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on May 4, 2001
Tank Girl is, make no mistake, a campy B sci-fi. It lives up to the genre perfectly, keeping a light, humorous tone in a world so dark that it would make most of us hide under the bed. It's probably no surprise that someone like Tank Girl would survive the apocalypse.
Lori Petty's character is perfectly witty, a girl who plays it large and in charge even when things are at their worst. She can kill an armed man and then answer the irritated stares of his buddies with "What?" While McDowell's character tries to break her in for a mission, she spends all her time coming up with lines to really get under his skin--and succeeds.
The complaints of some accusing McDowell of hamming up the role of the villain are unfounded; he not only plays the role perfectly, but does it so well that I don't think anyone else could have done it. He's playing the stereotypical megalomaniac bad guy, yes, but on top of that he adds a touch of class and intelligence. His repartee with Tank Girl proves he's nearly a match for her wit with flippant remarks. He's a very bright guy with an ingenious solution to an ongoing problem, who's simply flummoxed by the dauntlessly rude spirit of his opponent. McDowell is brilliant enough as an actor to get all these characteristics across. Bravo.
The plot gives us a nice, reasonable adventure without being overly simplistic; the campy tone prevents it from getting any more complex. The off-the-wall antics of Tank Girl bleed over at times from the character to the movie itself, which gets a bit goofy (in a good way) in parts where you'd never otherwise expect it to. In the middle of the film they break into a musical number in the silliest of venues--it might not be logical but it's a whole lot of fun. All this is carried along by a soundtrack pretty well suited to the film, arranged appropriately enough by Courtney Love.
For sheer entertainment (though not a family film, if that wasn't obvious), Tank Girl is really worthwhile. The DVD is noticeably light on features, but for the price I can live with it. If you enjoy a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, Tank Girl is for you.
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on July 15, 2002
I adore this movie in a completely irrational, fan girl way. I know it's corny, I know that some people will hate it, and think it's stooopid. It fits the comic book style of punchy, fast action. Lori Petty quite effectively becomes the punk-girl she ought to be.
But like other reviewers, I am quite, quite disappointed in the DVD version of this film. From the trenches you hear grumblings that there was a lot of edited stuff that COULD HAVE been put on the DVD. Why don't DVD makers do more than reprint what we already have on video for us to (silly consumers we sometimes are) just rush out to buy anyway? The picture quality of the DVD is not significantly higher than that of the video-- the only real bonus is that you can do still pauses and get some cool screen shots for that conference paper presentation you're doing... There is nothing more than the video on this DVD. Not even any nifty "Making of Tank Girl" footage, or sketches of other rejected cartoon scenes, or whatever! Even an oldie/goodie Cherry 2000 has more than this one, and surely the DVD makers could have done better.
I'll just hope that Men In Black is correct, and someday, when we get the next alien form of media (I guess I'll have to buy the White album again) the next makers of whatever futuristic thing we'll all have to rush out and buy will heed this advice-- put more on your big media! There's no real reason for me to excercise my insane consumerism if you don't fill up my big old plate!
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on March 16, 2005
Okay, I didn't just like this movie, I love, LOVE this movie. Yes, its campy, yes the plot line is bizarre, No I can't get a guy to watch it with me (but they won't watch Earth Girls are Easy either) but I just love this movies humor and girl power without being GI Jane.

Yeah, the Rippers (aka Kangaroo people) are a little scary, but they are genetically engineered kangaroo mutants who happen to be trying to find their creator. (I got over the Rippers scariness when Rebecca and Jet were high on helium and then doing that stupid dance.)

I think about this movie when I am down because most of the movie had me laughing my head off. But I guess this tells you about my personality because this movie isn't for everyone. Don't watch this movie expecting to learn anything or have a plot to follow. Just sit back, and enjoy the cartoons...and the fact that one of the main characters is a tank!

While I didn't know this was a comic first, I'm curious to see them now. But since I generally won't watch a movie if I've read the book, I can understand why the people that read the comic didn't like the film. To them I have to say I'm sorry, because I still adore this cartoon/movie. But I will admit that knowing now that this was supposed to be an Australian flick explains a lot...I always thought this had kind of a Mad Max feeling too it.

BTW, it really would have been cool if they had done outtakes etc on this movie, so I do agree there...
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on March 4, 2001
I first saw this movie when i was 16 (now 21)... and i fell in love from the very beginning. I'd never call this "quality cinema," but it is thoroughly entertaining, and quickly became one of my favorite movies. The color is breath-taking, Lori Petty is absoltuely beautiful, sexy, funny, wonderful, etc. And this is just a kick-a#$% grrrl-power movie, without the corporate cheese that tends to come in the package. It is a fantasy world that i ventured to often as a teenager... and now with a DVD version, the journey can continue. ENJOY!
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on February 10, 2001
From the first minute I saw the movie I was hooked, the charcters are fantastic and the film just so rich in design and content.
It's also one of the funniest things i've seen in ages with the humour pouring from it!
I was however sad to hear that many scenes had been cut from the film and that a DVD would never be released. I started up an internet protest to get MGM to release it on DVD with the footage and here it is! This DVD is out due to the fans who protested for it!
I am still angry that have not included ANY extras or the cut footage and after much arguing with MGM i dont think they ever will replace the footage! Anyway check out [...] to see what bits they have not included on this disk and sign our online from to try to get them to put more stuff on the disk! theres still time!!
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on April 18, 2013
The movie is based on the comic "Tank Girl". What happens when the water dries up and what is still out there is controlled by Water and Power? Well, a quick witted heroine and her awesome sidekick. This movie is a fun romp, great music and the acting is right on. Lori Petty was the perfect pick for the part of Tank Girl, her sense of timing is great and the one liners keep coming. Rising against oppression has never been so fun. However there is a dark undercurrent as well, a child is stolen and Tank Girl is off to rescue. Malcolm McDowell is the villain in this movie and you can tell how much he relished the part, putting the smarmy into evil all the way. It does have nudity, dialog is adult oriented, cartoon-like violence and lots of attitude. The cast is brilliant. I wish they would do a second movie, in the meantime the comics are out. I would recommend it to people that like smart comedies with an edge. Also those that love Campy movies.
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on November 29, 2013
As viewed on a 46" LCD screen, this blu-ray edition by Shout Factory is a stunning improvement-
in image clarity, color and sound-over the region 2 DVD edition of the film, by MGM.
The rich color palette of the comic book/animation sequences must be seen to be believed.
Even the Shout Factory DVD copy of the film-which is included in this product-
is clearly superior to the Region 2 DVD.
The aspect ratio of the film is 2,35:1. There are optional English HOH subtitles for the film,
but the words of the songs are not transcribed. (They are transcribed in the Region 2 DVD).
The following extras-included in both discs-are not subtitled for the hard of hearing people:
** Baseball, Tanks and Bad Tattoos-an interview with actress Lori Petty.
** Too Hip For Spielberg-an interview with director Rachel Talalay.
** Creative Chaos:Designing the World of Tank Girl-an interview with production designer Catherine Hardwicke.
** Vintage "Making-of Tank Girl" Featurette.
Please look up my review of the film itself, at
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on December 31, 2015
Having never read the comic book I’ve always gotten a chuckle out of this wonderfully demented slice of post apocalyptic cinema. If you also found fun in this film then I would highly recommend “Six–String Samurai” (1998) for your consideration. I bought this combo pack for the DVD and the following product information is only for the DVD, Kapeesh?!

Bonus Features:

* Audio Commentary with Actress Lori Petty and Director Rachel Talalay
* Baseball, Tanks & Bad Tattoos: An interview with actress Lori Petty
* Too Hip for Spielberg: An interview with Director Rachel Talalay
* Creative Chaos: Designing the world of Tank Girl with Production Designer Catherine Hardwicke
* Vintage “Making–Of Tank Girl” Featurette
* Tank Girl Trailer

DVD / Region: 1 / Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1) / NTSC / Rated: R / Dolby Digital: 5.1 Surround – 2.0 Stereo / Subtitles: English / Color / 103 Minutes / © 1995 United Artists Pictures Inc. / © 2013 Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer Studios Inc. / Distributed by Shout! Factory LLC
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on July 22, 2003
There is just something about this movie. It ranks on my top 5 list of all time favourite movies. Lori Petty is kick [tail], wears kick[en] clothes and does the weirdest things to her hair. Her sidekick Jet is just awesome. But lemme tell ya', nothing beats the fighting Kangaroos. This movie is sci/fi-comedy, has an awesome sountrack, can be quite silly at times, and is wholly entertaining. Kick back and relax when watching this movie. Alcohol will only intensify the sensations.
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on March 30, 2005
I remember when this movie came out on video when I was extremely underage to view a rated R movie such as this one. But somehow I came across it, and from that young age (maybe 6, 7?) it was always my favorite movie.

This film is a masterpiece of liberation; Tank Girl is the poster girl for it. She runs completely wild and free, something we all wish we could do. That is the appeal of this film - feminism, combat boots, and freedom.

Many people will argue this is a poorly made movie, and yeah in a way it was: they had no money to make it. With what they did have everything was beautifully filmed, and I mean it. Until I heard critics talk of the movie I thought it was as big budget and high cost as any other.

The playfulness and liberty that is shown in this film is remarkable, and I can only say I miss Lori Petty and wish she was a more prominent actress today. Tank Girl is a movie to watch for some feminine butt-kicking!
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