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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
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on July 7, 2015
I am a first person shooter fanatic. I have a really great collection of them and this is easily my FAVORITE Splinter Cell game of all time, and probably one of my favorite first person shooter games. I'm not a really amazing gamer, but on normal difficulty, this game is challenging for me but not frustratingly hard. I would strongly suggest anyone who loves first person shooters, buy this game, you will not regret it!
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on November 8, 2012
I love the splinter cell series, played and beat every single one, conviction itself is totally new compared to the old splinter cells, less stealth and realistic settings, but its fast paced and very fun on campaign and coop, however the multiplayer is complete garbage don't buy this if your a multiplayer kind of person it will only let you down, but definitely a good single/coop player game.
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on July 9, 2012
Its a easy game there is a ton of room for error and theres a "press button to win". Not a fan of this sort of changes. Even in the harder difficulty its not that hard to beat. Chaos theory and double agent were far more interesting and fun to play. And pandora tomorrow had a excellent multiplayer that I was hoping would make a return.

Its a good action game but as a stealth game its too casual and dumbed down.
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on June 18, 2014
It's really closer to a 3 stars to be honest but I couldn't give one of my favorite franchises a 3. So I added a star for this being a spring board to the amazing Blacklist game.

I played Blacklist 1st and have poured in a good 70 hours in that game so I decided to play this one which ive had for years just hadn't gotten around to playing.

Probably should have started here 1st since a lot of things feel like a step backwards and the stealth style from Blacklist is just frustrating here. It really is more of an action game with few stealth elements tossed in.

Hope they keep this series going but still with the stealth priority.
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on August 13, 2012
I've played every Splinter Cell game released and loved every one of them. Over the years, they've gotten progressively better, culminating in Double Agent, which I truly thought would be the absolute best entry in the series. Then came Conviction. Conviction is not necessarily better than Double Agent, rather it's different. Double Agent gave you the feeling that you were, well, a secret double agent. Conviction has more of a Bourne Identity feel to it. It has more of an emphasis on hand to hand combat and rewards you with instant kills or "executions" when you take someone out at close range. This also in emphasized while interrogating enemies. Sam Fisher basically beats the crap out them until they talk...and it's very fun! Stealth is still the name of the game and there are a couple of missions that are instantly lost if you are spotted. So, this game doesn't completely veer from what Splinter Cell is about. The bottom line is that it's a fun game to play. Sam Fisher makes you feel like a bad ass and you'll have a great time showing your enemies that you are just that. Oh, and did I mention that the story line is great? The story line is great.

- Great graphics
- Great voice acting
- Great sound
- Great controls
- Balanced difficulty
- Good replay value (just based on how much fun the game is!)

- Enemies - particularly those who are aware of your presence and are actively searching for you - tend to repeat themselves over and over again, which gets a little annoying. "I know you're here somewhere, Fisher! Are you too scared to face me??" gets old after the doucher asks it 10 times.

I highly recommend this game to both Splinter Cell fans and to gamers that have never played a game in the series.
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on June 27, 2014
This game takes a drastic twist to the previous control scheme. Stealth is no longer the only viable option. In fact, many scenes in this game require massive direct confrontation. It is extremely fun and I have replayed the story many times, even after finishing the PEC challenges and joint ops (multiplayer, also extremely fun). The fluidity of this game is also what separates it from its predecessors. No pausing to save, it is all auto, and the storytelling is all done through cutscenes rather than mission briefings. The plot is not bad either. Spoiler: DJ Shadow, grain of salt, mission 8.
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on December 18, 2011
I recently completed the singleplayer campaign to Conviction.
This is the most unique splinter cell of them all. It's unique mainly in that this one takes all the protocol that restricted Fisher in past games and throws it out the window.
You see, after the death of his friend Lambert and his daughter he pretty much hits rock bottom. As the game starts out you find out that 3rd Echelon, the company that Fisher worked for in past games, is now hunting Fisher and trying to kill him.
Now that Fisher no longer plays by 3rd Echelon rules he can now use his abilities the way he(or you) wants to. That also means that he doesn't have the full inventory of past games, but you still get to use a handful that aid you throughout the game. This is what makes this splinter cell one of the most thrilling of them for me to play. Being able to sneak around the shadows and take down any enemy any way I want makes me feel more like a hunter than an agent. The gameplay mechanics work extremely well and very rarely had any problems with them. The game brings everything together and it is very fun to play.
The story is my favorite of the games as well. The story delves more into the deaths of both his friend Lambert and his daughter. Everything is tied up and it is satisfying.
The visuals are great as well. Im not going to say that this is the best looking game around but it definitely is the best looking splinter cell game. Nothing to complain bout there.
I guess the only complaints I have about the game will only depend on the player.
The game is pretty dang short. I completed the game in 2 days. I think my time was from 8 to 9 hours. It was entertaining throughout the game, but I wanted there to be more.
The other thing I didn't like was how often the f word was used throughout the game. It's not like i hear the f word and Im immediately offended, but when it's extremely overused in unnecessary situations it starts to get old really fast. Throughout the game the enemies would scream it what seemed like every other word. Again, these will just be viewed differently by different people.
I guess that's all I have for the game. I would recommend this game to stealth/action fans and fans of the splinter cell games. It might be different, but definitely worth playing.
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on December 1, 2014
I've only played the single player. I'm looking forward to Co-op in the future. I found the movement mechanics and game play style a little too far outside of the classic Splinter Cell game type. It wasn't a bad game and I did appreciate some new options like mark and execute, but towards the end I was playing to finish and not really enjoying the game.
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on May 12, 2013
Splinter Cell Conviction is a fun game with top notch graphics no doubt. However, it plays more like a Die Hard game then a Splinter Cell game. One of the greatest things about Splinter Cell games is the amount of power you feel as Sam Fisher. Fisher is a bad*ss and the earlier games sure made you feel like that. The interface's of the earlier games made you feel much more in control. In Conviction, trying to play stealthy is very difficult and ultimately I ended up feeling disoriented whenever the combat scenes occurred. Whereas in the past, you could finish many levels with only 1 or 2 kills or none if you chose, in Conviction, you will end up fighting wave after wave of bad guys where stealth is not an option.

I hope the next iteration goes back to what made the earlier games so much fun.
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on September 8, 2013
Although the gameplay is great and extremely fun I missed the good old days of the spy vs mercenary multiplayer mode as well as the stealth that used to exist in the splinter cell series. Although some stealth can be used often times the only way to complete any mission is going Rambo and killing everyone that gets in your path. The game is fun however splinter cell is veering from its roots and it's for the worst.
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