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on November 22, 2012
Yes, I'm a real person who actually bought this TV from Amazon. There is a person who left a review who didn't even buy the TV and was thinking these reviews were bogus. Not true.

I happened upon the lightening deal on Monday, November 19th, 2012 and needed a new TV. I have a 13 year-old analog that I love but it was too small and I wanted an update. I had been looking at TV's for a while and just couldn't afford one....until now. I read the rules for the lightening deals and was ready when this came up for sale. I thought for $147.00 it was worth a try. Plus, I am a Prime member and there was no shipping fee for me.

UPS arrived two days after purchase and I was anxious to set it up. I am 66 years old and had no trouble lifting it out of the box and turning the screws to put the stand on. Digital TV's are all new to me but I managed just fine to get my Dish and Roku box set up...all within two hours. Today I am going to add my Bose series II sound dock speaker to the TV. I listen to Pandora and Live 365 internet radio a lot while I am working at home and really like quality sound. My old analog TV had great sound. This TV not so much. However, I have not yet tried playing with the adjustments for sound yet.

For $147.00 I am thrilled. I could not afford anything more expensive and I am very happy so far. If you want a higher end TV and can afford it, go for it. For my first digital TV, this was perfect and was the right size for my living room.

If anything bad happens, I'll be back to add to the review.

I see Amazon still has this TV in the lightening sale every day. If you are thinking about getting one, be quick to hit the add to cart button.
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on November 22, 2012
What's with the people who don't own this TV bashing it?? Get off the internet, put down your conspiracy books and do something productive in society.

Is this TV worth $147. ABSOLUTELY. Are there better TVs around the $300 price point, YES

I would pay up to probably $250 for this TV.

That has NOTHING to do with picture quality (as it's fantastic) or the sound quality of the built in speakers (some of the best I've heard on new TVs). I would pay UP TO $250 simply because it's thinker than most of the newer TVs.

I almost didn't jump on the lighting deal because of this (my wife and I bought it for our 24' Travel Trailer), but she talked me into it and I am super glad she did.

And now I have to say those dreaded words no man likes to say to his wife..."you were right honey". GAH!

But she was. If you can snag this for -$250, do it.
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on November 23, 2012
Got this like many others as a lightning deal ($147). Shipping was fast, came with no cover/amazon packaging though, so if you order this be prepared to sign for it and/or if you have a lax delivery person, to have what is clearly a television sitting on your door step. As for set up, the tv is nice and light weight (not terribly hard to move/lift), is energy star which is nice, and it was very simple to install the base (just need a long phillips screwdriver). Next, the tv itself seems ok for around the 150$ mark, I'd say it's decent enough to be worth up to around $200, however if you have more than that to spend for your 32 inch tv, I'd definitely go another route/brand...and please note as an owner of a sony and lg flat screen tv, this tv in absolutely no way compares to that quality level (you get what you pay for, and with this coby you are getting a fair image at best) My comcast digital cable looks pretty poor on it, it's somewhat pixalated and the choices for image setting/size are somewhat lacking (expect the black bars around your image for many channel choices) I also think the color saturation is weak when i use the cable option, but seems pretty fair/vivid for the wii hookup. Also, my boyfriend says there is some dragging or lag when we play video games, i think it's ok, but I'm not a gamer so thought I should mention that as it may bother people who play a lot of video games. The sound is not super clear to my ear, seems a little bit tinny, but not terrible. All in all, if you are looking for something that is gonna be super responsive and look amazing, this is probably not the best tv for you...if this is however just a second tv or perhaps for a none to picky kiddo, or bedroom tv etc, than this television should be sufficient for the price. Also, as a helpful hint, when you hook up a wii gaming system (or possibly others, I only have WII for reference) to your AV source, please note, this tv has what i consider to be unusual setup but may be typical now, in that you actually don't put the yellow plug on your AV cord into the yellow slot, instead the green slot is you use red, white and the green outlet...I had some issue with this at first and for anyone who is (like myself) not super familiar with this application, I thought this information might save someone out there a headache or two. Also, since I just got this, I cannot speak to the longevity of this product but will report back/edit this review at a later date. Happy shopping everyone!
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on November 21, 2012
What is the best way to rate a product. For me, the fair question to ask: "Is the product worth the price I paid?" So let's look at the facts. I paid $147 for this Coby 32" 720p LED TV. Is it worth $147? YES. Is it worth $225? YES.

Is it worth $299? NO. You could find a better quality 32" LED TV set for $299. (Let's face it, I'm sure that this TV was specially made for Black Friday and holiday sales). Amazon sells better quality 32" LED TV everyday. For example, the TCL LE32HDE5300 32-Inch 720p Slim LED HDTV is a better quality and better looking TV than this one. It sells for $258. But for $100 less, this Coby set is a Good Deal.

Now let's take a look at the controversy caused by Mrinal K. Gayali's (MKG) mistaken 1 Star rating on Tuesday November 20. On the 20th, MKG saw the 32" Coby LED show up on the lightning deal at 6pm est. He also noticed that the 32" Coby LED was rated as the #1 TV on Amazon . MKG noticed that there were no (zero) ratings for the 32" Coby LED TV, so he rated it with 1 Star and complained about the Amazon rating system. Two things MKG got wrong:

(1) The 32" Coby LED was a lightening deal on Monday (11/19), Tuesday (11/20), Wednesday (11/21). So on Monday 11/20 let's say 1,000 people bought the 32" Coby LED lightning deal. So, on Tuesday 11/20 the 32" Coby LED was the #1 selling TV on Amazon. (No other TVs sold 1,000 units on 11/19, 11/20 or 11/21 (lightning deals). *** Most Lightning Deals show up as "Number 1 Best Seller" for a day or two because they sell so many in one day.***

(2) This TV first went on sale on Amazon on November 7, 2012. A few people actually purchased the TV between Nov 7th and 19th. So, they noticed the November 19th lightning deal and rated the TV to give US an honest rating of the TV they bought between 11/7 and 11/19.

I hope this helps to clear up any misconceptions. And like Jeanette said below, would be nice if Mrinal K. Gayali and others would be decent enough to update their unfair ratings.
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on November 24, 2012
So much drama about this tv! Allow me to lay some fears to rest.

Item was boxed well, no damaged parts and no wiggle room for parts to get hurt during transit any more than usual. The box was not bulletproof but was sturdy nonetheless.
Fair warning: The box VERY MUCH advertises exactly what's kept inside of it - be on your toes if this is intended for a gift, like mine was. A giant picture of a TV with the words "COBY 32" HDMI" and so on are not incredibly subtle and I ended up giving the gift a month early.

Setup is easy, took about 2 minutes (six screws altogether). Standing on its base, the tv is very difficult to tip forwards, which is great because I have cats that love to pull on televisions. It is much easier to knock backwards, however, so we elected to purchase a wall mount just in case.

The picture is fantastic, absolutely no complaints. I compared it side by side to my existing television and noticed no difference or loss of quality.
My only complaint is, when I turned the brightness very high, the picture began to show the sort of "whited out flashlight effect" that is a little off-putting...but I have no reason to ever turn the brightness that high to begin with, so it still fits my needs just fine.

The sound has a slight echo effect to it, especially at louder volumes, but it is something I was able to stop noticing within a few minutes of watching tv.

All the hookups for the tv are in the back, for those wondering.

All in all, the tv is all I need it to be. I don't require the best of the best. If you do, you can probably find something better (albeit pricier). If you're like me, a little laid back when it comes to tech stuff, you should be able to relax and enjoy this purchase.
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on November 23, 2012
I too got this TV on the $147 Lightning Deal.

For the price, it was well worth it. Purchased it for a spare bedroom/gaming TV. Definitely beats the 19" one my kid was using in their bedroom.

Still haven't figured out how to use the yellow/red/white connector cable with the TV setup correctly, but solved that by using an HDMI cable.

Overall, I would buy another one of these for the price, but as others have indicated, it's a decent basic TV with a good picture, good sound, and functionality but probably wouldn't have spent much more for it.

Sometimes you have to take a chance if there are no (VALID!) reviews. With Amazon's reputation for excellent customer service, I had no hesitation in making my purchase. Hopefully it will last longer than the warranty period. :)
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on November 23, 2012
I bought this during the black friday week of deals and used to replace a smaller TV (22") in my bedroom. As a bedroom TV it's very good. It's very light weight so it sits on the satellite receiver easily. The picture quality is also very good, considering the price paid. I connected to my satellite using an HDMI and I was very surprised to see additional HDMI connections on the TV for other devices. Viewing from bed is very good as well. It's the appropriate size for my room so the ability to read program descriptions, what's on the DVR or my Netflix queue is a treat.

If I needed another TV for a bedroom, rec room or other secondary location I would definitely buy another one of these. Because it is 720p I wouldn't use it as a main TV with a BluRay player but in any other application it would work out great.
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on November 22, 2012
I bought this TV for the great price of $147 plus tax. That being said its a great TV at that price and more. Picture quality looks great in HD, sound not bad, the only issue I had was that the power cord seems awful short but thats a tiny problem. Overall its a great TV-didn't break the bank-and came in 2 days. I added the SquareTrade 3 year warranty so I feel confident for the next 3 years. I am using it as a bedroom TV and it fits the bill as they say. Buy it.....
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on November 23, 2012
I bought this during one of the lighting deals. I received the product in 2 days. That was pretty quick for a free super saver shipping. Hats off to Amazon for that.
About the product - It is light weight, can carry around very easily. Sound is the one of the best among the tv's under $200 i would say.It is clear and crisp. Picture is not the best, but not bad.I dont know about the reliability as COBY does not have a great history when it comes to the quality. So I will spare one star for that.
If you get it for 147 again, dont think twice..just grab your piece...
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on December 6, 2012
My husband bought me this TV as a present. 32inches is not all that big, but we put it in our bedroom and it is just right. It is VERY light. I don't know much about TVs but when this was delivered to my door I wasn't expecting to be able to pick the box up with 1 hand. I am super impressed with the energy efficiency of this TV, makes me feel "green" as I am watching it. The color quality of the picture is beautiful. The only thing that I don't like about it are the speakers. I feel they aren't that great. They make noise, but it's like the speakers are not pointing in the right direction, so I have to turn it up louder. I feel like my old TV funneled the noise towards the audience better, so things could be heard more clearly.
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