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on October 12, 2005
I am a true Die hard Splinter Cell fan, and I was slightly dissapointed that this game was rated M. The game does not have any blood! But anywho asside from the stupid ESRB, the gameplay was fun, and I found using the gadgets is more fun in this game. I also like how they let you choose your basic arsenal for the level. The game has its issues, but the music is great and has a cool tune. The game did, go by quickly though and I beat it in a day. though some of the levels were frustrating. Also in this game, the Levels are not as linear as the last game. For example: If you kill a guard, and there are no lethal attacks alowed on the level, you will not lose immediatly, you may actually kill as many guards as you like. Lethal or not. Lambert just yells at you, you can also get as many alarms as you like, and you will not lose. But the Co-op mode is fun, but if you are more experianced than you're friend, it will be very hard to get around with a non-experianced player by your side. So the game does have its pros and cons. But it is still more fun than Pandora Tommarow, its just shorter. So I do recommend that you buy this game and enjoy!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on July 31, 2005
The game is the third one in the Splinter Cell series, the other games were great. But, the last missions in those always were so much harder than all the other levels in those games. Here it's more well rounded when it comes to all-around difficulty. Chaos Theory also boasts more weapons, gadgets, and a much more complex storyline. A game that would be a great purchase. Or rental, but you'll want to play it over and over. Then you'll probably want to play the other games in the series and all other Tom Clancy games, so as far as Ubisoft is concerned it's a success to them. My only complaint is that it isn't realistic about that whole algorithm thing. I just didn't believe it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2005
This is my favorite game of all time. It is fun to hang out in the shadows and stuff. It takes time to get used to the game if you are a first person shooter type of guy(or girl) this game is believeable unlike DOOM or something. Yeah, the co-op is on the short side but it is well worth playin with one of your buddies!
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on February 19, 2013
This was the third Splinter Cell game made. The first two games were difficult so this game they made the gameplay easier. You had plenty of weapons and gadgets to help you along the way. The Artificial intelligent characters was easier to get around and defeat. You can knock out an enemy or kill them most of the time. Your score determines how you play the game. If you play silently your score goes up. If you play killing the enemy or getting caught your score goes down. Its your choice.

The sounds are awesome. You can hear the enemy talk to each other and the environments is amazing. Gameplay is easier than the previous two games. If your caught the game doesn't end. It just makes the enemies alot more difficult to get past as they will be more alerted to your presence. The controls are tight. Its pretty easy to control your character. There is an in game manual with video's on how to use your guns, gadgets, and controls. You don't really need to look at the instruction manual. But the graphics take a hit. This game was released at the same time for the Xbox, PC, and Gamecube. The Xbox and PC are superior. Its difficult to see in the shadows, darkness and dealing with security camera's. The developers could have modified the graphic engine like they did in the previous two games made for the PS2 but they didn't. The Story is great and the voice acting is fantastic. You can save at any time but save often.

They do offer a co-op campaign and its split screen. A few stages that takes place during the single player campaign. Also there is a stage select after you beat the game and multiple difficulty settings to play with.

My main gripe with the game is when you hack into the computers. You have to line up the numbers properly but if you don't the alarms go off and then your in trouble. I get really annoyed by it. So I save before I try to break the code and after. Its a real pain if your not good at it.

I still enjoy playing this game even though the gameplay and graphics aren't the best. Get this game and Double Agent. I got this game for less than five dollars. But now you can get first three Splinter Cell games on PS3 and Xbox 360 with updated graphics. Still you can't go wrong buying Chaos Theory but prepare to save often.
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on March 10, 2008
Sam Fisher is back to stop the bad guys again and the Masse Kernels (from the first Splinter Cell) have returned as well. The game starts with a simple rescue mission to extract Bruce Morgenholt, an analyst who was working inside the government to help decipher the Masse Kernels, a powerful bit of coding that can give almost unlimited power and access to previously secured networks. Fisher gets in too late to rescue Morgenholt, but not too late to pick up a lead that traces a Guerilla fighter named Hugo Lacerda to a ship called the Maria Narcissa. It is discovered that Lacerda was just a pawn in an ever-expanding conspiracy that leads to the potential meltdown of global relations. (See what I did there? I baited you. Is there a nuclear reactor involved? Do terrorists take it over and wipe out half of Los Angeles or DC? Well, no answers here, my friend.) The only bit of spoiler that I will drop (and you know, of course, that every time I drop it, I must - absolutely must - drop it like it's hot) for you is to prepare for the unexpected. The story is very compelling and kept me on the edge of my seat.

There have also been a number of new gameplay elements introduced, as well as some fine-tuning of a few aspects to the game. One of the biggest new elements is the alarm system. No longer is Fisher limited to strictly three alarms per mission before the plug is pulled. However, this does not, by any means, mean that alarms are now meaningless. With each successive alarm, guards will take more precautionary measures, such as wearing flak vests and helmets and fortifying their positions rather than random, solo patrols. Fisher now also has an OCP function on his 9 mm that works in the same way as the non-lethal has for the SC-20K, with the left trigger button. The OCP serves as a temporary electronic-disabling device. Not all lights can be disabled; however, a good number of lights and many other things, including computers and retinal scanners can be tampered with through the use of this. Fisher has a new vision mode in his trifocal goggles that show items that can be affected with the OCP. This creates the perfect window to either sneak up on or even sneak by an enemy. Another function that is one of my favorites is the wireless scanner in Sam's goggles. This enables Sam to wirelessly hack into devices, say it with me now ... including computers and retinal scanners, from a distance while maintaining the cover of darkness. Some devices have secure areas that must be hacked through a mini-game in which a list of possible access codes is listed and a series of numbers jump-scroll (Let's just pretend that's an actual phrase. You get the picture though, right?) on the bottom of the screen. These numbers, once determined to be correct (even if they're correct, they keep scrolling through) can either be locked in or simply memorized in order to select the correct access code. Chaos Theory also includes an "ambient noise" marker on Sam's noise meter, which was near pointless in Pandora Tomorrow (where only a noise meter, but no marker was present) except to show if Sam was 100% quiet. However, if he registered a couple spots on the noise meter, there was no real way to tell if he could be heard or not. Now, it is possible to see if those minor noises that are made are masked by the rumbling of an air conditioner or if they will attract the unwanted attention of a nearby patrol. Two seldom-used, but still nice additions to the gameplay are the "break lock," which is a much quicker way to get through a lock, but extremely noisy, and "bash door" which allows you to knock out someone standing on the opposite side of the door, but again, attracts unwanted attention. (Guards can also do this to you, so be cautious.)

However, the biggest new features, far and away, are the ability to choose between knocking people unconscious or killing them while sneaking up behind them (Note, if, after interrogating someone, you decide to kill them I found it necessary to choke them out, take out any other hostiles in the room and THEN shoot them in cold blood. It sounds disgusting, but trust me on this one.) and the mission ranking screen. Each mission that Sam is on, he gets points deducted from a maximum rating of 100% for each enemy that he kills, time he gets discovered, or alarm that gets set off. Mission objectives now come in four categories: primary (which must be completed before extraction), secondary (non-necessary), opportunity (such as gathering data from a number or computers or tapping phones) and bonus (hidden). These objectives and rankings can really add to the replayability of the game. In addition, a few elements have been "stream-lined," such as the combination of the sticky and diversionary cameras into one item, the implementation of the laser mic into Sam's goggles, and, one of my favorites, the fact that ring airfoil rounds FINALLY no longer have to be a dead hit in the middle of an enemy's forehead in order to knock him out. An additional feature that I liked was the ability to switch firing hands for each of the weapons, which can both give you a better view around corners and protect your body with cover.

In light of the numerous new features added into the game (of which, I don't even think I covered all of them), it's a very nice surprise that Chaos Theory's difficulty wasn't watered down. As a matter of fact, as I was looking through the instruction manual and reading about all of the new features, one thought crossed my mind: "Wow. This game is gonna be HARD." Chaos offers the most compelling Splinter Cell story to date and packs many so many different gameplay features in. The graphics, while having a few little buggy moments (try crouching with Fisher, rotate the camera 180º and zoom in to get a close up and then walk towards the camera), are very pleasing. The music did get to me at a few points during the game because there is, for some reason, no option to fiddle with the music, SFX, and voice volumes. This makes having a conversation with someone (i.e. a rescued hostage) impossible during the traditional fast-paced "discovered" music. The addition of a short co-op mode and the still present online multiplayer adds a bit of value to the game. Overall, this is the best Splinter Cell of the bunch and I look forward to many more adventures with Mr. Fisher.

Overall: 9.0
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Value: 8
Tilt: 10
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on May 2, 2005
I love this game and heres my pros and cons


Now assault mode

More moves like neck break and more weapons of lethalness

Fun to play

Bashing doors open and knocking out the bloke on the other side

Graphics (Most realistic PS2 game)

Tense gameplay


Hacking computers, keypads whatever is difficult

This is a must buy for anyone except under 15s because theres a horrible torture scene in mission 1, theres strangling, neckbreaking, drowning and blood if u look closley when killing and swearing but not too much only s**t and son of a b*tch and it is difficult. So buy buy buy wether u like it or not. Splinter Cell is now for run and gun fans becuse theres 3 modes u can choose when starting a mission which are stealth, assault and Reddings reccomendation (Reddings repleaced Brunton from Pandora Tomorrow). So theres something for everyone here. I wont be buying anything else for a while because I'll try to finish it 9 times (Mixture of the 3 1st then just stealth mode and then assault mode). I feel like owning a PS2 for just the following games

GTA Vice City and San Andreas

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and this


50 Cent Bulletproof and The Warriors (When they are released)

Buy this and all the games mentioned above but wait a while for 50 Cent Bulletproof and The Warriors because Warriors is out end of the year and 50 Cent Bulletproof around same time I think. Thank you for reading this review and I hope u found it useful in helping u with your PS2 game choices.

Gangsta man
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on January 19, 2006
This game was so much better than the other two Splinter cell games. For one thing, you have more options. You can choke a guy, you can stab him, you can grab him from below and let him fall off a ledge, you can interrogate more people because in the first and second one, you could only interrogate the people you were supposed to. the enemies act more smarter than in the other two games. In the first and second games the bad guys just stood there and shot at you. In this one, the guys will shoot some rounds at you and then retreat to find some cover. If youshoot at them while they're behind cover, they will hide and come out only if you stop shooting at them. If you don't shoot at them at all, they will try to flank you. but sometimes they will just stand there spraying and praying and screaming at you as if that really does anything. You also have more rifle attatchments such as a shotgun attatchment and a sniper rifle attatchment. Overall this game is really good and I will definitely buy the fourth one: double agent.
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on November 10, 2013
The Chaos Theory came fast, must faster then I expected. I tried the disk and it works great. The game doesn't have the same feel as Pandora Tomorrow. The best way I can describe it is that Chaos Theory is more "structured" in it's design and plot, whereas Pandora Tomorrow is a bit more "free forming". In Chaos Theory, you now have a sound meter that you have to stay under. Which I like, but kind of takes away the anxiety of guessing at how quiet to be. Also, it seems to me that Pandora Tomorrow also focused very heavily on the usefulness of stealth and shadows, where Chaos Theory...kind of draws back from some. Don't get me wrong, Chaos Theory still requires you to operate in the shadows, it's just not AS vitally important to do so.

All in all, I like the game and it holds a good value in the Splinter Cell Franchise. I like it better than Blacklist, that is for sure.
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on March 28, 2006
I have to say Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory(aka Splinter Cell 3,SC3 and SC:CT) is a great game-MUCH better than the suck Pandora Tommorow and original-This is the only Splinter Cell game i actually like.

There is a better story and more freedom in the game,you can perform one of the most stealthiest of Military moves-the "Inverted Neckbreak" and you now have a combat knife,guards are smarter,there is not as much "trial and error" as the previous two games,this is definatly a "step forwards" for Splinter Cell series,hopefully "Double Agent" will improve on what Chaos Theory has done.I rate this game(PS2 version) 8.1/10!

I admit "Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater" was a much better game but SC3 was still great in its own merits-I doubt Splinter Cell will ever overtake Metal Gear,But the games will get more fun and better.

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on December 23, 2006
I have played all of the games of this series, and the previous two were much harder to beat than this one.

This one seems to focus more on attack than stealth. Fisher can make a LOT of noise before people notice...and even when they do, a headshot makes quick work of them.

The AI is stupid. I can whistle or make some sort of sound, and all of the baddies on the map will come to my location, where I can gun them all down. Area clear. yawn.

It's not a total loss, and the story is fun and interesting. For the price it is now, I would buy it (and I did). But I feel sorry for the people who paid full price.
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