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on April 24, 2002
First I need to thank all of you guys who gave the Linksys cable modem 4 and 5 stars. If it had not been for your reviews I would have sent this great modem back to Amazon.
I spent 6 hours trying to get this modem working, getting help from 4 different techs at AT&T. They told me that this modem was bad and that the cable light needed to stay on and that the Linksys modem would not register with their system. They told me I needed to send it back and get another one. {ALL FALSE} So finally I told them to connect my (their) old modem back up. Their modem worked fine.
As I was getting ready to pack my new Linksys modem up to send it back to Amazon. I decided to try it one more time. Following the exact sequence they used to connect their modem. And would you believe it? It works!!!
My problems:
1. bad tech support.
2. must remove router to register modem.
3. given wrong registration address. (MOST IMPORTANT)
4. computer must be turned off before you turn on modem.
Fool proof procedure to be up and running in 10 minutes:
1. Turn computer off.
2. If you have a router, take it out of the loop. connect directly from your computer to the modem thru the ethernet port.
3. Connect the cable.
4. turn on power to the Linksys modem, allow it to boot up.
5. turn on your computer
6. go to the registration page to register your modem. You MUST do this twice, for some reason it does not work the first time. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT ADDRESS FROM AT&T. They failed to tell me I needed to use "[...]" instead of "[...]" it won't work without the "s"
enter your account # and registration #.
7. You should be working. Reconnect your router.
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on April 1, 2005
After discovering our DSL connection had been degraded by new construction in the area it was time to try cable. We were near the limit for DSL any way but then, after some new construction increased our loop length, our DSL service was downgraded to 384k (download). A quick check of monthly service fees and it was clear cable modem service was a better deal. For us, cable service is $20 a month less and, as it turns out, the speed of cable is almost 10x faster.

Like other reviewers I decided to purchase a modem instead of rent. I checked the Comcast list of approved modems and noticed that this Linksys BEFCMU10 was on the list. I made sure to purchase a V3 model. I liked the idea of being able to stack it with my Linksys wireless router. I read elsewhere that some have had compatibility problems with other Linksys products but I had no such problems.

After calling Comcast to give them the MAC address and the serial number (both clearly printed on the modem's underside label) I was up and running. I had zero problems getting this modem connected and working.

I elected to self install with Comcast which means they send you a kit that contains a splitter to add to your home's cable input and a couple of cables. It is important with all cable modems to provide them with the strongest signal strength possible. This means you need to install the modem with nothing else "ahead" of it on the cable coming into your house. This means you should install the splitter as close to the source (where it comes into your house) as possible. If signal strength becomes an issue you can purchase signal amplifiers to boost your video signal to your TV's, etc., but a decent one with adjustable gain costs as much or more than this modem.

With a good strong signal this modem works perfectly. It stacks neatly onto an existing Linksys router too. The build quality is typical Linksys which I consider quite good for comsumer level gear. My only regret is that we did not switch sooner.
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on December 18, 2005
Make sure you get a BEFCMU10 v3 ***NOT*** the v2. There is a well-document problem with the v2 units below a certain firmware level, and Linksys refuses to acknowledge the problem. Search for "BEFCMU10 lockup" in your favorite search engine. Worse, since it's a DOCSIS cable modem, it has to receive updates from your cable provider and many of them refuse to acknowledge this, telling you to talk to the hardware vendor.

This unit works well unless you exceed some traffic threshold. If you use this unit with a broadband router and have multiple computers in your house, you use peer-to-peer file sharing programs, you try to download email while updating your computer, etc., the modem will lock up and need to be rebooted.

Some posters online have been able to get both Linksys and their cable provider to coorperate and get them the updated firmware, but many others can't. I got my cable provider to acknowledge that they needed to provide me with the firmware, but Linksys refused to acknowledge there was a problem, even when pointing out online accounts of this problem and them successfully getting updates.
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on February 9, 2002
I get my cable modem service through ATT broadband. I have my home networked using a Linksys router, which I consider to be an excellent product. I'd been monitoring the price of cable modems and when I saw the Linksys cable modem for less than $100 (with rebate), I decided to make the purchase and save $10 a month from ATT. The installation couldn't have been easier. I powered down the PC, removed the RCA CM and connected the new Linksys. I powered up, started my browser (IE) and was immediately redirected to an ATT website which asked me for my account number and registration number (last 9 numbers of the account number). I entered them and was forwarded to a page to register the Linksys CM's MAC address, which was automatically placed into the box. I clicked OK and, voila! Done! The next day I returned the leased RCA CM to my local ATT center and they (I hope) adjusted my monthly bill. ATT said they would pick up my CM but that carried a $49 charge.
Prior to the purchase, I called the ATT support center. This proved to be an absolute waste of time. I was on hold for 20 minutes and then the rep was not very helpful. So I started a chat session with another ATT rep and got the exact information I needed. And it worked just as she said it would. And, I was immediately connected to a rep as opposed to the telephone call where I was placed on hold. My advice - skip the phone call - start a chat session instead. More advice - you CANNOT go wrong with Linksys!
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on October 10, 2003
Howdy folks!
Bill the game developer back to tell you about the Cable Modem(BEFCMU10) I purchased from; to add Internet to my wireless network.
Comcast is our cable provider here in Seattle. If you are interested in adding internet to your wired/wireless network; I suggesst the BEFCMU10 as your modem of choice. Why? Check out these features:
Stackable design
5 easy to read LEDs
Quick boot-up
Comcast uses Linksys for the network stuff
Here is what I did for pain-free installation.
1) Connect the modem via RJ-45 directly to the computer, if you can. You want to make sure you don't have a dead modem.
2) Your computer should be able to see the modem and try to configure it. I have XP Pro and it saw the modem fine.
3) You can configure it with the computer OR connect the modem to your network since you know the modem is not dead.
4) If you decide to install on network, turn off the power to computers, router, etc. Install the modem with your CAT5 cable to your router. Turn on your modem, let it boot up, then fire up the router, then your computers. Make sure you watch the LEDs with each step.
5) Watch your LEDs carefully, noting that your router is picking up the signal from the modem.
6) If everything works great, you are about to enter broadband internet and loving it. All is needed now is for your cable company to create your account, put in your modem model #(serial code) and MAC address.
7) Make sure your cable installer or you(buyer of modem), tells the cable office the correct MAC address. Errors will lead to no internet.
8) Install the software given to you by your cable company on the main computer that you will use the most. I would install the software on a computer that is wired to your network, if at all possible. The software will engage the cable networks to finalize your setup per your account and MAC address on your modem.
9) This modem might take anywhere from a 30 seconds to 2 minutes to find and acquire the signal from your cable company, so don't jump to conclusions that it doesn't work or that your modem is dead.
10) Now, turn everything off again, starting with computers, router and then modem. Wait about 2 minutes and then turn everything on the reverse: MODEM(letting it bootup), then ROUTER(letting it bootup) and last, COMPUTERS.
11) Reconfigure your web browser to connect from LAN, instead of dial-up. You should now be able to connect to the internet through your cable modem and cable company.
Final thoughts:
If I remember correctly, I did not have to use the installation CD that came with the modem. Just follow the "Quick Installation" procedure. The boot-on and boot-off hints I picked up from other users, thanks guys; it works like a charm. The CABLE LED should remain solid when you are "registered" with your cable company. You might have to register more than once, if the first time it doesn't work. If your computer freezes in the middle of installing the cable company software; like mine did, don't panic. Just reboot the computer and start from the beginning of the install again. Although I like DSL; I was fed-up with all the DSL hype because I can't get DSL here. Our phone lines in our area are old which translates to mean "crap". Plus having DSL, you might have two(2) bills; one from phone company AND one from the ISP for your DSL broadband account. Cable broadband is just ONE bill and no-hidden fees or surprises.
I would recommend the BEFCMU10 to anybody who is interested in cable broadband. No doubt in my mind you will love the speed and the ability to chit-chat on the phone while you cruise the net.
Bill B, CEO/Project Lead,
BabyBoy Multimedia Productions
Seattle, WA USA
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on May 16, 2002
Works great:
1) Get your Account # ready, and registration # (last 9 digits of Acct #)
2) Turn computer off
3) If you have a router, take it out of the loop, connect directly from computer to the modem thru ethernet port
4) Connect cables
5) Turn on cable modem, let boot up
6) Turn on computer
7) Goto registration page (you probably need to call AT&T Broadband for this info)
8) You are good to go... turn off computer, insert router (if you have one)
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on December 20, 2001
After frustrating results trying to set up the cable modem and 20 hours on line with @Home... no, not @Home. Today, ATTBI... (will it be ATTBI-Comcast???)
The new ATTBI help desk officially does not support this modem. However, the reason for my troubles was because the flunkies that were helping me failed to properly register my MAC address.
Be persistent with updating your MAC address with your cable ISP and the Linksys BEFCMU10 will work like a charm.
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on February 24, 2003
I don't know why I waited two years before purchasing my own modem. I would have saved 2 years' worth of modem rental fees with Comcast Cable.
This is a great modem, and replaces an RCA modem I was renting that was always going offline. I NEVER have to reset the Linksys modem (pulling the plug), and the performance seems a tad faster and more consistent. If you have a Linksys router, their devices are all stackable, so you can save desk space.
I rated it 4/5, only because of one bad feature: heat. While Linksys devices are stackable, the devices get really HOT when stacked on top of each other. I don't know if it would cause a meltdown or anything, but right now I'm trying to figure out how to create some buffer between the two. When they're apart, each stays cool, so I'm pretty sure it's just a question of being too close without enough air circulation.
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on July 3, 2002
For $10/month rental fee Cox made the decision to buy a cable modem an easy one once prices dropped below $100. I've had mine for 5 months now and noticed an immediate increase (about 10%) in both down and upstream bitrates compared to the COM21 modem it replaced. Surprisingly the cable modem swap was handled easily over the phone with Cox support.
My only complaint with the modem is it tends to run warm to the touch. The Linksys hub that sits next to the modem stays cool. In my experience, hardware that's warm to the touch doesn't last that long in continuous operation. I took a quiet 60mm fan and simply placed it on top of the modem ventilation holes pulling air through the modem. I'll never know if this prevented modem failure, but for about $5 for the fan I figure it's a good idea since it keeps it cooler than it would be otherwise.
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on June 9, 2004
OK, I'll probably get flamed to crispy critters for saying so, but this modem is better than the Motorola Surfboard. Hear me out. Several months ago, I signed up for Comcast cable modem Internet service. Along with that, I got a brand new Motorola SB5100 cable modem. I was renting it from comcast. I'd read many reviews on it, and believed it to be a great cable modem, based on those reviews. And it was a great modem, usually. Web pages loaded fast and online speed tests confirmed that I was pretty close to the maximum speed that the cable company had provisioned me for.
The problem was, my Internet connection with the Motorola SB5100 would mysteriously freeze on me quite frequently. Not often enough to stop me from using my Internet connection, but often enough to be really annoying. I later switched to Earthlink (Earthlink through Comcast) cable modem service. The price was lower, I was able to use my current SB5100 (still leased from comcast), and I got some free dial-up hours, also, for travelling. After my modem was re-provisioned for Earthlink, I still had the annoying freezing problem. Unplugging the modem and rebooting the computer didn't help. Many phone calls, e-mails, chat sessions and even a couple of visits from the cable company did not solve the problem.
A Linksys BEFCMU10 (V3) solved the problem!!! Since I bought this Linksys cable modem (and returned the Motorola SB5100 to Comcast), my Internet connection has been rock-solid stable, no complaints at all. Also, with the Linksys modem, my connection speed has increased, both up and down. I'm now consistently seeing online speed tests that exceed the speed I'm supposedly provisioned at, averaging about 3500 down and 500 UP!!! So the Linksys is both faster AND more reliable than the Motorola.
The Linksys was also very easy to set up. A quick call to Comcast had it set up for (Earthlink through Comcast) service. Then I threw a Netgear WGR614 wireless "g" router into the mix. I wanted to do that a long time ago, but I waited until I was sure my Internet connection was finally STABLE, as I didn't want to complicate an already iffy connection. Now all my computers have lighting fast, stable Internet connection . . . including my 802.11g notebooks. I couldn't be happier.
I know that there are many reviews that say, basically, "buy a Motorola because the Linksys is crap and the Motorola rocks!!". I believe the version makes a difference though. My Linksys BEFCMU10 is version 3. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this Linksys cable modem to all my friends. In my experience, it kicks the crap out of a Surfboard. :)
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