Customer Reviews: CliffsAP Biology, 3rd Edition (CliffsNotes AP)
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on February 9, 2008
I took the AP test last year and I recieved a 5
Honestly, I am the worse biology student out there.. I tried to learn the material but I am just not "biology-oriented" I can't do it.. I can learn math, chemitry just fine..just not biology...
So... I totally failed the class... I can't remember jack.. and I couldn't learn jack...
I borrowed this book from my friend and i spent about... 40 hours on it
I can't give a time in days.. because i might have spent random 10 min or 2 in random place...
actually I don't think I even spent 40 hours... maybe even less..

I just know I stayed up all night the night before the test studying and.. just cramming.. because that was all I could have done.. I really didn't know biology... and I am not exagerating at all...

So the next day when I took the test it was a breeze.... I was soooo surprised the topics in the book are EXACTLY the same topics tested.. it was unbelivable...
on the tests I took in the AP Biology class (regular one in school)... I usually get around 10-20 percent on the tests...
I was completely unbelievable.. during the actual ap test... I flew throught it... I only skipped about 5 questions.. and those of which I had sufficient time to go back and fill in... on the written portion.. I knew the answers to every single one...
I know.. this sounds like I'm making everything up.. but I'm not...
I honestly failed every single biology test I took, except 2... and I took about 50 all together
During the school year I had pretty much given up....
Then.. who would've known.. I crammed all the information from the book (according to the test break down in the book) in two days.. and I ended up with a 5
It's not just me who can't believe this... neither could my teacher....
Some of my friends who maintained a 80-90 percent test avergae in the class had a 4 on the test... I'm not sure what book they used to prep.. but.. heh.. wow.....
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on June 28, 2008
I used this book and Dr. Sanghera's AP Biology Flashcard Quicklet to prepare for the AP Biology exam. I love both of these books and here are my reviews:
This book is cool. It's to the point and covers all the topics very concisely. So, that saves you lot of time that you can use elsewhere. However, it gives you all the info that you need to pass the AP Biology exam. It's short and sweet: material is covered in a reader-friendly way; easy to follow, understand, and retain. I used this book in combination with the following book: the Flashcard Quicklet.

AP Biology Flashcard Quicklet: Flashcards in a Book for Biology StudentsFlash cards are cool tools to review your preparation for the exam. I like this style of flash cards though: flash cards in a book. Loose flash cards could be annoying; they are hard to keep together...flash cards in a book are lost cards...easy to keep them together..Besides, in this book, the flash cards are very much self contained; good and easy to follow answers and explanations....You can use this flash card book with any AP Biology book or without any's not tied to a specific book...The coverage of topics is quite comprehensive and there is lots of space to make your own notes...I love it...
I would say these are the only two books you need to pass the exam.
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on July 31, 2010
Great summary for Biology. I'm an accountant going back for dental. This book was a great summary of biology topics. It has plenty of practice tests with good examples. If you can do everything in this book, you probably don't need college biology 1&2.

I try to save money w/ test prep by studying free off of websites and out of my old book. This is the best, most succinct resource I've found for preparation for a test (I'm sure also great for MCAT, AP, CLEP, etc). One regret: not getting AP Org Chem (didn't have as many reviews, but in hindsight I would have bought it).

Also check out Cliffs AP Chemistry...just as good.
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on March 7, 2016
I studied this for the DAT that I took in January, 2016. This has a lot of the information you need to know for the bio section on DAT, but you really need to supplement it with other sources, and this should not be used as the main source. Also, plant biology/photosynthesis is not emphasized on the DAT like it is in this book.
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on May 25, 2008
Great Resource. All you need is this book with Paul Sanghera's AP Biology Flashcard Quicklet, and you will be in very good shape to pass the AP Biology exam. This book is a no-nonsense, to-the-point guide to prepare for the exam, and Paul Sanghera's Biology Flashcard Quicklet is a great tool to quickly review your preparation. I have found that these two books together is a blast. Although the AP Biology Flashcard Quicklet is very self-contained and can be used with any Guide or without any Guide, but I will recommend, first read this book then use Sanghera's book.
Great book....highly recommended.
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on March 6, 2015
I aced the 6-credit College Biology CLEP by studying this excellent book for three weeks. It is well organized - set out in a logical way that makes the concepts both easy to understand and easy to memorize. The book came promptly and in the advertised condition.
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on May 6, 2011
This book was a godsend. I wish I could give it a 6. I struggled in my Bio class all year--I hated the subject and I'm terrible at memorization. I bought this book 2-3 weeks in advance and got a 5 on the AP exam.

The amount of information is perfect--it's exactly what you need to know for the exam, nothing more, nothing less. It's written very concisely so you can skim and figure out what you know and what you don't know. Important words terms and concepts are bolded. The practice questions weren't radically easier or harder than the actual exam. And there are diagrams and tables abound, so you can pinpoint exactly what happens during photosynthesis or glycolysis or the differences between meiosis and mitosis.

On the other hand, you can't start from this book cold because you'll get bogged down by technical terms very quickly. That's why it's a perfect *review* book, and not a textbook stand-in or supplement like, say, Barron's. Three cheers for CliffsAP!
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on March 26, 2013
First things first. I took the AP bio test last year with this book self studied. This was the only material I used with the addition of some middle school Bio knowledge and I got a 5 on the exam. Needless to say, this book is great. It's concise and not too long, yet covers everything you need to know for the test. All CliffsAP books are generally good, and this one is no exception. I give it 10/10.
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on March 21, 2013
I've prepped for a number of standardized tests for biology over the years (high school through graduate school), and have used several resources - Kaplan, Barron's, Princeton Review. This has been my favorite book by far; I wish I had found this earlier.

It's the most straightforward, clear, and concise biology review book I've read. To me, Kaplan and Princeton explanations have always seemed a bit fluffy, meandering and lacking in explanation. Barron's, sometimes a little too long-winded. I haven't found any factual errors in this yet (as I have with Kaplan and Princeton Review materials in the past). It has thoughtful practice questions at the end of each section (multiple choice and essay) that really prompt you to process the information.

Some sections do get a little dense and dry. The anatomy sections perhaps could use a few more pictures, but understandably, it is meant to be used for reviewing rather than learning material. The taxonomy/biological diversity chapter could definitely have used some sort of tree mapping the relationship between the different animal phyla (It's much easier to remember the characteristics of each phylum if you understand their relationship with one another).

Overall, great study guide though. I plan on keeping it on hand as a quick reference even after taking my exam.
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on December 20, 2014
I have passed the Biology clep exam. You may need more information online as well. But this book has been so informative and in depth information that was needed for me to pass the exam in one shot. Glad I have brought it.
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