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on September 30, 2010
I got this MP3 player after looking for one at a reasonable price mainly for just playing music. After reading some of the reviews on how it was difficult to get music onto the player, I was dreading a long and drawn out ordeal putting my music on it.

But to my surprise it was super easy transferring my music over to the player. I simply plugged it in, registered it, selected which music folder on my computer that I wanted it to read from, then boom, there's a list of all the songs in MP3 format on my computer.

Then I just choose synchronize for which songs I want to add and that's it.

For the money this is the best deal I have found. It is hard finding an 8gig music player alone, much less one with pictures and video options.
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on June 6, 2011
Ok, so I know there are a lot of reviews. I also know that a lot of them don't cover everything about this product.

I received this product as a gift from a friend, in exchange for books.

--------The Good--------
[The Price]
It's fairly decent, to me. $33 for one, free shipping, and you get about twice the storage capacity as most others in this price range.

[Battery Life]
I have seen a lot of talk about the battery life. Let me tell you that I ran a test yesterday. At 9:18am I started playing music. I ran it until 5:00pm. Yes I was using the buttons to jump around at least moderately to select different songs.

As far as I could see, the battery icon remained full and it played great. At 5pm I cut it off and put it to charge. It took 1 hour to get back to full. That is very good, in my opinion.

--------The Bad--------
[Warranty Scam]
As cheap as it is online, you are taking a risk with this. I'm not sure if a seller would take it back and replace if defective. If not, you are screwed. The fine print in the warranty states that you are required to send a defective product back to their facility. (That's $2-$3 for shipping.)

You are also required to send a money order for $6 for them to ship a new/fixed product back to you. Can you say money scam??

Their customer service is a joke. They don't care if you get a defective product. They will quite happily bilk you out of $10 to get it fixed.

[The Earbuds]
They keep wanting to slowly work their way out of my ear. Frankly it is annoying.

[No Playlists]
This is important. Read it carefully. It's not in the documentation or ad above AT ALL. If I had known, I probably would have gotten a different mp3 player.

You can create 1, count it, ONE playlist. You have to manually add/delete every song on said playlist. Which is a pain in the ass, to say the least.

You cannot use playlists from Winamp or Windows Media Player, though if you access the player from those programs, they will create a playlist on it. (Seems stupid that the developers could have support for the playlist to be created, but not used within the player...)

Note: There is a slight workaround for this that I will list later.

You cannot repeat a single album or set of songs, as far as I can see. When it hits the end of the album, it jumps to the next album/folder in the line. Which is just idiocy.

[Media Manager]
It would not install when I plugged in the mp3 player. I had to manually open the folder drive that appears in my main hard drive through My Computer. Then select the installation file.

The Media Manager itself locks up and freezes, and glitches half the time.

[Track Listing]
They sort it alphabetically by the title of the song. How retarded is this? Do not use the Albums, Artists, or Genre to select your music, unless you don't care about order. If your album is supposed to be in a specific order, continue reading.

--------Helpful Hints--------
These are some things I have learned in the few days I've used this player.

[Properly Organized Albums by Track Listing]
To do this, first upload some songs to the player.
You should notice that a "Music" folder is created when you do this through the Media Manager.

The best way I have found do organize this is to do folder trees, the same way I do the My Music folder on my PC.

First create a Folder named after the Genre of your music. (For example, I use Anime for anything from an anime, Celtic for my Celtic music, Country for all my country songs, Gothic for my gothic stuff, and Rock for my rock music.)

After you create the main Genre folder, you must create smaller folders within to further sort by artist or group. (In this example, we will talk about Dragonforce. I simply put a "Dragonforce" folder inside the "Metal" genre folder.

Finally, inside the artist/group folder, you want to create a folder for the name of a particular album. (Going with Dragonforce, I create a folder named Valley of the Damned.)

Ok, so by doing this, you should have the following:

Metal -> Dragonforce -> Valley of the Damned

The Metal folder gains you access to Dragonforce (a metal band), and that gains you access to Valley of the Damned, one of their albums. Naturally, inside the Valley of the Damned folder will be all the mp3s for that album. ((Make sure they are listed as "# - Title.mp3", so the first would be "1 - Invocation to Apocalyptic Evil.mp3".

By doing this to all your mp3s, despite it taking some time, there is method to this madness.

When you access the music option through your mp3 player, an option exists at the bottom, called Browser. This lets you explore the Music folder. And you will see all those nifty folders you just created.

So say I want to listen to Dragonforce. I just go to Music, select Browser, then Metal, Dragonforce, and lastly the Valley of the Damned folder, which will open to a list of all of the songs in the album. Just click on #1 and it will run through the album for you, in correct and perfect order. ((As long as the file names are ordered correctly by name.))

[Creating a Custom Playlist]
So you want to create a custom playlist. But wait, I said above it doesn't handle custom ones? How can this be?

It's a trick. It's not a perfect trick. But it will let you do custom tracks.

This requires a bit of edit work BEFORE YOU PUT THE SONGS ON THE MP3 PLAYER!!!!!!!!

I cannot stress this enough. If you are going to do this, do not put the songs onto the mp3 player first.

You cannot edit them once they are on the player. Not in any way I can see.

So, how do you do it? By albums.

Go into the Media Manager, and the Music tab to see all your mp3s on the PC.
Select the songs you want on a custom playlist, and choose to edit them, and change their album.

The album name should be something starting with 0 (zero) so that it stays at the top of the album list, and you can find it quickly and easily when selecting the albums option.

Just gather all of the songs you want in a custom list, and change their albums to the same thing.

So say I want a custom Dragonforce mix.

I track down the DF songs I like in the music area, then I alter their albums to read as "0 - DF Faves" since I assume DF means Dragonforce, and Faves would be favorites.

It's incredibly likely that the songs will be jumped to alphabetical. In most cases, this simply isn't going to matter, so let it slide. In the case of some tracks that lead into one another, rename the title to something similar.

Invocation to Apocalyptic Evil leads directly into Valley of the Damned. It's a huge gap from I to V, though. So the best thing is to rename them as "DF - Invocation" and DF - Valley" or whatever, as long as you can remember what they are. And with both as "DF" first, they will organize properly in alphabetical form.

Like I said, this is not a perfect fix. You can put each song into only a single album. But it's great to set up some custom mix albums for the player at least.

Just make sure you change the album stuff back after you unplug the MP3 player, so your media library remains well ordered.

For those of you complaining that the custom album may mess up an existing one. Do not worry!

By putting the music into folders like you did, you preserve the main albums.
I can now use Browser to find the Valley of the Damned folder, and all of it's songs are still there.
But with the custom Album design, I can go to Albums instead of browser, select DF - Faves from the list, and songs from Valley of the Damned will appear on this list, but still be in the Browser folder.

The custom thing I have described is mainly for custom songs from different areas. Say I want a custom Japanese one. I can take songs from Kumi Koda, Akira Sudou, or Ayumi Hamasaki, all in different folders, but with them listed as the same album (0 - Japanese Faves), I can listen to just my favorites from each girl.

So remember, the Albums trick is for listening to music from multiple folders or locations. If you are listening to a full album that is in the same folder, just use Browser to reach it and start it. Don't waste the custom album trick on that.

I hope this review has helped those who already have one of these players, or those planning to get one.
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on August 14, 2012
I bought this mp3 player to use with the stereo system on my sailboat. I wanted to have several playlists available. If I had guests that liked the beach, I have a list of songs from Jimmy Buffett, The Beach Boys, Christopher Croft, etc. If I had more mellow guests onboard, I have a list of songs with very mellow acoustic guitar, soft piano, harp, etc, and so on. I needed to be able to set the playlists to repeat and shuffle the songs. All very basic tasks an mp3 player should do. This unit does none of those things...

The Pros:
This device has 8G, that is plenty of storage space for hundreds of songs. The sound from this unit is great. The price is right!

The Cons:
VERY user unfriendly!! You have ONE playlist ONLY! The software that comes with the device is awful. I messed around with it an entire Sunday afternoon and just couldn't make it work. (And I manage the IT department for a Fortune 50 company...) The repeat function is not what you would expect. It goes to the end of the songs and STOPS. If you want to repeat the songs you have to hit 'Enter' again! No shuffle feature unless you want to shuffle and play ALL your songs...

My Advice:
If you want a lot of storage space on the cheap - this is the device for you. If you need user friendly with all the basic features you would expect to see on an mp3 player, keep shopping.

If you want playlists and don't mind the work, I figured out how to create them in a very archaic way. Read on...
1. First of all, don't install or use their software
2. Connect the player to your PC and open Windows Explorer
3. Open the music folder on the device
4. Create a new folder in the music folder amd name it with your playlist name
5. Copy songs from your PC into that folder. Simple drag-n-drop works fine
6. The device will organize your songs alphabetically. If you would like to orgainze the songs in another order, rename every song with a number prefix, keeping in mind that it will play 01 thru 09, then 10 thru 19, then 20 thru 29, etc.
7. Disconnect the device from your PC. From the top menu chose 'Setup - Sys Tools - Sort - Force Sort - Yes' This will sort your music folders only.
8. Go back to the top menu and chose 'Music' It will ask you if you want to update. You really don't have a choice, click 'Yes'.
9. Under the Music menu, chose 'Browser' then scroll to the folder that contains your songs. They will show up in the correct order.
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on July 15, 2011
I purchased this player because of its capacity. But, now I wish I'd bought a better unit with less capacity, as this item has no features other than "play."

It cannot make libraries, or folders, or separate music into styles, or do anything of that nature. So, if you have different styles of music on your player, such as hip hop and country, there is no way to separate them. You simply have to listen to them together.

Nor is there an equalizer. So, if you have music with heavy bass, there's no way to tone it down. Or, if you have music with weak bass, there's no way to punch it up. There are no options to personalize the sound quality.

Also, there's no shuffle or repeat. You can only listen to your music linearly, in alphabetical order.

And finally, just loading the music onto the player doesn't work. When you drag your files into the manager, it asks if you want to add the files to your library. But, just because you say "Yes," doesn't mean it will work when you play it. No, no, no. Once you've added the files, then you have to tell the manager to synchronize the files. And, even though you synchronize them, doesn't always mean they'll play, either. It's a hit or miss with this unit.

So, while the capacity is wonderful and the price is good (for that capacity), the features are horrible. I would never recommend it. The features this unit left out are absolutely vital to a high capacity unit. Definitely not a good choice if you have different tastes in music and like to personalize your listening experience.

If I had to do it over, I would pay more for a better unit with less capacity.
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on June 30, 2011
This mp3 player doesn't play playlists! What kind of mp3 player doesn't play playlists. I wish that I had know this before I had bought it, I would never have gotten it. Save your money, buy something else! It also took over 4 hours to load my 3.5gb of music onto this play.
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on September 13, 2010
Would have earned 4 stars except for three issues (1) Lists are difficult to manage - they do not transfer over from Windows Media Player and laborious to build on the device(2) Earphones broke after a month and, most importantly, (3) operating system was accidently deleted (common issue per Internet postings) and Coby never replied to several emails asking for help to restore.
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on November 29, 2010
I made the unfortunate decision to try a Coby MP620 when I needed to replace a lost SanDisk Sansa. The only well designed or built part of the product was the overdone packaging it was stuffed into. And the only satisfying part of my Coby experience was taking a hammer to the piece of cheap plastic crap.

To get it to start, I had to slide the "START' button down and hold it in place for a minimum of 20 seconds. Once it was on and I tried to open music files, it asked me if I wanted it to "REFRESH". (The 'REFRESH' screen came up each time I tried to use it, independent of whether or not there were new files loaded since the last use.)If I said 'NO', it defaulted to and automatically played one song and one song only, playing it and nothing else. If I said 'YES', it wandered around in its own little world for at least a minute (often longer) before it let me access music files. All said, something around three minutes from initiation to hearing music. And what music that was to be was a roll of the dice.

Once I finally had access to the albums I had loaded, the Crapy MP620 did itself proud by reshuffling the order of the songs on EVERY album. This is a great feature when you are trying to listen to the the original cast recording of Phantom of the Opera. Coby even managed to build in a headphone jack that nearly came out of the player the first time I removed the earphones. Sound quality (when you finally got there) was OK - if you didn't object to the hissing snake they added as a background effect on all selections. Very similar to the sound of the original 'Walkman' cassette players. The text on the music library screen was something out of an old Donkey Kong arcade game. 15 or so characters at a time that scrolled across the screen at the speed of paint drying. I'm real glad I didn't venture into the more complex photo and video "features" . . .

The overall feel of the player was that of something you once found at the bottom of your Cracker Jacks box or were given as a consolation prize at a booth of a traveling street carnival. A ridiculous , cheap, clicky plastic feel. The people who designed this abomination had to be either grossly incompetent, plain stupid or fiendishly perverted. If you are interested in quality and in getting your money's worth out of an MP3 player, steer damn clear of anything that says COBY on it!
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on March 30, 2012
I wanted it for my kids to listen to audiobooks - Forget it - It is nearly impossible to get this done.

WHY: This player arranges all titles of a folder in alphabetical order! All titles with "A" are placed before all titles starting with "B" so for example the chapter "End" plays before "Intro". I imported the CDs with iTunes (you need MP3 or WMA format, so sometimes you cannot copy the disk directly). This is fine, if you just have "Title01" "Title02" ... But if iTunes recognize the Cd and automatically names the chapters, it will be a mess, no way to play them accurately. Funny thing is: It sorted "Titel 01" to "Titel 13" right, but after "Chapter 1" comes "Chapter 10" (goes on with 11, 12 ... 19, 2, 20, ...)! So don't forget the "0".

If you have more than 1 CD for one audiobook: The Player is fine with several Folders for example "hocu a/hocu b/hoku c" (make sure you have the same indication in album/interpret/... otherwise it could be tricky to find the 3 Cds in an connected way on the player). Make short names otherwise you will have to wait a long time to read which folder you are looking at while the player is moving thru the title. Don't name the CDs "CD1/CD2/CD3" it will not recognize this and you will just see one Folder "CD".

I spend hours and hours to try everything, I installed the Coby Media Manager from the player and hoped this one will do it - nope! So I will have to change the titles manually, I have to find new short names (not to spacy, so that the kids still recognize what they are listening to!). I really do not understand, how this impossible is possible. A lot of fancy things Videos and Photos (on a quite tiny screen) but no understanding of how to play audiobooks properly. I can't spend a lot of money to get 3 kids an iPod or another highprice player. And all players in this price class have some difficulties in one or another way! Sorry to say this, but this is a "pain in my a"
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on April 19, 2012
This is a OK.. Mp3 but impossable to find any thing with out a menu, you have to click threw every thing on it to get to one thing. No menu to search....Definitely not for Audio Books, you will never get to bottom of the stack of one hundred songs or more...., When turned off, it starts at the begining again the next time turned on.
When songs are put in all mixed up for variety, I synced them all mixed up in the order that I wanted It puts them into alphabetical folders so you have to listen to all the same group untill the next. That could be me not knowing how to mix them back up,but I don't think so.
So..... It is, Good for a couple hours work out of music,Or all day work tunes at job site, Good Radio, works great and it is cheep priced, what do you want for the money.

Up date...About one year later... I was wrong it will start exactly where it was stopped the last time. This is a great little player. I use this every time I workout at the gym.
For the price.... it is a 5 star
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on February 13, 2012
Durable, easy, holds a charge all day; this is my second one. My first Coby was a 4 gig, and gave it away in perfect working order after years of abuse. I like having FM for when my MP3s get stale, and mine doubles as a external hard drive. Got both a full Microsoft Windows and Office install, along with a tons of utilities stored on it, and still have 6 gigs for music/media. The screen scratches easily, so get some screen protectors from the dollar store. There is a ridge around the screen, so you can slide a needle around it for a perfect cut protector. It doesn't have a clip, so you may need to get creative on a way to carry it. It takes a standard mini-USB, and can also be charged with a Motorola cell phone charger. I've never played with the video or pictures, as the screen is quite small, nor have I touched the playlists feature. I keep it simple, though there are a lot of fun things you can do with the device if you feel inclined. Throw the headphones that come with it away, they're garbage. You won't find a product this side of $50 that can compete with this $25 gem. For awesome headphones to go with this try: Philips SHE3580/28 Music Colors In-Ear Headphones (Black)

8/31/2013 Update: Toasted my second by using an incompatible car charger and ordered my third. Coby changed designs in a good way. Smaller, sleeker, with what appears to be more of a graphite shell as opposed to plastic. Same functionality, though with a small indicator when listening to FM to show where your frequency lies in the band range. Kinda cool in an old-school way, but isn't relevant. The smaller design makes pocket portability easier, though wish they'd slap a clip on the thing, especially since the new design doesn't fit iPod cases anymore. A small annoyance is that album art takes a second to load which makes scrolling through songs a bit laggy.
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