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on March 7, 2011
Clairol decided to send out a trillion free boxes of this stuff as a "fantastic promotion". They failed to mention that all the lucky receivers of the free boxes were actually their guinea pigs. There is no way this product could have been tested, retested and tested again and made it out on the shelves.

First off, the smell. DISGUSTING. Yeah, hair dye smells but this smells beyond repugnant. You should plan on dying your hair outside.

Secondly, that beautiful white fluffy pouf of mousse you see in the product picture? Forget about it - because what you actually get is a drippy, runny, nasty shaded drivel that squirts out of the bottle and it squirts EVERYWHERE. Be prepared to get this stuff on your skin, your forhead, your scalp, your floor, your sink and don't be surprised if Fido and Fluffy are sporting some nasty dye spots. And you'll know if they are because they will most likely be screaming in agony, because did I mention this stuff BURNS like crazy too.

Lastly, the lovely golden shade the model was sporting on my box?? No where NEAR the shade I was sporting on my poor burned head. My hair was/is BLACK. And dry as straw. This is the worst product ever and should be discontinued. I wouldn't be surprised if I walk into a dollar store in the next few months and find it on a shelf, 2/$1.00.
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on March 14, 2011
I am an expert home colorer. I color my hair every month, and have been doing so for 20 years. I should have known better, but I thought the foam format would make coloring so much easier. Wrong. It's not that the application itself was difficult, it was just strange and messy as heck, with the foam flying every which way. But what I really hate this product for is the resulting color. I usually use Clairol Nice n Easy light brown. Bought the foam in light brown, too. Now, wouldn't you expect that the same color from the same company would produce similar results? No. This product is so dark, near black. I wouldn't have minded a shade or two darker, but this is ridiculous. It's much too dark for me, and unfortunately I'm stuck until it fades. I would never buy this product again, and I would recommend that others don't, either. I wish I would have read online reviews before I used this, because everybody seems unhappy with it. Clairol should be ashamed...this product is the worst hair color I have ever tried. I would have rated it zero stars, if I could have. Yuck, yuck, YUCK.
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on March 1, 2011
CAREFUL the new foam is UNPREDICTABLE & Clairol does not stand behind their product! In fact I doubt that they even tested the product sufficiently before bringing it to market. I have been coloring my hair for years and years using a competitor's product and have never had any problems. This morning I used Nice'n Easy foam 5rb (medium reddish brown) and after 22 minutes my hair was pitch black! I called the customer service line and the only solution that they offered was to strip the color from my hair and then re-color with another nice'n easy product. When I told the rep that I was afraid to use 2 more processes on recently colored hair (I figure this would damange my hair and even perhaps make it fall out of my head!!)- he told me that perhaps I should go to a hair salon to have it done - at my expense of cause! I find it amazing that even in these tough economic times a company with a consumer name an repretation of Clairol would basically tell their unsuspecting customers that even though (through no fault of the customer) their product worked in a awful and unexpected manner- The CUSTOMER IS ON THEIR OWN. CLAIROL WILL NOT DO ONE THING TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION THAT THEY CAUSED.
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on March 6, 2011
the foam is harder to control than creme. when you put it on, it turns clear and there is no way to see where it landed until he dye begins to color. So in addition to my hair, I colored: the sink, my entire forehead, the counter and my ears. NOT GOOD - will be going back to L'Oreal Feria.
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on May 22, 2016
I've colored my own hair for 20 years. I really love Clairol 10 but they "took it off the market 2 years ago", camping to their rep when I called. I've seen it still being sold on here for a ridiculous amount per box! So I tried this per their recommendation. I use light golden brown. After leaving on the stated 25 mins. I rinsed until "clear", conditioned and wrapped my hair in a towel. When I looked in the mirror I saw almost black dye circling each and every hair follicle!! Never have I seen that! I washed my hair with REGULAR shampoo twice vigorously trying to remove the dye all over my scalp. It did finally come off cut the "jig golden brown" made my hair "dark brown", even after now 3 washes!
Since I have very long hair I had to use 2 boxes (it's below my bra strap). I'm used to doing this and even ordered 8 boxes to have them on hand for the 3 times afterward.I won'u use this hair color again. Amazon did notify this sender I didn't even think or know it could be "old hair color" but they deny that. Amazon Prime customer and they will not reimburse for BAD hair color or at least postage to return unopened boxes still in cellophane.
Note-Since this was my first time using this "foam type" hair color I did read everyone's recommendations and the directions. I followed them precisely. There is no real foam! It was a squirting mess! One needs to literally squeeze a pretty sizeable plastic bottle (larger than usual hair color ones) every single time to get hair color out! My left hand and forearm was so cramped after the first 20 pumps. It was ridiculous! There is nothing nice or easy about this hair color. I would NEVER EVER second this to anyone. I write reviews for everything good or bad. This was beyond bad, product, use, dye color turn-out, return policy all poor!
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on March 27, 2011
I did not read the reviews before I bought this. I have been coloring my hair myself for many years and have never had a worse experience than this one. One star is too many actually. That's how bad it is. I got a "great deal" on this as they are promoting it a lot. The smell is really, really bad. Then there is the mess - the fluffy foam in the picture is really drippy and brown. It is very difficult to accurately apply to your temples and hairline, so you end up with skin that is stained a very dark brown. It also does sting which is something that no other hair color seems to do. I really wish I had read the reviews.
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on March 24, 2011
I have been dying my hair for over 10 years. I have been using black for most of the last 5 years or so. I usually use the same trusted brand every time, but had the opportunity to try this nice n easy foam product, so I did. My husband also tried it. We were both very disappointed. It was very messy to use, stained many places in the bathroom and even the shower walls after rinsing out.It stunk really bad, burned my scalp and stained my scalp which has not happened since my manic panic days! I would never expect that from a product this distinguished. I agree with one of the other reviewers in of that was this even ever tested before being made public?? It's horrible! The color was okay, even though I had to do some places a second time, because it did not dye properly. I will NEVER buy this product and warn everyone else not to buy it either. Do NOT waste your money.
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on September 2, 2012
OMG This product is awful!!! I used the #4 Dark Brown on my hair, the smell was strong but I can stand it. I washed it off after 25 mins and it comes out BLACK!!!! 100% Black with under indoor light or outdoor light. I can't believe this. That wasn't the end. The awful product stains on my skin FOREVER, I cant wash it off!!!!!!!!! I used shampoo, dish wash, soap, alcohol and everything, but it won't fade!!! Don't but this, you don't want to waste your money and time!!!
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on October 9, 2012
Ok.. I did not read the reviews 1st and should have. I would not have bought the product. I based my decision on the commercial, explaining the multi-tonal highlights. I wanted the easy way out and should have known that was not the right way to go. I have been coloring my hair once a year for the past 30 years. I rarely change products and have used the same products with guaranteed results for the past ten years. This time I thought I would try something new. I purchased color 6A which is a light ASH brown. Ash means cool undertones as opposed to warm. I assumed that the "highlights" would be in the same color family, but that is not the case. Before you think that the previous color reacted with the new color let me give a little background: It has been a full year since I colored and highlighted my hair. That means the top 6 - 8 inches has grown out and was my natural colored hair. After completing the new coloring process the top 2 inches of my head is now lighter than the rest of the hair and it's on the orange side??? This makes no sense as I colored the top of my head first and then did the ends. I would understand if the hair was greenish since too much ASH color can give the hair a green tinge, but ORANGE?? where did that come from? I have long hair to the middle of my back and it is a two toned mess. I'm so disappointed. So now, I will be spending real money to pay a colorist to correct the mess. I definitely would NOT recommend this to anyone else as the results were not what was pictured on the box. Don't risk the new if you have a tried and true!
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on May 22, 2012
As I write this review, my hair is air drying as I have washed it for the FOURTH time since using this hair dye yesterday afternoon (about 18 hours ago). While the concept of this foam dye is awesome, the execution, horrible results, and numerous other cons just outweight and crush the use of this product. I am clueless as to how in the world Clairol earned awards and mentions in various magazines since this yucky foam was introduced (*cough*cash*cough).

I needed to retouch my roots and had picked up a box of this foam recently because it was on sale at a local store and I had a coupon (usually a win-win, this time a major lose-lose!). The directions were simple enough and the foam didn't *seem* like it made that much of a mess (ha!). Immediately upon putting the formula in my hair, I got a strong whiff of soy (no biggie, I thought it would wash out), and I tried to work the foam through my shoulder length hair as fast as possible. The directions clearly stated to work the foam in and leave for at least 25 minutes (seemed extreme, but I chaulked it up to it being "foam" and not a typical liquid dye) and course grey hair should be left on an extra 10 minutes. That's a whopping 35 minutes of this junk on your head! No surprise after washing this out (twice!) immediately after 20 minutes was up (couldn't take anymore), my SCALP (my eff'ng *scalp*!) was a chestnut brown color and a few of my greys looked like a Calico's fur (white/brown mix). I didn't get any of the foam on my scalp, and kept the solution strictly on my hair. I think that once the foam settled, it penetrated my scalp and resulted in my reddish-brown head. I generally have decent hair and have been trying to go sulfate-free for the last few weeks (shampoo every other day, etc). Right before using this dye, my hair was shiny and soft and looked HEALTHY. Once I rinsed out the dye and my hair dried, the ends were course and frizzy looking... bleh. Worse, my head smelled like I had dumped a gallon of soy sauce on it. I get the whole "all natural" concept, but this was obviously a synthetic scent. If soy was in fact the main incredient of this dye, I'd have just used plain soy sauce myself!!

I *will* say that there has been no burning or itching side effects caused by the foam. That may seem like a no brainer for this type of product, but lots of folks have different reactions and I have also just gotten over months of battling dry scalp and flakes, and no flare ups because of this bad choice of dye (TMI I know, but if you have similar symptoms you're gonna want to know if this will bother you). Anyway, once this junk completely rinses out of my head, I'm sticking with root touchup dyes ONLY. Shame on you, Clairol for putting this garbage on the market. Shame on me for wasting my money on it!
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