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on November 20, 2011
I took a chance on this Detector mainly because of the price and partially because of the clean look. The description lists almost nothing so here goes: Corded 12-volt,mute and city/highway buttons, 9 Bands only, spin wheel up/down volume control, will not auto mute like others, Tone alerts only no voice alerts. My greatest peeve about is that when you shut off the vehicle it always reverts to highway mode. If you want it in city mode, you need to set it every single time you turn on the vehicle. I would only recommend this detector if you are able to mount it where its a arms reach. That way you can press the mute/cty/hwy functions. It does detect well. I've had it warn me about 5 blocks away from an oncoming police car. It does have a very sleek look. (I must say that If you've ever had a Beltronics you'll be disappointed.)
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on December 7, 2011
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am adding some more information; I get a range generally of about a half mile, but make sure you have the radar detector set-up properly on your windshield. The unit comes with a window attachment, it has two small suction cups that hold it in place remarkably well. I don't recommend removing the holder though, it seems to weaken the suction cups a bit. The radar detector has a small button you press to release it from the ohlder.
All the controls are well positioned, the on-off/volume button is somewhat hidden from view but I don't have a problem finding it. The only false alarms seem to come from security cameras and what may be some kind of automatic gate opener.
I have compared this to another Cobra ESD 7400 which I bought for a friend some time ago and asked to borrow it this week. They are both comparable really, apart from that I have no previous experience with radar detectors. If I had to choose between the two I would buy the ESD 700 but it is a close call. They are both very effective!

I live in a part of south Texas that has lots of radar traps, complimented by platoons of police cruisers with their radar detectors seemingly always on and even a few over-zealous small town police departments eager to fill their coffers with speed ticket funds.
I had never had a radar detector before primarily because I though they were illegal. I friend corrected me on this and I swooped at the chance to try out this Cobra model.
It works so well, I use it almost everywhere. I have never been a speeder, but a few times have drifted over the speed limit and almost ended up with tickets, now I get an alert every time a radar is in operation and I make sure I am below the posted speed limit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that friends who have radar detectors also use theirs for the same purpose which I strongly believe should be the purpose of these devices.
It seems to detect several different types of radars, even the "instant-on" type and also detects a type of signal that some paramedics give off which I find handy as it helps me keep out of their way. It has an on-off/volume control plus two more buttons, a city button that seems to cut back on false alarms from security cameras etc and a silent button that cuts the volume back. It has visible lights that also alert you and is very small in size which means it is unobtrusive and takes up very little space.

I love this tiny radar detector and recommend it for drivers like me who would like to be alerted when a radar is present.
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on October 26, 2012
I was looking for a cheap solution to cover myself from any speeding tickets or red light cameras. I picked up this Cobra for $40 based on my price bracket. It had the sleekest looks out of all the detectors in the same price range. It comes with a 6' 12v lighter socket cable and a suction cup windshield mount that holds the detector with velcro. I found that the adhesive on the backside of the velcro wasn't so great and ended up using industrial strength double sided tape instead. I had the detector mounted directly behind my rearview mirror, but low enough that the rear sensor can pick up radar from behind. I ran the power cable through my a-pillars and into the ceiling trim for a nice, clean look. I've tested the strength and reliability of this detector personally using a variable speed limit sign mounted in my company parking lot; this detector easily picks up the sign from over 500 feet away, regardless if I'm heading towards or away from it. Yes, like ALL DETECTORS it goes off when it sees automatic doors or other devices that throw electromagnetic energy. This is why when you're driving around the city it'll go off seemingly at random when there are no police present. Please educate yourself on how detectors work if you think this is abnormal. Furthermore, not EVERY police offer drives around with their radar on, many flip them on while driving past suspected speeders. The best way to not get a speeding ticket is simple - don't speed. If you have to, be aware of your surroundings and use the detector as a second, not first, option.
I'd highly recommend this little guy for anyone looking to spend around $40-50 for a great detector.
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VINE VOICEon December 15, 2011
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
OK, and now for a noob's review. I have never had a radar detector before, so I really didn't know what to expect.

Installation should not have been a problem, as it merely involves sticking the holder to the windshield, attaching the detector, and plugging it in. The problem I ran into was that it took (no kidding!) about 10 minutes to get the two suction cups to attach firmly to the window. About a half our later, I rounded a corner, the holder fell off the windshield, and the darn thing shot across my dashboard, and fell on the floor. After that, for several days, one suction cup or the other would come loose and have to be reattached. I don't know what to make of all that, as my GPS holds on just fine. I'll tell you this, I have not taken the holder off since I got it to stick.

Whenever the unit is turned on (for example by turning on your car), it defaults to the Highway mode. But, I do a lot of highway driving, so this is not a problem for me.

The mute button is hard to find, so if I want to hush the thing, I spin the volume control. A nice, obvious mute button on the front would have been nice, instead of a hidden one on top.

There is a stop-light camera along my path that NEVER caused this unit to even chirp, even though I have seen it in action. I don't know what that means.

It seems to work well in spotting police cars, though, and has come in handy more than once. It's nice and small, so I plug it into the attachment in my armrest, and when I stop, I can grab it and stow it away in a second. When I start up my car, I just reach in, and put it back on the holder, and off I go.

So far, it seems to be a very good unit, and I am quite glad I have it. I look forward to many months of using it.

(Review of Cobra SSR 50 Performance Radar/Laser Detector)
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on July 4, 2012
My Cobra AAR 50 works like a dream. It's small and sleek size is just what I wanted, and it came with double sided tape to go right on my dash (it's illegal in Minnesota for objects to hang from rear view mirror or on windshield.) For more money other detectors detect farther and even point with arrow's where the cop's laser is. This product is great for if you sometimes go over a bit and want a head's up, not for racing or heavy speeders.

Having it a couple weeks now, I can say it hasn't gone off every time a cop drives by. Some have turned near me, or been sitting. A lot of people believe this is the Detectors fault; it's not. My friend drives very fast, and he's been pulled over three times. He says his detector didn't tell him anything: that's because cops are smart. If they see you fly by, they can tell your faster than the rest of the traffic that went by that day. He even asked how fast he was going, and they didn't say DX.

And some reviews mention that the detector goes off right when they go by a cop. They have detectors that switch on when they drive people. Thank god thats not the case in my rural area, but it does happen. The directions even talk about these lasers, that it's not fulproof, but it does look for ANY lingering laser around a car.

I highly recommend this to everybody who drives a lot. It will save you on tickets, insurance, or those times you... "Riding Dirty."
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on September 29, 2012
works ok but hey for a cheap radar dector i never expected it to find all the speed traps. if a cop is on the side of the road with his radar on it will pick it up but it also picks up alot of false alarms.
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on November 17, 2015
I did something stupid to this unit. At first I tried to power it up using a series (8) of 1.5v batteries--I was successful but the batteries did not last long. So I decided to connect the original power cord back, but wired the circuit oppositely and burnt the unit. After letting it sit on my table for a few months I gave it another try (with correct wiring this time) and found it functioning just like before. The only thing burnt out was one of the speakers, I believe, which still alarms but with a horrible sound. All the other speakers are fine and can still alarm the speed radars of the police cars.
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on July 2, 2012
I had done a lot of research about various radar detectors prior to purchasing this one. One thing that I gathered from reading the reviews was people were thinking that these things were "cop detectors" not radar detectors. You can and will see cops without a unit going off so please remember that while reading on.
I travel about 100rd trip and this has no false signals on my route which includes both highway and country driving. I receive plenty of warning (1/2 mile or greater) if I am on an unobstructed straight away or about a 1/4 mile if on a twisty road or it is raining.
The only falses I receive with this unit is when I pull into the local Hannafords or Jiffy Mart but that is expected.
Great Unit, Highly recommended for the price. just remember it isn't a cop detector. let me know if you have any questions. Length of ownership >4 months
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VINE VOICEon November 27, 2011
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If we all drove the speed limit the Radar/Laser business would not exist. The price of a speeding ticket where I live, here in AZ, is around $250.00 for 10mph over the posted speed. I know, a close friend just got nailed. The price of the ticket is nothing compared to the increase in insurance rates that hang on for several years, his almost doubled for, I think, five years.

My wife and I went shopping the day before Thanksgiving, we were traveling down a main street, when the Cobra went off, I looked down to the speedometer to find that I was quite a bit over the limit----whoa, we slowed down and drove a short distance. On a side street, about a block away, was a cruiser. The officer had the radar gun out, looking for speeders. Another cruiser, further down the street had a car pulled over and was writing a ticket! This thing has paid for itself and more. The cost of being captured for speeding is really not in my budget. From my experience on this short shopping jaunt I can honestly say that it works and now makes me more aware of how I am driving. I try to stay under the speed limit, but as some of us know the speed can creep up and up without being aware of it. Just thought I would share my first experience with the glad I had it with me.

There are radar detectors that cost a lot more than this, I fail to understand how that would work any better, possible bells and whistles would add to the price. I know this one is simple, it works, and probably saved me from a ticket and increased insurance rates.
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on November 24, 2015
It's cheap and for obvious reasons. I'm a big fan of Valentine V1...but just wanted to try some lower end detectors. Ouch! I has this side-by-side, there is no comparison against V1. I suspected there will be a difference, but wasn't aware it was this significant. I'm going to stick with my V1's..
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