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Company of Heroes 2 [Download]
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on June 25, 2013
Final Edit
The western front armies add a whole lot more flavor and variety to the game. The Americans and Oberkommando West are both very unique compared to the Russian and Wehrmacht Ostheer factions but have similarities to the original Company of Heroes 1 factions. The American tank/vehicle crews can hop out and auto repair (the only faction that can do this). They have decent mobility for hit and run tactics and a commander specific rocket strafing run to keep armor at bay. Their main weakness being lightly armored vehicles with no heavy armor. The Oberkommando West on the other hand have powerful heavy armor and elite infantry. Their down side is having smaller squads and expensive units. If you are super anal about history then you may not like this expansion because you can play with Americans and Russians in the same game. This sounds dumb at first but trust me if you can move past that then you will highly enjoy both of these new additions to Company of Heroes 2.

Edit 4/26/14
Elbe day update - Added 2 free commmanders, Lend Lease Tactics (Russian) and Mobile Defense Doctrine (German) to get ready for the western front release. Also significantly changed the balance with Russian and German armor to be more balanced. Overall Russian armor can compete better now. Rear hits against tanks/vehicles now do more damage to encourage flanking.

Edit 4/4/14
Relic has announced that they will be releasing the Western front American and Wehrmacht factions along with 8 new maps to COH 2 in June this year. It will be a stand alone expansion and you can buy both armies individually if you wanted to. Both factions will play similar to the original COH 1 factions but have new tech trees, new units, and new abilities.

Edit 11/20/13
Since the recent turning point patch COH 2 has been improved quite a bit. From what I can tell Relic is adding new content each month.

- Relic has re-worked and improved the veterancy to be more unique for every unit.
- Added a check box option for each map that you want to play in automatch.
- Added a world builder.
- Added new maps.
- The AI has been improved A LOT.
- New commanders, skins, and theater of war content (Case Blue And Victory At Stalingrad). This stuff you need to pay for but it's worth it IMO.


Company of Heroes 2 is the epic sequel to the original World War 2 strategy game that came out in 2006. Even though this game has major issues (I go over them at the bottom) I have faith that Relic will continue to improve on it to make it great. After all the original COH took a long time to become the excellent and still enjoyable game it is now.

Here are the big differences between the standard edition and collector's edition..

- Collector's edition comes with 24 additional vehicle skins.

- Includes 1 extra Russian commander (Terror Tactics).

- The CE comes with a commander pass which if I understand correctly you will receive the next 5 commanders in the future when they are released.

- Finally the CE comes with COH 1 and its two expansion games.

Pros and features-----------------------------------

- Some people think that the new graphics in COH 2 aren't very good. But I disagree; on max settings the graphics look very smooth and the tanks/vehicles look excellent. I also like the cool visuals such as the vibrant repairing of engineers/pioneers, machine gun fire/ricocheting, and that you can see the grass blowing on the ground. My only complaint is that my graphics card can only handle anti-aliasing on low.

- The sounds from weapon fire are just awesome and much improved from COH 1. You can tell Relic's sound team worked overtime to add realistic weapon sounds to everything.

- You can customize light, medium, and heavy vehicle skins (both winter and spring), which adds some nice variety to the game.

- There are new "bulletins" which give you small bonuses to units. You can choose 3 before starting a game but you need to unlock many of them by doing certain tasks that become tedious, but still fun. For example the Panzer 4 +5% damage you need to destroy 50 T-70 Russian light tanks to unlock.

- The different commanders are one of the highlights (or negatives depending how you look at it) of the game. Like bulletins you can choose 3 before starting a game and then choose 1 commander inside the game. Each commander has 5 abilities, for example the Shock Motor Heavy Tactics commander can call out a Russian heavy ISU-152 tank. Since July 2nd there are now 10 commanders on each side. Relic has stated that they will continue to add new commanders with new abilities.

- Besides multiplayer, skirmish games, and single player campaign there is Theater of War which is something new and awesome Relic added to Company of Heroes. You can play co-op scenarios, solo challenges, or AI battles in this new mode. There are currently the early war 1941 missions in Theater of War but Relic will be adding more to this.

- As soon as COH 2 is running smoothly Relic intends to fix the lobby in COH 1 on Steam!


- The game still has some balance issues and Skirmish AI still needs work. When someone drops they are replaced by a Hard AI that is just dumb.

- There is an annoying 1 to 2 second lag that is especially apparent in larger 3v3 and 4v4 multiplayer games. When you give an order to any unit the lag can screw you over, especially when you are trying to dodge a grenade. I notice when I turn down my graphic settings to about medium this helps to a certain degree. Relic knows about this problem and I'm sure they're working on fixing it.

- If you hate Steam I'm sorry to say that you need Steam to play the game and to purchase future content (a lot of it will be free like new maps and commanders). Digital gaming and micro transactions are the way of the future whether we like it or not.

- There are currently no chat rooms, win/loss stats, ranks, or lobbies to join a custom game in COH 2. So you really don't know the level of skill a player is until you're in game. I know Relic is working on adding these because otherwise this game will lose A LOT of loyal fans.

- There are less defenses than what COH veterans are used to. Missing are tank traps and sandbags, but there is still barbed wire. Conscripts can build a relatively small sandbag barrier and pioneers can build a cheap looking bunker that can be upgraded. I think Relic wanted this game to be as offensive style gaming as possible with less defensive gameplay.

- There are only 13 maps on release, 7 spring and 6 winter. Relic needs to add more maps ASAP to keep this game enjoyable.

- Some people do not like the new commander system because there is less strategy involved in choosing the right commander to counter your opponent. In COH 1 if you chose Armor Company to counter Axis tanks you would need to decide which side of the tree to unlock first. Should you go for the potent Pershing tank side or Calliope rocket tanks to barrage your enemies? This was far more strategic and that is missing from COH 2. I personally don't mind this because there will eventually be a HUGE variety of commanders to choose from and it will keep the game interesting when you want to try out different commanders.
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53 of 64 people found the following review helpful
on June 25, 2013
DISCLAIMER: I played the closed and open betas since April and clocked in about 50 hours or so with multiplayer on the open beta, so my review is based on my overall experience.

My overwhelming impression for this game is that it is almost exactly like Dawn of War 2, mainly in how terrible the netcode continues to be. Relic has chosen to continue to use the cheaper P2P multiplayer model, which guarantees that the game will run as fast as the person playing with the Pentium III processor. Lag is guaranteed and 4v4 matches rarely maintain all players as someone will eventually drop. Higher ranking teams frequently get sent against low ranking teams. The argument you may hear is that rank does not equate skill, which is true. However, aside from the massive flaw in thinking with this argument (a player who has played to level 50 against humans is probably more comfortable with the controls and command than a newer player), you receive "Bulletins" as you level up, which are essentially perks for your army that confer minor benefits. "Minor" is extremely subjective in this case as some of the later perks have benefits such as better armor, health, accuracy, speed, penetration, etc... around 5%.

The perks don't really matter much as the game is extremely unbalanced between the Soviets, who rely on infantry, and the German side, which gets early access to MG42s and a halftrack upgradable with a dual flamethrower which suppresses and rapidly roasts infantry. The German armor is also so hilariously superior to anything the Soviets can muster to the point where the only way to win is for the Soviets to simply spam massive amounts of AT guns, or sacrificial T-34 tanks. How are they sacrificial? The T-34s in this game can ram into enemy vehicles, severely damaging the engine of the target vehicle at the cost of the offensive capability and mobility of the T-34. Not that it matters since the T-34's main gun does damage to a Panzer IV 25% of the time when making a direct hit, even from the side or rear. A Panzer IV's main gun hits 90% of the time and does an average of about 40% damage through the frontal armor of a T-34. The German Pak does considerable damage, while the Soviet's equivalent is a joke, unless you build about five of them and point them all at one Panzer IV tank, which will usually respond by rapidly leading its buddies (German tanks have an ability which allows them to drive full speed for several seconds, like the T-34 ram ability, except the German tank drives fast and gets an evasion bonus, and not a disabled main gun and engine) around your defensive line, murdering poor Ivan with the upgradable MG42 mounted gun on the tank's turret, which the Soviets do not have on their medium tanks.

Grenadiers are also superior in that they have a powerful long-range tank buster (without an upgrade), while the Soviet conscripts have to upgrade to get a horrid sticky bomb which needs to be deployed while standing right next to the target vehicle. To its credit, it does a decent amount of damage and guarantees engine damage, at the cost of the conscript squad which flung it. In any case, the Germans need only hold back Ivan long enough to build a tank compound and start sending tanks into Ivan's base while the infantry seizes land and sends more tanks.

The Germans have an equally puzzling ability in the form of Medpacks that they receive upon receiving veteran 1 rank. The medpacks can only be used on another infantry squad, and take a second to activate.

Among the worst issues are technical. Apart from the lag, there is also a two second delay to commands, and the pathfinding is terrible. On several occasions, I ordered my infantry to abandon an area to leave a targeted zone. The result? They walk FORWARD toward the enemy, before slowly proceeding back into the target zone, losing half the men of the squad I sought to save by withdrawing from that particular skirmish. Sometimes the AI completely freaks out and decides to do nothing at all for a second or two, before finally deciding to run TOWARD a group of enemy infantry with low health. The pathfinding appears to be totally arbitrary in this regard.

Snipers are useless in that they have either one or two members, who die quite rapidly. Given their expense, and ineffectiveness against tanks, they are a poor choice.

Literally every Soviet tactic can be circumvented by driving the much better armored and armed German Medium tanks around defenses and passing straight into the base. Responding is difficult as tank destroyers are very expensive, and are terribly fragile.

There are very few maps, and the winter maps ironically play against the Soviets, who rely on infantry who freeze when blizzards set in.

One thing that bothers me is the large amount of people who claim that there are no sandbags and mines. Both sides can have their engineers/pioneers lay mines, and conscripts lay sandbags that take a very long time to build and can be destroyed immediately with a light vehicle. The Germans can build limitless bunkers which can be upgraded with reinforcement points, medical centers, OR MG42 NESTS. This is perfect for the German player who wants to point three machine gun nests on all the fuel depots so they can start producing those tanks or a flamethrower halftrack to troll the enemy. A Katyusha is a good solution for this, until the German player decides he does not like you raining down rockets on his carefully built bunker spam, and destroys your expensive Katyusha truck with one or two hits from a medium tank from just out of line of site. I know, as I have done this myself.

The graphics look better than DoW2, but the high hardware requirements are not justified.

Despite this, the game is very fun if you can learn to fight against the cheap tricks and the VA in the multiplayer is more than tolerable, though it is obvious that the VAs are faking the accents, and totally mispronounce foreign curse words. My suggestion is to buy a book while waiting for the game to connect with the other players. Also, you may want to buy this game when it is about 30USD, by which point it will probably be more stable, more fun, and have more than two maps per mode (sprinkling snow on a map does not make a new map).

As for the DLC, I actually don't think this is the biggest issue. 90% of the DLC is skins, which are impossible to distinguish mid-battle. The doctrines are just variations of existing doctrines in the core game, and do not really confer any advantage since the best doctrines are the doctrines you earn by level 45, by which point the Soviets get their great assault gun (with upgradable MG turret THAT DOES ACTUAL DAMAGE) and the Germans get their Tiger (which can take on five T-34s at once, unless they all sacrifice slam into it at once, putting them out of action for the two minutes it takes to fix the engine).

EDIT: The UI, Music, SFX, and detail are all great. My major problem is with the multiplayer lag. If I didn't have to struggle against it, I would have probably given four stars for the multiplayer.

EDIT 2: According to gamegpu, an nvidia Titan card can barely handle this game on full settings with 1080p.
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on February 20, 2014
I am a long time gamer, played most RTS games that have come out in the past 30 years. I am a big fan of the original COH, and still play to this day. I was anxiously awaiting COH2, expecting big things. I will admit, at first I didn't care for it. After playing it for a few more hours, it grew on me and I started to notice the difference between the original and part 2.
The first thing I noticed was the pop. cap. Its always at a certain number and never goes down or up, no matter how many points on the map are held. The points held on the map only increase the speed at which you get points for building, not the population cap. That means its possible to make a come back even if the enemy holds most of the points. The Russian army has a unique approach to winning, its no longer about who can build the most tanks. Skill and decision making about which points to take and when will win the game. With the pop. cap, you cannot cover all the points at the same time. There is a steady ebb and flow to the game play if the teams are evenly matched. Being able to replenish your forces on the map in a timely manner is the key because both sides take heavy losses the entire game. The line of sight mechanic seems to work well and flanking works better when the enemy can't see you all the time. It also makes ambushes possible.
The weather effects in the game are a welcome addition and it increases the need to watch your infantry and how close they are to cover when a blizzard is about to hit. The fires that can be built do not last that long and they cost man power, and cannot be built by the average infantry. Although the infantry can build sandbag walls and they are very important in this game, since there is a lack of true base defenses. The infantry and vehicles last longer in fire fights, thereby giving you time to asses the situation and send reinforcements, or retreat and regroup. After playing both the Russian and German sides, the difference between the two armies is very noticeable and therefore will require different strategies to win. The Germans do have a small defensive structure, an MG nest that can be built anywhere on the map. Also, their vehicles seem to be a bit better than the Russians in the aspect of firepower, but the Russians can ram with tanks and their AT guns are not bad once they level up. The anti-tank weapons that are carried by both sides are woefully inefficient on any vehicle. Although, the anit-infantry weapons they carry are great and do lots of damage to infantry. You really need to babysit infantry in order to use the specials, they are not used without the player input. When playing skirmish, the A.I. is unrelenting, even on the easiest level. It seems to take a lot longer to kill their units, while theirs kills yours at a normal pace. Picking your General's powers is different and takes some getting used to, but its essentially the same as the original.
The camera angles are fine, not too different from the original. I am not a big fan of paying for DLC, something that should have been in the game from the start. Also, there are not nearly enough maps that were released with this game. I did not build my computer to run games, but its no slouch either. I have a decent rig with a crappy video card, that I am going to immediately upgrade, and I am able to run COH2 pretty smoothly as long as all the settings are on the minimum. I have a Geforce 315, yes I know its terrible. But it does run the game pretty well. Overall, if you want to like this game, don't try to compare it to the original. It takes a well known formula and just makes things a bit different. Is there room for improvement? Sure! Will it happen in patches, hopefully! Also, I am sick and tired of listening to people saying "boo-hoo, its terrible how they portray the Russians/Germans in this game, boo-hoo". This is just a game people, its meant to be played as a game, not a history lesson. If you want a history lesson, go to school.
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on August 23, 2013
As much as I like this series, there is no question that the design and function of the first set of games in this epic series was the better of the two. COH2 has its merits and with a reduced price is worth a purchase. They do however need to tweak the game as to not be so predictable and overly difficult just because you moved to the next level. I'm all for a challenging game but when the enemy gets unlimited resources too your limited resources and overwhelms one flank while you try to keep your head above water on another things get a little stupid. Anyway, I agree with other comments that say wait until the price comes down then purchase. I think its a good game just not a great game like the earlier versions.
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on January 11, 2014
I bought this after I played the first one. I'm not sure why there is so much hate for it, I've been enjoying the campaign and playing with friends.
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on June 15, 2014
- Great game that improved over time

A year after the release of COH2, numerous updates and balances have made the game very playable. Improvements made include balance to the factions, AI path finding and decision making, tweaking stats for units, multiplayer matching, additional maps etc. This process of refinement is typical of RTS games because of continuous feedback of the units' balance from the COH2 community. The original COH was made great through incremental improvements and I believe COH2 is heading the same direction.

- Gameplay, Visuals and Audio

The dynamics of this real time strategy game is impressive because of the multitude of units with their specialized abilities and weaknesses. Even though I felt a little disappointed that the total number of units available is less than that of COH (eg. the motorbike is gone), the scissors-paper-stone mechanism of the game demands great skill in placing the correct units at the correct place at the correct time.

Visual impact is much stronger than in COH. It is awesome to see a shot from the Panther tank dislodging both snow and mud in the direction of the shot. The sounds are authentic of the real equipment and they make the gameplay very immersive.

- Hardware requirements

The hardware required to play this game is very high end. This game is both CPU and GPU intensive, for more details, search for "COH2 GPU requirements" on the web. With FX6300 and HD 7750, my desktop only achieved an average of 17.5fps on 1920 X 1080 and High for all settings, but there are no perceptible lags during multiplayer games with a fast internet connection.

- In Conclusion

At this current price of less than $15, I would say that this game is an extremely worthwhile purchase for RTS fans. Do carry out some research on the hardware requirements before purchase to avoid disappointment.
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on June 20, 2014
Company of Heroes is a great game, I give it 5 stars.
"Played since BETA", I actually did and one of 2,000 that got to of the Original Company of Heroes of THQ and Relic Entertainment. I was part of a Gaming Community that got first dibs.
This game is vamped with Arcade style and takes an appreciation and about 20 hours of learning curve and readjustment to it's New way.
There are Generals to assign instead of Doctrines as in the Original Game. These Generals have their own special abilities and means and ways of doing things. There are many many Generals to choose from!
The Company of Heroes original was pampered and fixed and patched to make the game better and better all the time.
The one thing I worry about is that the new owners SEGA won't do this. They may or may not. It depends on how much they take care of it.
I don't think 12AZOR that created the "Fully Destructible Physical Environment", PhysX, is still a part of this team. Nor the "Best Computer Game Composer in the music field", still a part of this team.
I hope that all the original Company Of Heroes Players come over to this game, I know there were about 1,600,000 of them.
I refer to the Commanders as Generals.
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on March 10, 2014
This game is absolutely amazing, especially if this is your first Company of Heroes game. Granted I've played the original Company of Heroes and I absolutely loved the game. But as you can see the PC community for this game is somewhat torn. Partly because this game offers less content and adds more microtransactions and DLC, now the game is great no question but the original company of heroes has more content and is cheaper.

It's one of the better real time strategy games on the market. This time around you play as the Russians and your basically fending off the Germans. The first half of the game your going on the defensive and moving your troops back, and the second half is pay back time you move to the offensive and take back Russian territory. Again the game has a few flaws here and there, it's mostly polished and I did not run into any glitches, just the microtransactions really hurt the game.

But if your one who enjoys RTS games such as command and conquer, starcraft, dawn of war(same developers make CoH).
I bought CoH2 for 13 dollars, but if you can get it for around 20$ go for it. I don't feel the 40$ price tag warrants a purchase especially with all the DLC that you might want to buy after beating the game.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on September 9, 2013
For those who are Company of Heroes fans and have played the original COH, you will be disappointed in COH 2. The game play is unlike the original COH and has a learning curve coming from COH.

I would have liked to see COH 2 released on the same engine as COH and only expanded just like the COH Tales of Valor, Opposing Fronts add on. This game would have done much better just releasing an add on with new maps, and the Russian pack rather than rewriting the whole game.

I figured COH 2 would have been better than the first one, being it was a sequel. Not so.

I will give it a while longer and update this post. I doubt I will need to.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 30, 2013
Overall, I found Company of Heroes 2 to be a highly competent and challenging strategy game. As an RTS buff, I still find this game to be more difficult than most of the ones I've played, which says a lot. The character and vehicle models are easy to swoon over, especially when theyfre pitched in battle. I've played so many RTS games that it's rare when I actually feel a sense of dread mid-battle. Company of Heroes 2 delivered dread to my doorstep in spades. There's nothing like watching an enemy Panzer tank roll its way into view, and the mad scramble that occurs afterwards as you try to get your units out of there. I still think the AI is a bit too difficult on multiplayer, which only serves to scare off the casual RTS folks who enjoy an easier gameplay session. To sum it up, Company of Heroes 2 is a great game and a superb addition to the series. Some will love it for its strategic depth and difficulty, and some will hate it for its strategic depth and difficulty. As for myself, I liked the game in the Beta and I'm enjoying my experience now. If you're not sure about this game, give the original a shot to see how you fare.
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