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on March 30, 2015
This watch is beautiful, functional and works great. I would definitely recommend it. The only part that I would agree with the other detractors / commenters on is the fact that the background is a much darker blue that is depicted in the graphic. As per the attached image: (1) was taken indoors with incandescent light bulb. Looks dark, almost grey. (2) Taken indoors with flash, which brings out the blue. (3) Taken outdoors in the sunlight, which does show some blue, but still darker. So, just don't expect it to look so bright a blue as in the graphic in all situations. It will look darker in lower-light situations. Otherwise, it is all that I'd hoped it to be.
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on August 16, 2012
Looked at several titanium watches, some Seiko and Swiss army. This watch was as good as Swiss army for half the price and much better and larger face, better crystal than Seiko.

Pros: the Lume is a beautiful light blue, really nice. The face color is really blue in outdoor lighting. I wear a lot of blue and purple clothes and the metal and blue really goes with all my clothings, just spectacular color instead of black and metal.

The weight is great and I prefer that it doesn't have a Chronograph. Not that useful and clutters up the face. Sapphire crystal and big blue face with a hexagon pattern in it to give it depth, lots of compliments.

The face size is big on my wrist, but it looks good. Seiko watches were too small at 39 or 40. I will buy watches of this size in the future, nothing smaller. Big face is really easy to see at a glance.

Cons: wish the bracelet had half links. Watch is nice after removing three links. I'm 5'11", 170 and the watch is the right size. But a half link less would be a perfect fit. I'll see and maybe get rid of another and try that after another couple weeks.

Best value possible. I went to jc penny and got it for 250 out the door. Incredible value with titanium and sapphire crystal. Lume is on every hour and the hands, really pops. Hands and movement are perfect.

Highly recommend.

Happy year of the snake edit: watch at 6 months.

Still a five star watch. Face is great and crystal is unscratched even though I work long hours and am moving a lot. Wear it all day, only comes off for washing dishes and showers.

Con: Scratches on the band. Nothing too bad, but I can tell in a few years it will probably not look great. Maybe could get buffed out? Dont know too much about that. Titanium does appear to scratch easier.

One comment to this review talked about half links. I checked on the bracelet clasp and its not a link that can be removed, its not the same as the other links. So, no half links. I had another link removed... 4 links off (small wrists I guess) and while it was just a smidge tight at first, I'm used to it now and wouldnt want the the link back where the watch moved all around.
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on March 11, 2013
After decades wearing basic watches from Timex and Casio I decided I wanted something nicer....and after lots of research, I chose this model which has a very unique combination of features, even for citizen.

1) The watch is hardened titanium- Some people want a watch of this type to be heavy and substantial and don't want a watch with hollow links. As for me, I don't want a 2 pound watch on my wrist, so titanium is a good choice. I'd say it reduces overall weight by about 30-40% over traditional stainless steel. Titanium is incredibly strong, but citizen hardens it with an exterior treatment. How scuff resistant is it compared to stainless steel? only time will tell. I emailed citizen who never fully answered the question. Views from watch forums suggest it's slightly less scuff resistant than steel. If you're hard on your watches and hate scratches, you may want to reconsider. Also, because the hardening is a coating, you cannot buff scratches out of the finish. It's definitely a trade off. That being said, the lightness is a definite plus for me.

2) The watch has a sapphire crystal - Many of the more affordable citizen watches don't. they use mineral crystal instead which is more shatter-proof, but less scuff proof. I have never shattered a crystal, but I have gotten plenty of scuffs on them, so sapphire crystal is a great feature. It is the hardest, most resistant crystal a watch can have.

3) This watch has solar eco-drive - While this watch will never need regular battery replacements, it does have a battery where the watch stores the energy from the solar panel underneath the dial. Fortunately, it should last the life of the watch. According to the manual, It takes about 11 hours in daylight to completely charge the watch. After that, it can run in total darkness for up to 6 months. It can collect enough energy in 2-3 minutes of daylight to run for an entire day. It will also charge from artificial light, but more slowly. No need to worry about finding the right battery, or violating the integrity of the case by needing to open it up every couple of years. I know eco-drive owners who have had their watches 10+ years without needing them serviced. Let's hope that is my story.

Other observations: The face is a dark blue, like a navy. Some photos show it more of a royal color, some (like this one) show it closer to black. It really depends on the lighting you're under. In the dim light of my office, it looks black. Outside on a bright, cloudy's more like navy. Still, it's attractive and very easy to read. My second hand aligns perfectly with the dial marks..although i've read some do not. The date windows is very small, too small for a watch of this size. Unless you have great eyes, it will be a strain to read.

The hands and hour markers are luminescent and glow with a light blue color. This glow is strong at first but quickly fades, as luminescent paint tends to do. Still, it's better lume than many watches I've had.

The band is comfortable and you will need to take it to a jeweler to be resized. Please be aware that citizen does not have half-links available...BUT...if you look on the clasp you'll see 2 sets of adjustment holes. The band can be moved in about a half link's worth...making a more customized fit possible.

I've only had the watch a couple of days but it keeps excellent time and I expect it will be well within the +/-15 seconds per month range of most quartz watches.

so what DON'T i like?

I wish the clasp on the bracelet had a secondary flip-down security lock. Some do, this one does not. The date window is needlessly small. It would be easier to see if it were least with my 40 something eyes. I do wish the watch had a screw-down crown to help keep water out. It doesn't...but then this watch really isn't a diving watch. Lastly, even though the sapphire crystal is anti-reflective, there is a fair amount of space between the dial and the crystal, so you can and do get some reflections/glare at certain angles.

I really like this watch and I'm hopeful it will serve me well for years to come. I consider this to be a very good watch for the price with a great combination of desirable features. It's dressy enough to be worn with a sportscoat, but casual enough for everyday wear. I like that it's in-between a dress watch and a diver style watch. I feel I made a good choice and will try to update this post as time passes....
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on September 24, 2012
I purchased this Citizen Men's BM7170-53L Eco-Drive Titanium Watch after looking for a really nice, "automatic" watch. I reviewed hundreds of watches on Amazon, reading all of the reviews and specs of the watches that I thought worthy. I finally decided that I really only wanted a non-digital watch that had at least date and time functions with good illumination on the hours and both hands. I didn't want one cluttered up with a lot of other stuff. When I saw this one, it was beautiful and filled my wish list. It is far more attractive in real life than the pictures. When I saw that it had a sapphire crystal and was also titanium, that sealed the deal. It feels great to wear. I have very small wrists even though I am 6' tall and 180 lbs. With the extra band links removed, it fit perfectly. I am extremely pleased with this watch.
I inherited a Rolex Stainless Submariner from my father. It needed adjustment to improve the accuracy. I sent it to Rolex and they charged me $1,150 to change many things (hands, bezel, etc) or would do nothing at all. I was stuck. I thought that this was ridiculous so when I got it back, I put it on Craig's List and sold it for $3,250 cash. I paid $245 for this Citizen Men's BM7170-53L Eco-Drive Titanium Watch. For that money, I could buy 13 of the Citizens and have $50 left over. The Rolex was never as accurate as this Citizen and never felt or looked as good. The bonus is that it never needs batteries or service.
This watch is a no-brainer if it has what you want in a watch. Buy it!
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on August 19, 2012
I have owned this watch for three weeks now and the time has remained dead on in that time frame.

The watch and band has caused absolutely no irritation so far and feels like I'm not even wearing it.

The way the band was fabricated, polished, brushed helps prevent scratches which is one of the only down sides of titanium.

For the price, the features included with this watch make it a deal. Having a titanium band, sapphire dial window, and solar power capability make this watch a definite deal and buy for the price.

The fact that this watch is currently offered and easy to find on manufacturers website with full details along with other references was a major plus in my decision to buy this from Amazon.

I would not use this watch if you're planning on doing any rugged activities where you would ding this watch up real bad, it looks too good to with the mirror and polished finishes to put it through that. It is intended to be a casual watch.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. 5/5 stars.
review image review image
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on May 6, 2013
I picked up this watch about a week ago and I am astonished at how it fit me so well, this watch has already become my daily watch. The watch fits perfect as a dress watch as well as a daily watch. I work and excercise in this watch and it has never let me down. Not a single scratch on the bezel or band. I chose this watch for appearance in mind first, and functions second. I prefer a sleek 3-hand watch over a multi-functional chronograph watch with all the 'bells and whistles.'

The Eco-Drive was a game-changer, for me, in watches. I weigh heavily towards Citizen when I think of high quality, affordable, watches. I knew my fair share about Eco-Drive, my father told me so much about his Citizen Eco-Drive and how fascinated he was by how it was self-sustaining and how it was still so practicle and affordable. I am beyond satisfied when it comes to the battery on this watch.

The titanium on the band has proved to be the best material I have ever had on a watch. It is scratch resistant, light, and looks appealing on this watch. I have not had any issues with it and I was even initially astonished at how light it was at the jewlers. I fell in love with this watch, half of the time I won't even realize I am wearing a watch unless I look it because of it being so light weight.

The Sapphire Crystal bezel is crystal clear and hasn't had any scratches so far. My father has had a Citizen Eco-Drive watch with a Sapphire Crystal bezel for 4 years with only 1 scratch on it currently, my father works in a busy work environment. Not to mention that he has worn it day in and out throughout those 4 years. So far this watch has done nothing but impress me.

The blue dial looks great. It is a bit darker than I expected, more of a navy blue than a regular blue. I prefer it being darker and more neutral, as I hope this watch to match with whatever I am wearing. The hex design in the center of the dial looks exceptional, I can not express how many times I have found my self appreciating these little details on this watch.

The 3 hands serve their purpose well. The glow in the dark feature on the hands are exactly what you expect. Though the hands glow brighter than any watch I have ever owned in the past. One thing I noticed on the hands that brought more attention to them was the fact that the minute and hour hand have both a glossy and matte finish on them, a matte on one side and glossy on the other half. The two finishes are split down what appears to be the middle of the hand.

The clasp mechanism is very heavy duty, which is also exactly what I needed. I was looking for a watch that is somewhat dressy but can also handle a normal to fair amount of ware and tear. The clasp has never opened on accident on me, unlike some of my previous watches, this feature was, oddly enough, a deciding factor for me.

The overall watch gets 4.7 stars from me, but I will rate it as 5 stars. One Con of this watch is that the band is not finger print resistant, despite the matte-like titanium metal on it. I also want to mention how much of a bargain this watch is, I paid $280 (USD) at my local jewler, Strickland's Jewelers, I found out later that I could have saved $50 on Amazon. I was a bit annoyed that I had forgotten to look up the prices online but I was still satisfied with my purchase. This watch is worth $300, at most, to me. All of the features on the watch tie together exquisitely, and as an added bonus my favorite color is blue. I would recommend this watch to anyone looking for a sleek, elegant, and sturdy every-day watch.
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on May 30, 2013
This is really an elegant looking watch,without being gaudy . I have owned Rolex ,Tissot and other fine watches that sold for hundreds of $ more than this Citizen ,and they had all the bells and whistles. But ultimately what I was looking for in a watch at this stage of my life was reliable time and a classy looking time piece on my wrist. This meets and exceeds my expectations . I have owned a Citizen Eco-Drive so I know from that experience that this will be a set and forget watch in terms of maintenance . I do wish that citizen would include instructions on removing links from the band however. I got the job done ,but not without making a mess of it and having to spend time on line getting the necessary information. They could make it a lot easier with some simple instructions.But bottom line is that for the price ,and given that it is a Citizen Eco-Drive ,you cannot go wrong with this watch.
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on May 30, 2012
Ive had Fossil watches, Seiko, various others, this by far is the best, it's very light due to the Titanium, it's strong, and looks great, self powered...couldnt find a better watch and I would have spent up to $1500 on one, but I just couldnt find one with all these features and that looks this nice, glad I went with this :P
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on August 29, 2013
I wear my 'every-day' watch 24/7, showering, swimming, etc. I only change watches for dress-up or for really heavy DIY stuff. The problem is, no matter how water-resistant a watch starts out as, as soon as the case is opened to change batteries, it is no longer trustworthy. Unless, of course, you pay big bucks to have a factory service center change the battery. Because of this, I decided to get an Automatic, Mechanical watch, with no batteries to change. Over tthe past 2-3 years I have bought and returned watches by Invicta, Orient and Bulova. They mostly did not keep time and required months to be repaired; the Bulova claimed '99' WR' but was "not to be worn swimming.

This Citizen watch is not automatic but is Solar Powered; no batteries needed. It is not outrageously oversized and, since it is Titanium cased and banded, is not too heavy to wear. Plus, it looks good and is easy to read at a glance, unlike many "complicated" watches with multiple dials.
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on December 26, 2014
I read most of the reviews on this watch before buying and although I've only had it for a week, I felt compelled to write a review right away and will try to followup with an update after I've had it for awhile. This is a phenomenal watch, very light, looks great and is very elegant/simple. I will just list what I found in the reviews and confirm or comment on them below.

1. Dial face is not as blue as pictured.
This is correct. Whomever photoshopped that pic to be a lighter blue did not do themselves (or anyone else) selling or buying this watch any favors. If you go to Citizens own website and look up this model, their photo is a much better representation of the dial color. Although I would appreciate having the brighter blue face, it's a deep blue that actually looks great but certainly doesn't pop as much as the photo would show. The waffle pattern of the solar gathering face adds a nice contrast and pattern to the surrounding indicators. My hunch is that since this recharges via solar light there is a simple explanation for the deeper color, dark colors absorb light and lighter colors reflect them (along with the associated heat), so I would guess that most of the Citizen EcoDrive watches have darker faces to absorb as much of the available light as possible for just this reason, although I have not researched this beyond posting it. I don't believe this watch was ever made in the lighter color shown, at least not that I could find.

2. The watch is heavy for being titanium.
Non-sense. This watch is feather light on the wrist, you can barely tell it's there, especially for having a metal band (which is also titanium). There were also comments about the titanium and its finish scratching easily, although I haven't had it long enough to verify, I haven't seen anything so far to indicate it will do so anymore or less than other metal watches.

3. The anti reflective sapphire crystal has a lot of glare.
Partially true. I don't know what anti glare treatment has been done here, but it doesn't have anymore, or less, glare than other sapphire or mineral crystals I've worn. It's very clear and won't scratch, if you haven't already, don't ever buy another watch without a sapphire crystal unless it's for junk/throw away, they are far more durable than mineral or the like and hold up well.

4. The date window is too small and hard to read.
I suppose this depends on the persons eye sight but I'm going to say non-sense, it's not large by any stretch but if you can't read this you will likely have problems with most other watch date windows as well. I think part of the problem here is that the window is on the smaller side of average and the number sits a little deeper than some which probably contributes to shadowing depending on the angle of view and how you're looking a it. Works plenty fine for me and I've got average eye sight.

5. The band is proprietary to Citizen and can't be replaced after ten years.
Although this is likely true it's a bit of a red herring to look out ten years and try to forecast if the watch band will be broken and wether Citizen will be able to repair it or not in that eventuality. This is not a thousand plus dollar watch and although I'd love for it to still be working 20 years from now, worrying about such a thing for a sub $200 watch is a waste of your valuable time.

6. The second hands don't line up with the dial indicators.
Non-sense. The reviewer who stated that either has a defective watch or isn't compensating for the different angles the hands are viewed at while it sweeps the face, this is a non-issue, lined up nicely, obviously if it's not on yours return it or have Citizen repair under warranty.

7. The indicators and dials don't glow very brightly or for very long.
Non-sense. It glows blue after being exposed to light, but remember blue is not as bright to the human eye as green so it will appear slightly softer if not dimmer. I held it up to a 40 watt LED bulb on my night stand for a minute, set it on the dresser and then went to bed, 7 hours later I woke up while it was still dark and could see it glowing clearly 10 ft away, albeit a dimmer than I had left it the night prior.

Bottom line, this is an excellent watch that has all the desirable features; EcoDrive charging (no batteries needed), Titanium case and band (super light), sapphire crystal (will not scratch), water resistant (for all but scuba diving), uncluttered face with only a date window. Watch case is 43 mm's wide (47 including crown) as measured with a digital caliper and weighs 97 g's with 3 of the links removed for fitting, sorry, didn't weigh it before adjusting the band. I got this on a Gold box deal for $160 and it's an absolute steal at that price, if you can get this thing for anywhere close to $200 (which shouldn't be too difficult) it's well worth it.
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