe. There is a warning against using sharp utensils such as forks and knives, but other metal items are not supposed to damage the nonstick coating.

Unlike many of the other nonstick pans I've used, the manufacturer discourages the used of nonstick cooking spray. This cookware is not required to be seasoned either before the first use or after X amount of uses like some of the other brands I have used in the past.

How do these pans compare? They are AWESOME! (Am I really saying that about non-stick cookware?!) They heat slower than the thinner pans, retain the heat better, but do require a medium to low heat. High heat will damage the pans. As for being nonstick, I was skeptical especially when seeing the Hi-Low wave rings on the bottom of the inside of the cookware. They appeared to be places that eggs would seep into and stick. That is not the case at all! The eggs slid right out of the pan with no residue left behind. Keeping your fat intake down? These pans are wonderful for that as you DON'T need ANY oil or butter to cook your eggs! In these pans, fat is only required for added flavor.

The Circulon Contempo Nonstick Cookware Set is also dishwasher safe. Something I don't remember with my older pans. This cookware also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee which does not cover misuse - high heat, sharp utensils, etc.

If you are wondering what red you will be getting, it's a lighter and brighter red than my KitchenAid Empire Red and leans more towards a candy apple red.

This is the first time I've ever been satisfied with nonstick cookware. Actually, I'm very impressed with it and am hopeful it will last for many years to come!
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on May 1, 2013
Color Name: Black
I have used Circulon cookware for about 20 years. This is my second set, the first one finally wearing out. I kind of miss my old set. Overall, they work well, and are a nice compromise between coated non-stick (which wears out) and other anodized aluminum pans like Calphalon, which have no non-stick properties. You need to still use Pam to make an omelette, but I have been crazy negligent in letting things burn, and these pans are impossible to ruin. Every time I thought I destroyed a pan, it comes right off. There are a few problems with the Contempo set that make me crazy:

If you look in the picture, you see that there are metal bands on the handles. This is fine for the skillets, but for the pots with two handles, they are a problem. I have three - the 8, 5, and 3-quart. I cook on a gas stove, and those bands get CRAZY HOT. Why the whole handle is not insulated, I do not know. I need to use potholders every time. It gets aggravating, because I tend to forget, or try to half-ass my way around the problem by using two fingers to lift it. Really - its ridiculously hot.

The skillet handles are hollow, and when you wash them they can fill up with water. If you put them in the dishwasher (yeah, I know, you are not supposed to, but once in a while, you kind of have to - see below), they fill up with water, and it spills out onto the floor when you empty the dishwasher. I kept finding puddles in the cabinet where I put them away.

They tend to retain strong smells (unless you put them in the dishwasher, of course). I cook big batches of chili and spaghetti sauce, and despite scrubbing them dutifully, they still smell like what was cooked in them. Kind of the way tupperware does until you run it through the dishwasher.

There is no lid for the smaller frying pan. My old set had a pot that was the same diameter, so the lid fit. I bought the 3-quart pot for the same purpose - to get another pot, and have a lid that would fit. No dice - is the same diameter as the 2-quart. I had to keep my old set's lid to cover the smaller fry pan and the steamer, and that is aggravating (when you get a whole new set, you want a total replacement, right?). Plus, the lid is all beat to crap after 20 years. And it does not match, and I am kind of anal about stuff like that.

They no longer make a matching steamer insert. I still have my old one from my old set, and it fits the 2/3-quart pots, but I have to use my old lid (referenced above). Again, its 20 years old, and I would like to be able to swap everything out.

My recommendation - get one of the better Circulon sets with the better insulated handles. I wish I had gotten the Classic or Elite set...
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on September 20, 2013
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I know some of the reviews said these didn't provide true non-stick performance over the long term but I bought a small skillet to try first and had it for six months before I bought this set and let me tell you it still can fry an egg with no spray, oil or butter and come off clean. I like the comfort handles that stay cool and the easy clean outer surfaces as well. A good price made it a no-brainer for me!
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