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on September 16, 2010
I bought these headphones randomly when I lost my other (more expensive) pair. The were inexpensive and looked good so I bought them to tide me over until I got another paid of the ones I had lost. That was almost a year ago. When I first plugged the headphones in and chose the right ear size the sound quality was unbelievable. Deep base lines and crisp treble, I have recommended these to my friends and they have been equally amazed at the quality. Yeah, you might be able to get a paid of Bose or something that are better, but I'll keep the $100 I save and buy some more tunes.
As for isolation, lets just say on more than one occasion I have not heard my phone ringing right next to me while I'm at work.

With all the garbage headphones out there that charge a lot and deliver a little, Coby has set the standard as far as I'm concerned.
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on July 27, 2010
I got these headphones has backup headphones for when my other pair breaks. (I'm very hard on headphones and they only last about 3 months in my care.)
These headphones visually are very pretty. I love the glossy paint that gives a metallic look to the earphones. It also comes with a polyester drawstring bag to protect the headphones and the 3 sizes of jellies. Upon wearing these headphones they are very comfortable and do not cause pain to the ear canal entrance and to your outer ear. The cord is very nice quality and has a decent amount of length to it. So you can easily carry your Mp3 player or any other playing device in your pocket and not worry about having it unplug on you.
The sound quality is just WONDERFUL!! It has a 'bass boost' in it and I absolutely love it! It also is reduces the amount of noise from the outside world without having to really turn up the volume. The music comes through clear and crisp.
I think these headphones are a wonderful buy and I'm glad to say they are a better quality then those $15~20 headphones you find at Wal-Mart!
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on May 3, 2011
I bought those earphones to replace a pair of Sennheiser CX300-B that failed one of the speakers. Since the Sennheiser lasted just a few months - probably my fault, I used it at the gym, stuck it in my pockets with the player, and so on. Knowing that I would not be any better in the future I decided to buy something a little cheaper. After reading many reviews, I thought the CVEM79BLK would be a good try, at $8.20. When I received the product, I immediately changed the medium size silicon ear plugs for the larger size, which are similar in size to the the ones I had in the Sennheiser. My first experience was not good: bass was very weak and the general felling was that I was listening to a "bee box". Then tried the Sennhouse silicons with the Coby, with slightly better results. Finally, I tried it again, this time with the medium sized Coby plugs that came originally installed. Surprise!! It sounded great! Bass an treble were all there and I can honestly say that I never heard a sub-$10.00 head phone with a better sound. The product looks good, seems to be well built, the cable is nice and of apparently good quality. As a bonus it comes with a small storage bag for those who are more careful than I am. Since I just bought it, I cannot rate its durability. I would recommend this product to anybody who wants a inexpensive, with a decent performance, earphone. If you buy it don't forget to try all the included silicon plugs. Selecting the right size to one's ear shape proved to me to be a requirement in order to enjoy this earphone sound quality.

Update on 07/01/2011

I thought it would be fair to return and reiterate my ratings for these inexpensive ear buds. After using then almost daily, at the gym, at work and at bed time, having the cable entangled and pulled so strongly that the phones came out of my ears, they are still working perfectly, sound quality has been maintained. Two more things I noticed: 1 - when I jog the wind passing through the cable does not create any noise! That was one of my complains with most of the ear buds I have tried. 2 - the small size is perfect to listen to your music in bed. Even resting your ear on the pillow, they are still comfortable. I am going to purchase another pair!!
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on May 28, 2010
for the money they are great. good loud sound quality. I run an exmark Lazer Z lawn mower, and with these and hearing protectors, i only hear a little humming from my mower and great music! buy these good deal , strong cord, metal housing, 3 different sizes of ear jells! and a nice felt storage bag too. also quality gold tipped plug!
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on January 26, 2011
I bought this pair of earbuds cause i was looking for a good pair of affordable buds. These deff fit the bill. The appearance is excellent and so is the sound quality. GOOD bass. I really enjoyed them. I'm ordering my 2nd pair cause my 3 month old puppy chewed and ripped the cord.

Also a tip for those who experience the buds slipping out of the ear canal:

Before you put them into your ear, pull the upper part of your ear to open the canal up a bit THEN insert the bud into your ear. It gets the buds further into the ear, making them more secure.
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on November 30, 2011
As you will have seen from other reviews, these inexpensive Coby earbuds are very comfortable and have a really nice sound and build quality for ~$10 headphones. They would be a well appreciated upgrade to standard issue headphones with almost any device. They come in a spectacular variety of colors, which can be more important to some kids than the actual sound quality. However I don' know that you will get a more pleasant sound and normal listing values with anything else.

So definitely don't go cheaper than this when you buy headphones. If all you want is pleasant listening at normal volumes, you can, and probably will, do worse with any other choice in this price range.


As good as these sound at a normal listening volumes (where they are definitely "pleasant") they have a relatively narrow range of volume where they produce nicely balanced sound. If you set the volume lower than that, the bass drops out. If you try to play it loud, you get pretty bad distortion.

IMHO this is the ideal headphones to buy for your teanage or pre-teen son or daughter BECAUSE is only works well at health listening volumes. They will NOT be tempted to turn it up because it sounds so much better when you don't.

If you want to have higher and lower volumes as an option for YOUR personally use (assuming you are a responsible adult) then it would make very little sense to buy these as anything other than a backup. When I bought these I also bought a set of GOgroove audiOHMs that were much better at handling high and low volume and only cost $2.50 more. They have better high treble response, better stereo separation, and deeper bass (although the can sound a bit boomy depending on the audio source). Another excellent choice is the JBud J2, which is about $5 more than the Coby and has a similarly smooth and "pleasant" sound. It just manages to do that at a wider range of volumes.

So for basic listing at normal volumes these are probably an unbeatable value. If you also need loud or soft you can get that for only a couple $$ more if you know where to look.

Or do what I did and try them all!!!
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on March 19, 2011
I'm not an audiophile by all means, but the sound from this guy sounds good to me. It doesnt sound muffled or thin like many other cheap ones at this price range. I haven't tested it much, and I hear there is a break in period for all headphones, but I watched some videos of man vs wild that I previously watched and I could hear subtle things I didnt notice before (low rumble and cracking sounds of a camp-fire). Music wise it sounds decently rich..highs are crisp, lows are good. If I were to say a con, it definitely has less of that "airy" effect you get with open-air designs. These earphones have a hole behind the speaker to mitigate that a bit, and to port the bass for more lows but less punch. Phsyically, I like the fact that the rubber-like inserts that go inside your ear feel soft like silicone skin cases. The package comes with 3 sizes total and you get a small, black felt pouch to hold everything in. The inserts dont put pressure against the walls of my ear but I could definitely "hear", or lack thereof, the sound isolation from ambiant noise. The color of the earphones themselves look gun metal. The wire looks braided and it's soft, not plasticy like some cheap speaker wire. All in all, two thumbs up especially for the price!

Update: Comparing them with my Koss UR-20 and Koss KSC75, these sound more intimate. I would say I prefer these over the Koss headphones, and those models got good reviews to put it in perspective. I had the KSC75 and these jammers together for a direct comparison...and for the same song at the same volume, the jammers provided more sound and less interfered by ambiant noise. I'm excited to test these out with jazz music or classical. For a cheap set of earphones, I recommend these all the way down to Motown.
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on September 26, 2010
I picked these earbuds up on a whim - my previous earbuds had broken (and so had the replacement pair!), and I needed a replacement for my commute every day. I've never been so happy. The casing on these is like metal. The wiring is sturdy and non-stick, and the sound quality is incredible. Loud bass, crisp treble. LOVE LOVE LOVE. They look, and sound, like a million dollars. I've found my new favorite earbuds.
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on June 23, 2011
Pros: The bass hits real hard, Mids are good, highs seem good as well. I'm not a huge audiophile but these are in the above-average range for earbud sound quality.

Cons: Strain relief on the 3.5mm jack is absolutely horrible! The hole for the wire is about 0.5mm too large in diameter, which is way too loose and allows the wire to get damaged easily. Poor design choice to go with hard plastic strain relief- really does the wire no favor. Anyway I've used them for maybe a couple months, and they still work IF the wire is in exactly the right place. Meaning, it usually works when sitting assuming you sit still, but doesn't work at all walking/jogging/working out.

Summary: While the sound quality is great, assuming the wires don't short out, there's no value in earbuds that won't even last a couple months. It's really not worth my time to fuss around with $10 earbuds that don't work, when most likely there are several slightly more expensive options that'll last for at least a year. Also, this IS NOT a case of a "defective" unit, the strain relief is a design flaw found in most if not all of these earbuds. Might not be an issue if you pamper the wires.
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on October 12, 2011
I am a long-time hi-fi enthusiast / musician and have done lots of critical listening on pretty nice rigs over the years. I have been testing out tons of budget headphones lately, including direct comparisons between models of similar design and price point. I'm sitting here staring at about nine different sets of < $20 IEMs, including the Jammerz Platinum, and offerings from much better-known brands. In extensive side-by-side comparison, the Cobys are clearly one of the best-sounding sets on the table in front of me.

I've also listened to quite a few other Coby phones, including some of their less expensive IEMs, the CV185, the CV135, and the CVH42. Although the latter three are in a different genre of phone, I will also say that the Platinums sound the best of all these as well. The lesser Coby IEMs are definitely not worth listening to or buying-- they have a very tin-canny sonic signature that gives away the fact that they are extremely cheap. You'd be just as well or better off with your stock earbuds. Not so with the Platinums.

Don't get me wrong. These are easily bettered by one or two IEMs I could name at the $20 price point, and no one is going to confuse them with a halfway decent set of $50-100 IEMs listened to side by side. (That said, there are a lot of shockingly bad IEMs at the $50-100 price point too.) But if you want sealed-ear buds and you only have a Hamilton or barely more to get the job done, the Cobys should be looked at pretty seriously.

The Coby "sound signature" in their better phones is somewhat bass-heavy, with present, still-clear, but comparatively dull mids and highs and an early high-treble rolloff. This is something the Jammerz Platinum share with their circumaural Coby brethren, but the rolloff and dullness is much less pronounced than with, say, the CV185. On my Rockbox players, a 3dB basic treble boost makes these just about right.

Also, these phones have good bass coverage, but they are not what I would call basshead phones. The Mee SX31 have a similar sonic signature to the Jammerz Platinum (meaning, they could use-- and decently tolerate-- a slight treble boost), but have noticeably stronger, deeper, tighter bass-- more exaggerated and potentially more fun with electronic genres.

The M2s, however, aren't as attractive as the Cobys, and they don't have the cool-looking cable or the black-velvet drawstring pouch. I'm pretty happy with the bass level on the Platinums as I'm a full-spectrum listener, and actually still find the bass to be a little on the too-much side. The bass doesn't bleed much into upper frequencies and seems to be well controlled. I can't say that for a lot of Coby's brand-name competition in the price range.

I find the Cobys pretty comfortable to wear for sessions of an hour or so-- which is very good by IEM standards in my book. A few extra eartips are provided, but I've found the stock ones quite alright for getting a good, comfortable seal.

A pretty well-known "every IEM ever reviewed" thread on a popular headphone forum compares these vaguely to the original JVC Marshmallows in sound and comfort. I have not had those phones for a long time, but from my recollection I think the Cobys are somewhat better-sounding and more even-keeled phones than the old Marshmallows. They are also MUCH better than the new Marshmallows with inline remote, which sound downright horrible. (I have a pair sitting right here next to the Cobys.)

One last note - these don't do the greatest job of isolating folks in your surroundings from your listening material; the back vents leak a lot. While I was listening to the Cobys, a friend of mine correctly identified the band I was listening to from ten feet. It wasn't a band he was terribly familiar with, either.

Like several of Coby's "higher-end" headphone offerings, the Jammerz Platinum are a pretty darned good value and should be at the top of the short list for any cheapskate IEM buyer. The Mee SX31 should also be at the top of that list, especially if you like your bass.
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