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on December 3, 2011
The Kyros is a great tablet, and since it's priced about the same as the Kindle Fire, it's only fair to compare the two.


Ways the Kyros beats the Kindle Fire:

- It has a 10" screen! It's much better for games and movies. Big enough that two people can watch together. The screen resolution is the same as the Fire. Movie playback looks really, really good on the Kyros.

- You can plug in a micro SD card to add another 32GB of space to the Kyros, for a total of 36GB. Great for storing up videos / music / whatever before you go on a long trip. This is missing on the Kindle Fire. The Fire only has 6GB of usable space, with no way to expand it. So when you're outside of Wifi range, the Kyros is a way better option.

- It has a camera and a microphone, which the Fire lacks. Quality's nothing special, but they work.

- The Kyros has devoted buttons for Menu and Back. I find this easier than the touchscreen based ones on the Fire.

- There's an HDMI output port, so you can plug it into your TV. I haven't tried this yet.


But hey, the Kindle Fire's no slouch either. Ways the Kindle Fire beats the Kyros:

- The Fire has a slightly faster processor (dual-core) and more RAM than the Kyros. The Kyros runs all the games and movies I've tried just fine, but maybe there's some time the extra power would be useful.

- The Fire is smaller and easier to hold. It makes a better handheld reader than the Kyros does.

- It's more mainstream, which means getting things working on the Fire tends to be easier. For example, the latest version of the Netflix app runs kind of weird on the Kyros, so I had to download version 2.2 instead. Once I did, it worked great.


Overall I've been pleasantly surprised with the Kyros. It's awesome for watching Netflix movies, playing games, reading comics - all the usual tablet stuff. You can install the Kindle app and the Amazon marketplace on it too, so it becomes like a large-screen Fire with way more capabilities.

Lastly, a helpful hint. When you get it, the first thing you want to do is install the Android marketplace so you can get the best apps. There are instructions online for how to do this; google around a bit. I followed instructions I found on a website called "xda-developers". It takes a little bit of technical skill, so, if you're not tech-savvy, ask someone for help. I used a micro-SD card to transfer the files and it took about 15 minutes total.
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on November 17, 2011
The Pros
The tablet is good for the price.

For around $200 you really can't go wrong.

The touch screen is responsive and reacts quickly with the slightest of touch.

The 1 ghz processor speeds it along quickly and battery hold up to even a heavy user.

It's simple to use and doesn't contain a lot of bloatware.

It has a .3 mega pixel front facing camera for pictures and videos.

It makes a good eReader.

It has HDMI out to a tv and a mircosd slot which can add up to 32gb of extra storage for your device.

The Cons
It doesn't have Android Market. It has Applibs which is a modified version of the market. (This can be corrected easily in a few steps if you are a little tech savy, no rooting required) Here is the link that can show you how [...] You can always download amazon marketplace as well.

Sometimes it can be sluggish when the cache isn't clean out and sometimes it randomly reboots itself.

The sensor that senses it orientation is a little too sensitive at times and when the tablet is lying flat, it normally flips the screen upside down.

The stock android keyboard is designed for a phone not a tablet. (This can be corrected by downloading gokeyboard tab app from the android market, follow step above because they don't have the gokeyboard tablet app on Applibs

It doesn't have bluetooth.

It doesn't have a rear facing camera.

The virtual memory saved for apps is limited too 256mb and you have to manage your apps to the nano storage (3gb available of the 4gb that it comes with) This is a con because it doesn't do it for you. And it doesn't tell you that your memory is low and the only way you can know is if you monitor it. Or if the tablet is running slow and rebooting alot this is normally a sign you are running out of memory.

10.1 inches can be a little to big for some people and it is a little heavy.

It does have wifi but it doesn't support the faster (Only supports b/g not n) of the spectrums which mean web browsing can be a little slow as well as video streaming.

The Overview.

For $200 this is a great tablet if you can get passed all of it short comings. If you want something to play basic games, read books, surf the net and check email then this is the tablet for you. Although it only comes with 4gb of storage you can always expand it unlike the kindle fire. But if you need a tablet to replace your laptop this simply won't do. The build quality is good and it doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart but if you look closely around the bezel (on my tablet) there seemed to be markets on how they put it together. I'm being super picky now.

Overall a 3 out of 5
1 for good battery
2 for responsive screen
3 for being a great ereader
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on October 24, 2011
I'll update this at a later date. I also have a "Honeycomb" (3.2) Gateway A60 (Acer Iconia A500) - much prefer this for the road.

It's not for everyone as it lacks some common features such as GPS, dual-core processor, Honeycomb or higher, rear facing camera with flash/auto-focus, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, limited 4GB of device (internal) flash memory and so on.

On the other hand, as tablets are in the 'rapid' innovation cycle of their product life-cycle it makes sense for me to get an 'eco-model' then upgrade once the landscape is somewhat more stable. Much like PCs - even the cheapest can run everything one requires (within reason) these days - but this was not the case many years ago. Just a matter of time until Ice-Creme-Sandwich (and whatever comes after such as "Jelly Bean") is in every tablet anyways. So I'm waiting until the landscape stabilizes more until putting down big $$ for another top of the line tablet. Besides my Nokia X-7 has (voice) GPS and a 8 MP camera with a flash so it's a redundant feature for me.

By the way, as I write this the Tegra-3 Quad core (Kal-El) (4 plus a low power core) is coming out which is 5 times faster then the dual-core system. Later in 2012 version 10 times faster will be released. So the Coby is a great tablet to use as prices plummet in the year ahead.

I use this mainly for travel as its 3 hours at the airport (I get there early), 21 - 24 hours en-route to Asia, then another 8-hour drive to my house. I use a battery pack which uses 4 D-rechargeable batteries (and I bring along LOTS of extra batteries). The 5 VDC connector (most people use the AC adapter in this plug) works perfect for this. So I can watch many movies, listen to music (although my Philips Muse is much preferred due to the FullSound), get work done and everything I require. So battery life is not an issue with a good battery pack (my travel time is typically 35 hours which is way beyond even run-times the best tablets). Actually the hardest part is to keep the extra batteries if your passing through the US.
* I'm updating this to a gel-cell. The Coby 1125-4G has a internal battery which is 20 WH (3.7 V, 5500 mAH). A rechargeable 4-D NiMH battery pack is about 48 WH (1,1 A, 4.6VDC) and a small 12 VDC gell cell is about 84 WH (7A, 12 VDC) and up. In other words: 4-D = 2.4 charges, the gel-cell about 4.2 charges. Of course, make sure to use a step down to the correct voltage (12 VDC to 5 VDC) and make sure you have the correct polarity, voltage (per transformer output), amperage and so forth. Interestingly I also tried a 5VDC 0.5 A USB and while it slowed the discharge rate it was able to slowly recharge the tablet when it was turned off. Of course, due your homework, these are simply my own personal experiences.

In Asia I can log into my PC in North America for my security system & cameras, uTorrent downloads and so on. I can get my email, browse, access my 15-TB personal cloud (or use my dropbox), sketch out designs and so forth. I have a laptop along for heavier work anyways. I just wait until I can access a free-WiFi (often at malls) and I'm "good-to-go". The 16:9 aspect 10" screen is small enough to hide in clothing - very important in overseas locations. No way I could do that with my Gateway A60 (Acer Iconia A500).

Back in North America it works well for simple everyday tasks. For example, I take it with me when I take the wife shopping so I can surf the web while she shops. It's small enough to hide in my jacket, but not too small like our Nokia X-7 for reading/browsing. As it's very inexpensive so if it i ever stolen it not as big hit to the wallet.

Check YouTube and there is an excellent video on how to install Android Market [see comment section for the YouTube]. I suggest this be the first thing done as the "market" which comes it is useless. For example, I needed MoboPlayer, Dolphin HD and extensions and so forth and that is only to be found at the Android Market. Chat video is an issue (Skype, Yahoo..) so if you need these functions look elsewhere (whcm knows when it will get supported?, if ever).

The second is to install 32 GB (MicroSD). Make sure it is class 10 (fastest) and format it using FAT32, NOT FAT nor HTFS. Transfer as much as you can to the SD card as internal memory is very limited.

I also have additional USB thumb drives and SD/mini/micro cards (with a USB adapter) that I store movies on when on the road. Not all USB devices work - it's hit-or-miss so make sure test them first. Also I find I have to turn the tablet off, then turn it back on, for it to be read correctly. A few hard drives (formatted FAT32) will also work, but many, will not. It's not designed for it but it was a nice discovery.

Also recommended, one of those leather/stand/keyboards. For about $20 it makes your Coby 1125 into a some more akin to a Asus Transformer dock (sans battery). Works well, albiet, a small glitch using CAPS (have to press SHIFT twice).

So if you want a solid no-frills tool, fantastic price (I paid under $ 200) and good quality this might be for you if you do not mind the limitations. In two years we all know the hardware will improve by leaps and bounds anyways.

Note: I use a Iomega ScreenPLay TV Link DX to watch HDTV 1080p movies (rather than tie up my PC). I going to test this tablet shortly to see if it could perform a similar function.
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on December 6, 2011
Just received this from Amazon. Surprised at price, features and accessories of this unit. I'll start with specs. that they don't tell you. It has 4gb of onboard space, 512mb of ram a 1ghz processor and a capacitive touch display (trust me, you want this type of display). Good specs. for the dollar. I purchased the 32gb class 10 (fastest transfer rate card) patriot micro sd card for this unit and it works perfect. The unit has a nice feel to it, looks pretty good and works even better AFTER I found a set of files that let me install android market on it. The app lib. market is a joke, but check youtube for a video with a zip file that resolves this in about 5 minutes once you unzip it on the device. That's why it only got 4 stars, for not having android market. It comes with a sleeve (stretchy), power adapter, micro usb to usb cable (to connect to your pc) and an adapter to allow connecting a flash drive to the unit to transfer files and headphones. This is the main reason I chose this unit, I need a usb port (which so many don't have)for work and something light. Battery life seems pretty good and connecting it to my wifi was a cinch. I will update this as time goes on, but if you're looking to give this as a gift, I think it's a nice one.
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on November 22, 2011
I have both the mid7022 and the mid1125 both tablets are the exact same Android OS and can be upgraded the same. I have installed Android market and flash player on both. The Coby units are built very well and do not have that cheap feel.HDMI output works good and usb works good with a wireless mouse. I bought the mid1125 from J&R music and had no issues at all. First purchase from Amazon and it was very easy.
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on November 26, 2011
I thought I would chime in and finally write a review on amazon. I recently purchased the coby kyros for my wife about a week or two ago. I keep reading that you can't add the android market on this device and I wanted to steer potential future customers in the right direction. You CAN add the android market to this device rather easily, it was the first thing I did. All I did was a simple google search and I quickly found a zip file to download to my computer, then add to my device. It was rather simple and easy, so don't let that deter you from purchasing this item.

For the price this device is rather fast in my opinion.
The screen is nice and very responsive to my touch.
It has a solid feel to it (some might think its heavy) but it feels very well made.
Decent forums for support of this device found online.
I feel the battery life is also a positive on this device. I don't know how long it lasts, but we have used it a lot over a two day period before we had to charge it.


The camera is of poor quality and front facing only.
You do have to download the android market, but it is available (a small inconvenience for me)
Limited aftermarket cases available.
No full size SD slot (personal preference, I purchased a mini sd with adapter to solve this)

All in all, I am very please with the device. For $200 the cons really didn't outweigh the price of this device. My wife likes it and I liked it so much, I bought the mid8127 8" version. I mainly wanted to type a review because I keep reading you can't add the android market to this device, but you sure can.
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on April 7, 2012
Coby's MID1125 offers excellent screen resolution, speedy internet performance and seamless compatibility with more types of video files than many other tablets, but the lack of the official Android Market is a limitation that could affect its usefulness for some.

A little background: I also have an HTC Flyer, which is a $300 (when I bought it) 7-inch tablet that does have the full Google suite of applications, including Android Market. I bought this Coby 1125 as a second tablet because I wanted to try one with a bigger screen for certain uses, such as internet, while keeping the 7-inch as a music player and audio streaming device (two of my main uses for it). I figured, I'd have $500 invested in two tablets, whereas a costlier tablet could cost me that much or more just for one.

Some impressive things:

-The Coby 1125 plays Windows Media files from my PC, but the HTC Flyer does not.
-The feel of this Coby is nice; it's shaped well, not too thick, and feels solid in your hands.
-Touch-screen responsiveness is excellent.
-I love Android Gingerbread (2.3). It's what my phone has, and was what my HTC Flyer had before I upgraded it to Honeycomb (which I regret having done).
-The "back," "home" and "menu" buttons on the Coby 1125 are on the side of the tablet's face - not on the screen itself - and are VERY intuitive and user-friendly, as you can just swipe your finger across the approximate location of the "back" or "home" button, and you'll activate it correctly every time. The "home" button in the middle of these three is a hardware-type button that is metallic and silver, so that's super easy to find, too. To me, this is far easier to use than the on-screen buttons that most Honeycomb (Android 3.x) tablets have for these frequently-used functions. Plus, the design with the recognizable home button in the middle serves to allow instantly locating the locations of these buttons. A truly great design.
-Very good battery life. Playing saved MP3s with the screen off, the battery will last essentially forever. If you stream music online with the screen off, life is also great, offering many hours of play. Surfing the net depletes the battery the most quickly, as you have both an internet connection and screen going, but it's still many hours before you get down to the point where you need to charge. Unless you just go crazy with the thing, it's hard to imagine it not going an entire day on a charge.
-The mini-USB to USB jack cord included with the tablet is a fantastic feature. With this, you can plug in a flash drive and view its contents on the Coby (without even going through a computer). You can also attach a keyboard and/or a mouse if you want to do some heavier typing than you are comfortable doing with a touch-keypad.

What You Need to Know:

With no Android Market, your selection of apps is different than it is on Android Market. Some people have posted instructions online for putting Android Market on this tablet, but that's not a panacea because Android Market (and other "app stores") will query your tablet and find out what it is, and if the app you want is not stated as being suitable for this device, it won't even show up in search results. The upshot of this: If you're buying this tablet for a 10-year-old who is primarily interested in certain games, you need to make certain you're going to have access to them on here. GetJar, which is the Android app source that comes pre-loaded on this tablet, works fine and has many excellent apps. Plus, GetJar is completely open - you don't have to put in an email address, credit card or any other personal details to use it. Nice for parents who are worried about their son or daughter running up big bills for a bunch of paid apps. BTW - GetJar does have Angry Birds for this tablet. I don't play it, but I know it's important to many.

The Amazon Appstore, which is easy to load on this device, also works very well and offers an expanded source of apps. (I have it.) To me, Amazon and GetJar taken together represent an excellent source of apps, but that will not be true for absolutely everyone -- especially those who have their heart set on one certain game or widget and are not willing to accept a similar substitute.


This is a well-engineered device. There are cool features here that you don't have even on some tablets that cost more than twice as much, such as the excellent off-screen buttons and the full USB capability with the included USB adapter cord. If you want to do internet, email, view media, etc., you really can't go wrong. The only potential limitation is for those who are hardcore app-hounds who want to be certain have access to many specific titles that may or may not be available for this tablet. But that's not me, and I'm very pleased to have this Coby.
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This device works pretty good. The down side - after using it a little more than 2 weeks, it just died. It would not turn on and won't reset. So I contacted tech support at Coby. Its warranty is only good for 90 days, and in order to get it looked at, I have to ship it to them on my dime, and include a money order for $15. I would expect free shipping both ways since the unit is defective. I tried to return it to the seller, Adorama, but they require a receipt and an original packing slip, which was lost. Good thing we got a Square Trade Warranty. Too bad they told us we have to go through Coby!

Bottom line if you are comparison shopping add about $30 to the price to cover warranty service.
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on December 28, 2011
I have been impressed with this tablet so far. The battery lasts for quite a while... my wife and son have played games on it all day long and it still has a charge in the evening. I would guess that the battery can go 7-10 hours if the tablet is used nonstop. Adobe flash does work on this tablet, as does Netflix. Of course all the Angry Birds games work as well. The camera is not all that great, but I doubt anybody in my family will even care about the camera. They want it for surfing the internet, watching movies, and playing games.

I installed the Amazon Market to get apps and it works perfectly. I try to check on the Amazon free app of the day, so I now have over 50 apps/games I can install on the tablet. For those that complain about lack of the Google Market on this tablet, you better consider trying the Amazon Market... it is catching on quickly!

There really is nothing bad I can say about the tablet. The price is outstanding. My wife and son love it. The capacitive screen looks great and the touch part works well... much better than the cheap resistive screens on other cheap tablets. The battery is amazing. There are external volume buttons. The speakers are quite loud. HDMI output works perfectly. Recharge time is decent (about 3 hours). It pulls in the Wifi signal from anywhere within the house. I have had no need to reset the tablet and it has never locked up.

For the price and performance, I would highly recommend this tablet.
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on March 28, 2012
This was a great purchase. I waited a month to write this so i would have a solid opinion. I researched many tablets before i purchased this one. The coby cryos is a great buy. You can google the android market and download an app for free. Then the process is very simple....have fun. I am very happy with coby. I am a student of comuter electronic engineering and this
fits my needs.
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