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on April 3, 2013
First review here on Amazon. I was standing in my room the other evening saying to myself wow where would I be with out this machine. Then i realized i needed to give these guys the respect they deserve an give a review. I purchased the 25 site it came in the mail 2 days earlier than expected. easy to setup, easy to use. Are there some cheap components that I could've done at home, yes. Are there better cloners out there, yes. But these guys did just that fabricated a cloner that works with cheaper parts an not make a killing but sell it at a reasonable rate. I have had 100% success with about 150 clones so far. everyone talks about heating pads humidity dones an the perfect cut. No with this machine i fill it with tap water, i dont even check the PH use the same scalpel ive been using for months i only switch/clean the blade when it starts to rust, cut it at a 45 degree angle dip it into my baby olivia then put it into the collar. after 7 days i have roots...I have realized you can leave them in the cloner for about 15-20 days before you starts seeing deficiencies that they are just starving for I started to check my PH put it at 5.8 pop some Clonex in there. Set it an forget it. You will have long sexy roots in no time at all. My only only thing that i hate is the collars wont fit into the holes right you have to have the 2 inch net pots with the collar inside to make them sit correctly not a big deal but take it from me when you order this grab yourself some extra net pots. other than that well worth the money.
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on April 10, 2013
I bought the 25 site Clone King last year after very poor results with the Grodan and Rapid Rooter starter kits. My very first try, I got 100% clones. This year I even reused the inserts and today after 10 days I have roots up to 18" long. Just transplanted into Dixie cups and no shock so far. If I can do it, anyone can. If you have a plant you really like, especially tomatoes, basil, parsley, almost any herb, they will be easy.
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on January 15, 2014
In general, I believe in buying quality nutrients, lighting, etc when it come to my plants, but I've always really struggled with the cost of cloners. How are brands like EZ-Clone getting away with charging over 200 bucks for a bucket, a water pump, and some PVC???

Truth is, there are plenty of DIY solutions online where you can do it for a fraction of that price- and that's exactly where I was headed until I came across this product. Clone King made the price low enough to where I personally would not bother with it. A rough (and reasonable) calculation of building such a cloner is roughly what they are selling it for. Right out of the gate,a 300 GPH water pump on amazon is about $35-60 dollars- not to mention your time, driving around to stores picking up items, and the cost/time/aggravation of making mistakes. I don't care how cheap anyone tells you can build them for- unless you have stuff already lying around that you're not counting towards your final cost, if you can save anything building it yourself, you might save be like $15 bucks max and probably have something that didn't work as well as this unit does.

Anyway, I got the 25 site and got roots bumps in 7-10 days, and got a pretty decent success rate- not 100% (closer to 80-90), but that could be user error, and in any case, I am satisfied with it's performance. Thanks to the other reviewers who talked me out of opting for 30 site or whatever is- apparently it's just this unit with more cloning sites and even though it's the same price, I agree after seeing it in person, the plants would be too close and competing too much for light.

It was also nice that the unit shipped with some extra neoprene cookies, net pots, and spray heads and even a few solo cups for potting. I wasn't expecting any extras at this low price, but after my first run I did have some roots clog the spray heads and was glad I had a few spray nozzles on hand. It's work noting that it's completely compatible with E-Z clone, so you should be able to find spray heads/net pots/cookies for this unit at your local grow store.

You can have this thing up in running in about 5 minutes without looking and at the instructions. The price was excellent and it work well, I would not look any further and tell every grower you know about this product.
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on January 6, 2016
So I got a 100℅ ready to go in soil in 9 days with a few extras I also used the titan controls Apollo 3 (1 min on\4min off) its for the water pump and I bought a air pump and airstones and I also used the clonex cloning line (rooting gel, rooting solution , and the mist) I also used special treated magnetic water (recycled thru a super imploded by fractal water for 30 mins plus 5 adding rooting solution and pH balance and wait for it to mix up good) its under a sunblaze 24 t5 fixture I have 2 different strains one all rooted in 7 days the other took a couple days longer I also change the water every 3-6 days and rinse and wipe everything but the top tray. You guys really don't need everything I use but time is money and this cut my cloning down by maybe 9-14 days one strain is temperamental always get 100℅ success rate cloning in rock wool or the clone king but the clone king makes it much easier to not always keep an I on the strain that takes a little longer. Always watch you pH mine will jump from 5.8 to 6.4-6.5 in 6-12 hr and I try to keep the water temp under 70° and the room under 72° (its farenhiet we be american, different!!) Lol
review image review image
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on June 30, 2014
I have been using this machine for about a month. Easy set up. Clear directions. I have had a 99% success rate using plain tap water in the reservoir. I do use Clonex gel on the clones just to ensure no air embolisms occur. Highly recommend this product.
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on May 5, 2014
When I first used my cloner, I had some failures. I found that you MUST cut your clone just below one of the leaf nodes since this is where it will root more readily. And the roots do not come out from the cutting bottom but from the sides of the stem. Lastly, you need humidity of 80 percent to really get those little girls going!! If you follow all this, you will be in great shape!!
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on September 19, 2012
I recently had the opportunity to test out this king of all clone machines! LoL it really is the king for what you pay !! My cloner recently stopped working so I was lucky and my friend let me use his clone king 25 and it worked perfect 100% success after only 7 days !!! When I looked on amazon for the same product I ofcourse found it and was amazed at what a great deal it was. I will be buying my own king cloner for sure!!
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on June 2, 2013
Simple and productive product. Easiest cloning yet. Would highly recommend. I had 100% success rate and I am a novice.
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on September 3, 2015
Awesome little cloner and after using now for 2 years here's my caveats. The first is that what remains of the leaves on the cut clone will wither away if your humidity is too low, before the clone can grow roots to uptake more water. So the whole thing has to be in a 60% or better humid environment like a tent. Do not put any type of cover over just the top thinking that will keep the humidity up, you'll just be growing mold and have to toss the little black pucks every time because you can't sterilize the mold away. It'll come back worse every time. I know, I did it! Now that you know not to cover with any type of dome, the other thing is that you want a gentle flow of air over top of this thing to prevent mold also, not enough to move the plants but just to keep the air moving. Then the other issue you don't hear about is the pump inside the thing creates the tinyest amount of heat, that if not checked will have the water up in the 90's if unattended. My low tech solution is to have a couple of 20 ounce water bottles full and frozen in the freezer then rotate one into the reservoir every day. This seems to work perfectly for keeping the water toward the 60-70 degree range. The plastic basket pots are just to keep the pucks from falling through the white top. I've since cut all the baskets away leaving just the top tapered part to do the holding. And this gets more consistant spray to the cutting bottom. Did this after loosing some precious clones that I can only assume the pot somehow was positioned just right to block the spray from ever getting to the cutting. The other addition needed in the design would be four 4 inch long legs sticking off the bottom of the white top, so when you take it out with roots hanging to check ph, the roots would be protected from being pinched. Will build that some day... Till then this thing does exactly what I need it to.
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on June 3, 2015
Yes, like other reviewers have noted, its made from readily available parts and any DIYer could make it. But why? Here it is, perfectly made, ready-to-go, and busily making roots on all my cuttings. Perfect. I chose to buy this rather than copy it for a several reasons; First, I think we should support the innovators - simply copying or modifying this excellent and inexpensive design is much like stealing the ideas and trial and error process used in creating it. Second, in much less time that I would have spent running around gathering the various parts and assembling this, I have a cloner growing roots on my cuttings. Lots of roots. Third, the unit I ordered it is also cheaper than if I purchased the parts locally and assembled them myself. And finally, and some of the work (like cutting the neoprene) would be hard to duplicate in my shop. So buy this ready made - you cannot make it in less time than it takes Amazon to get it to you.
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