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on July 25, 2011
How many of you know that when testing for an LH surge, your best bet is to test twice, once in the early afternoon and once in the early evening? I didn't know that. In the morning, your LH is usually lowest, so with almost any ovulation predictor, if you're only using one in the morning, you're likely to miss the surge. Of course, I learned all that from a article written by an OB that was posted on an infertility website; the generic instructions included with these strips don't give you that kind of helpful information.

In fact, by following the included instructions, I spent two cycles *completely* missing my ovulation date - turns out I ovulate earlier in my cycle than the manufacturers of these tests expected any woman to - and it didn't occur to me, until doing further research, that I ought to start checking before their suggested date. Cycle three was my lucky month; I'm due this winter! The pregnancy tests worked just fine for me too. I decided early on that I didn't want to test before the date of my expected period because I didn't want the heartbreak of a "false" positive due to a chemical pregnancy. I wound up testing on the second day of my missed period... which was not completely missed, but not completely there... and got a faint but obvious positive. I never had any trouble using or reading these tests, once I did my research.

Ultimately, I highly recommend these tests. They're a great price, and the average couple (with no infertility issues) has only a 50% chance of conceiving in 6 months, so the expensive predictors and tests can get pricey fast. You do need to do your own research on how to test most accurately - these are not super simple, spell-it-out, call-a-hotline-for-help tests - but they're very accurate if used properly.

Best of luck to anyone out there trying to conceive!
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on June 26, 2014
I decided to buy these the second month my husband and I were trying. My cycles are on the longer side (30-31 days) but I wanted to be sure to catch my ovulation window so I started testing once a day on CD9 and then twice a day starting on CD11. The low cost of these tests is so nice because you can test a ton. I ended up getting a positive on CD16 and ovulated on CD17. 11 days later, I used the included HCG pregnancy test and tested positive 11DPO (five days before my missed period). I tested again the next day again with a Wondfo test and also with a first response test. Both positive! Hope everyone else has the awesome experience I had with these tests. Very highly recommended!
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on August 4, 2011
Friends suggested to me to get ovulation test strips, but I thought, "How hard could it be?!" Plus, I had an Iphone application that predicted my ovulation date.

Well, after the first month of not getting pregnant, I decided to give these a whirl. I started using them the week before my app said I would be ovulating. This way I could try them out and make sure I'd know the difference.

I followed the instructions and only saw the one line. I used one each day and I'm so glad I did, because according to my phone app I wasn't supposed to ovulate until a Tuesday. But, on the prior Saturday I took the test and got the double lines- indicating I was going to be ovulating. My husband and I had intercourse Fri-Tues. But, with the notion that I would be ovulating on probably Sun-Mon.

I got the first response 6 day before your missed period and there it was- a faint double line :) The pregnancy tests included in this purchase worked well, but they're designed for closer to your missed period. I was just impatient. I went to the doctor and they confirmed I was pregnant! So, with the test strips I got pregnant the first time around!!!

Highly recommend to everyone!!! Good luck!
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on July 13, 2013
I work as a medidal technologist at a hospital and do numerous pregnancy me this product just as high if quality. To be honest, hospitals use the same exact hcg tests that you get at walmart in the single pack for a buck. Its stupid to spend 15 bucks on two tests. These are well worth the money.
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on February 7, 2013
I done a one day shipping on these strips before I was in mid cycle to test for ovulation and my first positives within three days of testing.i have a 30-40 day cycle so that means more ovulation strips for me.i tested 3 times a day.this is a great inexpensive way to test :) I highly recommend these to anyone far as the ovulation strips goes.
Have not tried the pregnancy test yet. So I will update this!

These strips got me pregnant :)
My tips would be to try sex at least 4 to 5 days and especially the day before you get your and my husband only done it one day before we got the big positive and the day of and the day after and now were pregnant :) baby dust to all ! Good luck
use this site to see the best times to test and how for ovulation since these come with hardly no instructions [...]

hope this helps :)
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on June 10, 2014
Ovulation Strips - Worked perfectly for me! There was no doubt when the surge happened! I do recommend testing twice a day for those with short LH surges so you don't miss the actual surge. I happened to get pregnant using these first try! Evidently I ovulate earlier than I had thought and had been missing the best days to get pregnant while trying for 4 months before this! I am so so SO thrilled!

Pregnancy Strips - I saw some people comment on getting "false positives" on these strips, so what I did to put my mind at ease was I tested REALLY early, when I KNEW it would be negative so I could see what happened. What I got was a 100% clear NEGATIVE result. There was no evap lines and no question that it was a negative test, no matter how I tilted, squinted, or tried to find a line, there was none. So now I had a control negative test for comparison later. Since I'm among the women who like to test like crazy, just for fun I tried a strip at 6 days before my period was due.... not expecting anything, after 5 minutes, there was a line! It was very faint, but since I had my control negative, I could see clear as day that there was a line! I tested again the next day, another line! The day after that, I tested again, the line was even darker, so I decided to confirm with ClearBlue Weeks Estimator, and lo and behold, I am pregnant!!!!

One thing that is in the directions is letting urine come to room temperature. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but since I wanted to make sure I followed instructions completely, what I did was collect FMU in a cup, and then get in the shower and get dressed, and then dip the strips. Never had any problems with evaps, my negatives were clear negatives, and my positives were faint lines, but there was DEFINITELY no doubt that there was a line there! I would fully recommend these, great price, lots of tests, and it really helps those of us who are desperate and love to test, test, test!!!
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on April 16, 2015
I have PCOS and 40-42 day cycles, so I wanted to make sure that I knew exactly when my ovulation was. I caught it on Feb 12, and less than 2 weeks later, I had a positive pregnancy test! I was not expecting things to work so quickly.
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on July 2, 2015
After a year and a half of trying with no luck, I got pregnant on the first cycle using these. There's nothing magical about them, but I was able to pinpoint ovulation VERY precisely, down to the time of day. Since these are so inexpensive, I didn't mind using more of them, and tested throughout the day as I got close to ovulation. On the day we conceived, I had gotten a very dark line in the afternoon, signaling that ovulation was imminent. I tested again in the evening and it had faded considerably, which indicated that I'd ovulated in the past few hours. My husband and I took the appropriate action, and I got a positive pregnancy test 9 days later - earlier than with other brands, due to their sensitivity.

If we decide to have another child in the future, I will definitely be buying these again.
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on May 10, 2015
I received a knock off product! The product labels were inconsistent and after checking with Wondfo, it was confirmed that my test strips were NOT WONDFO. I don't know where they came from and whether or not they are reliable, which is really frustrating when trying to conceive!!!
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on August 13, 2015
Let me start by saying this is our first REAL month trying so I saw these read the reviews and figured why not. Prior to this I used some period tracker app from my phone but with no success.
My kit didn't come with directions but it's so easy I don't know how you could mess it up. Get little cups! I got mine at the grocery store in the baking section for like $2 they also sell them a party city in huge packs for cheap (used to use them for Jell-O shots) pee in the cup then stick the stick in for 3 seconds. It really does take 5 mins for the results to pop up so give it time. I wasn't sure when to start testing but I read somewhere to test 5 days after your period so I did. I tested first thing in the morning when I woke up and then again when I got home from work. My period tracker said I was ovulating on the 8th but the strips did not I was starting to get discouraged bc I have a very normal cycle (30 days to the T) and I felt like the strips weren't working OR maybe something was wrong with me. BUT yesterday the strip got a little darker in the morning and then by yesterday afternoon it was definitely dark and meant ovulating. This being said I'm still in the time frame of when I should be ovulating based off what I read but just towards the end of it. So I'd say don't lose hope if you start testing and don't see anything at first. I really didn't think they were working but it turns out they do. I can't say they work bc I don't know if I'm pregnant yet but I will say that it's a good product for tracking your ovulation. Best of luck to everyone!
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