Customer Reviews: Claimed (The Circulate Series)
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on June 24, 2011
While not the greatest story I've ever read it is much better than a one star book. According to the blurb at the end of the this was made up of chapters from an upcoming book, which may be why it was a little unpolished. I liked some of the ideas she had for the werewolves that could be expanded on in future stories. It was an easy evening read and was interesting enough to make me want to find out more about the word she is creating. I wish it was longer and more fleshed out, but perhaps that will happen in the upcoming book. Overall, I enjoyed the story.
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on January 10, 2012
I read the synopsis of this book and I immediately hit download. It started off okay but it got really bad, really fast! So the main character Jessica is having a horrible vacation with her douche bag boyfriend and his flunkies. They stop at a restaurant in Alaska, which she hates, to get some food and booze. So Jessica is diabetic and she's almost having an episode when Flint Riverclaw comes to her rescue. His name made me wanna gag but whatever. So from the beginning Flint was being a little too smothering, especially since he barely knew Jessica. But she decides to get ride home with him, assuming he's not some psycho and they wind up having sex at her motel the night before her flight leaves.

Fast forward four days and Jessica is back in New York or wherever she lives and her body is acting up on her and she can't stop thinking about Flint. That same night Flint shows up at her door telling her that she's pregnant with his child and she's also his mate. This is where the problems come in for me. It's never directly said, but Flint knew that when he slept with Jessica she would get pregnant. He never asks her if that's what she wants, he simply impregnates her. And then he tells her that she must quit her job and move back to Alaska with him and his pack. This frustrates me because all in the beginning of the book Jessica talks about her job and how hard she had to work to get there and how much she loves her city life and her job. Yet when Flint comes along, a man whom she's known all of 5 days, she just drops it all to move with him back to Alaska, the place she hates, she even gives up her cat! All her hard work just goes down the shitter because he impregnated her, purposely and wants her to move with him and she's okay with this. What?!

So she moves with him to Alaska and she's happy to be reduced to mere house wife to a man whom she's known less than a month. And then she meets his friend Johns' wife, who is like 60 or something while his friend John looks 30 or 40.He then tells Jessica that he will live for about 200 years but he's only 75now and he looks about 40. And she's okay with this. Maybe it's just me but did no one else catch the fact that even if she lives to 100, he'll still be alive for about 50 years after she dies? Or the fact that when she looks like she's 90 he'll look like he's 60 or something. It's suppose to be a love story, I get it but the author could have given the main character to reaction to it.

But just like everything else she simply goes with the flow saying 'whatever' because Flint says it's okay. The irony of this book is that Jessica's best friend is a feminist but everything Jessica does is solely rooted off what Flint wants her to do. It's like once he says something her mind just conforms to it. It was so irritating. I wouldn't reread and I wouldn't recommend.
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on November 5, 2013
I really wanted to like this story, and the beginning started out pretty good. However after the first night in the hotel room, the story went down hill pretty fast. It's kinda funny, because I had to keep reading to see what would happen next... Sorta like a bad crash or something.
The Grammar was not the best, it was actually pretty bad. That said, I generally don't knock a good story down because of that.
Here is a list of what bothered me throughout this story.

*** SPOILERS******

1. The Sex Scenes: To begin with, they were just mediocre, then they became laughable. It was suppose to be the best sex she ever had, and yet she always had a running commentary in her head. Even thinking about her BFF during the second sex scene.... (How great could it actually be?)

2. The story took place in 1999. I was 20 years old then, and I can say with certainty that I never used "LOL" in an email. As a matter of fact, My niece who is now almost 22, brought me up to speed with text messaging, which is when acronyms like "LOL" became popular... I think she was in high school?

3. She hates to cook and is horrible at it. What is the first thing she wants to change when she moves into Flints house? THE STOVE!!!! She wants to change it from Gas to Electric!!! Ugh and eye roll....

4. At first I felt sorry for her. Then I felt sorry for him.... She was extremely annoying and whinny.
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on September 19, 2011
WOW! It took me less than an hour to read this book! Though it is not a very well thought out plot it is entertaining! The romance in this book was really in my opinion raw, but one could say it was erotic. If you are just browsing the books and want something for a hours' read this is a decent book to pick up! The way the werewolves were portrayed in this story was very unique! I give the author two thumbs up for creativity:) This book is a light read, but good none the less!
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on March 26, 2012
If you can't play the guitar, don't start a rock band until you can. If you can't write, don't publish an ebook until you learn how. I feel terrible about leaving this kind of review, but this is a prime example of someone who has some skill in storytelling but not the technical know-how. I honestly wonder if the author is 12, because that's how he/she writes. There are formatting issues all throughout the book on darn near every page. Punctuation is still a mystery to this author. So are plot and human relations. The book reads as if it were thrown together in a week, but never revised or edited. The sex is technically accurate, but 'technically accurate' is the last way you want to have your sex scenes described. You should be going for HOT here! The only good thing I can say about this book is, thank God I didn't pay money for it!

Based on the description, this story held a lot of promise, but that promise was just not realized in this edition. I seriously recommend the author take down this book, revise, edit and revise again, rinse and repeat as often as necessary until this story is so polished that it shines. As it stands right now, I wouldn't line the birdcage with it. I'd rate it zero stars if I could.
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on June 21, 2011
I didn't connect with the characters, the dialogue wasn't very good, and the random comma usage made me want to email the author and offer to edit. The story didn't seem to flow very well, either. All in all, I'd advise readers to pass on this one.
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on November 1, 2014
I enjoyed the book over all. While maybe not a 5 star read, it certainly was not a one. The is a unique look at shifters and I liked the world she created.

Jessica is on an Alaskan camp out from hell. She's a girl who likes a camp out with room service and hot showers. Her friends are less than helpful and inclusive with her inexperience. When they end up in a bar rather than the promised hotel, she is not happy.

I agree she went with Flint quickly, however she was given motivation--the group she came with didn't exactly care she was close to a diabetic coma. Who wants to ride with drunks, especially if she has past experience with them. She didn't have a lot of options here and Flint had come to her rescue getting her orange juice and food. He was attentive and didn't push the attraction. So she took a chance and accepted a ride with the recommend of all the good guys in the bar. The only rowdy ones were her drunk friends.

The need to be together is also is also given motivation. I would have like to see Jessica try to find more options, before giving in the the inevitable or setting up some kind of vocation when she moved. It was good to see a newcomer excepted in the book rather than the traditional ostracizing that is usually the case.

The book is free and a short read, well worth the time for this unique werewolf experience.
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on November 13, 2012
I liked this book, it was a quick fun read. Ignore the reviews about the comma placement and it's just not realistic, seriously what are we reading? Last I time I checked it was fantasy romance.
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on July 1, 2011
I haven't even finished this book yet, and frankly I'm not really sure I will but I might only to get a good laugh. The writing is ridiculous Flint comes across as a robot and the author can't seem to find any other way to connect her sentences than by using the word whilst. Seriously?! She even uses it in dialogue, mainly Flint's, poor guy, must suck to have no personality and lack any human characteristics, then again he's supposed to be a shifter so maybe she thought she was being cleaver? The writing is beyond amateurish, written in first person, I'm pretty sure the author thinks we readers are idiots since she basically spoon feeds us everything.

Here's a little taste of what this book brings to the table:

-"No I'll be driving home tonight." He answered.
- His reply hit me hard in the face, like a plank of wood.

SERIOUSLY!? I could go on with more entertaining tid bits but I guess you'll just have to check out this delightfully dull story yourself. Be warned though, free might be too expensive a price for this one.

Okay I can't help myself here's a little more from good ol' Flint:

-I'm happy that I got to spend four hours with the beautiful girl who stumbled into the bar, where I play pool. I watched your face while you slept, and I put my jacket over you to keep you warm.

Why thank you captain obvious for the update!
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on December 28, 2012
I am really upset that people can be so harsh when it comes to someones books. If you were that upset with the grammer then don't read it. As for the story line and feminist veiws then you are really bored with life and have to pick a simple story apart. I is just a story that I happened to enjoyed reading. No I don't belive in the prince on a white horse saving me from the dragonm,witch or whatever but, I do enjoy a good story li I think that this author should write a few more of them and let the people with miserable lives get over themselves. Thank you for reading this review.I waiting for more books
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