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37 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on May 19, 2013
increase the price on this watch.

It is under priced for what it does. This is a set it once and forget it watch. It runs from a battery that recharges in the light so I assume the battery only needs to be replaced when it stops carrying a charge. It says that any light source will charge it but I wouldn't take it on a two week spelunking trip.

The date is preset and leap years are accounted for so there is no changing the date. It is done automatically.

When you change time zones you pull out the stem and move the sweep second hand to the zone indicated by representative cities on the inside of the dial. The watch does the rest. If you are in Newfoundland this might pose a problem since the zone is a half hour not an hour.

The time is kept automatically and corrects itself by connecting to the WWVB Atomic Clock time signal. The watch is never off time.

It has a sapphire crystal - a step up from a mineral crystal which is usually installed on watches in this price range.

The band and push stems are stainless steel. On the last watch I wore the bracelet was stainless steel but the push stems were nickle and I had a skin reaction to the nickle which I am told is quite common.

The chronograph only goes for an hour so you can't time cross country flights. For me this is not a show stopper. And some have said the watch has visibility issues. For me it has not been a problem but it will be a personal preference. I remember looking at the watch in the store and thinking that all the light refracting on the face might be distracting but once on the wrist and in a normal setting there was not an issue.

I recently saw an ad for a smart watch that purported to do what this watch does. It cost $2,000.

The watch is so well made and performs so flawlessly that I plan to buy a spare in case Citizen decides to take this one out of production. I own two Omegas, and one Rolex and this watch is by far superior to those three in terms of fit and finish, comfort, and performance. It is the best kept secret in the Citizen line and watch community and is a highly recommended purchase.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on June 12, 2013
I just received this watch with a one day shipping deal for Father's day. I bought the kit to adjust the band and it took me 5 minutes to fit it to my wrist. This watch is incredible. It feels good. It has a nice large diameter and is not too thick. It feels solid. I read the quick guide and adjusted the time for daylight savings. With the push of the lower button you can easily see the power reserve, the city setting (LAX for me), the daylight savings setting... and? It fascinates me how the minute marker slowly moves every few seconds to get closer and closer to the next minute mark instead of having one click to the next position. This watch give me basically everything i was looking for, and I have been spending a lot of time on Amazon to look for the right watch under $400. I like the ease to change time zone as I travel a lot. I like to have the day and day of the week mark (sometimes its a good reminder). I like atomic time keeping feature cause i dont want a watch that looses 10 or 15 seconds every week, month or what ever. And finally I like the solar power recharge so i would never have to worry about changing batteries. Finally, yet a MUST feature on a watch in this price range is the sapphire crystal. The Chrono feature, honestly i couldnt care less.... I wish the background was blue instead of black.

Very happy with the purchase!
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on May 3, 2013
This is the first watch I've worn in 20 years, apart from GPS and workout watches. I have some eczema around my wrist area, and when I was young watches always irritated it. But my wife decided I must have a "proper" watch and so I settled on the AT8010. Luckily, no eczema problems from this steel band, so that's good news.

I really love this watch.


The two best features are Atomic Radio Control and the Eco Drive. I only realized this in hindsight, but never having to set it, never having to wind it or worry about maintenance is just a dream. For me it's going to be essential for daily wear watches so I guess that means I'm pretty much stuck with Citizen.


It's really beautiful, although understated because of the black dial. I don't get a lot of compliments unless people really look at it closely. The sheen is awesome, and I don't find it hard to read at all.

This has motorized hands, so the stopwatch re-adjusts the second hand, and when you change time zones, the hands just start moving in front of you. I love that.

Awesome complications. Really nice stopwatch.

Perpetual time means you never have to worry about the date either, it always says the right day, even in February in a leap year.

Saphire Crystal - the face simply does not scratch.


No alarm
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on August 14, 2013
People seem to notice this watch and think it is good looking, I do too, after all I did purchase it. Have always avoided the large diameter watches, but this watch doesn't seem too big, it seems correctly proportioned on my wrist. I like the functionality and the operation. The time signal setting happens over night as far as I can tell and is totally transparent to the usage of the watch. I really like the aspect of a watch that never needs a battery and as long as it is exposed to some light it will be ready to go even if I don't wear it for an extended period. Currently I am wearing it every day, find it very comfortable even though I have not regularly worn a watch for a few years. Nice Watch.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on July 5, 2014
Great watch, has more features than seems possible with two buttons and a winding stem, and is INCREDIBLY durable.

I wear this watch on a daily basis. At times my job requires me to go into the field and train some rookies, or just help out. As a result I have unintentionally hit this watch (the crystal) against many tough surfaces that should have left their mark.

There is not a single scratch on the crystal, the watch works perfectly, and looks stylish.

The reason(s) for the 4 stars:
1st: The charge that allows you to see the hands in total darkness only lasts for a few minutes. This seems like an oversight to me, and the lighting issues should have been addressed by now.

2nd: There really is somewhat of a reflection off the face that makes it difficult to discern the hands. HOWEVER, do not let this preclude you from buying this timepiece, as this problem only exists under certain lighting conditions, and is only an issue if you are trying to tell the time at a glance. If you actually stop for a second and look at the watch, this is NOT and issue.

3rd: I wish the band was not such soft metal, it scuffed up and scratched fairly easily.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 26, 2014
The good:
I own several Eco-Drive watches, but this is my first radio controlled watch and it makes using the watch a set-and-forget operation. Before this watch, I used to have to adjust the time on occasion, like after daylight savings time, and advance the date after every month that had fewer than 31 days. But with this watch, you just pull the crown out one click, turn it to where the second hand is pointing to your local time zone, and you're done. You can either manually receive the atomic time signal to set the watch (hold down the lower-right button for a couple seconds), or let the watch do it automatically at 2:00 AM. Once that happens, the day, date, and time are set spot-on. It even automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. (If you live in Arizona, you can disable that setting.) The only time you'd have to set it again is if you travel to a different time zone and that process is super easy.

A sapphire crystal is always a plus. After years of use, the watch might get scratched beyond recognition, but that sapphire crystal will most likely look like new.

Many watches have complex bezels with slide rules, tachymeters, or other tools, which I find to be more of a gimmick than useful. I'm one of those "function over fashion" kind of guys - if it doesn't have a practical purpose, I'd rather not have it. Like most radio controlled watches, the AT8010-58E lists the world time zones around the bezel, but fortunately the list of cities is subtle under the crystal using minimal letters. Since you only need to use the list when you first set the watch, or travel to a different time zone, I prefer this subtle method over others like the CB0020-50E where it seems to draw attention to the bezel and potentially get scratched.

The bad:
Readability. If you're at that age where you need reading glasses, but don't wear them all the time, this model is probably not for you. The pattern on the face reflects overhead lighting radially, in the same orientation as the hands. And the hands themselves are reflective and thin. When combining those factors, and without wearing readers, it can be very difficult reading the time, which is why I give it only 3 stars. I've included a photo in an attempt to illustrate this. This is not a problem when reading the watch outdoors, or indoors where the room is illuminated from windows.

This watch does have some illumination, but only a thin strip on the hands - there is no illumination on the indices.

At 6.1 ounces, it's not exactly light weight. My previous Citizen was titanium, which is much lighter. My next watch will have a sapphire crystal and a hardened titanium case and band.

This watch has what's called the H800 movement. If you're set on the features of this watch, but want a model that is easier to read, there are other Citizen H800 models available, such as the "Blue Angels" models.

On a side note, be aware that Seiko and Casio also make radio controlled, solar watches. If you want even more choices, all these companies make very nice models sold only for the Japanese domestic market (JDM). You can't find those on Amazon, but they are on the Japanese counterpart, If you're obsessed with atomic time like I am, the latest tech in watches use GPS satellites to set the time, with the advantage that the signal is available everywhere on the planet. Models from Seiko and Casio are also able to detect your location and set your time zone automatically.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on July 26, 2013
I looked for a long time trying to decide on a great looking, quality watch.
The look is just great and just what I wanted. It's a good size, but not gargantuan and hefty but not noticeably weighing you down. The dials and face are really sharp. The crystal and the way the face reflects light are actually pretty amazing. Following the direction to set it was not that difficult, but it does require you to pay attention and walk through it a step at a time. The chronograph features are easy to use, too. What really drew me to this, was my son having a similar Eco-Drive, Radio controlled watch. I love those features; light powered - never needs a battery, and it stays to the correct time always with a link to a satellite. I've gotten a lot of complements on it in just the first two weeks. I'm very happy with this and recommend it highly to anyone looking for a great large stainless steel chronograph watch.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 1, 2014
4 stars but this watch is a major step forward for Citizen USA. Other reviewers have hit on the major benefits of Eco-drive and radio reception... and I'd have to agree they make for long lived and accurate watch. Here are some things I love:

-Sapphire Crystal. Citizen's mineral glass is very scratch prone. I used to own a Skyhawk and had to send it in after it became almost unreadable. Sapphire crystals are much much more scratch resistant.
-Japanese quartz movement.
-Alignment! The second hand hits every tick mark! $2,000 swiss quartz watches don't do this.
-Day of week indicator is a nice complication.
-Unlike some other models, you do not have to manipulate the crown to use the chronograph.
-Legibility is very good.
-World time ring is useful for figuring out timezones without actually switching it up.
-Fly by wire time setting rocks.

Some cons:
-Lume stinks.
-Size is at the upper end of what works for me. The lugs curve slightly so it fits smaller wrists well, but I do wish the watch was a few mm's smaller.
-BRACELET DOES NOT MATCH THE WATCHES QUALITY. It is made in China, only has the one micro adjuster (no half links) and has a slightly cheaper feel to it.
-Why does the chronograph stop after 1 hour? It probably took programming to make it do that... Also a minor gripe is you have to wait for the chrono hands to align before starting the stop watch.
-Citizen... why do you insist on making a one touch button to check radio reception?
-No alarm.

All in all this is a great watch. It is incredibly durable and works great in all sorts of settings. Citizen has upped their game in the US market and that is great. In the past I would only purchase watches from their JDM collection at twice the cost of their US counterparts. Now you really don't have to. Buy with confidence! NOTE- check out the Bay for much better prices. I got mine for under $300...
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on February 8, 2014
This is a great watch! It's big enough without being gaudy like the Invicta watches. It weighs enough to let you know it's there but not being a hindrance. It looks great, too. Plus, the atomic feature is incredible. Never having to worry about setting your watch again or making sure it's not loosing a minute every couple of weeks is awesome. You will not be disappointed.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 17, 2014
This watch is what I've always wanted.
It is elegant and simple in its general appearance: the case and the band. The right balance of sophistication and practicality let's me wear it with a suit at dinner, with a casual shirt at work or during the week. It is sturdy enough that I can take it on a hike or kayak (although the weight may make it uncomfortable).
Not having to ever set it, is great.
Not having to change battery or worry about rewinding it, is awesome.
The time zone is easy to adjust and I use it occasionally.
I actually have kayaked and hiked with it. It has had its share of bangs and hits. The crystal does not show a scratch, the bracelet expectedly shows a bit of wear, but nowhere near my fear after what I did.

Why is it perfect for me? Why do I love it?
Because it tells time, accurately without asking for attention.
And it's beautiful.
A watch that serves ME. Not the other way around.
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