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on September 19, 2011
Reading Dr. Stanton's book was a revelation - not in the divine sense but in the "Now THAT makes total sense!" sense. As a 30+ year veteran of dieting - I've always struggled to figure out why, when I'm being "good" on my diet, I still don't feel right, look right, or arrive at my goal like I should. Now I know.

The first three chapters of this book alone are worth the cost of it. In plain English, and using some wonderfully easy to understand examples that make me wish I had her for my science teacher, Dr. Stanton lays out what happens in our bodies from a chemical perspective when we starve ourselves for 12 hours and then feast, or when we bombard ourselves with too much sugar, and how stress, lack of sleep, environmental toxins, etc. can trick our hormones into behaving in ways that will sabotage our efforts to maintain a healthy weight, lose belly fat, and regain energy and vitality.

The rest of the book explains the role of nutrients, exercise and good meal planning in weight loss success, and provides some easy to follow plans for cleaning up your diet and rebooting your body's metabolic mojo. Since Dr. Stanton is a hormone expert by training, she helps you determine if your hormones are seriously out of whack and if so, if you need some intervention beyond a dietary recalibration to get yourself back to normal.

What's different about this weight loss book, and why should you read it? The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hormone Weight Loss will help you understand exactly how your body works. It demystifies the science and arms you with the information you need to eat the right things at the right time in the right amounts to keep your body running like a well oiled machine. No weirdo ingredients, cabbage day in and day out, or other faddish nonsense. Just solid medical science behind what it takes to look and feel your best and avoid the behaviors and chemicals that will make you obese and unhealthy and take years off your life. The knowledge I gained from reading this book made it so much easier for me to make better and more informed diet and lifestyle choices. And the nice part about it was that for once, it was relatively painless. I have dropped weight almost effortlessly and feel really good when I stick to her advice. I hope you will, too.
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on September 23, 2011
While the title "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hormone Weight Loss" is a good one, the book might be more appropriately titled "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hormone Weight Loss and Achieving Optimal Health" based on the breadth of what is covered.

The principles in this book illustrate how our bodies and our lives are like a web. When we make changes (good or bad) in one area, they can and will create a ripple effect throughout the entire body causing far reaching effects. Dr Stanton shows that for good health and weight loss we need to address many more issues than just "calories in--calories out". Bad choices in an area that we may not even know or think about can easily sabotage all of our best efforts to lose weight and stay healthy.
The importance of achieving hormone balance for our overall health can't be overemphasized. Dr Stanton explains this in a way which makes it easy to understand and shows what we can do about it. She does the same for lifestyle, nutrition, appropriate use of supplements, toxin exposure, stress, fitness, etc.
Following the recommendations in this book will help you to lose the weight you want to, but probably more importantly, you will be healthier and feel better.
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on February 17, 2012
This book provides excellent information on how hormones affect our weight. I have tried so many diets, some with temporary results, and others with none, however, this is the best diet I have done because I have learned how the junk we eat affect our bodies.

As a hypothyroid patient, losing weight for me has been a great challenge due to my slow metabolism. During my first week of doing Dr. Stanton's diet, I lost 5 lbs. I have learned to eat properly, including whole foods,lean meats, and healthy fats, instead of starving myself which only made things worse.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about keeping hormones in balance, being healthy, and losing weight.
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on September 13, 2011
I'm rather skeptical when it comes to "Idiot's Guides" and diet books, but gave The Idiot's Guide To Hormone Weight Loss a chance on account of the science being of interest to me. If you've heard about the caveman diet, the Hormone Weight Loss Diet shares some philosophy, but with very specific attention paid to hormone balances.

The book is well-organized, with both punchy metaphors to aid understanding (I enjoyed Stanton's explanation of insulin resistance and diabetes, as related to pizza delivery men) and feel-good success stories of Stanton's patients. Stanton started out as an OB-GYN but gradually became interested in how hormone balances were effecting her patients, particularly with regards to their weight. She lays out the essential hormones that effect our weight, including insulin, cortisol (stress hormone), leptin, ghrelin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and human growth hormone (and more). It's fascinating how each interplays with others, and how one being out of whack -- often due to poor, modern diet -- can mess up the others. Essentially, Stanton believes that the modern Western diet (she has some scathing words for the Food Pyramid) has wrecked havoc on our bodies' natural processes, and lead to both increased fat, and difficulty reducing that fat.

It is an Idiot's Guide, so the sections and information are laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. Personally, I found several sections in the front end of the book repetitive and patronizing, but hidden throughout are gems of information, especially on environmental toxins, vitamins and tips for helping our bodies restore balance. The back-end of the book is essentially a diet plan, including a food guide and recipes. The book walks you through a detox phase to reset your hormones, and also features a quiz you can take to figure out what, if any, hormone balances you may have.

Anyone who is curious about diet, lifestyle, hormones and weight and wants a simple, quick-to-read primer, The Idiot's Guide To Hormone Weight Loss is a good choice. For a more in-depth, science-y look, however, I might look for a book that isn't simultaneously hawking a diet plan.

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on November 2, 2011
OK this book was given to me for my 40th Bday. Sat down to read it two days after festivities and didn't stop until I hit the back page. It was the first book that clicked for me. I have read so much, as have most of the world population, but finally I was having the "A HA" moment that made me follow a new health plan with good results. When reading this book it is important to not fool yourself. Answer questions honestly to get the best advice. It has been a little over a month following Dr Stanton's book and working with an endocrinologist that agrees with this books philosophy. So far,I have gone down two pant sizes, have lots of energy and just feel great. Bravo to this great read that can really benefit your whole well being.
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on January 14, 2013
I was a calorie counter for a solid 6 months only to lose 10lbs - think I have gained 4 of those back. It can be stressful and overwhelming to keep up. I learned most from this book that the type of calories matter and that the body can easily be set out of balance by the foods we eat. I have started integrating the "whole food" approach into my meals and I read a little more of the book every evening. Really enjoying the choices I am making now. Not getting caught up in serving sizes. I am going at my own pace trying to work my way up to the full eating plan. I have only been trying it for a few days and with slow integration. It is going just fine - not overwhelmed, not thinking about food constantly.
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on April 25, 2015
Lots to read, not sure I can get through it all. May just read key points. Like most people I want to lose weight, and I want to figure out how to get it done. Not become a expert by knowing all the details of it.
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on January 21, 2013
My wife has tried many ways to slim down after having 2 kids. From pills to shakes to exercise but it is not effective as reading this book. It spells out the truth about FOOD and how it could either help us stay fit or make us look like a ball. It also teaches us how to exercise effectively and maximise every workout. Who says you need to run/jog to lose weight? Read this and you will find out how.
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on October 18, 2015
Of the 3 "hormone weight loss" diet books I checked out of my public library, this was by far the best. All 3 books had basically the same message, were written by female physicians who were not endocrinologists nor specialists in weight loss, and they had more or less similar diet plans (avoid sugar, eat lots of fresh veggies, cut out the crap), but the others were inconsistent, had some inaccurate info, and one even went so far as to hawk her own supplements at an inflated cost. One thing I found interesting was Stanton's recommendation of certain supplements to help adrenals, fatigue/exhaustion as well as poor sleep. Although I do take some supplements, I hadn't heard of some of those she mentioned and will try them in hopes that they will help. As someone who lost less than 1 lb/month on Weight Watchers despite careful measuring and NO cheating, I look forward to trying the ideas presented in this book in hopes that I'll see better results.
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on December 16, 2012
The doctor who wrote the book explains why our bodies are no longer functioning properly within the lives that we live. Armed with that information I was able to put together a way of eating and a balance of vitamins and minerals that are helping me with my weight loss.
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