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Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle, Green, 8 Ounces
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on December 13, 2011
Color Name: GreenSize Name: 250ml
Before I review the product itself, please note: ***This 250ml bottle comes with a size 3 mo.+, medium-flow nipple!*** I originally ordered this bottle along with a separate set of med-flow nipples, thinking the bottle came with a slow-flow nipple. Fortunately, Amazon has great customer service and refunded me for the extra set since the size is nowhere in the description.


My baby has been exclusively breast-fed for most of his first 5 months with the exception of his first couple of weeks since he was in the NICU. We had been meaning to bottle-train him for one of his feedings to not only allow us some flexibility, but also for emergency situations (if something happened to me, etc.). However, I blinked and 5 months few by and we still had not introduced a bottle.

We first tried Avent bottles because my oldest used them with no problem, and we already had them. While he tried to suck on them, his "technique" was just awkward on the bottle: he just gummed the nipple and sucked in a whole lot of air at the sides of his mouth. And after all that work, he still didn't end up drinking any of the milk. Then we tried the Adiri bottles, which just provoked his rage and frustration. He would try gum down on the "nipple mound" (much like babies do on the real breast to compress the milk glands) but the mound was too hard and the nipple itself was too short. Not wanting to go down the way of trying 20 more bottles, I began researching different types, and looking for one that was as close to breastfeeding as possible. It came down to the Mimijumi or the Comotomo. Both have excellent reviews, but only one looks really creepy... So I went with the Comotomo bottles.

These are very-thoughtfully designed bottles that mimic the breastfeeding process as closely as a manufactured product can. My son screamed his head off the first time we tried this bottle, whimpered the second time, and guzzled the milk the third time. As when any bottle, it will take time to get them used to a completely different way of getting their food. However, some bottle features make the transition easier/possible.


* Large, wide "nipple mound" (Don't know what else to call it!) makes contact with baby's cheeks, tip of nose and chin, much like a real breast. This was not only tactilely appealing, but it allowed for a sealed latch and prevented unnecessary air from being ingested.
* While the mound is soft and pliable, the actual nipple and the base area surrounding it is even more so. This allows baby to gum and compress the milk out of the bottle, and also allows for the nipple to be flattened and sucked further into baby's mouth. Just like the real thing!
* Two vents siphon out extra air so that baby doesn't ingest it. Nonetheless, my baby still had enormous burps after bottle-feeding -- much more so than when he breastfeeds.
* Nipple locks into the ring tightly, and we have had absolutely no issues with leaking.


* The bottle is pliable and can be squeezed to mimic a "let down" effect or to get a sleepy baby re-interested into feeding. This is a great feature!
* Subdued design. This was why I chose the Comotomo over the Mimijumi, which really looks like a boob-on-a-bottle...I just couldn't do it.
* The oz. markings are a little too subdued -- it is really hard to read the measurements. I can live with this because the rest of the bottle is so awesome.
* No crevices for the milk to get stuck in.
* Easy to clean.

The only thing I wish Comotomo did was have the body of the bottle angled, like the Mimijumi. When it gets down to the last sips, you have to angle the bottle up; however, because the mound part of the nipple is so big, it pushes more into baby's nose -- since they need to breath while eating, you have to either recline your baby even more or you might have to forgo that last sip or two. This is slightly annoying since the rest of the bottle is so well-thought out. Oh well.

UPDATE 1/6/2012

Okay, after using these bottles for a little longer, I changed my 5-star rating to 4-stars for the following reasons:

* The frosted-color of the body (as mentioned before) make the oz. markings very difficult to see. This only slightly bothered me before because I was so thrilled that my baby was taking the bottle well. However, after a few weeks with using the bottle, this issue is becoming more annoying. I don't have the time to keep peering and straining my eyes to see how much liquid I am putting in the bottle. I can especially see this as problematic for those who are trying to measure out formula. In the middle of the night. When you are pretty much a zombie.
* The frosted body also prevents you from seeing how much your baby has drunk. I like to pull the bottle away from baby as soon as he has taken the last sip to prevent unnecessary air ingestion, but I cannot see when this happens due to frosted-style. In order for you to see how much your baby has drunk you have to sort of shift him/her around to try and see the liquid level -- not the best thing to be doing if your baby is starting to doze off. So the past few times my baby has been sucking air at the end, and I didn't know it. Why couldn't Comotomo make their bottles CLEAR and with VISIBLE OZ. MARKINGS?? It may not look as cool, but this mom wants practical over cool.
* Someone mentioned that the nipples don't have the size marking on them (i.e. slow-flow, medium, fast). I checked mine, and they don't! They all look the exact same. Yikes!
* Also, the company stamped all the nipples with "Comotomo" in raised lettering on the nipple...right where the baby's lips would be if he/she had a wider latch. The lettering is on two opposite sides of the nipple, and the other areas next to it are the vents. It doesn't seem to bother my baby, but I can imagine some baby being bothered by the feeling of either the lettering or vents. Just FYI.
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on September 4, 2014
Color Name: PinkSize Name: 150mlVerified Purchase
I liked the concept of this bottle and wanted so badly for my daughter to take it but she still will not take a bottle. For her, the nipple was too big. It also seemed like she could not latch onto it. I actually tried a Dr. Browns bottle again, and she had a better latch on the bottle but she refused it.
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on January 5, 2012
Color Name: GreenSize Name: 150ml
I had never written a review on any product, but this bottle is so good in many ways I feel I owe a credit to the designer.

I've looked at hundreds of reviews on many major brands of breast feeding bottles.
The conclusions I've found:
- Adiri has problems with the leaking cap, venting and nipple being too soft.
- The First Years Breastflow has complaints about nipple tip wearing out too fast.
- Tommee Tippee drips on the rim of the nipple.
I end up bought the Mimijumi very hungry baby and Comotomo 5oz, both are slow flow.

My baby girl was born under weight, she had trouble latching on the breast with her little mouth.
After 2-3 weeks, she still not latching well on the breast and gets tired sucking before being full.
Concern about her weight gain, I end up feeding her with the bottle exclusively for a month.
I tried the Mimijumi first and found that it drip quite fast when turn up side down.
Which makes my baby chokes whenever she pause.
The nipple is a little too soft and we had trouble emptying the last bit from the bottle.
Its not a bad product, just not as good.
The Comotomo works much better, the nipple doesn't drip much when turn up side down.
So my baby has to work for the milk and I could toss a full bottle in my purse without worries about leaking(with the cap).
She feed so well on it, she doubled her weight at 6 weeks.

After a month on bottle exclusively, I didn't give much hope feeding on the breast ever again.
One day she was crying a lot, so I put her on the breast just to comfort her.
To my amazement, she not only had no trouble feeding on the breast after a whole month.
She is latching on much better than before.
She end up finished the whole meal and fell asleep in my arms.
I am so happy with this bottle.
Not only it doesn't confuse my baby, it helps her to learn a proper latching.

I would recommend this bottle to every pumping mom.
Thanks Comotomo!!!
You've given me the chance to enjoy a wonderful breast feeding experience with my baby girl.

- design for proper latching, wont confuse baby
- non-slip surface, easy to hold on
- could be boil
- perfect air pressure, doesn't choke baby when pause
- nipple not too soft/hard
- well designed air vent
- nice looking
- BPA free, easy cleaning, etc.

CONS (rooms for improvement):
- the material attracts hair and lint.
- tips over at times
- measurement is hard to read
- don't have a matching steamer for sale
- twin pack doesn't give color choice (more colors in the future?)
- fast and viable flow nipples only available in 48 states
(It wont ship to Canada, help please!!! I really want to order it)

Kris Lau and baby Trinity from Toronto Canada
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on August 10, 2012
Color Name: PinkSize Name: 150mlVerified Purchase
I EBF and didn't give my baby a bottle of pumped milk until she was a little older than 4 months and everyone was warning me "she's not gonna take a bottle" since I waited so long... but when I say she had NO problem taking this bottle right from the start, I mean she had NO problem! She gulped that milk down! I personally don't feed her with it, I leave that up to her dad and her grandparents but by the second time she was holding it herself just like she holds the boob! I also bought another brand "just in case" and the Comotomo is definitely her preference. The feel and shape, along with the large nipple area are great! Definitely recommended and thankful that this helped us have a drama-free first bottle experience!
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on August 19, 2013
Color Name: GreenSize Name: 150mlVerified Purchase
This review is the same as the one I posted on the mOmma bottles site.

I bought both the Comotomo and Lansinoh mOmma bottles because my twins refused to nurse initially. They were given bottles in the hospital because my breastmilk was slow to come. Now, about 4 months later, their initial latching and nursing problems have improved. I would always nurse first, then offer the bottle. Really, finding the right bottles and persevering with nursing does pay off. Here's my comparison of the two bottles:

Comparing these two, I find that the mOmma nipples are softer and shaped more like my own but with a faster flow, whereas the Comotomo bottles have smaller, slimmer, slightly harder nipples and a slower flow. I switch them around depending on my needs. When I need breastmilk to be heated up quickly, I use the mOmma bottles as they warm up faster when placed in hot water. The Comotomo does not heat up quickly due to the thick silicone bottle. Also, since mOmma has faster flow, I use it during night/dream feeds when I want my babies to gobble up the milk quickly, when I'm less concerned about having them work harder on a slower flow nipple. The Comotomo, however, is my go-to bottle for all regular feedings when babies are awake just because I want my babies to get used to the slow flow that is more similar to their nursing experience, and they do seem to make less of a mess when they are on the Comotomo. When traveling, the mOmma bottles stay tight whereas the Comotomo bottles leak.

One problem that both bottles have is the volume measurements are not clearly visible on the bottles. I'd say that the mOmma bottle is harder to see than the Comotomo. However, I measure with another bottle then pour into these bottles, so it isn't a big deal.

My babies adjusted to both bottles easily and can now switch between the two and nursing. I notice that when they are on both of these bottles, the tip of their little tongues are positioned near the base of the nipples, and they also open their mouths really wide compared to traditional bottles. As far as I know, these are some signs that they are using their tongues and mouths similar to nursing, which will lead to less nipple confusion.

Some bottles claim they reduce colic. Well, my experience is that none of the bottles I have used reduced colic.

In short, you probably can't go wrong with either bottle. If you have nursing problems because your babies were given bottles initially, don't be discouraged. Perseverance and consulting with the lactation consultant will help. There is hope yet!
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on March 15, 2015
Color Name: GreenSize Name: 250mlVerified Purchase
For babies looking to take a bottle and still being breastfed, this is the bottle! The whole thing is squishy and soft and my son who was being being very picky, took this one immediately. It does come out a little fast but my little guy got the hang of it. We tried avent, Adiri, kiinde, and playtex.
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on January 27, 2015
Color Name: GreenSize Name: 150mlVerified Purchase
First off let me say that I am a stay-at-home dad. Our little one was breastfed-only for 3 months then Mommy had to go back to work. Unfortunately the baby was not drinking from our Born Free bottles from our previous children. We tried Playtex, Tommee Tippee, Adiri NxGen, First Years Breastflow, and a few other standard bottles. He wouldn't drink from any of them. We saw the Comotomo on Amazon and had never heard of the brand but we're willing to give it a try as all others weren't working for him. To our gracious surprise he willingly attached to the bottle. The bottle is silicon and super easy to clean. Because it's small, light weight, and textured he was able to easily grip the bottle. We used this bottle exclusively until he was old enough to drink from a sippy cup. If your desperate because your little one is not latching onto a bottle, give Comotomo a try! It worked well for us.
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on March 13, 2013
Color Name: GreenSize Name: 150mlVerified Purchase
I wanted to find a bottle that was as close to breastfeeding as possible so that if we ever had to supplement with formula or pumped breastmilk, it would give the least chance the baby would be confused. Based on the reviews here on Amazon and a suggestion from another mom, I figured I'd give this bottle a try. In the first few days, we were really happy with the purchase - the nipple is really soft and does resemble the breast. In regards to the slow flow, when I turn it upside down it does not drip and the baby seems to take longer to finish the bottle so we were happy with it. Plus the bottle was easy to clean. The only concerns I had at that point were 1) that the bottle tipped over really easily so I had to be careful when filling it with formula or breastmilk and 2) that we started to notice some foam bubbles that would remain in the plain water after swishing around the bottle a bit. The latter was a bit alarming to me because it doesn't happen in any of the other bottles we have (Dr. Browns, Avent, Breastflow), but I didn't think much of it continued to use the bottle.

After a week, my wife decided to test the slow flow of all of our bottles by sucking on them. That's when we found out that there was a weird plasticky taste to the Comotomo bottle. Mind you this was already after the 9-10 uses with the baby so we've washed and sterilized it many times already. I again washed the bottle with mild soap and made sure to rinse really clean before trying again, but the plasticky taste didn't go away. After I dried the bottle, I smelled the inside of the bottle and sure enough there was that same plasticky smell. The nipple itself doesn't have any odor, just the bottle. We freaked out and stopped using the bottle. Maybe the silicone has something to do with it? I've contacted Comotomo through their Facebook page and hope to hear back from them on this issue. I really hope its just a defective bottle and not the norm across all of their bottles.
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on February 27, 2014
Color Name: GreenSize Name: 150ml
-Great for breastfeeding. I used these from the very beginning with breastfeeding and baby had no nipple confusion
-Very cute. Something that seems a lot more important when I was pregnant dreaming over baby.
-Easy to clean

-Hard to screw on correctly, and hard to tell before leaking. If not done right the first time, the bottle will leak all over baby's face, possibly wasting precious breast milk! Then once leaking has started, milk gets in the bottle neck, which prevents the neck from being screwed on properly and bottle continues to leak. Everything has to be taken apart of dried before leakage will stop. Try dealing with this with a baby screaming for milk, half of which just got spilt all over baby's face, chin, neck etc.

-Soft bottle makes it difficult to firmly grip bottle in order to get the difficult neck screwed on.

-Nipple sometimes collapses into itself and makes it difficult for baby to eat.

-Vent holes only very slightly decrease air, and are another thing for milk to leak out of.

-Difficult to read ounces on bottle.

-Nipples are not labeled. I bought the 8 oz bottles early as well and medium flow nipples got mixed with slow flow. No easy way of telling them a part. Had a couple of incidents with using wrong nipple and more milk was wasted and baby's face and clothes were drenched in milk.

Needless to say I don't think the benefits outweigh everything bad about these bottles. I switched to the Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle, which are also breastfeeding friendly and half the cost. These are very easy to screw on and almost zero leaking issues. I highly recommend those!
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22 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on November 10, 2011
Color Name: PinkSize Name: 250mlVerified Purchase
gentle, sweet bottle makes feeding time almost like breast feeding! and finally, a venting bottle that does not leak or collapse and works incredibly well.
the bottle itself is comprised of 4 elements: nipple, collar, bottle and a cap.

the nipple:
there are 2 recessed vents in the large soft silicone nipple (which looks very much like a real breast - except that it's clear).
there are 2 holes in the medium flow nipple and this comes standard with the 250mL bottle.
the fast flow nipple has 3 holes and must be purchase separately (comes in a 2 pack)
there is a large ridge around the edge of the nipple which fits nicely into the collar to screw onto the bottle.

the collar:
this is the colored element
it is thick and sturdy with a small tab that allows you some leverage to tighten the seal as well as unscrew the unit
not much to it, very easy to clean

the bottle:
soft, nicely shaped clear silicone body with a rigid, wide-mouth threaded plastic ring to which the collar connects
there is a nice texture to the outside so holding it actually appealing to both baby and feeder
the inside is smooth and shiny and also very easy to clean
the numbers and amounts are marked with just a change of the bottle texture to smooth/shiny and hard to read

the cap:
simple and effective
the shape is somewhat difficult to get off the bottle with wet, soapy hands

my review:
the nipple body rests on baby's face just like when breast feeding. baby seems to treat it very similarly - making eye contact with mommy (or any feeder actually) and cooing.
i can barely hear any air going through the bottle and mostly hear the swallowing of milk without the sucking/slurping noises she used to make with other bottles (medela, playtex, etc). there was no excess on her face. and it never collapsed, not even once. she was able to enjoy her entire bottle without having to come up for least for the nipple. baby used to deliver tremendous burps and now i can barely get one out of her!
this bottle with its larger, 'flat' nipple body needs to be tipped higher to get all the milk into the nipple. baby doesn't seem to mind being tilted to almost laying down for this.
it would be great if there were a plain screw on cap in order to shake up formula. otherwise, pressing down the nipple with index finger while rigorously shaking seems to work just fine without any splatter. shaking with the cap on led to drips inside the cap.
it is so easy to clean that you don't need as many bottles for daily feedings, so this somewhat offsets the price of this bottle.
i bought 2 bottles and so far, have only taken one out of the box.
i would certainly recommend this product and give as gifts.

adding to 11/10/2011 review:
it is now 12/1/2011 and baby has been using only this bottle. it is really quite great and all my previous comments hold true.
i will add that if you are mixing formula in this bottle, shaking it up can get messy unless your finger is tightly over the nipple. also, when mixing formula, this is rather tricky when filling the bottle to the 8oz capacity. there is no room for the formula on top of the water. i mix it separately (in another bottle brand with a screw cap) and then pour it in.
graduation markers still hard to read and annoying, wish they had done this better somehow.
still have only taken one out of the box - it is so easy to clean, it's never left in the sink for someone else to wash...
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