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TOP 50 REVIEWERon June 22, 2009
If ever there was a product that cried out for an Amazon video review, it's Clocky. This thing is so much fun to play with. It sounds like R2 D2 from Star Wars, and after the first time you hit the snooze alarm it jumps off the table or nightstand and runs around the room a beepin' and a flashin'. You can see it works pretty well on the carpeting and it moves even faster on our tile floors. It can jump down from up to 3 feet without killing itself which is more than you need for most nightstands. I don't know if you can see from the video, but it's made pretty well and seems sturdy.

I bought it for my sister who thinks it's cute during the day but doesn't like chasing it in the morning. I tried to capture her on video, chasing clock in a real live morning situation, but her words were "unkind" and not suitable for an Amazon review.

This makes a cute gift for the person who has everything but likes to sleep. I hope this video gives you a better idea of how cute this thing is. (Sorry for all the jiggling around. I really have to get a camera with some kind of stabilization feature).
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on June 3, 2007
I've acquired quite a collection of alarm clocks over the years in the search for the perfect one. And while Clocky isn't perfect, it is definitely the best one I've seen so far.

1. The alarm tone is adorable and (most importantly) somewhat random. Unlike the traditional Casio or Timex alarms, which sound like fire alarms, Clocky sounds like R2D2 going crazy. I hate all alarm clock sounds with a passion, but somehow I haven't been able to fall in hate with clocky. That sound is just too darned cute (and somewhat random, which helps).

2. The actual running around functionality is a little gimmocky but effective. The thing is, clocky doesn't run until after you've snoozed once, so you have incentive to get up (this can be configured from 10 to 0 minutes, thus effectively immediately buzzing and running). But overall, it works. Clocky runs until he gets stuck on a wall or a discarded bit of clothing, and makes a bunch of noise. You've got to figure out where he went and drag him back.

While I had imagined some sort of light hop to the ground, Clocky actually lands on the ground with a resounding thud. It does have 4 batteries in it. I once accidentally put clocky on the dresser over my bed, and woke to a 3 pound alarm clock falling 4 feet onto my chest. While this little thing feels hugely sturdy for an alarm clock, I can't imagine clocky would be too happy long term if you put it up more than 3 feet off the ground and had hardwood floors. Still, It's probably more safe to throw across the room than most alarm clocks.

3. They've also fixed a lot of the little problems with most clock interfaces. For one the buttons are easy to press and interact with. Changing the time isn't a tedius experience, as the key repeat rate is much faster and more responsive than most clocks. Otherwise, it's press a button, get a response, with a clean and simple UI. The only unintuitive function was setting the snooze time (hold down the alarm time), but otherwise the UI is beautiful.

There are two problems, though they don't quite detract enough to drop the a full 5 star score.

1. The button to turn off the alarm is simple and easy enough to press that the first few weeks I found myself pressing it accidentally every now and then, thus turning off the alarm.

2. If you have a cluttered landing site, Clocky may turn himself off as he jumps. If he lands just right (or, well, somewhat right) he'll hit that aforementioned button himself, and shut down.

Overall, of the 12 alarm clocks I currently own, Clocky is the only one I still use on a daily basis. If you hate conventional alarm clocks, I recommend trying this one. So far for me it has been great.
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VINE VOICEon October 29, 2007
I am a full time college student and am known for not being able to drag myself out of bed in the mornings. I could sleep through any alarm! I saw Clocky and decided to spend the money, it's the best money I've ever spent!

I set Clocky for snooze, now you're thinking, that is where it would fail you? Nope, Clocky only allows you to snooze ONCE! When you snooze time is up (0 - 9 minutes, you set it) the alarm goes off again and in less than 1 second he's off your bedside table roaming around your bedroom floor. The only way to turn him off? GET OUT OF BED AND CHASE HIM!

The logic is, if you have to chase the clock, you are already up... well, what can I say, IT WORKS! I actually get up ON TIME now! This clock is a life saver!

If you are wondering what Clocky sounds like... picture a very small, R2D2, or as I call him, R2D2 Jr.
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on August 4, 2011
I purchased this product from Amazon having bought one several years ago, and when I received it I found that I had not received a legitimate Clocky, but a fake Chinese knock-off. If you look at the images of the product, you can identify the packaging of the fake because it says "Clocky" nowhere on the box but instead simply has "Alarm Clock" written in large letters. The manufacturer, NandaHome, has confirmed that Amazon has been selling fraudulent fakes. Please be wary about buying this item from Amazon. I recommend you consider purchasing directly from the manufacturer instead, as you're guaranteed not to receive a fake item.
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on March 15, 2012
I've owned Clocky before, purchased at a Brookstone, and the thing worked miserably well (I say miserably, because even if I felt miserable when that thing went off in the dark early morning, it still got me up and moving.) I decided to buy a replacement after losing my first one many months back. I read all the negative reviews from those who received cheap Chinese knock-offs that didn't work properly instead of authentic Clockies, and I took heed. I avoided all the problematic sellers mentioned, and sought one that specifically listed Nanda Home as the maker. Turns out that the Amazon fulfilled option met that criteria. My package arrived today (20 minutes ago, in fact,) and to my surprise, I had been shipped a cheap Chinese knock-off. It says Clocky and Nanda Home nowhere on the item or the packaging, just "alarm clock, modern and elegant in fashion." Totally disgusted. Having already owned a Clocky I could see the inferiority of the product instantly. Very disappointed. Return has already been processed. I'm now going to get the real deal off of the nandahome website. I'll have to pay shipping, but it's better than owning garbage. Avoid Amazon on this item!
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on November 23, 2011
I ordered 2 Clocky's on a Black Friday/Gold Box special and the order was fulfilled by "New Harbor." The Clockys were to be raspberry in color. When the product arrived they were not in the standard packaging that you would get from the OEM product (as compared on the Nanda Home website). The packaging had no reference to Nanda Home, Inc and no reference to the name "Clocky." It had phrases such as "Alarm Clock", " Excellent Quality", and " Modern and Elegant in Fashion." The product itself had slight cosmetic differences as compared to the product on the Nanda Home, Inc. website.

I sent an email to the service department at the Nanda Home website, along with a jpg photo of the product I received. My comments included "I am contacting you to verify the distributor/reseller (New Harbor) as being authorized, and the merchandise being sold. Two things were very puzzling: 1. The box that the Clocky was packaged in was in English with no reference to Nanda Home or Clocky on the package. It had statements of "Excellent Quality", "Modern and Elegant in Fashion." The instructions were in garbled English and Chinese. 2. The Raspberry color was different that the color on your website. It is a light baby "Pink". It appears to me that I am not dealing with an OEM product here. I am writing you to confirm my suspicions. Over the past 15 years I have purchased many items through Amazon. This is the first time I've received a product that appears to be a blatant knockoff of the real article. For your benefit I have attached a jpg photo of the box the product was packaged in. Looking forward to hearing from you in a timely manner."

Their response back to me was: "Hello - We apologize for the trouble you have had but this is not one of our products. We suggest you contact the vendor you purchased your Clocky from and return it. As an additional courtesy, we can offer you 10% off if you would like to purchase a new Clocky directly from our website. Thank you, Cathi"

I have requested an RMA number and complete reimbursement including the shipping costs back to the seller. I've just done this as of today, so I haven't had a response yet. I don't fault Amazon or think anything less of Amazon for this issue. I believe that if the order was fulfilled by Amazon instead of New Harbor, there would not have been an issue. As I mentioned above, I have been purchasing items from Amazon for many years and this is the first time this issue has arisen.

Yes, the price I paid of $25.00 for the two "Clockys" was excellent, compared to others that may have paid $40.00 for only one. But there is the principle of misrepresentation that has occurred. Regardless of the price I paid, the merchandise is being returned because I refuse to give my money to a business selling a product in this manner.
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on March 26, 2008
My quick review...

it's much smaller than i thought it would be...i don't know why, but personally, from the pictures it always seemed like it would be a's actually rather small & quaint!...and the almond color makes it somewhat elegant-looking.

i did not have problems with the battery compartment as others did... it's a slight inconvenience to have to use a screwdriver to replace the batteries, but at the same time i can feel assured knowing that the batteries will remain securely in place...

as far as the main reason you would purchase this item, here's my take: when the alarm goes off.. 1) it doesn't "run" far from you 2) it makes neat "R2D2" noises at a pretty decent volume (would be rather difficult for the average person to sleep through) 3) it's difficult to locate the snooze button quickly while it's moving/beeping, and 4) it's difficult to locate the tiny button to turn the alarm off while it's moving/beeping.
...BUT--these are all GOOD things!!... it means you have to actually be somewhat conscious and focus your mind a bit in order to turn the darn thing even though you don't have to chase it very far, after you've grabbed it, it's the process of turning it off that actuallywakes you up!...(at least that's the way mine worked)...and at that point, you're now somewhat awake and therefore more likely to stay up than try to go back to sleep!!...hence, Clocky has done its job! (FYI Sidenote: my Clocky takes about a 3-foot drop from a dresser next to my bed onto a carpeted floor)

the caveat here is that obviously everyone's sleep patterns/behaviors are different... If it helps, here's my personal "sleep background:" i typically leave the house by 7:00-7:30a M-F for work...i have ALWAYS had a hard gime getting up in the a.m. & also have a sleeping disorder which exascerbates things..i have tried many different methods over the years (some technical, some traditional) to try & help me get up on time...i even bought (& later returned) the $175 SleepTracker Pro watch, but it did not help me (it was quiet, i was still tired when i woke up, and it was way too easy to turn the thing off and go right back to sleep).

another good thing about Clocky is that you can only snooze once....that's another part of my problem: i always i describe it: the nightime "me" says "i'll allow myself to snooze once--and only once--in the a.m."...however, the morning "me" throws that right out the window without remorse and snoozes repeatedly-- on at least one occasion, i snoozed repeatedly for 2+ hours...

realize that all of the opinions i've offered above stem from one use was my first morning waking up with Clocky...however, i have to say i'm surprisingly optimistic about "him" helping me with my recurring problem. i actually forgot to re-enable the snooze function last night, so i was extra confused this morning, but tomorrow i will begin my first real "standard" usage of it... if my opinion of Clocky later depreciates upon further useage, i will update this review accordingly. hope this helps.
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on September 5, 2008
We just received our chrome clocky yesterday. We put the batteries in, made sure it worked, tested the functions, and placed it on a regular 1.5 ft bedroom nightstand over heavy carpeting. Next morning, it rang, snoozed, jumped on the carpet from 1.5 ft in the clear, and went totally dead. Checked the batteries; still nothing.

We thought our $59 would last longer than one evening! We emailed Nanda for replacement but based on the previous posting, we are better off returning it ...
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on December 20, 2007
This clock is SO FUN.. I have to admit I was like a little kid waiting for it to arrive. I have a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning and this seemed ideal for someone like me (a chronic snooze button addict).

This clock is great! It's small and sleek, a definitely conversation starter.. BUT it's REALLY HARD to open the battery compartment! I'm not one to leave reviews on things... ever... but it was SO annoying to open that I felt compelled to warn people. Unlike another review I read earlier (w/the same compaint) I DO understand why it would screw on. I mean it's common sense, this clock is jumping around and bumping into things... But for such an alarm clock that is supposed to be of such good quality, they could have splurged on a decent screw! I am really handy and it literally took me almost an HOUR of fiddling (and SERIOUS frustration) to pry the battery door off. I ended up flinging it off with a letter opener.. not an ideal start. ANd I DO dread the day I have to re-charge my batteries :-/

BUT once it was up and running (literally) it was well worth it. THis alarm clock is funky and fun, and will defintiely get people like me OUT OF BED.

Also I have a pretty fluffy carpet and it has no problem running around my room.

BEware the deadly fake-screw, but in the end, SO FUN!
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on July 1, 2013
The item I received was not the original Clocky, as was listed in the Product Description. It was a fake from China. I am very disappointed in this product and am returning it. I am also very disappointed in Amazon for not policing and correcting this situation, which had been previously reported, but is still continuing.
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