Customer Reviews: Coleman 5319-700 MicroPacker LED Mini Lantern, Yellow
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on August 29, 2008
This is a rugged little lantern. I have to say that for $10, I was not expecting something of this quality. This is a solid well constructed unit that will not disintegrate if it gets knocked on the floor.

Other reviewers have stated this provides light for weeks. Not so... While technically it may output light on 3 AA batteries for 125 hours, it isn't at usable levels.

I bought two of these, and as soon as I received them, I took one of them and inserted the batteries that were included with it, turned it on and left it. I wanted to see if it would live up to other reviewers claims on battery life.

I realize that battery life would be extended with intermittent usage rather than continuous use, but if you are planning to use this for emergencies, you may need it running continuously for extended periods.

Anyway, the first 24 hours were the brightest. It easily illuminated my 10 X 12 study well enough to distinguish objects around the room, and I had no problem reading by it. After 48 hours, it did get somewhat dimmer and to read by it, I had to hold the book right next to the light. At approx 72 hours the light was feeble and I had difficulty reading a book with the light right next to the book. The light output was less than a standard night light I have in my bathroom.

At this point, I opened up my second lantern that I had purchased, inserted the included batteries and set it side by side with the lantern that had been running continuously for 3 days. The lantern with the fresh batteries was far far brighter, so at this point I ended the experiment as I felt that the light output from the lantern that had been running for 3 days really wasn't useful.

The last thing I did was to insert 3 fresh energizer batteries in the lantern that had been running for 3 days and set it side by side with the lantern with the fresh batteries that were included with it. The lantern with the energizer batteries was noticeably brighter.

So, buy the best batteries you can and you may well get the 125 hours of light this is purported to produce.

All in all, this is a very good value for the price.

UPDATE 06/05/2011:

It's been almost 3 years since my original review and both lanterns are still running in top notch condition. My neighborhood in Springfield MA took a direct hit from an EF3 tornado 4 days ago and these lanterns have been my primary source of light since then. I've not been running them non-stop as in my original tests, but only for about 5 hours a night, and they put out extremely useful light levels. I haven't had to change the batteries out once. My utilities were restored yesterday, but these lanterns performed the task extremely well. I'm going to order a few more.
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on March 30, 2013
I'm a long-time camper with a basic belief that no single light or lantern can serve all possible purposes, but I sense that some reviewers expect more of these little guys than they can possibly deliver. I now have three of these little gems. The light is very pleasant and uniform with its diamond-cut diffuser. The older models have a pair of blue LEDs, but the newer ones have warmer white LEDs. They come with a set of 3 carbon-zinc batteries (batteries ARE included!) that will run the lantern for quite a while, then switch to alkalines for long-term use. They weigh practically nothing, can be placed anywhere, include a hanger and a hideaway reflector. That reflector, I've discovered, comes in handy when reading flat on your back in your bunk or bag. Close the reflector and rest the lantern on its side on your chest. The lantern illuminates the book but doesn't get in your eyes, plus you don't have to carry a special book light, and it doesn't annoy your trying-to-sleep tentmate. I always have one of these handy by my head to reach for in the pitch dark of the camp. It's true that they don't illuminate very far, but how far is far enough? The newer Coleman 3AA MicroPacker LED Lantern clearly sheds way more light, but reviewers there complain about it being TOO bright (!) and casting a strange pattern from its reflectors. We used to have big gasoline lanterns for car camping, but they blotted out the stars and can sometimes be annoying to neighboring campers. We quit carrying them and began relying more on candle lanterns and headlamps. Candle lanterns are nice, but hot and potentially dangerous. A pair of these tiny Colemans more than suffice for a card game on the picnic table, weigh no more than candle lanterns but can be safely used inside the tent. I like them so much I will probably buy a couple more, but generally all I find we need is two or three of these Colemans, a flashlight and a headlamp each. Everyone is different (!) but we need no more light than that, PLUS they are priceless as emergency power-outage lights. Pretty good deal for the price!
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on May 10, 2011
I am Japanese.
Sorry,I can not english very well.
Japanese are sold at twice the price.
Because there was a nuclear power plant accident.
Power failure may become.
Happy to buy it cheaply.
Small, light and easy to use.

Sorry to trouble the world over in Japan.
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on June 29, 2007
My wife and I bought two of these on a Tuesday for a weekend camping trip and, lo and behold, the next night a storm knocked out the power. These were a godsend. Absolutely fantastic. They aren't the world's brightest things because of a reflective sleeve that casts the light in a fairly uniform direction, but once it gets darker, they're easily brighter 2-3 candles and without the fear of accidentally leaving one on to burn down your house. With good alkalines, they could easily run for weeks due to the low power draw of the LED's. These are fantastic emergency lights for the house, car, etc. And at the going price of $10, they just can't be beat. I highly recommend them and have already urged my entire family to stock up.

They work very well for camping too. ;)

PS I would recommend staying away from the "exponent" line of Coleman LED lanterns. They're designed poorly as far as light distribution and LED placement.
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on January 22, 2012
Overall, I'd recommend keeping a couple of these on hand for a power outage. At their current price they're a good deal.

We recently purchased several small, battery powered LED lanterns because our house experiences frequent power outages that last a couple of hours. All the units we picked were powered by AA batteries, and meant to be easy to move around from room to room.

Pros: The Coleman MicroPacker was the cheapest - the others were twice as much or more. It has had good battery life, and the adjustable lighting reflector (providing either 360 degrees of illumination when down or more narrow focus when up) has turned out to be a useful feature, depending on where int he room you want to place it. So far both the ones we bought have been reliable, even though they've been dropped several times. They're reasonably sized - a little taller than a soda can, and skinner, and weigh about half as much.

Cons: Of all the lamps we bought, these were the 'least bright' - but since the cost way less than the others, you could by 2 or 3 of them and end up ahead. The light color is also the harsh white associated with early LED's, which may not matter to some folks. There are other products on the market now that offer 'warmer' LEDs.
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on June 15, 2011
Bought this lantern to go camping/backpacking with. The battery life is supposed to be awesome and the price was just what I was looking for. Although I have not used the said 120something hours of battery life on this little guy, I like is so much that I bought a second one! Great size and runs off of 3 AA batteries!
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on February 3, 2007
Coleman Micropacker compact battery lantern proves to be a highly useful camping device. The lantern stands 6.5 inches tall, about 2 inches in width and weight only 6.5 ounces. Its armed with two LED lights that gives off plenty of good light for its size and the three AA batteries got excellent life span which really help. The lantern itself isn't waterproof but it seem to be well sealed so several times I took it out in foul weather, it held up without any problems.

There is sliding reflector that goes up and down. While it up, the lantern can serves as a directional wide flood light while when it down, it serves as an surrounding light in all directions. There is enough light there to read a book or play cards.

Small size, good battery life and lightweight carry load make this an ideal backpacker light to used inside the tent. It also got a fold out handle on the top to you can hang it almost anywhere for any situation. While it won't turn night into day, it will shed enough light for you to function.

Overall, a pretty good product from Coleman.
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Our friends had one of these when we went camping a few weeks ago, and it was so great I ordered it the minute we got back home.

We used it for the first time this weekend, and it was perfect. Small and lightweight, it uses 3 AA batteries (supplied!), and gives off a very even light.

Inside the tent, we hung it from the top loop and used it to read by.

The light isn't extremely bright (I wouldn't want to do brain surgery with this as the only light source), but it's very even and doesn't create any glare.

Earlier in the evening, my husband allayed our fears of its fragility by dropping it on the cement - it didn't break, chip or even show a scratch, and worked perfectly afterwards.

It takes up the same space as a flashlight, but is way more useful for our needs - so the flashlight's out, and the Coleman's in!
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on July 10, 2013
This lantern is advertised as a "surprisingly bright" light. To be safe, I purchased two of them for use while camping. I have a 6 person tent, so I felt that two of them would give more than enough light based on the description.

I was completely wrong. We were still using flashlights in our tent and there was no way anyone would be able to reach by these lights. The feature where the back comes up to turn this into a flashlight is also not functional. The light is not amply directed forward, so all the backing does is prevent light from shining into your eyes as you attempt to walk through the darkness.

In pitch black in the forest, one of these lanterns gave me little more than 3 feet radius of light. My mom's little Rayovac flashlight was brighter than these lanterns.

Needless to say, these are now sitting at the bottom of my camping bin. I'll still use them for minor things, maybe for light in a bathroom when camping, but I will certainly need to buy a replacement lantern for the inside of my tent.
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on October 9, 2008
Well, O.K., I don't sneer at hurricanes. But after Hurricane Ike and a week without power, we decided to upgrade our emergency lighting to more than flashlights, candles and chemical light sticks.

I bought three of these of these dandy MicroPacker lanterns and three of the family sized Coleman lanterns (also reviewed). The MicroPacker is a terrific value at under $10, plus it comes with three AA batteries. When was the last time THAT happened!

I measured the light output of the MicroPacker with a light meter (I'm a photojournalist) and discovered that the tiny light puts out just a little less light than one good, white candle. The pure white light easily illuminates a living room, abet dimly. The clever built-in reflector does NOT intensify the light, but shields your eyes if you need to read something.

This tough little light appears well-made but not waterproof. It can stand on a flat bottom or hang from a handy built-in loop on top. With a fantastic 125 hour battery life, I figure one light will last through two or three WEEKS of dark nights--by which time civilization will have collapsed and we will be reduced to scavenging for roadkill and don't WANT to see what we are eating!

The MicroPacker is small (about the size of a very skinny can of Red Bull), lightweight and should be good for backpackers. I give it 4-1/2 stars: I think they should waterproof it and add one more LED for five stars.
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