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on February 21, 2012
I bought this watch when it was on sale for around a $100, but after having it for a while, would still pay the $70 more for it's current price point. That said, look around, you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

I'm not in the military, though I do actively participate in outdoor activities, so I was looking for a watch that could take the elements as well as look good.

In regards to fashion:
- This watch is a looker. The matte black finish with the white dials are perfect for casual or semi-formal attire.
- It's a big watch, so if you have a small wrist or like watches that aren't heavy, this watch might not be for you.
- I can't emphasize enough how nice this watch looks if paired with properly (black belt, black shoes, etc)

In regards to functionality:
- G-Shocks are known for being able to take a beating and I've put mine through a lot. At first, I treated this watch like a baby because at the time, it was the most I ever spent on a watch after rarely spending more than $20. After a while I realized that I could wear it to work (I worked in lumber at a home improvement store) and not worry about beating it up. I've banged it pretty hard a few times and only have a small gouge that is very hard to see.
- The white dial hands help make spotting the time very easy.
- The biggest problem I have is the light up feature. When really dark out, it doesn't fully light up the face of the watch. It gives enough to give an idea of where the hands are at, but you sort of have to look hard.

Miscellaneous things:
- I love the automatic analog hands that move when you set the time or switch time zones.
- The feature of being able to have a second time in a timezone of your choice is fantastic. As someone who frequently shifts between time zones, having this function is really nice.
- Did I mention this watch can be put through the ringer and still come out unscatched? Shock resistant, Waterproof to 200M (655 ft, a little more than 2 football fields), magnetic resistant, AND it has a battery life of about 2 years? Yea, I love it.

Final analysis:
I love this watch. It looks great and is as durable as the people it's pitched at. A friend of mine, whom actually is in the Army, got one like this on my recommendation and loves it. If you're on the fence about this, I'd say hop off and go for it.
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on January 12, 2011
I went crazy when I saw this watch online, I'm active duty and any thing black smacks me in the face and makes me want to buy it, so I just had to have this watch. I loved it at first its all matt black pretty big face nice strap pretty spec ops looking. After a few weeks when I really started to get down to using it, I realized it was not as good. The dial light is orange and it does not really light up the entire face as well in the dark it kind of casts a shadown over the dial which sucks when you're training at 0230 in the woods with nothing around.

The digital layout is the worst its in the negative format which is black all around and the numbers are light grey. Its not flushed with the watch dial so whe to illuminate the dial light you just cannot read the digital time it's always black. When doing PT in the mornings in the dark you need to see the seconds display and its too black to see any thing, if the hands happen to be over the digital display it makes it ever worse. Now being military I have some unusual circumstances so it does not really work out for me, BUT I adapt and over come! Over all it still looks good its pretty light and is a nice big watch which I like, time format can be set to 24hr too, it's just the stop watch function and the light on this watch sucks, I'm going to get the one in red and black it does not have the black digital display and is easier to read in the dark. I hope this helps my peps!!!

Over n out!
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on April 19, 2012
This watch caught my eye as I walked by a counter in a department store. I needed something rugged that could take a serious beating often and never look any worse. In addition, I needed something stylish that would go with anything, that had a stopwatch AND had a countdown timer. This watch had all those things and had them at the right price. I've been REALLY excited to have it and haven't taken it off since I bought it.

Some folks talked about the lighting issue. I admit I too was a little worried about that at first. I wear this watch on stage with a band and there is VERY little consistent light on stage, so something that lights itself and is readable is a must (I handle our timing). The first time I had the illumination issue I got lucky and figured out an easy fix.

All you have to do is either set the illumination to automatic, or hit it manually (it's easier to do this with automatic). When the light is on, hold a single finger (or the side of your hand, as if you were shading the watch in direct sunlight) across the face of the watch. The reflection of the light off of your hand will make the digital readouts clearly visible.

Since that was the only issue I've seen anyone post on this watch, consider it 5 stars! :)
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on February 2, 2013
Law enforcement - I use this as an every day-er. Good watch. Not too bright to light up (good thing) and its light-weight. I like G Shock products for work and this one holds the reputation well. People who complain about the not being able to see the date with the light at night...really? First off, by night time you should know the date...second, if you cup your hand around the top half of the watch, should see it fine. I agree its not for nigh time stopwatch use. Simply cant see it well enough...but you could try the alternative: "One- one thousand..Two -one thousand.. Three- one thousand" method.. It should get you close enough. :)

Had the watch for several months now...flawless and durable. Time has been accurate. No complaints. Good watch.
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on August 31, 2013
hold adjust for 3 seconds press mode until you get to LT1 then use forward button to change to LT3... Bang lites up whole screen. Don't you realize this is a military watch and having a bright light may get you shot??? LMAO
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on April 27, 2011
Its a great watch.
i just love it.
even though is quite big, its not heavy at all.
i've gotten quite a few compliments on it.
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on February 22, 2015
Love it! Just picked it up today and I love how this watch looks. I have no complaints about the light, I think it does the job just fine. I like the orange color too. Many different features included in this watch (alarms, stopwatch, timer, etc). I really like the white arms on the black. Nothing bad to say about this!
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on June 21, 2012
I bought this watch when it was first released for a deployment to Iraq. Since then it has taken every mission and training exercise that I have tossed at it and still looks great AND functions perfectly. It's looks are perfect for Army ACUs, Multi-Cam, PT Uniforms, or civilian casual. The hardest its been hit was during combatives training when I was thrown into a wall and my arm bounced off the bricks. NOT A SCRATCH!!

Some complain about the illuminator light, but for army work that's good. Won't be spotted far out. If you have trouble reading the displays hold your hand above it an inch or so and you will reflect enough light to read the digital displays.

Setting this watch was easy as well. Just set the digital time as with any other digital Casio, and you'll get the bonus of the Analog hands setting themselves. Keeps its time quite steadily. I've only had to adjust it once in the last year.

When I was looking for a new watch, I looked at most of the big military watch companies and was astounded by the prices. $500 to $1500 for a single watch? Then I found this watch which had many of the same features and a few unique at the time to itself and a price that was only a fraction (still the same $130).

Military, Law Enforcement or just a sport or outdoors type, this watch is a good purchase.

Only downside, as one can it expect it doesn't go well with higher class events that require a more black tie attire, but then that not what it was made for.

If I ever have to replace it, I'm getting another one or any Casio upgrades if they are out by then.
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on July 15, 2015
DO NOT ordered from DWC!!
I ordered this product and it died shortly after, they would not honor replacement because I tried to get the batter replaced (any move someone whoses watch died would do)

Anyways, I sent it to casio and they fixed the watch for me. But they had a handful of internal repairs.

Don't order from DWC. I don't need to lie about the fact the watch just died and the watch repair store told me it wasn't the battery. (I brought in two other g shocks too and a battery change was all it took)
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on July 2, 2014
the watch is awesome and looks cool underwater too! (check my picture). Totally worth $90 and you won't be disappointed if you are a watch guy. They are a big on a bigger side so if you wrist is narrow, take some measurements. The resin feels very nice and the strap is great too - just make sure not to over tight.
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