Customer Reviews: Columbia River Knife and Tool 9094 Multi-Tool Get-A-Way Driver
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on September 9, 2011
This was purchased for a lightweight diddy bag to carry around in the car.

The concept is solid: a small multi-tool with more flexibility in driver attachment selections than the usual blade/saw/auger/pliers combination. Unfortunately, the execution is flawed due to a cheaply-built, plastic body and "spring-loaded ball detent" system. The detents sound great but are essentially useless: the first time I used the tool, the head once stuck in the screw and once fell out. Not exactly confidence-inspiring. If I'd been in the woods (vice my driveway), the fallen phillips head would have been lost in high grass.

I bought two, and will likely send both back in favor of a more solid solution (for example, Gerber 01471 Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier, with Sheath and Gerber 22-49445 10-Piece Tool Kit). I'll pay more, but it's money well spent if it's up to the task when I really need it.
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on March 6, 2013
I was disappointed when this arrived. I am normally CRKT fan but seeing as this is rebranded chinese junk I could have lived without it. If you need something in a desk drawer at work fine but don't plan on carrying this around (you'll lose the bits). I have not used this heavily yet but there is no way the plastic will hold up to anything more than tightening Ikea furniture.
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on March 5, 2013
I was a little afraid to carry this with me when I first got it, so I didn't. Then I realized, why did I buy it if I'm not going to use it. Within 3 hours of clipping it on to my keys, which stay in my pocket and only have 2 keys on the ring, one of the bits had disappeared and one of the bearings that hold the driver in place had fallen out. I haven't had a chance to contact Columbia yet about it, but I am extremely disappointed that it didn't live up to the reputation.
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on July 6, 2013
I had this hanging from my keychain for less than a minute before the chuck fell out. This is almost useless.
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on June 11, 2016
Wanted to like this, but it's just poorly designed and built.

The main bit holder is barely held in by a spring ball. Within the first week of carrying this on my keychain, that bit holder was lost. So now I can't use any of the bits stored in it. They don't actually fit in the socket that the bit holder uses (why would you design it that way???) So basically this thing is 4 1/4" bits now and a bottle opener (and an oxygen bottle wrench....whoopity doo....).

Oh, and it also has worlds dimmest LED flashlight. Like seriously when I got it new, the LED was so dim it was unusable. I had to go into a pitch black room to even see it turn on. As far as I can tell, the LED is really there to slowly kill watch size batteries, not actually there to provide was probably cheaper than a resistor (since I suspect a regular carbon film resistor provides a similar level of illumination).

So I'd recommend this if you need a not so handy tool for killing watch batteries or opening oxygen bottles Maybe this is some cutting edge tool for EMT's who have fully powered wrist watches and have been opening oxygen bottles while wearing their dangerous watches and haven't been aware that they're one fully charged button cell away from obliteration?

I don't recommend this tool for use as a screwdriver bit holder or something that can actually turn screwdriver bits, seeing as how you will probably lose the only part that can use the bits within the first few hours of holding the tool because it is designed to fall out when you're not looking, and rather than make the bits fit in the socket for the holder, they designed the socket to be a billionth of an inch too small to hold the bit. The difference in size is just enough to make you think you can jam the bit in there, but just enough different that you actually can't. If it included a file to file down the remaining bits to fit in the socket, then maybe it would be worth while. You'd get not only a survival tool, but a really fun way to pass the time, slowly filing down the cheap remaining bits so they will fit in the empty socket so that you can use this as a poorly built stubby screwdriver for all the screws you need to loosen to survive....

So many potential improvement options, so many poor design decisions....
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on June 27, 2013
I got this thinking this will be great multitool gadget that I can carry around. Just within the fist two days, I lost the main receiver/socket for the screw heads. The socket I think should have just fallen off and since it is so small it was very difficult to search for it. So I have this thing that can only be used as a bottle opener. Please do not buy this - total waste of money.
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on October 20, 2014
Finally writing this review after having owned this for a while. Multitools are a funny thing -- some of them you use regularly and others are emergency type tools. The get-a-way driver is an emergency type tool in my book -- around the house I have a power screwdriver, and manual tools that can both do the job. And most likely do the job better.

What has impressed me about this guy so far is the design. You can tell that a lot of thought went into this tool -- its compact, but packs a good number of functionalities. Its light, but is really well made and sturdy. It's a multi tool in the truest sense in that it does all of its jobs well. Nothing upsets me more than functionalities that are thrown in to make something a multi tool -- so many other tools throw on bottle openers, and most don't work well! Thankfully, this tool does NOT have this problem.

I've now used it in an emergency, and it works great. The tool fits your hand, it feels good, its a joy to use. The bits are good quality, the driver is sturdy, and even the light does its job well.

Great job to CRKT on impressing me with something I picked up as a spur of the moment purchase!
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on November 20, 2015
This product really could be a lot better than it is. Especially at the price point it's sold at.

The tool - The bottle opener feature is screwed onto the main metal frame. The screws are all slightly off center, so you get the impression that it's just not quite exactly right.

The chuck - it has two different size hex pieces. Each with a ball detent. The larger size hex goes into the end of the main body. The problem here is that the ball detent does almost nothing to actually hold the chuck in place. There's no way I can carry this in my pocket without the chuck falling out quickly and becoming lost. The smaller hex fits into the metal frame, to use as an offset driver. here again the ball detent really serves no purpose. I think a much better option would have been to embed a rare-earth magnet into the main body, and let the chuck be held in place by that. Or friction fit the chuck much tighter so it doesn't slip free.

The bits - Each of the bits has a ball detent, ostensibly to hold them into the chuck, and to hold them into the plastic body of the tool. These detent into the metal chuck fairly well, but don't really get held into the tool. Also, the detents in the bits are at different distances from the bottoms of the bits, so that if you use the detents in the tool body, two of them sit flush, while two stick out a couple of millimeters.

The flashlight - It points in the opposite direction of the end chuck, so is of absolutely no value in using it to match the bit into a screw in a dark location.

What would I have done differently? Okay. Hold the chuck in place with a rare earth magnet, as mentioned above. This would actually transfer the magnetic field into the chuck so that it could hold the bits without a ball detent. Get rid of the ball detents altogether. Make the body hold the bits securely through a press fit. Then use the end of the chuck to drive them out the other side when needed. This way the user could use any standard bits, and could mix and match according to their needs. Get rid of the bottle opener, in favor of a light that points in the same direction of the chuck.
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on October 10, 2014
Already have one of these. Love it. Lost a bit (my fault), and bought a second one for back up bits (and parts if that is ever required. Doubt it).

My only problem with it is the retention of the bit holder. The bit holder holds the bits with a magnet. That's not the issue. It's how the holder inserts into the body of the tool, is my problem. It does not hold it very well. You could lose the bit holder and bit without much effort. I just super glued it in place. I lose the right-angle option, but if I need extra torque, I'll use the proper tool.
If I could change/add one thing:
Offer optional torx bits. Great tool for working on knives, and would rival the Kershaw tool
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on November 15, 2014
I feel that the bottle opener could have been better designed and built into the metal rather than attaching a large pointy object jutting out of the side. Other than that, it's a very handy tool to have on the keychain.
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