Customer Reviews: Collapse
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on May 14, 2010
To understand the depth of emotion in Michael Ruppert's fascinating argument is to understand his personal evolution. Ruppert was born in Washington, D.C., the son of an Air Force officer and an later aerospace executive. Ruppert's mother was a cryptographer for Army Intelligence at Fort Myer, VA, during the Second World War. In addition, his father's cousins were employed by, and retired from, the Central Intelligence Agency.

Ruppert was a hopeful idealist and raised as a Republican. He excelled in his studies at UCLA (receiving honors in political science), interned for Chief Edward Davis of the Los Angeles Police Department, and eventually became a highly decorated LAPD officer.

Ruppert had all the makings of helpful cog in the wheel of the status quo.

Only later, as a narcotics officer, did Ruppert's journey lead him on a path of discovery which clearly illuminated the chasm between truth and the government approved appearance of truth: In 1977 Ruppert claims to have discovered a major drug trafficking operation run by the CIA. Ruppert filed a statement with the CIA and famously made a publicly televised challenge the Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch. Deutch responded by agreeing to investigate and address the issue earnestly. This promise, in Ruppert's mind, was not honored as nothing was done to identify and punish those who ran the operation. Moreover, nothing was done to cease the drug trafficking operations.

From this experience the audience can understand the evolution from Ruppert's youthful idealist belief in justice toward his lifelong passion for exposing the hidden "truths" that are conveniently hidden from public consumption. (Complicit in this deception, Ruppert argues, is a lazy and uninterested mainstream media.)

Those who have neither read Ruppert's books, viewed his blog, or seen him speak will be riveted as he breaks down the imminent perils of peak oil, the fraud of fiat currency, the quiet revolutions taking place with no media coverage, the corporate and government corruption run a muck, the need for sustainability, and, thankfully, the importance of happiness, joy, and smiles in one's life.

Poignant moments of the film:
During a fascinating scene in the film, one which should not be overlooked, Ruppert himself betrays some his own words. Moments after coldly declaring that his only intent is to protect himself from what he later describes as an avoidable "holocaust", he becomes emotionally overwhelmed and asks for a cut in taping while he attempts (in vain) to recover his emotions and hold back tears. Those tears, of course, appear and one can immediately see that the man who seems to be so removed from the the deadly consequences that face the entire human race is, indeed, not completely calloused to the thought of inevitable human suffering.

Later in the film, when challenged by an off-camera voice to explain why he continues to speak up to this day, Ruppert proudly boasts that as a man of principle he could not walk away and silently ignore government crimes. The implication is that the beneficiaries of Ruppert's activism are his fellow citizens.

Another moment in the film sees Ruppert pausing for a moment when weighing a thought that seems to evolve and fully germinate in front of the camera. Discussing President Obama, Ruppert makes the assertion that the President has neither the level of executive control nor power-broker support to make the type of changes that could halt crises of peak oil, fiat currency, et al. In other words, those who are blindly waiting for President Obama to fix the worlds ills are going to be extremely underwhelmed with the results.

Conspiracy and Paranoia:
My late father once told me during my most fervent period of Patriotic Idealism (middle through late teens) that many of the people who are classified today by the media as "crazy" or "paranoid" will someday be proven right (at which time the media will offer no update or correction to their previous claims). Sadly, at the time he spoke those words I did not understand my father's wisdom. Since that day I've noticed the lies, deception, and corruption perpetrated by our government (and all governments) as well as from the entrenched wealthy elite. Yes, Ruppert is one of those voices to whom my father was referring.

Everyone you love should see this film. (Everyone whom you do not love should also see it ... but lets be real.) This is a powerful voice of a debate that needs to take place, in public, beyond the limitations of the "conservative/liberal/right/left/red state/blue state" paradigm. We would all do ourselves justice by listening to his words and preparing ... if only for the sake of our children.

NOTE: I originally purchased this video from a company that shall go unnamed but features an iconic representation of a widely cultivated perennial deciduous tree-grown fruit that perhaps did or did not help Newton better understand the principle of gravity. However, I have pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon.

NOTE II: According to the closing credits in the film, Ruppert's book has not sold well and he is facing eviction from his home in Culver City. If you are interested in his ideas you may want to consider buying a *NEW* copy of his book. Surely he'll appreciate the royalties.Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World
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VINE VOICEon June 17, 2010
Food supplies are dwindling; oil supplies are tentative and volatile; and populations are increasing along with poverty and greed. These themes are not new, but Michael Ruppert's projections of world economies teetering on the brink of 'Collapse' are sobering indeed. Doing his math, we have reached the apex of energy creation and demand keeps growing while supplies are dwindling. Noting in spades the full force of our energy dependency, Ruppert makes a compelling case that we are all in denial and consumption is out of control.

In a tight hour and twenty-two minutes, filmmaker Chris Smith intersperses relevant footage to go with Ruppert's all too bleak forecast of a near future calamity.

Naysayers may dismiss his authorative testimony as "Henny Penny" doom and gloom, but, say, if only a minimal fraction of his forecasts come to roost, isn't this substantative interview/documentary still essential viewing for all? The media has offered clues of his deliberations: bread shortages in Egypt, over-fished seas, and Greece's fall into bankruptcy. Yes, famine, disease, strife, and calamity have always been part and parcel of any age in different measures, but the premise of this film leaves one dumbstruck--with very little to counter--of a very dark age just around the corner where the civilized world may have to work together or face mass destruction. Surely, his thoughtful offering of "plan B" couldn't do any harm.

Although extremely bright and compelling, Ruppert's emotional break down in the interview only (subjectively) gives the whole viewing a more cogent appeal. Ample evidence and film footage flank the substantative deliberations. Scary.
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on March 30, 2016
A very strange documentary about a man who claims to have had professional, governmental-related experience, primarily in the Los Angeles Police Department, but who now essentially lives as a street person in Los Angeles. He appears to be a most erudite individual, who claims to have foretold many of the economic calamities that marked the first decade of the 21st century. He presents numerous graphs, many related to oil supply and demand, that he uses to support his theories and future prognostications.

His current, somehwat pathetic life is shown briefly. He chain-smokes throughout the documentary. Frankly, I will need to delve deeper into the writings of this person to determine whether what he says has validity, and if so, his views portend a most disturbing time ahead..
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on July 20, 2011
I wish Amazon gave us a star rating option of 'undecided' because I am undecided about some of Michael Ruppert's claims in this interview. I will have to watch the DVD a few more times while I continue to educate myself on the theory of 'Peak Oil' then come back here to Amazon and adjust my rating accordingly. Was it worth watching? Yes. Was it worth believing? I'm not sure yet. Some of it surely. Maybe not all of it.

One of the claims I found questionable was the idea that oil prices cannot go significantly higher and stay higher. I do believe they can and they will. Demand drops due to affordability may cause the oil price to pull back at times, but other documentaries have shown that the ever increasing world oil demand may totally eclipse any pull back in demand from certain sectors. One documentary claimed that China has so much money they are not overly concerned about how much they have to pay for oil. They will buy it anyway. And because China has more cash than anyone else, well, the price could go higher than many people believe is possible. I guess I do not understand the logic behind Michael Ruppert's belief that oil prices will plateau around $150 and cannot rise significantly higher. The world did not end when oil was at $147. It actually felt like a warm up to even higher prices in the future.

I do not mean to criticize Michael Ruppert. I think his heart may be in the right place but as he admitted himself, he is not always right about everything.

BTW if you have not seen the film makers' documentary 'American Movie' you MUST see that. It is amazing.
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on April 9, 2010
This movie creates a new genre in film: "the economic horror flick"

Only sombody with the street cred of a Mike Rupert could create such a masterpiece movie
that tells the true stort about how banksters wave looted this world and set up 6 billion of us
to take the fall when we run out of oil and in turn food.

This film made me redouble my efforts to move to a rural location learn how to grow most of my own food
withot a drop of oil raise livestock and convert my wealth into wind, solar, and wood power.

I'm a wall street economist for a living 31 years now and can tell you this movie is spot on what will happen to america soon

It fueled my fear to prepare my life now while collapse planning is still possible.

If it does not scare the bejesus out of you, check your pulse.

Collapse is comming and survivial favors the prepared mind.

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on March 29, 2016
Not your everyday movie. A documentary on one mans view of where we are going as a society. Rupert has many good points and they will hopefully wake up the uninformed public. But maybe that's too optimistic, people need to look into what is going on in our country and not depend on the "main stream" media. We are being led around by the nose by both parties, it's time to start thinking for ourselves and require our representatives represent us not special interest groups.
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on April 5, 2016
He seems to have a rather high opinion of himself, which is not born out my searching his credentials on the Internet. We also find he committed suicide a couple years ago. This guys organ monkey wasn't grinding to the right tune. If you can manage to follow his logic, some of it drops off the deep end. Also, seven years along from this movie, we find his predictions starting to fall apart.

Watch it if you want to see hear the "other side's" argument.
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on December 25, 2011
I read one reviewer who was peeved that this was the supposition of a person with no specialized knowledge, but apparently that reviewer must have expected some form of "expert" opinion. Let's be realistic. Any documentary is putting forth a thesis. This one was backed by an individual who has written and spoke in connection with that thesis. Take it for what it is worth... opinion. Just like when the chairman of the Federal Reserve gives an opinion, or the weatherman. In both of those cases, they have maybe a better than 50% chance of getting it right, but never 100%. That's because things like the economy (as it exists), or the weather, are not an exact science. If they were, they would be 100% right, all the time.

In this case, we are shown a very specific thesis, from a very specific point of view. It's an interview of one man, on his writings, stated research, and opinions. That's what it is. If you have an interest in "conspiracy theories", then this will be of interest.

Frankly, there are many instances of people with no "specialized knowledge" whom have educated themselves through research, experience, etc. to credible ends. A lack of any specialized degrees or position does not in itself make his opinions or ideas any less valid for those reasons. But, that also doesn't make the content presented valid either. That is for you to decide.

Speaking strictly on some of the economic issues he talks about, I can tell you from my education that it makes a great deal of both common sense, as well as economic sense. Just because there is one dominant, accepted school of economic thought doesn't mean that school is the only one, or the right one. Economists from the Austrian school have spoken about fiat money, and a great deal of this for some time. Economics 101 ( in any school ) is that resources are finite. People want National Health Care, and abundant entitlement programs... and politicians pander, as if these things were a right. We simply don't have the resources for them. Every country that has tried this ( save maybe a few very small countries ) are now going broke, and even when such things were in place, terminal patients came here, as the lines for treatment were so long under such systems. It should make common sense that you can't continually spend more than you have, and expect anything but ruin, but apparently these are lessons that still must be learned the hard way. So in that regard, what he talks about makes good sense. As to the rest, it is for you to decide.
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on March 29, 2016
While I did find the movie very interesting, I don't really go for the whole "doom and gloom" premise of Mr. Ruppert. I believe that humanity has a tremendous capacity to adapt, and that when faced with a crisis, we can and do adapt to it - we find solutions. Sure, oftentimes the crisis has to reach an extreme before we do something, but in the end, we prevail.
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on May 27, 2016
Very disturbing movie. It may give you nightmares worse than any horror film you have ever seen.
What makes it so scary is that Ruppert is correct in his statements. As he says, "I don't deal in conspiracy theory, I deal in conspiracy fact". It is an important wake up call for society.
On the down side, I do think that he takes his message a little too far, implying that society is actually descending into collapse right now, and that there will be all out anarchy at any second.
He though the mortgage meltdown and financial crisis going on in 2009 was the beginning of the end. Well, the economy has rebounded and society has not yet collapsed. I also think that he does not give enough credit to technological advances and the human race's incredible ability to adapt. Can the earth sustain 7 billion (or more!) humans into perpetuity? Absolutely not. We have reached Peak Oil and need to figure out how to survive without our addiction to oil.
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