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on November 13, 2005
I purchased the 4000 NAV One after extensive research and pondering which route to take. My prerequisites were about the same as all are looking for; Good size screen, preloaded maps, voice prompts that tell you street name, re-route calculations, quick acquisition time, easy software upgrades and numerous POI's. I must say I was skeptical at first with the only brands being on my mind were Garmin and Magellan. I even considered the Pioneer AVIC-N2 in dash navigation unit but quickly shot it down when I found out you have to load the navigation DVD to plot routes, start out on your route and have to pop the DVD back in if you want to bring up another destination or even a simple POI! This is unacceptable for a close to $2000 system (Pioneer is offering a $300 rebate at this time) when most of us will be listening to a CD, or MP3's on it. Oh by the way, the passenger can't even watch DVD's while the car is moving. I narrowed my choices down to the Garmin Street Pilot 2720 and the Cobra 4000 NAV One and weighed the two side by side. I chose the Cobra due to its screen being twice the size and it being a sturdier unit. It has very quick response time, a large color touch screen, customizable in every way. The unit has all that I expected and more, not to mention $100 less than the Street Pilot 2720 but I have to be fair that the 2720 does give you a remote to operate the system.
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on January 23, 2007
I bought this unit several years ago when there was a much more limited choice available on the market. My main criteria were simple: sufficiently large screen, and map view with constant North. Navigation systems have their glitches and POV-style units force you to trust them. I prefer to see where the nav system wants me to go and make my decision based on what's really best. Garmin and TomTom default to the POV approach and frankly I've heard too many stories of people getting into trouble because they followed the instructions blindly. I like maps.

The voice guidance is crisp and the screen is fingernail responsive. The color palette is easy to scan quickly.

But... when they made this unit they didn't have much faith in the power of the processor chip and maybe they didn't have a very good software team. Here's the issue: the system will designate a route for you. If you decide the route isn't suitable (for example, it is actually quite indirect) then the system will keep trying to force you back onto its original route. This is because it's easier, software-wise, to calculate a "get back to what I want you to do" than to recalculate the entire route. But it leads to absurd situations. Coming back from Nevada I knew that I should travel on I5 to 580. But the system wanted me to go via 680 to San Jose and from there up the peninsula - an unnecessary addition of about 43 miles to my trip. I elected to take the rational route instead (thanks to map view, I could see the nav system's proposed route was absurd). So for the next 67 minutes the system kept recalculating, trying forever to force me back to its original route. It reached the point where I was only 10.7 miles from home but it wanted me to turn around and drive 126.3 miles via the original route... If I hadn't known where I was going I'd have been stuck because the recalculations are painfully slow, leading to a complete loss of usefulness.

These days there are better options - though still too few with map view/constant North. I could only recommend this unit to people who don't mind driving excess miles due to really poor routing software.
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on August 22, 2006
Our primary criteria were good visibility while mounted on the dash (or windshield) and, naturally, something that would be reasonably easy to use. This certainly meets those. The only visibility problem we had was that the screen was *too* bright while driving at night-fortunately there were two of us so the screen could be turned towards the passenger & away from the driver. Bright sun-never a problem. Driver's ability to read the screen when unit was mounted in front of the passenger-never a problem.

We had a problem in one area where roads that, according to the unit, crossed the freeway didn't. It kept telling us to take left turns that didn't exist, but we just kept going until we found a road that did cross, and it re-computed the route nicely.

Our salesperson warned us that the database only contained 'yellow page' addresses, but he was nice enough to suggest that we use the Map function to locate the nearest intersection & route to that when trying to find an address that wasn't in the database. That worked pretty well for us although we have a lot more learning to do before we'll feel really comfortable moving around in the map.

Similarly, we have quite a bit more learning to do before we'll be really comfortable designing a route we actually want. I'd like to see an option to say 'take this road' as well as the 'avoid this road' option-but I can realize the programming problems involved with that (e.g. the road you want to take may not take you where you want to go). Once both of the choices (fastest & shortest routes) took us on confusing winding paths when there was a more easily navigable option I could see on the map-but I couldn't figure out how to get the unit to map that route. An 'easiest navigation' option would be nice but I have no idea how a program could determine that.

Never had any problem or significant delay in finding our current position, never any significant delay in re-routing when we took a 'detour' (or missed a turn), very good voice prompts (although it prefers to use route numbers rather than street names, e.g. WA 529 vs. Meridian Rd.). Considering the current state of the art, this is an awesome unit.
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on November 3, 2006
I actually love the Cobra GPSM 4000 Nav One. However, there is a problem it has that is not just some small problem to me. On several occasions, it gives the incorrect names for exits. The saving grace is that the distance until you reach the exit is correct. For example, I needed to take interstate 64W. Exit 64W was 1 mile away, and exit 64E was 0.5 mile away. The Cobra told me to take exit 64E in 1 mile. Therefore, I have been able to take the correct exit because it gives the correct distance, but it shouldn't be that way.

Other than that issue, I love the Cobra 4000. It is great to have it in the car and have access to Points of Interests immediately. I also like that I can plot the point of someplace I want to return again, and save that place to my address book. It is also quick to find where you are.
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on June 26, 2006
This is a fantastic machine. We used it on a 4200 mile vacation trip and it performed 99% perfectly. We had two glitches. One was when it told us the correct off-ramp but the number of the ramp was wrong.

And going through Salt Lake City with very quick freeway transitions it couldn't keep up with them.

We used it to find motels, gas stations, post offices, etc.

I would also like to see a way of mounting it to the dash instead of the windshield. It weighs two pounds.
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on January 21, 2007
This is my 3rd GPS and I finally got it right! The Cobra 4000 has a beautiful huge screen and is very intuitive to use. The maps, as with most GPS units, could be more up-to-date since my house address, which has been here for 20 years, is not listed. The POI database, however, is phenomenal compared to my previous GPS units. I find about 90% of the places I look for in the POI info. The unit gets confused if you make a lot of changes while it is trying to follow a route. It also has given me conflicting instructions at times but I think this is due to problems with the maps rather than the unit itself, and one which I have seen on multiple GPS units. The combination of soft and hard buttons is effective, the volume is easily adjustable and can be very loud if desired. The day-night mode for the display is great! I see lots of complaints about the mount but I love it! I have a flat dash in my van and could not use the dash mount on my last GPS because it wouldn't pivot enough for the unit to be seen easily. The Cobra mount works great on both the windshield and on a flat dash. It is heavy but has not come loose yet on the two vehicles on which I have placed it. I am very happy with this unit and glad that I bought it.
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on April 14, 2008
I just had this over the weekend and only payed 125 so heres my thoughts. For what I paid for it I can't complain about what it is/isnt. But if I would have sunk any real cash into this I'de be sending it back. This is a very good sub $200 gps. Heres what you should really know. It has speech. but limited text to speech. So basically if you want a gps to tell you all the street names.. Not happening here. I added all the updates when I got it so I can tell you the 3d graphics.. like you see now on most gps's (like tomtom) is not as good. also you really have to clean your windshield
before you stick this on your dash. I had it come off the glass 2x already in 3 days. It is a pretty hefty item to hang from a suction cup.
I ended up placing it so it actually rests on the dash while attached to the window.
Good points. The screen auto adjusts to the daylight/or lack of
the navigation is spot on. with the update installed I dont have the problems others have/ I had the updates on before I ever test drove it.
The voice commands are clear but mechanical sounding female voice. You would think the a gps that actually has a microdrive inside could have added other voices to the package. I got the database update. so I can not comment on how the new maps compare to the old. But the last update is 2006 and its close but not perfect. One quirky thing about this is it has modest actual street address finding.. It will list roads when it can not find the actual address. in a couple cases it says "no data" this is no big problem just annoying. for what i payed for it its great. The 5 inch screen.. 4.4 actual inches and a icon strip on the side is a lot easier to see than the tomtom go. May not mean much to you younger people but when you get older this is a selling point. If you can latch onto one cheap its a 4.5 at +200 a 3.5.

I forgot to add with the updates. it doesn't jump page to page like mentioned in other reviews.. it moves along just like a tomtom.
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on June 5, 2013
The item was shipped fast and received in good condition except a 5 mm nut was missing on the swivel which was no big deal. The seller has yet to respond to my inquiry about software upgrades because it does not cover 40% of my area and streets.Software upgrades for this series were eventually located on the cobra web site. I would not recommend the seller because I have not received a reply from my inquiry and its been 3 days.
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on June 4, 2006
Truly nothing comes close to this..nothing compares.After months and months of planning and window shopping and frequenting all the sites and stores where i can potentially buy a GPS.Truly,this is worth all my wait and patience.I just knew something out there is better than the famous brands im seeing @ BestBuy stores and Circuit City.The screen is great and the instructions are so precise,accurate and voice prompt is so clear,you won't even need to keep on looking at the screen to keep on the right track.The auto rerouting is an important factor for me too.PLus,the address book is totally cool and a timesaver.Everything you are looking for is here.From out of the box,i literally just plug it in my car and off the road i went.IT is user friendly too.It is not complicated at all.With its one touch "go home" button.It will literally take you home.Will even offer you two route options,how cool is that huh?Its worth my money its worth the wait.To travel with confidence on the road means a cobra by your side!
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on October 18, 2008
We purchased this unit especially for the large screen. As to previous comments: The manual is cursory at best and no additional information is available on their web site. The manual does state that you should moisten the suction cup before installing, and that you should allow the unit to actually rest on the dash. Following these instructions, we have never had the unit come loose, even on bumpy mountain gravel roads. There has never been a problem with overheating, and wrong turns have been minimal. As previously stated, it does get you there.

Approaching required turns there is a "countdown" bar on the right side of the screen that gives you plenty of warning prior to the "two dings" of the chime for the actual turn. If activated, another feature provides you with an expanded diagram of the approaching intersection or freeway ramp. User preferences are very easy and intuitive to find and change.

The unit has served us very well on at least three extended trips; one to Alaska, One across the country and back, and another from the west coast all the way east to Prince Edward Island in Canada.

On one trip we activated the 6-month free city traffic receiver program that comes with the purchase. It worked very well in all the major cities that we visited.

Another thing a user should know is that there is a need to periodically update the unit. This fixes many known "glitches" and provides database updates. Downloads are very easy to use from their web site, and the site should be checked for new updates every month or so. There is also a "pop-up" reminder in the GPS that periodically advises you to check for updates. For one large update they sent me a free CD. The software appears to be provided from Tom Tom. So far there is no cost for this.

Telephone technical support has always been fast, courteous, and accurate. A BIG plus these days. We could have saved some calls, however, if the documentation was more extensive and informative. This is the main reason that we gave it a four rating, rather than the maximum five.

We have a Toyota Highlander with the built-in GPS. Toyota recommends updating the unit every six months - at a charge each time of $200.00 for the DVDs and plus an hour of labor if you can't install them yourself. So for the update cost for one year - $400+ we can purchase a new unit. I can honestly say that the Cobra unit is easier to understand and operate than the Toyota unit. The Toyota feature that prevents a passenger from entering or changing routes while moving is a MAJOR inconvenience. We plan to buy a new "portable" unit for the Toyota and ignore the installed unit.

One anomaly that has yet to be fixed is somewhat strange. In Canada, about 60 miles north of the US border, the "time to go" reduces the time by 50% (time to go becomes half of what it should be). This happens whether you are using kilometers or miles and continues until you return south of the offending latitude. I have brought this to their attention by email and telephone, but still no fix.

It would be nice to have an internal battery but it isn't a big issue for us. With the supplied AC and DC adapters I can program or reprogram the unit in the vehicle or inside at any time. I often enter planned routes the night before by using one of the adapters. The unit usually receives the satellites quite well inside as long as you are near a window; but you don't need reception to program it. For walking and hiking we purchased a very nice, hand-held, Garmin battery powered unit.

It is a very good unit and has served us very well. I highly recommend it, however, it is becoming a little outdated compared to some of the newest model GPS units. Still a bargain at the current price.
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