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Marvel: New Releases Week of Feb. 3

Obi-Wan & Anakin (2016) #2 (of 5)
Charles Soule, Marco Checchetto
Kindle Price: $3.99
Spider-Man (2016-) #1
Brian Bendis, Sara Pichelli
Kindle Price: $3.99
A-Force (2016-) #2
Kelly Thompson, G. Wilson
Kindle Price: $3.99

Featured Publishers

New to Kindle: Aspen Comics

Executive Assistant: Iris Omnibus Vol. 1
David Wohl, Eduardo Francisco
Kindle Price: $25.99
Executive Assistant Iris Vol. 1
David Wohl, Eduardo Francisco
List Price: $18.99
Kindle Price: $9.99
Executive Assistant: Assassins...
Vince Hernandez, Jordan Gunderson
Kindle Price: $24.99

Deadpool comics & graphic novels

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe
Cullen Bunn, Dalibor Talajic
List Price: $14.99
Kindle Price: $5.38
Deadpool Classic Vol. 1
List Price: $29.99
Kindle Price: $3.99

Recent Dark Horse Single Issues

Dragon Age: Magekiller #2
Greg Rucka, Carmen Carnero
Kindle Price: $3.99
Plants vs. Zombies #7: Grown Sweet Home
Paul Tobin, Brian Churilla
Kindle Price: $1.99
Plants vs. Zombies: Petal to the...
Paul Tobin, Ron Chan
Kindle Price: $3.99
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