Customer Reviews: Come to Life
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on November 25, 2012
I love Natalie Imbruglia's music, and this album is no exception even though her collaborations with Brian Eno and Coldplay's Chris Martin could be viewed as efforts to go more commercial/mainstream.

I'd like to give Amazon (and iTunes) a big, fat ZERO stars, though, for not making her recent music digitally available in the US market. Natalie has plenty of US fans, and the fact that I had to buy this album (and "Counting Down the Days") as UK Import discs is just silly. (I had to buy "Glorious: the Singles 1997-2007" as an import disc from Russia!!!) How EASY would it be to authorize her music for US purchase in the MP3 store?!?!?! If Natalie wants to sell more music, maybe she could forgo the meetings with Coldplay and simply insist that her music should be available for download in the US.
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on November 4, 2009
Although I feel this album falls short in some areas (For instance, There only being 10 songs) I went ahead and gave her the four stars anyway. "It seems like this album took FOREVER to come out!!!" Natalie Imbruglia is one of the very few artists that I like that has not conformed to the sound of Hip-Hop to sale records, She's stayed true to her sound while experimenting within her realm and adding excitment.

"WTUF" "Scars" "Twenty" "Lukas" & "Cameo" are all my favorites so far. Surprisingly "Cameo" is my favorite of my favorites, It's really HOT with a DRAMATIC electro beat. It's not the sound that Natalie's most known for but strikes me. It reminds me of the Pop-Electrik sound that most female popstars in the UK were going for between 2003-2006 (Rachel Stevens, Holly Valance, Dannii Minogue, Maria Serneholt) to name a few, It's definitely a standout with its big sound and breaks of complete silence.

"WTUF" is a really wacky song, It's very "Busy" hyperactive, energetic and all-over-the-place (Which is a really good thing) "Lukas" has that signiture 80's pop/rock arrangment. "Sanctuary" from 2005's "Counting Down The Days" wouldn't be out of place on "Come To Life".

Lyrically the songs are all their very own. Another song that I didn't mention is "Want" which is also the 2nd single, I like the sound but it's really predictable and has been done repeatedly. I have many songs in my music collection that sound exactly like it. It's typical Pop/Dance, However I feel some growth with it.

As usual Natalie has not gone against the grain which in my opinion shines a light on her since "going against the grain" is the NEW trend. I'm okay with "Come To Life", How can I be bitter?.
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on July 17, 2010
I've been a major fan of Natalie Imbruglia since the Torn days.
I have loved all her album released to date and Come to Life is fantastic.

I cant believe it hasnt been released in the UK.
The lead single Want showed such promise and I thought it was going to be massive.
Chris Martins involvement has really payed off. New tracks like Lukas and Fun are beautiful works.
The album is great from start to end, ten very focused tracks with no filler.

I think there must be a problem at her record company.
This could have been a great success for Natalie. What a shame!
If only they had spent some time and money promoting it properly.

I recommend you buy this album now.
A success doesnt have too mean big hits or record sales.
This album is a success whatever ( the record company wanted or didnt WANT ).
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on November 2, 2009
Ever since her stunning Pop debut "Left of the middle", Natalie Imbruglia has been heading down the less-is-more road musically. "Come to life" finds her going even further down that road, with some writing and production from Chris Martin and ambient king Brian Eno. The sound is darker and more reflective.

Opening is the lightly sunny and jangly "My God" with Imbruglia's endearing clear breathy vocals pulling you in. "Lukas" is a Chris Martin co-write (produced by Eno), with catchy incredibly layered harmonies, and telling the tale of a boy named Lukas. It sounds like it could fit into Coldplay's last album and it could as apparently it was written during the "Viva la vida..." sessions. Following is the gently pulsing "Fun", another Martin co-write. Both songs are the only two not featuring Imbruglia's songwriting skills.

"All the roses" is an ethereal sounding piano ballad. Lead-off single "Want" is edgy and upbeat with electronic flourishes, another Martin co-write. "WYUT" is an upbeat number with ghostly flourishes, while "Cameo" is a bouncy Rock-tinged Pop song. Also upbeat with a Motown-ish beat is "Wild about it".

At 10 tracks, the album is rather brief. Calming and beautiful music, a welcome return for Ms Imbruglia.
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on August 7, 2011
Listen to it online on Youtube before you buy it. If you liked her old style then you may not like this new album. It sounds like she's trying to be trendy and conform to what's popular. I really appreciate her past albums for the artistic and VERY creative quality that made them unique and outstanding.
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on May 2, 2010
Since releasing her debut album, Natalie Imbruglia has had to fight for credibility in the music business. Yet, she has produced music that is consistent in its catchiness and its form, which really does suggest that she knows that music she likes and what music she wants to make. Since "Left of the Middle" she moved away from uptempo tracks and seemed to have focused on producing midtempo acoustic rockers (e.g. "Shiver") and beautiful ballads (e.g., "Counting Down the Days"). Now she returns with a record that builds on her strengths and explores some of the electronic and dance influences that were noticeable in "Left of the Middle" and, sporadically, in some of her other tracks (e.g., "Beauty on the Fire"). The result is "Come to Life." Ballads like "Pun," "Scars" and "All the roses" are delicate and dramatic, reminiscent of what made "Torn" such a hit, in their emotion if not the style. Natalie has collaborated with big names in this album, most noticeably with Chris Martin and Coldplay on "Lukas" and "Want." Chris Martin's vocals are a nice addition to "Want," though the song itself is not that great (It's my least favorite track, but I like it anyway). "Lukas" is a great song, and it sounds like Natalie taking over lead singer duties in a Coldplay track, not a bad thing at all. The song tells a beautiful little story. The uptempo tracks seem to polarize some fans, and I can see why, but I enjoy the fact that they are here. "Twenty" does not seem that different from the work Natalie has produced in her last two records, but "WYUT" and "Cameo" are downright funky dance tracks. Angst-ridden, mopey type of folks (dare I say, maybe rhythmically-challenged?) may be opposed to these tracks, but they are great pop/dance tracks the style suits Natalie's vocals very well. Instead of seeing the different styles as somewhat discrepant, people should be open to the notion that Natalie, like most people, is a complex person. She is not sad and angst-ridden all day long (are you?) and it is a sign of a good artist that she can express and evoke emotions associated with a broad spectrum of experiences, from heartache, to longings, regret, love, bitterness and lust. All of those are here, succinctly captured in ten songs, at times beautifully so.
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on February 24, 2010
This is a fantastic new album from Imbruglia! As the release date was cancelled in the UK I would urge anyone who loves Imbruglia to purchase the CD direct from the US - you won't be disappointed!
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on March 29, 2012
Great songs, great production, high quality product Natalie! (thank you).

The first 5 songs are strong, love them, like the others too.

Can't wait for the next album!
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on March 19, 2010
I love "Wild about it" and "All that you Want" -- but the rest of the album was a smidge lackluster.

I really wanted it to be better... but maybe this is just her way.
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on April 29, 2010
There is one song on this album that I love. "Wild About It" is like a sarcastic tranquil anthem that I could listen to over and over again. Her voice shines and the chorus is catchy, but that is it. I couldn't even tell you what the other songs are because they are not worth remembering. I blame her songwriters. Give her some talented, pop-music songwriters and a producer with a budget and Natalie Imbruglia would truly come to life. Still I listen because I am in love with her voice. Don't ask me why. I just am.

Until she gets the songs she deserves I will continue to throw her first two albums in rotation on my ipod, the rest will stay shelved in my closet.
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