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on April 4, 2013
Been looking around for a blue color theme watch, and this watch provides the looks and the features.
I have uploaded some wrist pictures so that you will get an idea how it looks like.
the yellow streak and inner part of the leather band gives a touch of uniqueness.
The watch is quite easy to set, just need to read the manual... not so challenging.
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on December 25, 2014
Great watch, crummy band.

The watch itself is fabulous. I was comparing this to the Skyhawk, and I'm really glad I went with this one. First, it's closer to a reasonable size. 43mm vs. 45mm makes a lot of difference. The face is less busy and more classic, and most importantly this watch has a sapphire crystal. I cannot emphasize how important that can be if you plan to wear this often.

I love the atomic time and the time zone support. It's fantastic to know the watch is always accurate. I live in the suburbs in NC, a long way away from the station in Denver, and it updates most every night. It's not every single night, but it's more than frequent enough to stay accurate (6 nights out of 7).

If I can give you one piece if advice... Stop looking at this one and get the version with the stainless steel bracelet. The band is utter crap. I've never seen a watch where the buckle has sharp edges on the inside, but now I've seen it all. Your options with this band are to wear it so loose that the watch constantly rotates around your wrist, or suffer the sharp edges of the buckle digging into your inner wrist. Those are your options.

Get this watch. It's great. But get the version with the bracelet like I should have.

Update 3JAN15:

I couldn't stand the stock band any longer, so I replaced it. For those of you that are curious, Hadley-Roma makes a blue 24MM silicone strap that fits perfectly, matches and is incredibly comfortable. Amazon sells it for less than $20 and it makes this watch perfect. It baffles me why Citizen would make such a great watch with such an uncomfortable watch/buckle, but it's easily remedied and you end up with a really great watch. The watch does have a 23MM lug width, but the spring bars are curved and a flexible 24MM band fits well and looks great.
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on June 20, 2013
Got this watch while on a cruise and loved it's look, Since they didn't adjust the wrist band i got the leather one, willing to later on buy the metal band and change the band when ever i'd like. When i got home, i called citizen (US) to see where could i buy the metal band and got shocked when they told me that it's not possible to put the metal band on it. It appears that the case has a minor difference. Just wanted to let you all know that if you choose the watch with leather you'll have to stick with it. Overall it's a great watch and yes i would buy again but i'd probably buy the metal one. (it would last longer.)
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on April 2, 2014
This watch is a work of art. I have owned several citizen watches, and loved them all. The quality and beauty of this watch surpasses them all. So the watch is five stars. The problem is the band. It is junk! It looks nice, but it has has a cheap plastic backing that split the first time I wore it. It is very fragile material and just glued together with some stitching. A replacement band is $50. This is a $550 watch. For gosh sakes, you'd think Citizen could put a decent quality band on this watch. What a disappointment. Buy the model with the metal band instead. It is a lot heavier, but at least it will last more than a few days before falling apart. I rate the band zero stars.
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on February 3, 2014
There are a few reasons I think the AT-series watches represent the BEST of the Citizen Eco watch line, and are even better than their much more expensive JY series watches:

1) The numbers and paint on the exposed bezel of the JY series watches have a tendency to wear off and/or fade after a few years. You will NOT have this problem with the Citizen AT series watches as the rotating outer bezel is BENEATH the glass and cannot be rubbed off (the outer bezel fully rotates in either direction by turning the little knob on the lower LEFT hand side of the case).

2) Citizen uses cheaper mineral glass on the JY series watches to protect the watch face. Again, you'll not have that problem with the AT series because Citizen uses its much better SAPPHIRE crystal to protect the faces.

The other thing that sold me on this particular Citizen AT models was the atomic timekeeping. It LITERALLY ticks to the second with the Atomic clock in Boulder Colorado. It's pretty impressive to have a browser open to the NIST web page on your computer and see your own wrist watch matching the movements second by second with perfection. The JY series also has atomic timekeeping but it's much more difficult to program all of its various options. A pull, a turn and a click of the crown are all it takes to change to another time zone on the AT series watches.

Regarding aesthetics, this all blue watch is understated elegance, and with the yellow trim around the ring and the other yellow accents it's exceptionally sporty. Also, the blue leather strap is very comfortable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please note that the watch band that comes with the AT8020-03L is genuine leather with a water-resistant coating. While that coating will extend the life of the band against rain and sweat, the coating is NOT water proof however and despite the 200m water resistant capabilities of the watch itself this band should not be soaked continuously in water or you'll shorten it's useful life. And yes, you CAN get genuine Citizen 23mm replacement bands specifically made for this watch but they run about $45.

The only other downside to this watch is that readability is a little poor in low-light conditions. The hands are luminous however and when it is completely dark out the hands will hold a small charge all evening. I've been able to read the time on this watch by holding it about 6 inches from my eyeball in the wee hours of the morning and there is no difficulty telling the time. It would be sheer awesomeness for Citizen to consider putting tritium gas tubes on their watches but that might be a little too showy. I'd also love to see Citizen trade in the nearly-worthless 24-hour subdial and use it for a 24-hour alarm. Ah, the wish list.

When compared to other similarly-priced brands, the Citizen Eco Drive is so much nicer than any Seiko Kinetic (which requires HUNDREDS of shakes a day to keep time) or Seiko Automatic (which requires the user to wear the watch as MINIMUM of 8 hours a day to keep the springs tight according to their manuals). It's hard to convey the value of having a watch that ALWAYS works in ANY light (for MONTHS in the dark if necessary) until you've had one!

Without hesitation, I love the Citzen AT-series watches...
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on January 24, 2014
I dithered over this watch, a Traser Big Date Pro Blue, and the same version of the Blue Angles in a stainless steel band. The deciding factor was when Amazon lowered the price to $328.00 and then offered an ADDITIONAL 10% off which brought it down to $295.20. After that it became a no brainer.

I've been wearing the watch for a couple of days now after letting it sit on my South-facing window sill to fully charge up and here are some of my thoughts on the watch:


1. It's a Citizen watch! Okay, not a bona-fide pro, but it's my 4th Citizen watch and they ALL still work perfectly.
2. Atomic time update. Didn't work the first time that I did a manual receive which prompted me to read the manual (which isn't near the boogey-man it's made out to be. Manual is very clear and concise, and easy to understand) which stated that the watch should NOT be moved around when in the manual receive mode. Next time I ran it it worked fine. (I live in Minnesota BTW - I have read where folks on the East coast have a harder time receiving the signal from Colorado)
3. Solar powered (Eco-Drive) This watch (and my other Eco-Drive watches) have not ever needed batteries. I left it on the windowsill of a South-facing window in the morning, and when I came home that night it was FULLY charged.
4. Saphire crystal. I'm not terribly hard on watches, but in IT field doing hardware work, racking and unracking servers they get the occasional bump on server racks, etc. the sapphire crystal holds up like a champ. You'd REALLY have to bang it up to get some serious scratches on it.
5. Looks! Let me say it again. LOOKS!! This is a nice looking watch. The face isn't horrendously busy although a few times I have to take a closer look to see the day-of-week, or whether daylight savings is on, but for normal use it's very legible and easy to read.


1. Leather strap. I REALLY wish I could have found this watch with a titanium strap at a decent price. I would have been willing to pay a *bit* more for it, but I did several weeks of searching and couldn't find anything I wanted for the price I was willing to live with.
The strap is very complementary to this watch. The blue/yellow combination is awesome, however the strap is 1. very, VERY stiff so that it *crackles* when fitting it to my wrist and 2. pretty short for my wrist. (I have it on the second to last notch, and I can tell that I will have to bring it to the last notch during summer if it ever comes to Minnesota)

2. Luminosity. Perhaps I've been looking at the Trillium watches too long, however the lum on this watch is very dim and fades within a few minutes after being charged by sunlight or a lamp. Not a deal-breaker for me as this watch has many other fine points going for it. Just gets the mind wondering what Citizen would do to compete with the Trasers, or the Night watches. Id' be a Pavlov's dog for sure if they came out with something like that.


This is a BEAUTIFUL watch, well worth the purchase price even at the higher $389.00 price. (Thanks Amazon!). The Eco-Drive, coupled with atomic timekeeping (aka Radio Controlled), Blue Angels motif, and lastly the Citizen brand make this a keeper. I've already ordered a few bands for it. (One thing to keep in mind - the band-size is 23mm - VERY DIFFICULT to find them) I found one black w/blue stitching rubber band for it with 24mm size that I will cut down to size as well as a 24mm NATO strap for it that I've been assured on WatchUSeek will fit okay.

So, if you're on the fence about getting this watch don't hesitate!

Update 1/29/2014:

I ordered and received Hadley-Roma colored rubber stitched 24mm watch band from They have black rubber bands with blue and yellow stitching on it. Since they are 24mm and the Citizen is 23mm a little bit of razor cutting was in order, and VIOLA! I have a very comfortable rubber watch band for this watch. The blue stitching doesn't show as much as I would have liked so I've ordered a band with yellow stitching.

Overall, I couldn't be more pleased.
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on March 8, 2014
I love this watch. It looks great. I really like the yellow accents against the blue dial. The blue leather band is a good match for the dial color. The sapphire crystal is an added bonus. The clarity and added scratch resistance of the sapphire crystal is an unexpected bonus.
1- Timekeeping accuracy is excellent (within 1/2 sec. per day). It synchronizes with the atomic clock in Fort Collins, CO at 2:00 AM, assuming watch 9:00 pm side is placed facing general direction of Denver and signal is strong enough to sync watch. I placed it in a south facing windowsill and it works 90% of the time. Time sync can be easily checked by one press of the 4:00 chrono pusher. The hand on the lowest dial (6:00) will indicate either "OK" or "NO". A second push of the 4:00 chrono pusher will return the watch to normal timekeeping mode. It will automatically return to normal timekeeping mode after about 10 seconds.
2- Eco-Drive feature is great. It ensures that the back of the watch will never have to be removed which may adversely affect the rated 20 BAR waterproofing depth. In addition, the power reserve of the lithium ion rechargeable battery can be checked by a single push of the lower chrono pusher. The indicator on the 12:00 dial will spin around to indicate remaining charge. A second push will return to timekeeping mode as in #1 above.
3- I really like the fact that unlike most chronographs the large second hand works in normal timekeeping mode. This is much better than having to watch the seconds on one of the small dials.
4- World time feature is great for those traveling to between different time zones... just use the button at the 8:00 position to change the time zone. Be sure to read the instruction manual.
5- This watch has many features I will probably never use, but It's nice to have them anyway.
6- Buy this watch from Amazon or another authorized dealer to ensure full factory warranty. Many of Amazon's "partners" import "Gray Market" watches which are backed by the seller's warranty and not the factory warranty.
7- Citizen has a great website where you can register the watch and download .pdf instructions. These are much easier to read than the instruction manual.
8- Another feature I like is Citizen's quality control. The second hand lines up perfectly with the hash ticks on the dial. The minute hand likewise "clicks" to line up perfectly with the hash ticks when the second hand reaches the 12:00 position.
9- I am impressed with the features and quality of this timepiece. I would unhesitatingly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a quality timepiece.
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on March 22, 2013
Wow, what a fantastic watch! This is my first Citizen and is one of the most handsome watches in my collection. It looks great on the wrist and keeps excellent time with the "Eco-Drive" feature. Picked this up for a good deal from Amazon and will probably look to add other Citizen watches to my collection in the near future. Do not hesitate to get this watch.
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on October 29, 2013
I've had this watch four months, long enough for a proper review.

This watch is attractive, but the best thing about it is that it doesn't need anything from me. Setting itself to the atomic clock, it keeps perfect time, so never needs to be set. Charging in available light, it never needs a battery. I have a drawer full of $100 watches that kept indifferent time and now need batteries. This watch is perfect. If I don't wear it for a day or two, I just put it on a windowsill and let it take care of itself.

There are a few reviews which mention that the crystal scratches easily, but that hasn't been my experience. I've whacked it hard against a couple of metal door jambs and banged it into cinder block walls, and my crystal is perfect and scratch-free.

Even though the watch has a somewhat busy face, I appreciate the fact that it doesn't try to do all sorts of things that I don't need. Without touching any buttons, the watch displays date, day of week, and 24-hour time. One button starts and stops the chronometer. Another resets the chronometer and, when the chronometer is not active, the same button moves the second hand to point to the current time zone, and the smaller dials tell you whether or not the watch can receive a radio signal, and show you the battery charge level. Setting functions like daylight savings time requires pulling out the crown and checking the manual, but I had to set these functions only once, and they don't need to be fiddled with.

In short, I love this watch. It's dead accurate, it's maintenance-free, it's waterproof, it's good looking, and it's simple to operate. Couldn't be happier.
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on November 28, 2015
I have been a fan of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron ever since the mid-1950s when my Dad started taking me to their air shows. It is an honor to wear a watch dedicated to them, stamped with their official seal and displaying their blue and yellow color scheme.

Although not an inexpensive watch, I was lucky to purchase it in 2013 at a substantial discount, lower than the Amazon price but not by much. Aesthetically, I frankly prefer the striking blue and yellow wristband to the metal bracelet model.

The watch is perfectly accurate to the second thanks to a radio signal it receives daily at 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM. Even when it does not receive the signal, the watch is still extremely accurate. Powered by ordinary light, the watch never needs a battery. That's right: never.

Although it took some doing to program, now it never needs adjustment. It converts from standard time to daylight savings time automatically.

I'm still holding out the hope that at one of their air shows the Blues will see me wearing "their" watch and offer me a ride in one of their two, two-seat, supersonic F/A-18s. My watch's sapphire crystal is virtually scratch-proof and there's even a slide rule on the bezel, so I'm ready for take off! :-)
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