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on February 14, 2005
Reading some of the other comments here, you would think this CD is terrible. The fact is that most of these users who say its bad actually hit the nail on the head, but don't even realize what they've said. IT'S A MASH-UP. It says so ON THE LABEL. This was not meant to be a stand alone Linkin Park or Jay-Z album. Neither is it meant to be part of either artists' lineup. It is an addendum, people. That being said, you can't match it up against Linkin Park's or Jay-Z's past works other than as a reference. Though it does have the original recordings of both, they have been twisted and reshaped to make new songs.

Now, rating this CD/DVD by the CORRECT method I would have to give it 4 stars. I personally loved the collaboration, and felt that both artists' put some quality work into this album. My only complaint is the meager 6 songs. The DVD is a nice addition, and is great to watch. But the CD is almost like a teaser. Great bass, awesome (yet familiar) guitar riffs and perfect synchronization put this CD in its own class. I think this CD is a great one, but I would highly recommend sampling a track or two before purchasing to see what you are getting into.
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on December 1, 2004
The first thing that I must say is WOW! They picked two of the most influential musical artists of their genres and "mashed" them together. I think that Jay-Z's Black Album: Acapella Version was the inspiration for "mashing" artists together. For those of you who don't know what the Acapella Version is, it is a recording of Jay-Z rapping his lyrics only with no music in the background so that people could add their own beats and create remixes with Jay-Z's lyrics.

The idea to mix two groups of different genres is sheer genius. I'm sure that the idea arose, but no one ever did anything toward incorporating two artists into remixed songs. The result of this combination is excellent. Take a rock, yet hip hip influenced Linkin Park, and mix with one of the all-time greats of rap, the clothing industry, and the soon-to-be president of Island/Def Jam/Rocafella Records, and you have one hell of a combo. I love this cd even though it has only 6 songs, but each one is as good as the next and the one before. Unfortunately, this cd can only be truly and thoroughly enjoyed by those who are fans of both LP & Jay-Z, and speaking as one, I love this cd! I am a long time fan of Jay-Z and LP, so it's perfect for me. I think it's awesome that they include a DVD of the live performance shown on MTV on such short notice (live on TV about 3 weeks ago). I recommend this cd to anyone, but mostly to anyone who loves remixes and collaborations of artists.
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on December 2, 2004
In Linkin Park's second side album between their cd's, like Reanimation was between Hybrid Theory and Meteora, once again a great success. Reanimation is also an excellent hip-hop blended album for Linkin Park and if you don't own that, I advise you to pick it up. Anyways, onto this review.

Linkin Park is the biggest and most influencial rock band of the new millenium, and Jay-Z (even though he's retired) is one of the most popular hip-hop artists too. Even though I am not a big hip-hop fan, Linkin Park already features a lot of hip-hop vocals. The reason Linkin Park's hip-hop vocals work to me, are because of the guitar riffs behind them. Each and every song catches a new beat and adds new style to great lyrics. Even though Jay-Z is a different kind of rap then Linkin Park, the music still meshes very well.

#1 - Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying from You ... Now first off I'd have to say that originally I hated Dirt Off Your Shoulder. With the additions of the guitar riffs behind Jay-Z voice and the addition of Mike Shinoda to the hip-hop vocals, I changed my mind. This is my favorite song on the cd and to rate with the numbers system 5/5.

#2 - Big Pimpin'/Papercut ... definately the bust on the cd. Papercut in itself was a good song. Big Pimpin' in itself was a good song. The mix between the two, uh-no. The slow-down of Papercut's lyrics with the Big Pimpin' music behind it, a little rough and not much edge to the sound. I recommend to pass on this song. 1/5... and that's a compliment.

#3 - Jigga What/Faint ... excellent! Jay-Z rapping over the Faint music sounds incredible. The fast-paced song picks up even more with Jay-Z and his fast mouthed lyrics. When Linkin Park comes back in with their own part to Faint, it matches up to it's original quality. Great song 4.5/5

#4 - Numb/Encore ... the most family oriented song on the cd. A good mix of Jay-Z and Chester Bennington in this song. Chester's additional lyrics of "What the hell are you waiting for" throughout Jay-Z Encore lyrics sounds quite soothing. A great concert song, and a very good song on this cd. Once again ... 4.5/5

#5 - Izzo/In the End ... another suprisingly good song. Izzo by Jay-Z is one of my least favorite songs. The mix between the two however sounds great. In the End is of course Linkin Park's most famous song. Mike's mix and match with Jay-Z once again flows very nicely with the music and it's a good listening song. It doesn't quite match up with a few of the others though but still good ... 4/5.

#6 - Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer ... very close to the greatness of Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You. The mix of these three songs in absolutely insane. The beginning with Jay-Z rapping over Points of Authority sounds like how it should have originally been. Then after Points ends, Brad Delson kicks in the guitar from One Step Closer and Jay-Z continues to sing throughout One Step Closer mixing in with Chester and Mike. The police scene in 99 Problems with Jay-Z and Mike is my favorite part of this cd. Great song 5/5.

The DVD includes the MTV Mash-Up performance which I thought included great energy and sounded great also. It's another good addition along with the cd, and except for the short length I would give the dvd a 5/5.

Overall I would give the CD/DVD combo a 4.75/5 ... I know it's a weird number, but it's not perfect, but it's very very close! Incredible how great the mash-up really sounds between two total different ends of the spectrum of music. I recommend this for another hip/hop or rock fan.
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on January 1, 2005
except that there's harmony. Any fan of Linkin Park and/or Jay-Z should pick up this album. My only complaint is that there should've been more, but it's still worth it.
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on February 1, 2005
Title says it all. This set is hot. The CD is good -- the DVD showing the making of, and the live show are awesome. I wasn't a Jay-Z fan, but after watching the DVD, I've gained a lot of respect for him. He's talented, and a great complement to Linkin Park.

Others have said it: this is not a remix album, it's not a re-release, it's a mashup. It's an intentional blending of two distinct sounds. It shouldn't be rated in comparison to either act individually. I purchase a lot of music, and this is one of my better purchases in recent memory. Great concept, and flawless execution.
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on December 19, 2004
Jay-Z and Linkin Park both are the best at what they do. Jay-Z's Black album & Blueprint are very remerable albums such as Hybrid theory and Meteora. Well they have come together to make an amazing collaberation which random, yet historical at most. I'll be frank with you and tell you that this album is only for people who like Jay Z AND linkin Park. If your a hardcore Linkin Park fan but cant stand rap, this album isnt for you. Or if your a huge Jay-Z fan and think think Linkin Park sucks. But if you enkoy either a little bit, this album is perfect for you. The DVD is a great buy. The performances are almost better than the song themselves.

Individual song rating:

Dirt off your shoulder/ Lying from you (10/10)- Best part is when jay come in with the Dirt off ya shoulder lyrics and kicks it into full throttle.

Big Pimpin (9/10)- I actually laughed the first time i heard it because it weird hearing the papercut chorus over Big pimpin.

Jigga What/ Faint (10/10)- One of my favorites. I like Jay's fast paced rap in the verses. Great Collab on this one.

Numb/ Encore (10/10)- Perfectly put together, They are in perfect harmony. Another one of my faves.

IZZO/ In the END (10/10)- Another funny one to hear. I thought they shouldve went with the in the end chorus, but it still came out nice.

Points of Authority/ 99 problems/ One step closer (10/10)- Amzing song! All I have to say......
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This album a good album, but it is by no means stunning. To start off with, for a mash-up, the album isn't bad. The thing is, when you buy this album, you feel like you're paying too much for a 21 minute CD. True, the DVD is included, but if you pop the CD into your CD player and you just simply want to listen to the CD, there is only 21 minutes of material. For me, that was a disappointment.

To be fair, the album isn't bad. My favorite is the opening track "Dirt Off Your Shoulder/ Lying From You". The guitars in this production absolutely rock!!! This track almost makes the whole 21 minute CD worth it. When I bought this CD, I couldn't stop listening to this particular track. "Numb/Encore" is my second favorite with "Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer" and "Big Pimipin/Papercut" coming in at a virtual tie. It is an interesting and enjoyable musical listen, even if you only wish there were more tracks, especially of the caliber of "Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You"-- but then of course it is a mash up and respecting the production work, it must've been a task matching up the 6 tracks to work correctly. The DVD for me was alright, but I wouldn't watch it over and over and over. For me it was a 1 time thing. 3.5 stars is fair. It isn't average or just good (3, but it isn't quite stellar (4). 3.5.
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on November 16, 2005
Wow, what a good cd! It would be perfect if it was only a little bit longer than 6 tracks.

Dirt Off Your Shoulders & Lying From You

Arguably the best track on the disc. Starts off with a band member being upset at not having his drink he ordered, then it kicks right in with good rapping and a nice base line for the guitars. Awesome song! Not even a few F-Bombs could stop it from getting a great score in my book.


Big Pimpin & Papercut

Papercut's chorus is added as an opening line to Big Pimpin, on this track. Nice, but could have been better if they had the ENTIRE big pimpin, they cut out the best part! More of papercut would be nicer too. Great idea, but not thought out very well. Oh, and who the heck is Randy!?!?!?


Jigga What & Faint

I like this one. First Jay-Z does some rapping, then Faint starts up. I liked the original Faint better, but this is still great.


Numb Encore

If this cd will be remembered for anything, it will very likely be the Numb Encore. They turned numb into a rap song, and did a great job of it. Very powerful song. I liked the rock version of Numb better than this rap one, but it is still extremely good, and proof of what can happen when two great bands team up, they make masterpieces like this track!


Izzo & In The End

A lot of people are disapointed with this track. Why? I don't know, I on the other hand was very pleased with it. The version of Izzo on this is FAR superior to the older (not to mention, more boring) version. In The End's chorus is added to Izzo as an extra line. Jay-Z even changed the lyrics to say "here with US" instead of "here with me", to signify that its now an LPJZ song and no longer just his, I thought that was cool. They did a great job.


Points Of Authority & 99 Problems & One Step Closer

Could you possibly ask for a better closing to such a good cd? Begins as Points Of Authority with new (and BETTER!) lyrics, with Jay-Z being pulled over by a cop (voiced over by LP's Mike Shinoda) and then the background changes to One Step Closer, as Jay-Z continues to rap about his 99 Problems, then Chester comes in with the infamous SHUT UP line from the original One Step Closer, and trades off lines with Jay-Z. "EVERYTHING YOU SAY TO ME" .... "I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT A B**** AINT ONE!" what an incredible closer, not as good as Dirt Off Your Shoulders, or The Numb Encore, but so good.


Overall, get this cd if you like either band. It is NOT a compilation of each band doing remixes of each other's work but on the other hand they worked together and teamed up to make something incredible. Just wished it would have more than 6 tracks, thats the only thing stopping it from being perfect.

Overall grade: 56/60 ---> 93% ---> A- !

A true "collission course" of rock and rap.

Give it a try, enjoy! ~ Dagger Dias
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on December 22, 2004
I approached this disk as a fan of rap / Jay-Z rather than a fan of Linkin Park - in fact, I was not that up to speed on their music. I came away from this collaboration very impressed with the musicianship and creativity of Linkin Park. I will be listening to more of their music. Very solid players. I thought Jay-Z's performance was consistent - he's obviously set a high bar for himself and he maintains a high quality of deftness on the mike. It was great to see him working with Linkin Park in the studio - being creative - very cool. The part of this disc that holds it back, in my opinion, was the very weak production. The disc simply doesn't sound that good at times. The mix is very off leaving the sounds empty in spots and too loud (blaring ) at other times. The mix hurt this album. Period.

If you are new to Jay-Z and like him, try to scare up a copy of the Grey Album. I think this is a mash-up that really deserves to be heard - despite the overriding legal issues associated with the use of the Beatles music.
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on December 8, 2004
First of all the idea of Collision Course is extremely exciting. That said, Linkin Park and Jay Z, for the most part, have done a great job with this one. Their mashups, especially Numb/Encore, are very well done. My main complaint is that six songs on the CD is a bit slight. A couple more would have really completed this awesome CD/DVD combo. What is included is awesome. The inclusion of the DVD makes this a worthwhile purchase and makes up for the lack of songs. A very interesting concept that has been well executed. If you are a Linkin Park or Jay Z fan, I recommend checking out this one.
Numb/Encore (5) Quality stuff. My favorite.
Jigga/What (4.5) Very interesting, infectious mix.
Big Pimpin/Papercut (4) A good, solid mix.
Dirt off Your Shoulder/Lying From You (4.5) Flows nicely and is a great mix.
Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer (4.5) Nice transition mid-way through, another good mash.
Izzo/In The End (4.5) Very good, although In The End could have been better in this mix I think.
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