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Scent Name: Variety (4 Pack)|Change
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on October 8, 2012
it works into a lather really easily so a regular puck will last you a long time, the scent doesn't last for that long which is good but you can really notice it while it's on your face

also these fit perfectly into the Kingsley wood soap box since they're REGULAR pucks and not SUPER pucks. The super pucks are wider/taller

Lime: smells like a lime
Bay Rum: smells...old timey and kind of like licorice/mint
Amber: smells clean, like that mix of hair products you smell when you walk into a barber shop
Almond: smells like almond wood
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on August 22, 2013
I've been wetshaving for a little bit now, started out with Art of Shaving, moved to Taylor of Old Bond Street, and then for my birthday, my sister got me this variety pack.
I was excited and scared about it, there's a very loyal following to Col Conk's, and there's people who hate it. I was scared that I was gonna end up not using all 4 and to the end of each soap.
Well, I was wrong to be scared! I'll break my review in a couple points.

The smell of all 4 are excellent, unique, but not overpowering. You definitely can smell them when you're lathering and shaving, they're very pleasant. They don't stay for hours after your shave, so, use an after shave for that, and don't worry about clashing scents..the smell of Col Conk's will be gone after you wash your face with cold water. These are great for sensitive skin because strong scents usually use harmful chemicals to produce the smell, and even if you don't have sensitive skin, your face will thank you.

Here's the part that freaked me out after using it a couple times. I tried lathering a bunch of different ways with no water, then too much water, then the amount that i usually use for TOBS, and i always ended up with an awful lather in the bowl. The key to the lathering that I found, is to really load your brush (rub it around the soap switching clockwise/counter-clockwise as you get a big soapy amount on your brush) then apply to your face for longer. So basically, your face is the bowl if you get what i'm saying. It gives me a better, and longer lasting lather than any of the other soaps/creams i've tried.

For 15-18 bucks, you get 4 soaps that have amazing smells, produce a great lather, and leave your face feeling baby soft smooth afterwards. TOBS, Cella, Trumper,etc. are around 15-25 bucks for one tub, you get 4 here.

I'm going to continue experimenting with new soaps/creams, but I know i'll always have Col Conk around, it's just an amazing product.
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on December 31, 2013
I don't like to shave...I admit it. It isn't my favorite duty, and I generally put it off to just once or twice a week. I'm also not good about trimming my beards and mustaches that grow, so they tend to grow wild, but that is a different review. I'm not sure why I don't like to shave, but usually end up with nicks and cuts, and a rough fine sandpaper on my face. I also didn't like spending 30 dollars on a set of reusable razor blades.

Someone recommended I use a straight edge razor. After a little research, and reading some recommendations, I decided to try a safety razor first to practice before making a leap into the full on straight edge. Admittedly, I just picked up a cheap soap, brush, and bowl set along with my Merkur razor. It was nicer than before, but still didn't motivate me to shave very often.

This Christmas I asked for some different soaps and received this set along with some others, and a badger hair brush. I first tried a sandlewood scented one, and definitely liked the texture and scent, but it didn't improve my shaving experience. I tried another, and finally tried the almond Glycerin soap in this pack. I have to say, the experience is totally different. You can feel the difference in the razor gliding over the skin. I've actually shaved 3 times in the last 4 days, still get a number of cuts on my neck though. Part of the enjoyment is the ritual of creating your own lather that comes with this kind of shaving. I have to say this the best I've tried so far. Definitely upgrade your soap to this if you made the same mistake I did about going with a generic one.

Not all soaps are created equal.
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on May 29, 2013
Got the variety pack.. The soaps are great make a nice lather.. I add a shot of Burt Bees Shave creme to the mix for a deeper shave. but, it works great on it own as well.. i like the scents of all the cakes.. Esp. the Lime a great summer scent.. Will order again
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on January 23, 2016
I bought a DE razor on a lightning deal, so I had to look around for some real shave soap. I came across this sampler pack, and the reviews were pretty positive. The entire Col. Conk brand seems to be well liked in the wet shaving community, and I can see why.
These soaps smell amazing. I opened the Lime and melted it down into what has become my go-to shave mug. I used a double boiler on my stove over very low heat. The soap melted down very nicely and conformed to the inside of my mug. Each time I get the puck wet the fragrance is very strong. I have been using the Lime for a few weeks now, and It's going to be a while until I need to open the next one.

I often take into consideration others reviews of products before I make a purchase. In return, I try to leave reviews of my own to help other shoppers. I hope this review was helpful to you.
review image review image
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on August 4, 2015
Review Edit (8-6-15): I've even tried melting the puck into the lathering dish, and I still can't get a really good lather. I'll get some, and apply it to my face, but within a minute or two, (before I've even shaved half my face), the lather I applied to my face has begun to fade and separate into a thin film of bubbles. I like the scents, like the value, but I'm having no luck with these as a shaving soap.

Disappointed and lowering my review rating. There are other options such as the tubes of cream or "shaver's secret" that I think are better choices. I really wanted to like these, too bad.
-------------------------------------------------- end review edit ----------------------

So far I really like the Almond scent as a favorite. Note however that the scents are very subtle, and don't linger on your face after shaving. I'd honestly prefer the scent to be a bit stronger, you can't really even smell it in the lather.

Main complaint is that I have a hard time lathering with these. You load the brush, and wisk in the bowl like crazy, but only get a small amount of lather. There is definitely a bit of a different technique to lathering with these, or, you have to leave the soap puck in the bowl (which I haven't done so far)

Nice value, but be prepared to vary your lathering technique.
review image
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on July 5, 2013
If you use an old fashion shaving brush this product is the very best for lathering up before shaving and soap does not evaporate or disappear. Makes shaving a pleasure.
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on May 28, 2015
This is a well-priced variety pack, hopefully you like all the scents. My personal preference is bay rum and almond, but amber is also a nice scent. I don't care as much for the lime, as it smells a little too much like citrus-scented furniture polish, and it does seem to lather differently from the other three (this is not a negative, but if you've used other Col. Conk shave soaps, I would add a little less water than you'd normally add just to start out)

The almond shave soap reminds me of marzipan or amaretto, but without the smell of alcohol, bay rum smells like a barber shop, and amber smells a bit like generic lightly scented hand soap. The scent of the lime and bay rum soaps tend to linger more on the face when you're done, but generally go away within 15 minutes, while the amber and almond soap scents are gone by the time you've washed off your face.

After much trial and error, I've found the best way to get a good lather out of these soaps is to add about a teaspoon of water on top of the puck and let that sit while you soak your brush and prep your face for shaving. Once you've wrung your brush out, pour the water from the puck into your shave bowl and load up your brush until the bristles stick together, then start the lather in your shave bowl, adding additional water as you need to get the desired consistency.
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on October 4, 2015
So this was my first time using a dual edge safety razor and I thought I'd pick up some shaving soaps while I was at it. I bought a Merkur 1904 open comb and these soaps along with some other things from Amazon. I love the scent of the soaps. I have only used almond right now and it was a great experience. The soap smells nice, lathers nice, and didn't leave any type of residue after a quick post rinse. My face felt refreshed and using this product was a much better experience than using my standard shaving cream in a can. I can say that I got a little irritation and a few razor nicks, but I don't really blame the soap as it was my first shave with a safety razor so I still have a little bit of a learning curve which I hope to master soon. I also have really sensitive skin and the damage and irritation went away, much quicker than with my normal razor/shaving cream, and was much less than I normally get too. I am quite happy with my pruchase.

If anyone is looking for some good products to shave with and want a little bit of a variety or are like me and just getting into a different for of shaving this is a great way to go. I would recommend this to my friends, family or just plain anyone that asks... and will most likely by it again.
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on October 3, 2013
This soap does not lather as well as Proraso. It is not very creamy and does not provide very much lubrication for a good shave. All of the scents are very good, but the quality of a shave is much more important to me . I will probably have these in my medicine cabinet for decades unless I can find someone who would like them.
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