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on October 16, 2011
Everything about the first two seasons was top notch. The acting, writing, and directing just continued to get better and better as the story unfolded. It's safe to say that this is STILL the case with the third season of this critically acclaimed comedy!

The writers are taking the excellence of this show very seriously, and it has already paid off in spades for fans. This season, they've truly gone all in, and its easy to see why: This is re-writing all the rules about what a TV comedy can accomplish within 22 minutes. It's smart, hilarious, edgy (and even a little weird - but in a good way). I hope that by the end of this season it'll no longer be the most underrated comedy on TV today, and will begin to gain the popularity that it's deserved for the past three seasons.
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on January 3, 2012
This show is seriously one of the best shows on tv now. It is the comedic successor of arrested development; it contains all the wit, play on words, intelligent and observational humour that arrested development had. Unfortunantly because this show doesn't have a laugh track and requires some thought to enjoy it isn't getting the attention it deserves.

It takes numerous views to get most of the jokes and after watching the first two seasons at least 4-5 times I still catch things I've missed. It's hilarious, the acting is superb, the attention to detail is astounding, and the writing is at another level. Preorder this and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Here's hoping for 6 seasons and a movie.
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on January 24, 2012
This is the funniest show on TV. The only others that come close are "Parks and Rec." and "30 Rock." Please, NBC, do not cancel this awesome show. I will buy the DVD sets to support it. Thanks.
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on July 10, 2012
There have been times where I have been concerned about how long Community can continue to create its high level of layered, meta-content. I've also taken the time to watch some videos of Writer Dan Harmon and this has greatly helped me to understand his vision for the show and how well thought out the entire show is (not just each individual episode). This is where these DVDs really start adding their value as Dan Harmon commentary, palyfest, comicon, etc. really help you understand the genius he brings to the show.

Season 3 is the dark season. Its how Harmon characterizes the growth of a relation and its the part that will test the friendship endured so far. It will either tear them apart, or drive them closer together. Once I understood this, each episode made much more sense. I was also concerned that there might not be much else to do outside of the study room. With 3 paintball episodes, and far too many dances, I was worried about where we would go to keep the show popping. My worry was in vein.

Season 3 contains the study group tackling a new Biology professor who has a special appreciation for life gleaned from years spent in prison. It dares to explore the group as they encounter separate timelines. We become privy to Brita's declared major and how she will work within the group with her new skills. We see Jeff play Foosball, the study group sings, Shirley makes sandwiches, we get a law and order spoof, someone dies, and we are presented with a fantastic 8 bit episode. In short... We don't need no stinking paintball.

The show continues to delve deep in multi-layered plot twists chocked full of cleverly written pop references and dynamically acted out by a superb cast. The musical talent of the cast is once again brought to light, but so is the talent of the song-writers and directors on staff.

Three years in and this show still gets an A+ in every conceivable category. Sadly, this season marks the end of Dan's writing and leadership. It also marks the apparent end of a full season as season 4 has only been ordered with 13 episode across the board from NBC. Two more reasons to complete the Community trilogy with this season 3 DVD. While it doesn't look like this show will complete its "6 seasons and a movie", It did release 3 full seasons + in less than ideal circumstances, and remains one of the most intelligent and underrated comedies of its time.

I recommend Community to any sitcom fan for a fresh look at life, politics, pop culture, story telling, acting, music, and more. Community contains the entire academic experience ;)
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on July 24, 2012
Perfect television is a rare thing. The Sopranos remain the only show to reach perfection level (IMO). On the comedy side, Community is that show. It filled a very empty void Arrested Development left behind, with meta humor, rich characters, brilliant writing and most importantly, heart and soul. Dan Harmon has created tear inducing comedy that is clever, smart & unique. Even at the heights of the most bizzare situations imaginable, the characters remain at the heart of everything. Its just too good for basic TV & mainstream.

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on November 29, 2012
OK, so the story got a little wonky, and I was so bored during the whole pillow vs blanket fort sub arc, BUT! Season 3 has a lot to offer. Story wise, this season has some of my favorite episodes: different timelines, a musical epsiode, the video game episode, the Law & Order theme, and spooky Halloween story time! All of them great!

DVD wise, I couldn't have been happier about the special features: every disc has a blopper reel! EVERY DISC! Every episode has commentary! There are featurettes, which I can't get enough of, especially the Regional Holiday Musical episode!

Buy it! Buy it now!
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on July 20, 2012
I could watch Community all day! The first two seasons were so great, I was nervous I'd be let down by the third. No worries though, they totally came through! This is definitely a 5 star show for me and Season 3 is my new favorite season. I've watched it twice, back to back because I just couldn't get enough.
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on July 22, 2012
After the first episode, Biology 101, I was afraid that season 3 wouldn't continue to be the "best thing on TV" like the first two seasons undoubtedly were. However, I quickly saw within the next few episodes that Community was back. And as creative as ever.

This season simply proves that this show can go anywhere, do anything, and still be the funniest thing about my week. The sheer talent that the writers, cast, and crew put forth is seen infallibly, though every single episode. But, in this third season, there are definitely some standout stories.

These episodes, Pillows & Blankets, Remidial Chaos Theory, The First Chang Dynasty, and more prove how seamlessly our study group can be thrown into any situation/genre, and come out as the same brilliant, hilarious bunch.

The third season is truly as excellent as the first two. I sure hope the fourth season, even without Dan Harmon, can deliver the same quality. In the meantime, we'll all keep pulling for #sixseasonsandamovie.
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on August 14, 2012
It was bound to happen. Any show that has a great first season, and beats the odds with a perfect second season, always stumbles in its third outing (see also : 30 Rock, 24, Arrested Development) While this is still the best and most adventurous comedy on network television, Community is no exception.

Community's greatest strength is that even at its most absurd, its equally balanced by a genuine warmth. This season the show finally collapsed under the weight of its absurdity with Chang's arc, which takes up a large chunk of the season. The attempts at furthering character development with the group aren't as organic as previous seasons and are frequently introduced, forgotten, and shoehorned in at a later time.

As for the actual dvd set, this time the season comes on 3 discs with 8 episodes instead of 4 discs with 6 episodes. This isn't a special effects heavy show, but the drop in quality can be a bit distracting.

But these are the only gripes in an otherwise excellent season, with Remedial Chaos Theory, Pillows and Blankets, Basic Lupine Urology, and Curriculum Unavailable as standout episodes. Definitely a must-buy.
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on March 24, 2012
I usually get bored with tv shows by the 3rd season, but Community is still holding my interest. Actually, I'm loving it so much, I'm finally buying the DVDs from the previous seasons (I am slow to decide that I want to watch something again and again) and looking forward to the S3 collection! Thank you, cast, crew and writers of Community, for making such a consistently smart and funny show!
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