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on October 7, 2013
Love this for the brightness and overall reliability fit and finish. But, the factory handles will fall off faster than you can say "Coleman Twin High Power". I put a 1/4" black rope in place of the clanking, falling off handle.

To disassemble, the top cap "unscrews" - sort of, it's a twist lock apparatus. Just look "under" the top cap and you'll see the slides. Put a screwdriver tip on the left side of one of the slides and tap the screwdriver handle gently with a rubber mallet to twist the cap around, and it'll come right off. Really, it's easy.

Inside the top, you'll see all the wiring coming up the center hollow rod, with a nut on the end. FIRST, take out the six screws holding the clear plastic to the bottom of black plastic lid. Then, flip back over and take the nut off the hollow rod with a pair of pliers. The wires should have enough play in them that the lid will come apart far enough to get out the stinking worthless "C" clips that (once held) the metal handle.

Now, to use a rope instead, I drilled 1/4 holes (well, really a bit larger, like 9/32) right down through the black plastic where the old handle was and out through the clear plastic underneath. Then, vacuum out the chunks of plastic (drill dust) that invariably went around inside the lantern. Put it all back together and slip the rope through holes, getting the loop as short or long as you want it, tie the rope off on each side, and Viola! better than new.

Couple of notes: when reassembling, the rod likes to slip down where you cannot get the nut back on. Flip it over, take out the batteries and you'll see the other end of the rod down in there. Just push back up gently with a long handled screwdriver or wooden kitchen spoon (careful not to nick any wires in there) and no problem, you are back in business. The twist lock cap needs another tap (on other side of course) to get it locked back on, and there's alignment notches on the clear plastic "light tube" and the black twist lock cap. Give yourself 30 minutes and you've got a nice permanent fix, the hardest part was getting a nice small knot on the nylon rope. Buy yourself 4' of rope at local hardware store and play with the extra until you get the knot right before doing this; nylon rope fuses together with a bit of heat like from a heat gun.
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on July 5, 2012
PROS: Bright and adjustable light intensity.
CONS: BE WARNED: Handles *WILL* come loose. What this means to you is that your lantern can drop anytime and break and/or fall on your feet!

I bought two of these lanterns and have had them for a year. I take very good care of every product I own. I clean the dust, don't toss things and don't keep them in the rain. I've used them maybe half a dozen times. After 3 camping trips (2+ nights) or so, one of the lantern's handle became loose on the sides where they attach to the top of the lantern. Shaking the lantern a little, I was able to hear a little rattle. In addition, a little tiny part came out. The manufacturer must have tiny parts holding the handle to the lantern itself. What this means to you is that the handle bar spreads out and becomes loose, ultimately disconnecting from the lantern. Consequently, your lanterna can drop and break while you're carrying it! I've had to take out the handle bar, squeeze it so that they come back closer together (kinda like squeezing a set of tongs). But you have to do this multiple times during a camping trip.

Sadly, after a dozen camping trips, the second lantern experienced the exact same problem on one side of the handle. I expect the other side to have this problem very soon. What interested me in buying this lantern was the number of lumens it was advertised as having. However, if I knew the handles would break with only after a few camping trips, I would have never bought them. Other Coleman lanterns I've bought in the past (390 lumens) have not broken yet like this. I am disappointed that although I am cautious when I carry the lantern, at any moment, someone else could be carrying my lanterns, the handles come loose and the lantern falls and breaks. I just wanted you all to be aware of this problem prior to buying the lanterns.

**** UPDATE 4/27/2013 ****

One of the lantern's LED started going out. I tested both rechargeable Ternergy D batteries and two brand-spanking new Duracell battery packs, and the light coming out from this one lantern was maybe (eyeball guessing) 10-15% of the normal brightness. The same batteries worked on my second lantern. My trusty red Coleman 8D Classic Family style lantern is still as bright as I remembered. I've had it 2 years or so longer than the Twin High Power version ones.

**** UPDATE 5/13/13 ****

I've changed the review from 3 stars to 1 stars. I've give zero if I could. Here is my review for all the lanterns I've purchased:

Listen up boys and girls. I love to camp, so I've acquired many light-emitting devices during my time. Discouraged at some of the products, I decided to purchase a light meter (DrMeter Digital Illuminance/Light Meter LX1330B, bought here on Amazon, at This device pretty much matched and confirmed what my eye measurement assumed. I've listed the items I've purchased below. Next to the product name is the tested lux (which is the amount of light shined on a given surface area). It doesn't matter how many lumens a product claims. All that matters is how much lux there is. The higher the lux, the brighter things appear to be. For example, if you have a super bright light source rated at 10,000 lumens, but it shines like a ball, it won't be as bright as something that is rated 1,000 lumens and shines in only one direction simply because all the light photons are pointed toward a common direction. I tested all products at the same distance between light source and the light meter. The lux numbers are pointless by themselves. But compared to different products, it gives you a good idea of what's brighter than what.

Solar Lantern Ultimate - 104 lux - I originally purchased this product from an unknown online company called World Green Products. I am glad they have their products on Amazon now. Unlike typical lanterns that shine 360 degrees, this lantern only shines about slightly less than 180 degrees. In other words, you can point the light source to a direction of your choice, without blinding you in the process. As a result, this light is much brighter than any non-propane lantern I've ever owned. Ever. It is solar powered, and uses a 3 watt solar panel (included with the lantern purchase) to charge a sealed lead acid battery, meaning you don't need to purchase batteries. It charges even when the sun is blocked behind clouds and the solar panel is inside my house, about 1 foot from the sliding door. It can take 12+ hours to charge, but this thing lasts for a minimum of 2 camping nights, depending on use. This product seems super well made. I even dropped it from a 2 feet height once and I saw no signs of damage. Did I say this thing is friggen bright? This is the brightest lantern I've ever seen. Period. It has an AC adapter to charge via a regular wall outlet too.

Coleman 8D Batteries Lantern - Red - Model 5329 - 57 lux - This product was purchased from Walmart and takes about 2 mins for the light intensity to increase. It is the second brightest lantern I own. I've had this thing for 7-8 years, and it still works like a champ. I use Tenergy D rechargeable batteries. This product seems very well made. The only thing is I need to charge these batteries, 8 at a time (using two chargers that do 4 batteries each). And the rechargeable batteries are not cheap.

Solar Lantern Perfect - 21 lux - Solar powered, from World Green Products, with the same 3 watt solar panel as the Solar Lantern Ultimate and also using a seal lead acid battery. It has an AC adapter to charge via a regular wall outlet too. This product seems very well made.

Camp Chef Summit Solar Lantern - 13.1 lux - This item was purchased from Amazon, located at It is basically the same as the Solar Powered Camping Lantern. Best brightness. 10" of Height, located at However, it has a built in USB port, and is slightly brighter. However, it doesn't last as long. Doing some research, it looks like the manufacturer built a 2W and 4W LED model. The 4W is brighter, but doesn't last as long. For the life of me, there are no markings for me to tell what's what. Your guess is as good as mine.

Coleman Twin High Power LED Lantern - 11.3 lux - I originally purchased two of these lanterns (not from Amazon, but from a different source about 2 years ago... Amazon has them at I'm disappointed to say I lured by the promise of 580 whopping lumens, which Coleman at the time claimed was the brightest in the world. WOW!!! Right? NOT!!! These lanterns have been the worst ones I've owned. EVER. The handles broke, on both of them. I took VERY GOOD care of my stuff. The light on one started dimming and eventually I tossed it out. Even before the LEDs started to die out, the light output was slightly less (measured by my eyeballs, without equipment) than the Coleman 8D Batteries Lantern - Red - Model 5329. Recent tests confirm it to be much less. I'm sure it has to do with the LEDs dying out too. But even then, this item is NOT WORTH my time or money. I have the high powered version of this lantern. 580 lumens? The claim of lumens is worthless.

Solar Powered Camping Lantern. Best brightness. 10" of Height. - 11.1 lux - This item is basically the same manufacturer as the Camp Chef Summit Solar Lantern. However, it has an included little cord to convert from DC(?) to USB. Kinda annoying to keep with the lantern in my opinion. Item is located at I gave it 3 stars because I docked off one star for lack of brightness as compared to other products around the same price you can purchase, and a second star for a goofy cord you need to plug into the lantern to use USB. The USB port should have been built in.

So I've taken a picture of all my lanterns that are worth testing, which I've uploaded to Amazon. The lux meter I'm using to test my light products is in the background. The solar panel that comes with the World Green Products is the one in the background. Unfortunately it is a separate piece so I'm keeping everything in the box they came in.

**** UPDATE *** 3/9/2015

I now have 3 of the Solar Lantern Ultimates (which now Green World Products sells on Amazon as this item in the link below). I have dropped two of them from a height of 4-5 feet and they are still perfectly functional without any problems whatsoever.
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on February 21, 2013
I had gotten two of these just prior to hurricane Sandy, and I was without power for 19 days. Never had to replace the batteries, and lit an entire room well enough to see without any other light. Just wish I had more! Great for camping, power outages, or as a shed light.
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on July 30, 2012
I LIVE IN FLORIDA, With the upcoming hurricane season at hand I needed I bright
portable light just in case.

After reading the reviews, I purchased the "Coleman twin high power lantern."
I really do not like to give any product 5 stars, but I could not in good conceince give it only 4 stars. This lantern turns a dark area into daytime. Coleman Twin High Power LED Lantern
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on September 25, 2009
Coleman's LED Lantern names are confusing.

This one that Altrec is selling is Coleman's "High Performance" Twin LED Lantern.

Coleman's "High Performance" Twin LED Lantern has a max output of 580 lumens.
This has the CREE LED bulbs that you will find in higher output LED flashlights and lamps/lanterns.

In contrast, Coleman's Twin LED Lantern (without the "high performance") only has a max output of 390 lumens.

Thus, Coleman's "High Performance" Twin LED Lantern can provide a higher light output for the added costs.

Having only used this momentarily, it seems to work well.
I will know better when I take it camping soon.

One obvious advantage LED lanterns have over gas lanterns is that you can bring the LED lantern right into your tent without worry of a fire.
The disadvantage is in the light output (which seems to be getting better all the time) and the higher costs of batteries versus the lower cost of white fuel ($4/gallon unleaded).
However, LED lanterns may be lower maintenance as there is never a mantel to replace. Also D size batteries may be easier to find in your corner grocery store than fuel for the lantern.
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on November 7, 2014
I have used the old Coleman gas lanterns for nearly 6 decades & was hesitant to switch to LED but I did and am mostly satisfied. This LED lamp is very functional but is not nearly as sturdy construction as the older Coleman equipment. It is 90% plastic so its lighter, dont have to fool with dangerous fuels, generates approx. 80% of the light that a gas model does but there is very little glare and no heat. The 8 "D" cell Duracell batteries can be expensive, however we used the lantern for about 2 hrs daily generally on high & never did kill the batteries. If I had it to do over I would get a 3 mantle (LED) if available for little more light.
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on September 26, 2014
You have to have several of these! Indispensable during a power outage (ice storms/lighting/tornadoes/hurricanes !). Safer than any candle and no mess (and no matches to find). Order before you need them and have extra batteries. On low power, led light lasts a very long time....If you have senior parents, get them something useful like this. My 96 yr. old father-in-law loves his!
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on January 31, 2015
Coleman has two similar LED lanterns; this model, and a less expensive model. Both use 8 D-cell batteries (which aren't cheap!). I have both units -- you might find the less expensive green Coleman lantern sufficient for your needs. Neither one will light an 8x10' cabin to normal light levels, so don't expect this to replace 120V lights, but you can see and even play cards without difficult with either lantern.

I didn't experience the problems other users had with the lantern holder.

I would suggest that Coleman add a plug in for a power adapter --- sometimes with car camping 120v power is available, and using that instead of batteries is preferable!

I haven't tested this lantern to see how long the batteries last, but in my informal testing, with intermittent less-than-full-power use, I seem to be achieving many more hours than the 10-15 hours the manufacturer claims.

The lantern is good size -- NOT for backpacking!!! Works well in a cabin or for car camping.
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on January 13, 2015
I've had this "trade marked" style lantern for years starting with the CFL models (yes, they have taken direct hits from footballs and are still working). I compared this to the earlier LED model which was about 390 lumens in contrast with this 580 lumen model, the older was only slightly dimmer and more blue, this model more white and a bit brighter (of course, more lumens). Holds 8 D batteries and while the manufacture says on high it lasts ten hours, I swear I've used mine over 8 camping trips for 6 hours at a time, and it held out well--far exceeding my expectations. The silver is nice, although the green would have held tradition. The variable control knob could be a bit better fitting. I've never had issues with the handle, like some have indicated, and I swing these around quite a lot. I like this one so much I bought two. Can't wait for 2015 camping. I also keep these in my home in case of power outages. Thanks Coleman.
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on April 13, 2015
The first lantern I received was broken. Three of the brightness settings beyond medium were completely nonfunctional and the lantern would shut off when those settings were used. The maximum setting still worked though. I received a replacement lantern from Amazon which works, but its light output is much more yellow than the first. The yellow cast makes the lamp look much dimmer than it otherwise would be (comparing to the first), and it's not very pleasing to my eye.

It's also disconcerting that the lantern's electronics are built such that you will receive more light output with primary (non-rechargeable) cells than secondary (rechargeable) cells. It seems silly given that a high drain device like this is the primary application for rechargeable batteries. Coleman could have built this lantern to where light output is constant regardless of which sort of batteries are installed, but they chose not to.

Construction is all plastic except for the handle (steel wire) and decorative band around the center (brushed aluminum). The base looks like stainless steel in the picture, but it's simply silver colored plastic and/or paint. Not sure which.

My experiences so far haven't been confidence-inspiring, but trying this lantern was my mistake.
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