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on August 1, 2011
I'm a big fan of David Dalglish's work. He writes amazing stories, and they always have dark themes to them.

Clash of Faiths was as expected.

It continues the stories of Jerico and Darius from Night of Wolves, and everyone's least favorite character (Velixar) plays a fairly large role in it too.

If you are a fan of David's work, this is a must read. Naturally, I suggest reading the Half-Orcs series first though. The level of quality that CoF has is greater than most of his earlier works, especially the first couple books im the afforementioned series.

As always, I am thankful that David became an author. He stands at my all-time favorite author.
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on January 2, 2013
Let me start by saying that I'm not really an epic/sword and sorcery fantasy junkie. I started 2012 with the goal of reading as many different genres as I could and hadn't read anything like The Paladins yet, so I gave it a try. I am SO glad I did because I would have missed out BIG TIME.

It is rare that I will buy the next in a series directly after finishing a book, but after finishing Clash of Faiths, I immediately downloaded the next one. I find the conflicts, the morality issues, the friendships...all of's all fascinating to me. I can't say it strongly enough how amazing the story of two unlikely friends is told in this series. Easily one of my top ten favorites.
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on July 28, 2011
When I first started this series I assumed it would be a mere offshoot of the Half-Orcs series that the author did so well with, but as it turns out this is a series that has its own legs to stand on. I assumed that the series would be satisfying but not compare to the series it was based off of, not only does it equal it but I'm sure there's a few people that will say it exceeds its source. The book was so enjoyable I didn't realize I had hit the end until I was reading the author's notes and its rare that I'm so into a book that I don't notice I'm about finished.

Now for a little more detail on what made this book get 5 stars. The overall theme in this book is one that I can't deny has been done before but what theme hasn't been done already. With that being said it breathes life into the whole idea of characters being torn between good and evil and even when headed on a path to light doing some horrific things along the way. In reference to his characters he has always done well with his main, Jerico, and has put him from a character I enjoyed to one of my favorites, truly fleshing him out. But in this series he has created a new character that is a pleasure to read, Darius, I mean who doesn't love a dark paladin. Once again I've read other series with characters torn between light and darkness, but when something is done right and written this well you just can't deny it. I'm eagerly awaiting Paladins 3 and I'm hoping a book with Darius, a character that good needs his own book. I also want to give credit to whoever did the cover art, thought it was amazing.
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on August 8, 2012
I got the first book of this series for free. Then I had to know what happened to the characters so I bought the second book. It was amazing.

The only concern I had was that nothing was mentioned about what happened to the wolfman king. I really wanted to know if he was going to be ripped apart or if he would be able to talk his way out of it. It also seemed to me that he is the kind to try, try again so I thought for sure he would be just biding his time waiting for a chance to strike again or maybe he was killed and his pups vowed revenge on the humans, but other than the stories the people told about the attack and about how the paladins defeated them, there was NO mention. That was a little disappointing.

Everything else was spot on. Both paladins continue their journey of self discovery. One firm in his faith, the other lost and trying to cling on to what is familiar. The two meet up again, but it doesn't go as one might think it would.

The characters in this story are major draws for me and I hope book three is as interesting as one and two were. I'm really getting into this writer! I can't believe he majored in MATH!! lol
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on February 3, 2015
Loved clash of faiths!!! I got introduced to Darius who became my third favorite character. I liked how the scenario between Darius & Jerico was played out. I especially liked the battle scenes at the end with the two men of opposing faiths fighting back to back. Another great one by MR Dalglish.
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on February 6, 2012
Let me start with saying one thing - I didn't like the first installment in The Paladins series, yet this book feels nothing like the first one.

The characters have gained a whole new dimension. I'v never read any of half-orc series so Jerico, Darius and others are new for me and I felt that the first book never introduced them properly. However, I felt connected with main characters while reading this one. Even though I didn't really like how Jerico is depicted as flawless champion of light, I loved Darius and his "dark side" if you will. I learned quite a lot about both Jerico and Darius and that is exacly what I needed to care about them.

The plot and pacing is great up until the pages before the final battle. It would have been flawless but I felt like before the main battle, nothing had really happened and for me, it would be better if the book was shorter for about like 20 pages than 20 pages longer with basically nothing important. That is however just me being grumpy as I must say that this book was really hard to put down for me and I'v finished it with single breath (ok, you can call me a liar, I needed to sleep in the middle of reading :-) ). Except the part I mentioned before, there aren't really any boring gaps.

About settings... Well, the book is taking place again in relatively small area yet thanks to Darius, we are able to visit exciting places - for example the dungeon where I felt the depressing and gloomy mood reaching out to me. Also, very interesting was the underground passage that Jerico had to go through. Shame that reader didn't stay longer in places like these. So, for me, there are some memorable places but I can't say that I'm fully satisfied with it. Yet again, that may be just me being grumpy and too demanding.

Last but not least, theme of the book... I don't really like the fight of "good and evil" and while reading, I felt like the Jerico is too much flawless and Darius with his religion too much wrong. I would appreciate if the Karak's religon would be just a little more rational and the Ashhur's religion just a little more "perverted". I like when there is sence of reality in books and seeing world today, nothing is really good or wrong, black or white. Seeing and realizing this, it suddenly felt that I'm reading a child story... This however didn't bring down dark atmosphere that I greatly enjoyed, it just wasn't flawless.

I'm little on edge with rating this book... It feels either like really strong 3,5 stars (which I can't give anyway and I refuse to give this book only three stars) or a little weaker four-star book. The Amazon itself persuaded me to give 4 stars because 3 stars means "it was ok" while 4 stars means "I liked it" and I did like it a lot. I enjoyed reading it and even though it has some flaws, I would gladly recommend this book to any fan of fantasy. Shame the first book wasn't just a little better - I'm wondering about how many people, that would enjoy this book, have been annoyed by first book and never got to read this one...


The one thing I really didn't like was the end. First of all, it seems a little strange that Ashhur would accept basically enemy paladin whose friends destroyed Ashhur's order on earth. Secondly, if so, it seems unlikely that he accepted him so quickly. Then it seemed really odd that the propet of Karak didn't see what happend because during the book itself, it was emphasized how he saw through Darius and his actions. Also, I hate how the Karak's prophet was depicted as nearly immortal being yet he is slow enough that Darius can take him with one blow. Element of surprise could work on another paladin, or priest of Karak maybe, but on his prophet? I'm sorry, but I didn't enjoy the end. That's why I hesitated with four stars and I still think this book deserves more of 3.5 stars. With different ending, I wouldn't hesitate to give even 4.5 stars... Maybe next time...
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on July 3, 2014
Exciting and it doesn't disappoint. Sometimes a book series gets better and sometimes it gets worse. I can't say this got better because I think the first book was excellent. In light of that, I can say this book did NOT let me down at all. My anxiety was peeking throughout the whole book.

I highly suggest this series by David Dalglish.
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on August 29, 2011
It is sort of cookie cutter forgotten realms/Dragon Lance fantasy. While I adore sci-fi and fantasy I tend to prefer more original backgrounds and worlds. With that said I've read everyone of his books. I am not going to even touch the topic of the book, I personally hate spoilers, and if you want to know what its about it. :)

What I will say is this. I read quite a bit. But many books just don't grab me and I move on to something else. I recently struggled through a novel by an author I usually enjoy, it took me a week and a 1/2 to read it and I felt like I had accomplished something when I completed it.(if I hadn't read the other four books in the series I would have just gave up on it) Anyways, I picked up this book and was done with it in two days. That's the mark of a good book. When you pick it up and consume it as if it were a tangible thing. Mr. Dalglish has provided me much in the way of brain candy. :)

Anyways, the only reason I didn't give it five stars is because I think that means perfect, and very few books are that good. But this is an excellent book. I highly recommend it.
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on June 22, 2012
I read a lot of fantasy books and because of it, I'm a hard critic. I enjoyed this series. It's written pretty well, funny, the characters are well developed and the magics are good. They move along fairly quickly and keep you interested. They aren't your typical fantasy stories and the characters aren't the perfect storybook heroes, but they are likeable and you get attached to finding out what happens to them next. I will continue to add to the series as new books are released, but I don't know if it will be a series that I read over and over like some others that I have in my collection.
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on February 18, 2013
Typical of the David Dalgish books, but a good read. This could be a stand alone, but it is better to read it as part of the 4 book series. This is not a long single epic book, like most trilogies, it is a series, but they do fit together. A good read for the price.
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