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on May 6, 2009
This system is wonderful for a starter set. If you're a college student, new to surround or looking for something simple for a smaller room, this is a great choice. The biggest plus about this system is that I can hook up my Xbox (RCA hook up or digital). Keep in mind that If you hook it up with RCA you can't get surround, but the stereo sounds amazing. I was afraid of Coby from all bad reviews on other systems. This one really exceeded every expectations. Very clear sound, great price and a great DVD player make this perfect.
I'm 21 and live in an apartment so the rooms aren't that big. I have a 100 sq. foot living room. This system is just right. When you finish setting it up (took me about 30 min, running cables and all) you need to put in a DVD like Lord of the Rings to test out the sound. If you leave everything at the default you'll notice that there's almost no bass and the center speaker is WAY over powering. Play around with your setting for a while, you CAN get bass out of it, just look through the menus.
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on December 13, 2012
This review contains comparisons between the Sony dvd surround system that this Coby system replaces. I feel that such an approach is necessary with the many unfavorable reviews about this product. I had serious misgivings about buying this system after reading the negative reviews, but settled on this Coby because of another Coby dvd player I own, but more on that later.

My Sony dvd surround sound system is now nearly 7 years old and has been used a great deal, and it finally decided it didn't want to play dvd's any more, so I was in the market for something new.

From a sound perspective, this Coby beats the Sony by miles. Why? Well, the Sony with 1,000 watts of power was excellent at creating a wonderful experience when watching movies with the volume past midway to full blast, but when turned down to a lower level, there was no depth whatsoever. It was only marginally better than the mediocre sound coming from my tinny HDTV speakers. The Coby with just 600 watts of power delivers all the same richness and clarity of sound only heard at high volume on the Sony and the Coby does it at ALL volume levels. Plus, On this Coby there is more separation of the different sounds that are filtered through the various speakers, which is supposed to be a hallmark of all true surround sound systems. The Sony separated the sounds, but they were never this noticeably clearly coming from the different locations. Just goes to prove that it's not about the wattage but how a company utilizes it that counts.

In normal operation, my Sony player was flawed from the moment I started using it. It took extraordinary long periods of time to do anything. Press eject, get a 'please wait' flashing message for 5 seconds before the tray popped out. Put a disc in, get numerous messages for up to 10 seconds before any menu showed up. My Coby system starts right up immediately and has immediate response no matter what the function.

My Sony a few years back started accumulating a large number of DVD's that it decided it would not play at all. It was at that point I heard from different people experiencing similar problems with Sony and Panasonic DVD players that there was a Coby dvd player that could be obtained for $20 that would literally play ANY format of disc available in the U.S. and that it would also play discs from other countries' unique formats such as PAL as well. I bought one of those DVD players and it has proved to be quite a great asset, since my Sony decided not to play about a quarter of the many thousands of DVDs I now own. When looking into this new Coby home theater system, I noted that it claimed to also play all formats and I can tell you that it is definitely true. Every disc I've put in it, including the ones that wouldn't play in the Sony but would play in the $20 Coby also play in this Coby home theater.

Another reviewer noted that they can't play mp3's in this Coby system. Not true. There is an audio input interface on the back of the unit. There is a cable that connects to that and plugs in to your mp3 player or other device sold at Best Buy and also Radio Shack that you can obtain for less than $10 and you will be able to use your mp3 player or iphone or ipod. You can also use that same interface for the purpose of hooking up your cable or satellite tv to the unit and you WILL experience surround sound IF the channel you are watching is broadcasting in surround sound. I include that as info because still another reviewer falsely claimed that you can't hook up other devices and experience surround sound on this Coby system.

This Coby also has the ability to read SD memory cards and USB storage devices, something my Sony could not do. Since the Coby system can play all formats of discs, that includes karaoke discs, and it has two mic ports on the front of the unit, and karaoke functionality is also something my Sony did not have as capability.

If the Coby has a downside, its only that the remote doesn't have a light up function and some of the buttons are too similar to others, making easy operation in the dark a bit challenging. I'll take that downside in the light of the many positive things that you truly have a surround sound system for, which the Coby has an abundance of.

And then there is cost. The Sony set me back $460 then while this Coby was just $80. The Coby is not just a value, it defeats one of the best names in the business on every front. And yes, I've seen and heard the new Sonys in person, so I am not just making that previous statement as a comparison of only my old Sony to this new Coby. Sony is STILL not up to par. If you buy a Sony, you are buying an overpriced and outdated reputation that they are just not living up to anymore.

I will update this review if I experience any issues with my Coby home theater system, but based on my previous experience with that inexpensive little Coby dvd player, I suspect I will have nothing but good things to report for a long, long time.
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on July 29, 2009
I view the Coby DVD938 from a "Value" perspective. Based on the relatively low price I do not expect top of the line performance; however, I do anticipate solid quality from a set of basic features.

The Coby DVD938 delivers on this criteria. Nothing fancy, just basic features with decent sound quality.

I would not recommend this for your main home-theater setup. Instead I would recommend it for a secondary system.

My only "Beef" with this unit is the way in which the audio source defaults to DVD each time the unit is powered off and back on. Add to this a really long delay on the Coby when switching between audio source input (approx. 3-5 seconds) and three audio input sources (DVD, Radio, Line). My primary use is for audio from my Dish satellite receiver. This is the "Line" audio source on the Coby. So, each time I power the unit on I trudge through the process to switch to "Line" audio input... My work-around solution to simply mute the Coby when powering down, then un-mute when powering back on (saves lots of time, but wastes some electricity I suppose).
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on October 5, 2009
On the surface, this product seems to be pretty good at first. Then once it is all hooked up, things change a bit. The first thing you have to do is make sure you get all the settings correct or you won't get Dolby Surround on the external input.

The second thing I found out and it still bugs me is that it won't hold the last "source" setting after you put it on standby. There are three source settings; DVD, Radio and Line. I use Line 90% of the time. But every time I shut the system down at night and then start it up again the next day, I have to change the source to line again. This is really just poor design.

The third problem is on some DVDs it will skip and not play them. I thought I had a bad DVD until I bought my Blu-ray player a few weeks later and the DVD played fine on that.

Overall, the sound is great but I wouldn't count on it for playing all DVDs well.
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on July 28, 2011
I was disappointed from the very start. The instructions seemed to be written by a 10 year old. The system only had an AV output so I couldn't connect my HDMI cable from my tv. When I finally got it all hooked up only 2 of the speakers worked and the ones that did, didn't sound that great. But after 30 minutes of tinkering I realised that you can only use the "surround sound" when you are using the dvd player.
The response time from the remote to the dvd player took a very long time and sometimes it wouldn't work at all. The dvd player would turn off randomly or change from dvd to radio. The radio stations didn't come in clearly and some didn't come in at all.
The overall quality of this product is crap. I will never buy a Coby system again.
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on June 26, 2010
This was a great buy on a surround sound system. It was
a gift for my son-in-law who loved it. I had shopped around
this was the best price I found, it was delivered quickly and
in great shape. Thanks
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on December 3, 2012
Well it sounded like it might be a decent system for what I was looking for which was a little sound for my bar. I love how they put HDMI cables into the bundle to get you to buy the cables with the unit even though the unit does not have HDMI ports.. The sound is not great the speaker wires are very short and was unable to reach no more that 10' away from the unit.. Well I should have went to a pawn shop and spent a lot less and got a lot more. If I had known this system was this sad i would have passed. However when I was setting it up it did take a nice little fall of about 4 feet and it is still kicking so I will give it props on that. The sub is really bad. I have a 50$ system on my pc that has more power and sound than this thing does. All in all I think 2 stars was being very nice.
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on June 12, 2010
The sound is mostly what I bought this for, since most LCD TVs have weak or poor sound. I've been pleased with the audio quality, but the AM/FM receiver is very weak. I ended up supplementing it with an FM antenna just to be able to get some stations that didn't sound like 30-70% static. The DVD player is also poor. Dark scenes cause my screen to flicker as the player is somehow not transmitting a true black to my TV properly (this doesn't happen with dark scenes on cable, so it's not the TV). I'll probably end up buying a DVD player to supplement this, which means that I'll have spent a minimum of an extra $80 between the FM antenna & DVD player supplementation. If you're looking for an all-in-one unit, look somewhere else. If you just want to get better sound for your TV, then this will do fine.
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on August 2, 2010
We bought this unit based on price, and it is great, for the price. It is a basic unit with basic features.

I wish there was more customizability in the unit. It is a pain to always have to walk through the controls from DVD, to Radio to Line input, just to watch cable TV. But what can you expect for under $100?

Well worth the price.
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on March 10, 2013
I have had it a month now and used it half-a-dozen times and it is great -- great sound -- easy to use & hookup. I have had others
with not much suscess. If this is still working in two years it will be by far the best I've had in this price bracket.
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