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on November 23, 2012
I'm comparing this hook to the two mentioned above because they are some of the most ergonomic and available hooks and seem most similar to this one.

compared to soft touch: the grip is soft and rubbery, not hard plastic. The handle is longer than the one on soft touch. The handle is also shaped quite differently from soft touch to my surprise. It is somewhat roundish and has a rounded back, as opposed to the soft touch which is kinda like a butter knife handle. I was hoping for a completely smooth steel finish on the hook, but it feels like the exact same hook that is on the soft touch, except that instead of the matte gold spray painted looking surface on soft touch, it instead has silver paint. The hook part does work well and I have had no trouble switching back and forth with other hooks.

Compared to tulip etimo: the rubbery material on the handle is labelled the same stuff as on the tulip (I believe it's called elastomer?), but on the amour hook, it is just slightly harder and more porous than the tulip, which is a tad softer as well as smoother. I love the different colored handles. The handle is shaped even more rounded than tulip etimo's handle and has a bit of a bump on the back. It doesn't bother me but It did feel different. Very comfortable though, as comfortable as the tulip in my book. The hook part --- tulip is a bit smoother, however the amour hook has a slightly pointier head and somehow pokes into stitches more a tad more easily than the tulip.

I like the amour hook well enough that I will probably eventually get them all. It is a nice second option to have to my tulip etimos and seems to force me to use slightly different pressure or muscles in my hand, so I am thinking it is good to switch up once in awhile. I do hope Clover comes out with a nice looking case that holds all the amour hooks neatly.
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on February 3, 2013
I have arthritis in my hands and am always looking for good, ergonomic hooks. This is certainly one of them. I use this size so often that I have 3 hooks in this size just so the hooks can be changed out to give the hands a little relief when working. Do give it a try - the padded handle is more comfortable to hold than the standard straight metal hooks. The smooth hook it is very fast moving into and through the stitches.
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on August 30, 2013
love this hook, perfect size and the rubber grip is really great fingers dont slip great when you crochet alot and fingers hurt, dont get that, made 3 queen size afghans and this hook's rubber hook hasn't come lose or fallen off like most others., gettting more
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on July 1, 2014
I have hooks, in nearly every size. But I find as I get older the smaller hooks are harder on my hands. So I gave Clover Amour hooks a try, and [trying not to sound like a commercial] these hooks are wonderful. Not only are the colors bright and happy, the hooks are easy to hold, not as tiring on the hands as regular hooks, and so far I see no evidence of the coating peeling. I'm happy, happy, happy! I bought two more sizes, and I have my eye on the other ones!
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on September 29, 2014
Crochet hooks are very much a matter of what fits your anatomy and what works for you. I'd suggest playing with an Amour hook in a store before buying. Many garden gloves marked Large (ladies') are snug on me but my hand isn't all that long (just broadish). Amazon's Amour hooks are cheaper than the local store (and their Red Heart Super Saver Yarn is less than half the price at AMZ so I don't think it's that expensive a store).

The Amour crochet hooks happen to fit my hand perfectly and are just the right width and cross-section to turn the hook easily and neatly as I crochet along. They are a bit lighter and friendlier to my particular fingers than the other fancy Clover hooks, the Soft Touch hooks with hard handles and a cushioned inset. The Amour handle isn't hard or soft. It gives a little and is naturally grippy all over. The end of the handle just snuggles into the palm of my hand -- they almost hold themselves. You appreciate these things when you're old and arthritic and pulled too many weeds yesterday. (The soft touch handle is a bit shorter -- enough that I feel cramped after crocheting for a while.) The Clover hooks are made in Japan -- like everything Clover that I have --and are superbly smooth. They seem well proportioned -- hook, neck, shaft -- the shaft is just right for opening up a tight loop to draw the yarn through once it's on the hook. The hook is a little more rounded and perhaps broader than some like, but for a beginner like me that's perfect -- it's not so quick to split the yarn.

My store doesn't have Clover's slightly bent-ended tapestry needles at all. Amazon does -- check them out. They're a new way of life after wrestling with plastic and other metal needles -- wonderfully smooth and just the right shape to slide through many loops to make the chore of weaving in ends much pleasanter. A perfect companion to a good crochet hook, and the Chibi case (screw top with a little loop! I chained bright yarn into it so I can find it and fish it out of the basket more easily) I didn't think I wanted is more than worth the extra money. (It would hold many more needles, so the first one could be the last one you buy.)

I do wish that someone would put together a set of 3 or 4 Amour hooks (or any other good hooks) in just the sizes most crocheters use the most -- the sizes a bit to either side of 5mm.
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I love the entire series of Amour crochet hooks. They're good quality, very well-made. The hook part is smooth, with no rough edge, and something about it makes crocheting easier. You can use the finest of yarns without difficulty. Also, they have ergonomic comfort grips, which makes crocheting so much more enjoyable, especially if you have arthritis or pain in your hands. I usually can't crochet for more than 20 minutes and then my finger joints start aching. But with these crochet hooks, I'm able to crochet for hours---or until I start getting bored! It's really great.

These hooks come in a variety of colors, each size is a different bright hue, so once you've used them for awhile, you'll know which hook you need by sight. They also have the size inscribed on the handle, so if you're color-blind or don't memorize things easily, you can double-check to be sure you're using the right hook. This one, size I (5.5mm) happens to be a bold kelly green.

You can buy the hooks individually if you aren't sure you'll like them, or if you're filling gaps in your collection, or adding spares. But it's actually cheaper to buy the full set. There's three sets: The brightly colored set is size B and up. These are hooks you use for working with yarn. The pastel set is steel hooks, the tiny ones that you use for crocheting with fine threads. There's also a neon set, which is extra-large hooks for working with very thick yarn.

I'm extremely pleased with this crochet hook. Five stars and highly recommended for anyone who crochets.
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on March 12, 2014
I purchased this single hook as a trial, to see if I wanted to invest in the set.

The handle is made of a semi-solid rubber. It is firm, but has a very slight bit of give, so it's quite comfortable to hold. The size of the handle is such that it gives me more finger-placement options than a plain hook. I hold my hooks in the knife position and with plain hooks I would start to have problems with the end of the hook jabbing into my palm; this hook's end is protected, so no jabbing issues.

There are only two things that I don't care for about this hook: one is that the actual hook portion is a bit too shallow. When using thicker yarns, I get the sensation that it's going to split the yarn, because the entire strand doesn't fit within the confines of the hook's beak. I haven't had any problems with this, but it's a concern. I also wish that there was a little bit more shaft space between the top of the handle and the end of the hook. I tend to slide my stitches down the shaft a bit further than the handle on this hook allows.

All in all I really do like this hook and I have ordered the set. I think that the two issues that I have with the hook will resolve themselves in time and the good definitely outweighs the bad.
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on January 11, 2014
I have the other clover crochet set, with the yellowish/tan handle and I love those too but this hook is AMAZING... I need to get a whole new set of just these hooks, and I only bought it in the first place because i lost my other 5.5 hook. I also have the tulip crochet hook set and I do prefer this clover hook over the tulip one. and the price is incredible for what you are getting. I crochet everyday and get excited when a pattern calls for an I hook now.
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on January 3, 2014
I have RA in my fingers and I was not able to crochet for the past 3 yrs. These crochet hooks are awesome. I tried the first set of Clover hooks that came out and they did not work. These are great for anyone who has any type of hand problem
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on March 25, 2016
This is by far the best crochet hook I've tried and I've tried many. For years I wouldn't use anything but Clover Soft Touch, but there is something about this handle that makes it easier to grip and the hook itself is "like butter." I notice that I'm holding the hook looser too (I use the knife grip). It's quite light weight and the hook is longer than other ergonomic hooks. It's a little pricy but try just one hook and see how you like it.
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