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71 of 72 people found the following review helpful
on May 12, 2009
I have been using Collonite Insulator wax since I bought my first brand new car in 1984. I found it in a NAPA parts store and thought I'd give it a try. Well over the years I've used all kinds of top line waxes and paint sealers, and nothing gives your car a shine like this stuff. Not Klasse, not Wolfgang, DP,Meguire's, Turtle wax, Blue Coral, Mothers, NOTHING gives a wet look like Collonite insulator wax. It makes the paint surface slippery. Set something on the car and it'll slide off. Water beads up and slides off like you won't believe, and the finish will last for months at least if not a full season. Take it from someone who has wasted his money on all the others. There simply is no better wax that you can buy and that includes paste wax. This stuff is simply amazing. It repels against bug's and road grime too, but it's the shine that looks like a coat of glass on your car that will get your attention.Try it and you'll never use anything else again, ever!
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35 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on October 11, 2012
I'm kinda crazy...I've tried and compared virtually all the waxes on the market, and those that have come and gone. I've been doing this as a hobby of sorts for years now and Collinite has always beat them all. Synthetics, acrylics, teflon, nothing beats the high-quality carnauba Collinite uses. The other rave reviews are on target. THIS IS THE BEST WAX MONEY CAN BUY. For those who say its expensive I have to disagree. The stuff goes a LONG way, needs only to be applied in a thin thin coat, and it spreads and spreads so you get a lot of applications per bottle. And for those who say it 'builds up in the cracks' I have to say "what??" I think the exact opposite - Collinite is clear-ish and does not dry white or powdery, it's a lot better than typical waxes as far as building up in cracks or scratches. In fact, I find it hides chips and cracks, especially on darker colors. Durability is FAR FAR better than anything I've ever tried - months of beading and shine versus weeks. And the depth and uniformity of the shine is unsurpassed. I use it on my brand new cars, my crusty old cars, and my antique show cars. I'd trust it on the most valuable exotics, but its so easy to use I even use it on daily 'beaters.' One thing to know, its not a heavy duty cleaner wax, so if the finish is heavily faded, use a polish first and then protect with this stuff. As life gets busier, it's more and more important to me that products don't waste my time, and that they deliver a good value. Nothing worse than spending a few hours cleaning and detailing a car and then having it turn out mediocre, or having the wax wash off in the first heavy rain. Just for the time-saving element of the longer-lasting resutls, try this, you wont be disappointed. FYI I use a microfiber pad to apply, wringing out in warm water every few min, then a clean dry microfiber towel to buff off. As a final touch, use the towel you used to wipe off the wax to clean the car windows - the wax on the towel in combo with your window cleaner will make them sparkle perfectly and bead up too!
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33 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2008
The Collinite waxes are known are the most durable carnauba waxes one can buy. 845 is the most popular of the Collinite brands, and it's easy to see why. In its liquid form it is very easy to apply and easy to remove (just follow directions). The bottle needs to be shaken and shaken. Eventually it will become a milky, oily solution. Apply THIN. You don't need much to do your car. Wait for it to haze and then buff off. If you are looking for maximum durability, apply a second coat, waiting a minimum of 30-60 minutes. Some folks prefer to wait 12-24 hours between coats.

Most carnauba waxes last 4-8 weeks. With 845 plan on getting 3-4 months!

And it looks very good--a nice wet look. My Honda roadster has been getting many compliments.

For the money, this may well be the best carnauba wax on the market. It certainly is the most durable.

Oh, one more thing. It smells lousy. I don't notice it so much when applying the wax, but the solvent smell is very noticeable when cleaning up one's applicator pad afterwards. I soak the pad in Dawn for several hours.
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18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on February 19, 2014
While it might not be the most expensive (nor the cheapest) wax money can buy, it possesses a HUGE bang for the buck.

At room temperature, it is kind of like a soft paste - not a liquid, not quite a paste. It obviously changes consistency with temperature. Making sure it is shaken up well is important, as there are more than one chemical at work here. In order to do this, you need to run the bottle under warm/hot water for a little while, to turn the paste into a liquid, and then shake it to get that smooth, thick, liquid consistency we're looking for.

Once you get to that point, use it sparingly - I recommend dedicating this wax to a single applicator. I prefer the microfiber applicators from Chemical Guys over the foam applicators you can purchase. This stuff lasts a long time, so if it can lasts months on your car in the elements in a micro thin film, think about how long it's going to last on your applicator pad! It has a pleasant chemical waxxy-like smell. No frills here, it smells exactly like what it is. Hardcore wax.

Whatever it is you're waxing, be sure to use a clay bar to ensure a proper, smooth, decontaminated surface. This stuff wipes on super, super smooth, almost like spreading vaseline. It's wonderful to work with, and spreads easily. This means that less is more - I figure since I did a full size car, including wheels, and glass, and yet the bottle looks as if it hasn't even been opened yet, this stuff will last at least 50 full size rigs before you need to worry about purchasing more. And that, is something I like!

The nice thing about this is that it isn't one of these off-the-shelf products you can find at <insert superstore/auto parts store here>. If they did, it'd all fly off the shelves and it would be MONTHS before people came back for more. It lasts a long time on the vehicle, so long as the paint is in good shape before you apply it. The cleaner, smoother the paint - the better, longer lasting the shine will be.

People rave about this everywhere you go, automotive wise. It's especially popular in fall and winter, because it compliments the rainy season well. It beads water like there's no tomorrow just by itself. And since it isn't one of those products that last about a week until the next wash, it'll keep protecting your paint through the entire season. Spring time will be pretty much pure awesomesauce when you go to give your car that detail you look forward to, and your time is cut in half during the wash process because it'll probably still be working great.

Do yourself a favor and learn how to properly wax your car. If you're a nut that just loads the wax on until your car looks like the lady friend coming out of the day spa waring a mud mask? You need a little help.

Wax should go on super thin. Using more product than is necessary is simply a waste of product. You should only see a thin, light haze once the product starts to dry. Use little to no pressure when applying, just enough to spread it out over the paint. Work in circles to ensure a good, even coat. Give it 15-20 minutes for the product to 'soak in' and bond with the paint, and dry - it's easier to remove this way, and yields the best result.

Some people like to call it quits after you remove the wax, but to really give your paint that 'pop' most people look for (especially pearls & metallic paints), use either a quick detail spray such as Chemical Guys P40 or V07 as a follow up after removing your wax. This not only gives a bit more shine, it also adds another layer of protection that will lengthen the life span of your finish.

I would recommend Collinite to anybody looking for a durable, high endurance wax that is easy to apply and practically fool-proof. It is maybe a 7/10 in the 'shine' department, so if you're looking for a top of the line shine, expect to pay top of the line money. But by all means put it over the 845 so when the super spendy stuff wears off, you still have the long lasting protection from Collinite.

5 out of 5 stars because it's awesome, and everybody loves it - especially myself, since I'm the one that actually uses it. No instruction manual or Master's degree required.

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44 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on March 25, 2012
Let me start off by saying, You have to put in the time to get a perfect finish. Some people out there expect exceptional results to be instant. Waxing a car is not enough steps to make a cars finish last. You must be preventative. car care is not like popping a bag of popcorn. This review should help guide and inform of proper car care! This is my (By hand advice.)

What you'll need: Wash bucket, Dawn dish soap, wash rag
Use, Dawn original dish soap(blue liquid soap.) You should not use this soap on car year round only when you are re-waxing and you want to get rid of last years wax and finish. Rinse car thoroughly , then wash car with dawn, let suds sit for a minute before you rinse. When you have washed entire car, dry with a towel.

Second(clay bar)
What you'll need: Clay Bar, squirt bottle, lubricant spray, microfiber towel
Get you some of your favorite car wash, i use Griots car soap, get a squirt bottle and put about 2 table spoons, then fill with water shake well to there are bubble on top of squirt bottle. Grab some Meguiars smooth surface clay. need it in your hands and for a 3"x3" disc in you hand. Start from the roof and work your way down. I go in this order, (Roof, Hood, Trunk, Sides)Spray area with lubricant spray do 3'x3' sections at a time. After you spray rub clay over area, it will catch do to imperfections in paint. Rub till it glides. ALWAYS KEEP SURFACE LUBRICATED!! or you will mare the paint. Then simply wipe of with microfiber towel. Once, you have gone over entire car rinse with hose and towel dry.


What you'll need:(Buffer, Compound polish, Microfiber towels)(compound polish, foam applicator,microfiber towels)
Again start from the top and work your way down. Follow the order as you were with clay bar. This part is pretty simple just time consuming apply compound polish(I like Meguiars Ultimate Compound) there are more expensive ones you can choose but when pared with Collinite 845 the results are stunning. You'll want to put polish on applicator and kiss the area you are working with. By kissing i mean dab the area with the polish and work in. If your using buffer or random orbiter you'll want to do 6-8 passes. If, by hand just take your time and work in circular motion. Don't be afraid to take brakes. Your arm with get sore (Tennis Elbow) Once you are content with the swirl and water spot removal, wipe with microfiber towel. Once you've gone over entire vehicle, rinse with hose and dry.


What you'll need: Wax paste or liquid, microfiber towels
I like to use microfiber to apply I've gotten the best results this way. Now you the secret is not letting the wax to haze for to long or it will be a pain in the butt to remove. Now for this example I'm using Collinite 845 Insulator Wax. shake the wax till it becomes a milky substance. This product goes on extremely thin. Apply to microfiber towel, use a quarter size drop to do each panel, (yes it goes on that thin) NEVER DO CIRCLES that will leave swirls. Wax on Wax off Miagi style is a huge no no!! I swipe the wax across entire surface then up and down. Move to the next panel and repeat after your done with second panel go back and wipe the previous panel with a clean microfiber towel and refold towel often. I use two towels. One fore removal, one for buffing. Continue till you cover car. It should come out nice. I would do 2 coats of wax but you want to wait 45 minutes minimum to reapply. I like to wait 12 hours for wax to cure to surface and set in. After that is done step back and marvel your results. If you are using paste wax you will have to work longer. always look at instructions for different products.

Now To talk about this amazing product( Collinite 845.). I have used many waxes and this product has become my new favorite and front runner! Its ease of application and removal is absolutely fail proof. It goes on so thin and easy you almost feel like you are cheating. But that is not the case. I love the quality of this product. The price is the lowest I've found for durability, shine, protection, water beading. I put two coats on my vehicle and easily expect to get a year of protection. yes a year! I have only had it on for a week and people ask me how new my car is, or how good it looks. I love the look of a new car and with this product you will see that every day you drive. I love the water beading action this wax creates. It will not hold water at all it slides right off and you just cant help but grin. And dirt and dust has a hard time sticking. I put a bottle on the car and it slid off as soon as i set it down. I laughed it off but was amazed. I tried, a towel, same results nothing sticks to it. I know this is Amazon but you can get it for 14.99 free 2 day shipping at [...] I would advise anyone who is serious about car care to go get some NOW!! I did two coats on my VW and i only used 1/25 of the bottle. I simply can not say enough about this product. If you don't believe me about the results try it for yourself. I mean 15$ come on guys! Oh it can be applied to glass and last longer and wont smudge like rain-x. Also you can use on Boat, Motorcycle, Planes, Shower doors, tiles, mirrors. It is amazing!!! Im Looking forward to trying the other Collinite products. Way to go Collinite you guys ROCK!!
review image review image review image
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22 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on January 14, 2006
if you are serious about putting a strong durable coat of wax on your car with easy on easy off application then this is the wax for you. the secret wax of boat owners (yes it stands up to an entire season of exposure to salt water)it may cost a little more, but it goes a long way and is well worth the initial extra buck you spend. it does build up in the cracks, but if you are serious about car(truck) care, you already know how to handle that. talk to any serious detailer or reputable body shop owner and you will discover this is the wax of the professionals. they don't want you to use it because it does not come off easily if they have to do any paint repairing. here's to the shine on your finish.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on May 21, 2014
Wax is amazing, I've been recommending this to everyone I know. Be sure to apply very thin coats, and also let the bottle reach room temperature before using. The water beading on this product is absolutely mesmerizing. As I said before be sure to apply thin coats or you will have a tough time buffing it off.

review image
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on August 25, 2013
First off, this and Collinite's #476 are probably the two most durable automotive waxes on the market. 476 comes served up in an old-school tin that requires a quarter or a screwdriver to pry open, while Insulater is obviously a liquid form. At gunpoint, I would say that 476 has a slight edge in terms of durability, but every car in my immediate circle has at least a bi-annual wash/wax treatment so I'm rarely seeing a surface that is no longer protected.

Derailment #1, CAR WASHING: Keep in mind that in order to preserve your car's final wax or sealant coating, you need to be using a car-specific shampoo that will effectively remove bird dirt/road debris without stripping the protection. If you take your car to a drive-through no-touch car wash, there are harsher soaps coming out of those guns. Sometimes you can't avoid it (frozen NorthEast etc...) but know that those tunnels and the dish soap under your counter will remove the wax faster. Also, there is no need to use more than the recommended amount of shampoo -- if it calls for one ounce per gallon, use 1 ounce per gallon. There are a lot of quality shampoos on the market, but my far-and-away #1 is 1Z Perls.

Derailment #2, PAINT PREP: Wax and sealants stick best to surfaces that are ready for them. This is why you find a lot of "cleaner wax" items in Walmart and the auto parts store: the "cleaner" portion of the product removes contaminants that your wash mitt did not and allows for the wax to adhere to a nice smooth surface. These products are decent for short term durability and ease, but nothing will outlast a proper wash --> paint cleaner --> wax or sealant. Again, a lot of quality paint cleaners out there, but I would suggest S100 for convenience (available at any Harley Davidson store) and Klasse All-In-One for slickness.

Both Collinite products last seemingly forever using proper wash techniques, both have the charm of a product that doesn't change because it doesn't need to (no fruity smells, no flip cap dispensers, no branded colored applicator pads), and both protect your car and give you beads tighter than any other product I've run into. Again, I love both products in terms of the timeless quality and end result, but herein lies the differentiation for me:

You can buy a bottle sprayer from almost anywhere and screw it onto the top of the #845 bottle. Yes, there is a little bit of initial Shake Weight action upon receiving the bottle, but once you mix the bottle that first time, it stays fairly consistent until it's time to order another one. The reviews that mention warming the bottle before shaking are accurate. I typically just set the bottle in the sunshine while I'm washing. After you get the product mixed, the bottle sprayer will let you apply #845 very sparingly which is the key to successful and easy application and removal. I tend to use one spray (depends on what sprayer you buy and how miserly it distributes) per door, two on the hood, three on the roof, and use the residual that is in the applicator pad for my wheels. With the mild possible difference in durability, this puts #845 above #476 Paste Wax because I can almost apply and remove it as fast as using a quick detail spray. Once around the car to apply; by the time you are getting back to the portion you started with, the wax has already hazed over and is ready for removal. Insulator Wax as a spray wax is definitely not a secret to those who visit forums and websites dedicated to car care. Then again, those folks don't need to be reading the reviews before ordering #845.

1) All proper waxing requires proper washing and prep.
2) All soaps are not car shampoos.
3) Collinite = durable.
4) Add a $2 bottle sprayer and enjoy the world of the 20 minute wax job that lasts 4-6 months.
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on September 4, 2009
Collinite 845 is a wax that seems to sell by excellent word of mouth. In a crowded segment of truly good if not great OTC products (Meguiars, Mothers,Duragloss), Collinite stands out because it is so honest. The packaging is simple (clear bottle with red lettering, simple instructions). The only annoyance is the locking top that is not as user friendly as it could be.

The key here is to apply it THIN. Less is more, definitely. Apply 845 on a panel or the whole car, let sit for several minutes, then wipe. Ease of application and removal makes Collinite 845 an ideal wax for the casual detailer. Collinite 845 does not have any cleaning or filling abilities and it does need to be applied to a clean surface (do your prep work correctly and 845 rewards you with a fantastic, warm glow on your paint). The best part is that doen right, Collinite 845 will last and last. This is my goto product for pre winter detailing. Period.

Now the Cons:
* bottle design while simple has an annoying locking top that makes thin application tricky.
*It smells truly awful

Now the Pros:
*Fantastic warm carnuba glow
*Great value, use a little and the bottle will last a long time

As a side note, 845 will separate if left for awhile. Just shake it well prior to use. Collinite 845 Liquid Insulator Wax
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2014
I read the reviews of Collinite 845 on Amazon and other sites and figured I had to try it. Its been over three months since I applied it to my black 2011 BMW 335 X-Drive coupe. It looked great right off the bat but not really much better than with other waxes I have tried at the time of application. Heres the deal though--I live in northern Nevada, there has been some snow and accompanying dirt and grit piling onto to my car for weeks. I have not had the opportunity to wash my car because the hose at my house is frozen and the lines at the local touch less car wash have been to long and I'm busy during the Christmas season. I am ashamed to admit that I went at least 6 weeks without washing my car. I finally washed my car yesterday and am absolutely stunned at how good it looks. Like new or maybe even better. I have used many popular brands of waxes, sealants and polishes on my car but none have lasted this long. Usually after a month or so the wax job starts to fade. It may still look good but you can see that the like new shine starts to wears off within a month or so. Not true with Collinite 845. I am very excited about this product. My car looks like it was waxed yesterday and it has been over three months since the last application.
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