Customer Reviews: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent [Download]
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on December 23, 2006
My system exceeds the requirements of this game by more than two times over for the prcessor and four times for all other requirements. The game is on patch 1.02 now and still has all the flaws mentioned by other reviewers and more. Game play is awkward, noncustomisable and glitchy but as a big SC fan I can be forgiving of that. Moreover, there is no sliding scale of your covert or overt status. You are either "green" and invisible, "yellow" and visible, or "red" and under attack. Environmental cues to your status are poorly thought out and lack both clarity and continuity. I can forgive even that. I can even forgive saving issues because I will play a level over again until it goes down perfectly so mid-level saves are of little consequence. However I can not accept bugs that effect game progress directly, like the inability to use your safe cracking tool in the Shanghai mission. You can enter into the tool when the safe unlock symbol shows up but can not control the tool and can only exit out again. This causes major loss of trust with both the NSA and JBA because you cant steal documents or samples for the afore mentioned parties. There by not allowing you to complete the level or progress any further in the game. The tool functioned in the JBA training mission, but this level appears to have been dropped directly from the console code onto the PC code without the benefit of editing the control commands.

PC gamers are already getting the shaft with delayed release dates and exclusive contracts with consoles. When we pave the way with games like Halo and Far Cry and tell control mashing monkeys what they should like sequels of those quality titles and games similar to these rarely come out again on the platform. If and when they do they are street dated behind the console releases often by months and/or are glitchy and poorly converted. It is getting to the point where most PC games are not worth buying and the console system controllers haven't improved enough to be worth using. I have been a PC gamer for over 17 years now 15 since Wolenstein 3D, and we are in gaming limbo. Thank you Ubisoft for wasting my money!
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on January 12, 2007
What do you do you for the 4th entry in a series as consistently amazing as Splinter Cell? Give it to a developer who will completely destroy it. Want a game as rock solid and bug free as the first three? It's not here. Want the same sweat inducing stealth action? It's gone. Replaced by a convenient piece of technology that glows green when you're in cover (sometimes) and red when you're not (sometimes). Want to reassign some of the control keys like you can in all the other games in this series as well as every other decent video game released in the last 10 years? Impossible. Apparently, sometimes it works to manually edit an .INI file in one of the directories. You'll have to Google this solution though. You won't hear it from Ubisoft.

I used to look at the Ubisoft logo as the sign of a stable, quality game. Not anymore.

Do the research before you buy this game. Even after two patches, the bugs are rampant. And if you haven't played the other 3 games in this series, do yourself a favor and pick them up first.
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on January 12, 2007
Let me first start off by saying how much of a Tom Clancy and Splinter Cell fan I am, and it gives me great disappointment to have to give this game a poor rating.

Sam Fisher has become my favorite game character ever. Let me also say that it's great that Ubisoft decided to give the SC saga a different twist, rather than the orgindary, straight forward NSA hunt for conspiriters. The storyline to this game had the potential to be one of the greatest, but it turned out to be the worst.

The storyline in on it's own was well thought out, and most likely by Clancy, but it seems that Ubi took it into their own hands to add these ridiculous missions, and on the same map which is repeated 4 times. If you decide to buy the game, you will see what I mean.

And also, as many other people have mentioned. BUGS BUGS BUGS! Ubi certainly did not waste any time put this into distribution. I guess perhaps they were more worried about getting them on the shelves of your local EA Stores and Walmarts, than beta testing the game over and over, and making sure the game was 99.9% bug-free (of course, nobody's perfect).

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Ubi did not pay attention to detail while developing this game. They left too many bugs for the End Users to have to deal with, and an unfinished storyline with many plot holes, and missions you will be asking yourself "What the hell is the point of this mission?" over and over again.

Again the potential was there, but since they rushed it out the door, Double Agent is completely dead. I would not recommend spending $50.00, or even half that price for this game. I hope that Ubi recognizes the disappointments of the game players, and improves the next Splinter Cell. To make a comparison, Ubi basically built a hot looking Ferrari, but with a V4 engine.

Bottom line is, if you are new to the Splinter Cell gameplay, get the 3rd one (Chaos Theory). If you are a Splinter Cell addict, consider waiting for the next SC (I'm sure Ubi will be making many modifications). No patch in the world is going to save this game.
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on January 12, 2007
Disapointing, the game is loaded with bugs (already patched 1.02), it's impossible to play 10 minutes (or less) without a crash, running in Dual Core, 4 Gigs RAM, X1600, the game have great graphics and no slowdowns but as the last reviewer, I have the same opinion, Ubisoft just worried about cash and nothing more, worst, since the game get out they didn't worry at all in getting people testing the game and releasing the fixes, needed. Saving the game while playing is just waste of time, the save seems not to be done ??? The new presence system with yellow/red light is stupid, we can be face to face with guards/enemies and nothing happens if the led don't turn red ??? Stupid AI, I was able to open safe box with enemy on the side, blind ??. Well, the game was maded for let them $$$ and don't show respect for players, mainly the fans like me. The game line isn't bad at all, but the bugs kill all the fun. Advice, save the money or get it in next months when they are forced to sell it for $5.
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on December 12, 2006
You know, the PC Gamers are what helped make Splinter Cell so popular and to release this buggy POS was a total slap in the face to a number of EXTREMELY loyal Splinter Cell gamers.

Cannot bind mouse keys, game crashes to desktop. Just an absolute pile of garbage and a waste of $50. I am praying for a patch so that I can at least play the damn thing but the folks at UBIsoft obiviously did not have their hearts in the PC version and are focusing all of their time on the Console.

I told my Nephew the day we can configure a Mouse and Keyboard on an XBox is the day the "real gamers" decend on XBox live and they won't know what hit them. I guess the PC Gaming days are drawing to an end.

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The graphics are decent.
The voice acting is okay.


The dialogue/voice sound is too low (even though the sound options are on "high" in the game preferences). After googling the problem, it seems that others have experienced the same thing.

When I start the game, after the UBISoft and Unreal splash screens go away, it takes 20 seconds for the main menu to appear...and any time that you go back to the main menu...another 20 seconds. It's annoying and a waste of time. A longer delay happens when a saved game is loading (50 seconds). And if you ALT-TAB to windows and then ALT-TAB back to the game, then you will need to wait for the game to load...again. I haven't played a game that makes you wait this much for menus and loading.

The new in-game menu is graphical, big, and right in the middle of the screen; it is a step down when compared to Chaos Theory. Navigating the in-game menu and computers/emails is cumbersome.

The story itself takes a very odd twist after the first mission; why the twist occurs is unclear. At first it is not clear why/how Sam becomes a double agent, and this makes the first JBA HQ mission objectives confusing.

When grabbing a rope or other objects, sometimes you have to be precisely above/below/next to the object. If you are just a tiny bit to either side of the object, then it won't respond.

The JBA HQ map is used 4 times in the game (for 4 of 13 maps). Maybe that is needed for the storyline, but it adds repetition to the game. The Kinshasa map is used 3 times...more repetition.

In the JBA maps, when walking down stairs, you walk in slow motion...weird and annoying.

Safe cracking glitch/bug: For those missions that have a safe cracking objective, you must be in "run mode" in order to crack the safe. If not, then you can't move the safe's cylinder during the safe cracking mini-game. To be in "run mode", move your mouse wheel forward (or whatever key you have "run mode" configured to).

Some objectives are really obscure; it can be difficult to tell what you are supposed to do next, and where you should go, and why. If you get frustrated, use a walkthrough.

The in-game maps are cumbersome and useless.


The story is just so-so. Having both JBA and NSA people talking to you at nearly the same times during missions seemed fake. I played about half of the game, and then I quit playing. I just got bored with it and lost interest. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was much better.

The seller was phife. I bought it used and paid 2 bucks.

Visit my Amazon wish lists to see my 4-star and 5-star PC games:
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on November 14, 2006
As most people are aware, Splinter Cell is part of the unique game genre called stealth FPS (First-Person Shooters). Generally, the Splinter Cell games are sharp, detailed, and challenging. Splinter Cell: Double Agent is no exception.

Ubisoft has brought several new features to the Splinter Cell game in this latest edition, including unlockable gadgets (based on mission objectives), factions, flexable mission objectives, and an atmosphere there your choices actually impact the game. Once I was able to get the game running, I am instantly immersed into the exciting and heart-pounding environment.

Ah, but that is the real challenge it seems. It took me several hours and many more visits to various trouble-shooting forums to get the game up and running. Here is a laundry list of problems I have encountered during the first few hours after getting the game:

1. Autoloaded menu bogs down PC to the point where I could not move the mouse. I Ended up finding the Setup.exe file on the DVD and executing the installer directly.

2. Installer has problems with Daemon Tools virtual ROM program. I had to remove Daemon to get SC to complete installation.

3. The main game .exe (pointed to by desktop icon) does not load the game. I end up getting an error stating **Must Check**. To get past this, you need to create a shortcut to the Offline .exe file and append the switch "-ll" to the pathing information in the shortcut. As a side note, the Online (Multiplayer) .exe file loads fine without any changes.

4. Once you are able to load the Offline (solo) game, the intro movie has a tendency to fall into a loop and continuously play. I ended up having to navigate to the movies directory on the program folder and rename the intro movie so it does not load.

5. The ingame save menu is horrible. I cannot seem to be able to rename the saves with unique names, but a location and date stamp as least makes it useable. As a side note, quicksaves appear in the save-game list, but cannot be loaded when reentering a game. Quicksaves only appear to be usable when the "Load Last Save" option is available.

6. Exit movie loop..... at this point, I am usually so frustrated that I just do a hard-reboot.

If Ubisoft had done another 3 or so weeks of development time, this game would be wonderful. I can't help but think that they prioritized the concole versions above the PC version and PC users are the ones suffering because of it. They have release one path for the games, but as far as I can tell, it does little to fixe any of the problems listed above.
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on December 27, 2006
This is simply a bad port of a game made for the XBox 360. SC: Chaos Theory runs flawlessly on my machine at 1680x1050 with all of my settings on high, but I can't play this game with a decent frame rate on any graphical setting. The game has bugs, graphical errors and crashes constantly for many users. The game doesn't even support wide screen.

If I ignore the technical problems with this game and actually get to play it, I am disappointed with the game play itself. I guess the developers thought it would be better if the game didn't have a HUD. Sorry, all you get is a circle that glows yellow if you are spotted by an enemy. There are no shadows just in between; you are either exposed or hidden. The game is a lot brighter than previous ones and the bad guys are losing their eyesight with every Splinter Cell release (some bright areas are completely safe and others will reveal you, have fun figuring out where to walk).

There are big annoying buttons that pop up in the middle of your screen when you can interact with an object. I have not played this game on another platform, and I am not anti-console; but I have always believed games are "dumbed down" for them, and in this case the PC gets the short end of the stick with a garbage port. Ubisoft just wanted quick money and they didn't take the time to make a game worth it for Splinter Cell fans (they didn't even take the time to remove the Xbox 360 instructions from the PC game menus). Stick with the Xbox version and don't give Ubisoft your money unless they release some major patch changes.
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on December 23, 2006
I bought this game when it was released for the pc. I have to admit, I was sucked in by all the marketing hype, and the previous games, especially chaos theory (I have all 3) were some of the best games for the xbox. This, however, was a serious letdown, for several reasons:

* If you are one of those people with a four-thousand dollar overclocked gaming rig, then this will run at a good speed. If you dont (like me), then you are pretty beat. Just to make the game run at over 20 fps, you will have to eliminate all of the eye candy. Needless to say, at this point the game will look like crap- not at all like splinter cell games are supposed to. Edges will be jagged (without 16x antialiasing), textures will be blurry, and even sam, the best looking part of this game, wont look great.

* The game lacks a good plot. The plot has always been a criticism of the SC games, and this one tries to do it better, but it fails. In a series of animated cutscenes, a backstory will be told about Sams breakdown and daughter's death, but it all goes by too quickly, and afterward it seems like he is unaffected.


* The game holds your hand the entire way, and you are distracted by large green overlay notifiers ( <THROW OBJECT> ). It seems that the trend these days is to eliminate the HUD, which is a real shame, IMHO. You can no longer quickly glance at you light meter or sound meter. Now, you must press a button, which I have accidentally pressed in a critical moment, in order to bring up a tab with info on it. Not a huge problem, but it seems like UBISOFT is just jumping on the bandwagon.

* Sound, unlike the previous game CHAOS THEORY (which had amazing sound fx and a masterful soundtrack by Amon Tobin), is somewhat lacking in Double Agent. Not that it's bad, but it just sounds average, which was dissapointing.

* New gameplay mechanics- there arent any, really. Sam moves in about the same way as chaos theory, but occasionally his movement is hindered by bugs in the game code. The new loyalty system seems quite superficial, it did not really affect any of my decisions, aside from avoiding getting a game over.

* Buggy. I played around in each level, just so I could see what kind of bugs there were. And there were many. For example, on the ship level (seems to be a pale imitation of the cargo ship lvl in chaos theory), when trying to jump over a railing onto an array of pipes, and moving toward the wall, Sam falls through the pipes into an area below, which is inescapeable-- whereupon you must restart from last save (needless to say very irritating, if you forgot to save). Essentially, this game was rushed in production to meet demand, and it shows.

* AI is alright, but seems dumber than SCDA for some reason. Maybe it is my slow computer.



* Multiplayer has always been great in SC, and it is in this one too. Multiplayer is very fast paced, and has challenging online play. Multiplayer almost redeems this game alone. It is not as graphically taxing either.

* Great graphics, if you have the hardware for it. Just for fun, I set all the settings to maximum. I got about 4 FPS, but it is gorgeous. Scenery is beautiful.

* Despite it's flaws, it is still splinter cell, and the single player has some redeeming moments. I did enjoy the prison level very much, although it reminded me alot of SC 1.

Overall, if you want to play and enjoy this game, you have to have at least these specs:

Cpu: 2.5 Ghz, preferably dual core.

Gpu: Radeon 1800 and above. Dont let them fool you, a Radeon x1600 will NOT be able to handle this game well, despite its PS:3 capabilities. I dont know about Nvidia cards, but make sure that they support pixel shader 3, or it wont run. This is a common complaint with people.

RAM: 1 gig should be enough, 2 gigs preferable.

For online play, you should have at least a DSL.

OS: Windows XP. Wont run on Vista as far as I know, might run on win 2000

In sum, you should make sure that you have a killer pc, or are obsessed with Splinter cell and can deal with the bugs and slightly better than mediocre gameplay, before you buy this. I hear that the 360 version is better, but I wouldnt know. I would stick with Chaos theory, which is a rock-solid game, has almost no bugs, amazing multiplayer, FANTASIC graphics (almost on par with this). Plus, you can get it for a fraction of the price. Or buy a 360.
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on September 26, 2015
This game is so unfathomably bad I can't possibly begin to understand why Ubisoft ever let it go on sale. Generally, the problems can be grouped into one of two categories: gameplay/design issues, and technical issues with the game itself.

Let's get the gameplay issues out of the way first: Double Agent is a dramatic departure from the feel of the previous Splinter Cell games, and not in a good way. It abandons the involved stealth mechanics that made the previous games so great and tries to simplify it down to a level that somehow actually makes it harder to play. Gone are the days where you had a good idea of how visible you were, now you are either "Green" or "Yellow", with no clear indication of why. The ambient lighting has no apparent affect on your visibility rating and guards will either randomly see you, or not see you, in the exact same situation on a different playthrough. In one level, a guard will see you in complete darkness, but only if you are moving, while on another level a guard will walk past you in broad daylight. Speaking of daylight, a good majority of the levels occur in broad daylight with little to no stealth required to complete the game (in one level, you are plunged into the middle of a Gears of War style battle where stealth is basically useless). The rest of the levels take place in the exact same map, with a variety of either dull or frustrating, poorly justified mini-games in between to fill the time.

The departure from the previous series could be excused if the game were at least playable. Unfortunately, the PC version is riddled with so many bugs that it's almost unplayable (literally -- I ran into a number of instances where I got stuck in the map and had to reload at an earlier point to continue with the game). A full 50% of the time, the game will crash when loading a level. You have no choice but to quit the game and restart, praying that this time the game will load. On one occasion, the game would crash everytime I tried to save, and on another, the game wouldn't crash but would stop responding, forcing me to shutdown my entire computer. As a fan of the Splinter Cell series, I slogged through all of these bugs trying to finish the game in the hopes that there would be something good at the end. All of my hard effort was rewarded with a final, gamebreaking bug at the very end of the game (literally, the last 15 seconds) where a NPC gets stuck in a cutscene (a CUTSCENE, mind you) and prevents the final sequence of the game from playing out. After an hour of reloading and trying different things to get the cutscene to play through, I finally gave up.

That this game was released in the state it's in is extremely disappointing, but somewhat understandable. Due to deadlines, budget, etc. you can't iron out all of the bugs before releasing. What is unacceptable however is that Ubisoft never patched any of these completely game-breaking bugs and still sells the game today with no warning of all of the quality issues of the game.
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