Customer Reviews: Combat Source Kill Max R2 Large Roach Bait, 8 Count
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on June 29, 2009
I live in Las Vegas where 2" cockroaches are a problem. I used to pay $60 a month for an exterminator and that pretty much eliminated them. But that's $760 a year!

When I moved, I needed a cheaper alternative. MUCH cheaper. I bought 16 of these for under $20 delivered. Pretty cheap. When I went in the yard at night I would usually see 40-50 cockroaches outside. 5-6 in the house downstairs and 1-2 upstairs. I opened one trap up and left it outside along with a standard closed trap. The cockroaches were ripping off pieces of this poison candy and running to their nests with it.

Next night I saw only 3 cockroaches outside, 1 downstairs and 0 upstairs. In one night the usual cockroach count went from 60+ to only 4!! The next day I saw only two outside and 0 in the house.

I bought 16 of these traps but I would say two of them killed all the roaches outside in a day.

These traps were so effective that it makes the exterminator business look like a scam. $20-$40 vs $720 for a cockroach free year. I spent over $4,000 on exterminators throughout the years and could have spent under $100. Wow! ShamWoW!!
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VINE VOICEon June 15, 2011
I placed these large roach baits all through my house about 10 days ago. So far, so good...I have not seen a roach (dead or alive) since this time.

I bought this special package LARGE roach baits, because the ones you find in most stores are for the small roaches- and they were not big enough for the 2 inch roaches in my house that have wings and can fly. These baits are big enough for the roaches to crawl into and eat the bait and leave to die.

update: 6-16-11. Saw a roach this morning, but it was dead. Product seems to be working.

update: 8-5-11. I have seen 2-3 roaches in the house since my last posting, but they were all dead. Product is still working.
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on November 21, 2009
Growing up in the southern part of the United States, I came to believe that you might be able to make a dent in the roach population, but getting rid of them was impossible. So, I was really happy that after 6 years of living in South Georgia we did not have a roach problem. Then we started to see one here and there and then we started seeing a lot of the 2 inch flying variety in the garage, mostly at night. We had to make sure we closed the door quickly because they would try to get in the house. Opening the door, turning on the light, and trying the "stomp on em" method was taking care of some of them, but not all. I decided to give the COMBAT Quick Kill Formula Bait for large roaches a try. I set the bait in several places in the garage several weeks ago, and since then I have not seen a single roach. I have never seen a roach control product work as well as the COMBAT Quick Kill Formula Bait and I have tried a bunch of different products over the years.

If you've got roaches and you don't want them, I highly recommend that you give the product a try.

1/13/10: A couple of months have passed since I wrote the original review and I have yet to see a roach since using the Combat Roach Bait.

1/16/11: A few months ago I started to see some roaches on the back porch (where we had not had a roach problem before). It was probably my fault because I stored some extra pine straw bales there. The roaches seemed to really like the pine straw. I put out some COMBAT bait. Within a day or so the roaches were gone and have not come back.

10/21/13: We started noticing roaches again a couple of months ago. Going over two and a half years without having a problem was pretty good I thought. So, I ordered some more COMBAT Quick Kill Formula Bait. It took a couple of days before we stopped seeing roaches, but we haven't seen any in over a month so I think the product has done its job once again!!

2/28/2015: Still loving the product after using it for over 5 years.
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on March 31, 2012
Had this shipped to my front door on Friday noon and used them on Friday night. Easy to use... snap the pairs off and just place them where you see the roaches crawl back to. Mines were nesting under the fridge. Placed 3 of the bait traps around the fridge and within seconds I literally saw the small baby roaches come out even with the lights turned on (and we all know roaches start scramming back to their nest once you turn on the lights). But these guys literally came out and headed for the bait traps and I watched them. They weren't running away at all even with me walking around the kitchen which was odd. Came back out in the kitchen around 2am and holy ****, I saw a mixture of baby and large roaches just raping that bait trap. I tried scaring them away but no luck, they were attracted to the bait station.

Fast forward to today (Saturday) and I see 2 roaches flipped over next to the traps. They're still alive because when I shine my flashlight on them you can see their antennae and legs still moving. I'm going to see if they're still alive when I check them again tonight because the product says it starts killing them within hours.

Also I bought the large roach bait and in my opinion, it's the better option than the small bait traps since I see the small roaches getting a piece of the trap along with the larger ones.

Though I wish they made a transparent cover instead of a black one so you can see how much bait is left and if they're actually eating it.

Will keep you guys updated as the nights go on.

UPDATE: 4/23/12

Have yet to see a single live roach. Seems like they've all died.. I haven't replaced the roach traps either.

UPDATE: 12/28/12

I've removed the traps a couple months back because I haven't seen any roaches since early May. Product works pretty damn good... much better than those do-it-yourself traps. I believe you can also buy these at Target, Walmart, or Walgreens if you need them ASAP.

UPDATE: 06/29/13

Kitchen is still free and clean of roaches. In fact, I haven't used them since last spring 2012. If you're still debating, I'm saying get this now.
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on August 16, 2011
See 1 roach then go out and get these traps they are super great. buy them from the dollar store or walmart they are only 4 bucks. Also buy some roach gel in a needle.

Put a whole box of traps in your kitchen behind the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Then split a box for the bath rooms under the sink and behind the toilet. Boom you will not see a roach and if you do they will be dieing. Also they only work for about 6 months even if they have bait in them. Gather all the old traps up and repeat.

Screw the bug man.
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on October 15, 2013
This product improved my life. It saved me from so much anguish. I used to have nightmares about all of the cock roaches in the slum I used to live in. There were so many they no longer scattered when you turned on the light. There was no more room for them in dark places. It was a nightmare every day. I was too poor to hire an exterminator so I tried everything I could get from walmart. Nothing really happened.

This thing was amazing. I am still in awe of how well it worked. I went from a roach nightmare to cleaning up piles and piles of dead roaches in a matter of a week.. And I mean PILES. And it worked for two months before I had to change out the bait stations (It says monthly in the instructions, but I was poor as hell). Anyway, this thing saved my life. I'd probably be in a looney bin without it. Highly recommend.
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on August 12, 2010
Upon sitting on the toilet and seeing a small roach in the bathroom, not being able to do anything about it at the time, followed by the big Poppa cockroach crawling on my foot the next day, I decided it was time to do something now about those ugly things that make me scream and cringe.
I know they have been around since the time of dinosaurs, but in my home I will attack.
I got up in the middle of the night to search and I bought Combat Quick Kill Roach Traps (by Dial Corp.), Walco Linck 61153 Ant And Roach Killing Chalk and Pic 16Oz Boric Acid Roach Killer BA-16.
I used my Gift card balance and received this product in 3 days from date of order.
You get 8 traps to break apart in squares. Each trap is 3" X 3". I put one behind the toilet and in the cupboard under the sink, as well as, anywhere I have seen a roach in the past. I have noticed the little babies come from the light fixtures in the ceiling and the bigger bullies can crawl under and through the door hinge sides of my front door.
I also put a trap outside near the front door so that one of these bullies can grab a bite of poisoned bait inside and take it to their outside nesting place. Kill them all.
I haven't had a problem yet using this product, but I will be buying more when the 90 days are up.
Please be mindful and careful that your pets and children do not bother the traps. Always wash your hands after touching a trap. Do not put these traps anywhere near food, so that your food does not get contaminated.
If you live in New York where the monster cockroaches live, let me know how this product works for you.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 18, 2012
When we purchased a house in Florida; I was well aware that there were a lot of insects. What I wasn't prepared for is the encounter that I had with a cockroach that was so large; it would have been perfect for one of those 1950's horror/sci-fi B rated insect invasion films. I watched this gigantic cockroach crawl under our huge Samsung refrigerator and waited for over an hour for it to reappear. This thing was the size of an old Cadillac. The refrigerator was too heavy for me to move, and the thought of going to bed with this killer in the house was not an option. That's when I immediately ordered this product on Amazon. In Florida they call these things Palmetto bugs so as to not scare away the tourists. Regardless; they're cockroaches and I don't like them. Well; after the monster decided to vacate the underside of my refrigerator; I quickly put an end to its life and threw it as far away from our house as possible. The next day; I found another one, but since I had ordered Combat with one day shipping; I knew that my encounters with this beast were about to end, or at least I hoped so. I Placed several of these stations in the house, as well as around entrance points. To my delight; I found no more live cockroaches. I did find a couple of dead ones for a few weeks, but after that, nothing at all. This product works as advertised and could actually prevent you from having a stroke or heart attack that could be triggered by seeing one of these nasty beasts. Highly recommended.
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on December 9, 2013
These are a great product for fighting roaches. I feel safe in knowing that my cat can't get to the bait inside. We are able to tack them up using the sticky sheets that come with it, in places that the kids can't reach. They do an extremely effective job!
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on October 30, 2013
The box warns that you'll find dead roaches after deploy this, but they completely disappeared. I directly attribute the results to these bait stations. I haven't seen a single roach since I put these out!
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