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on October 22, 2013
I work in healthcare and take the company shuttle. The early AM driver loves to play synthed-out slow jam mixtapes loudly; I wear these so that I don't get into the lovemaking mood too early on in the day. They also block out the banter between the living and breathing HIPAA violations known as coworkers.
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on January 2, 2010
These are quite good, but they do wear out. (Mine phones take T-500's, but I assume the same holds for T-400.) I tired of paying four bucks a pair for them. So I got some foam ear plugs (like Hearos I cut them down with scissors and punched holes with a leather hole punch. They are just as comfortable and work every bit as well as the purpose-built tips, but they cost about 25 cents a pair.

o Punch a hole that's small enough to get a snug fit on the sound tube.
o Don't make them too long, or the foam will shrink in around the distal opening and reduce the treble.
o You could salvage the little plastic inserts out of the foam tips that come with the earphones, but I find they are not necessary.
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Comply foams are good in three cases:

1) the stock eartips on your IEMs strike you as uncomfortable;
2) you need better isolation than whatever ear tips you are using;
3) you have driver flex issues in your dynamic driver IEM.

Numbers 1 & 2 are pretty straightforward. What is driver flex? Read on.

Driver flex is the dark secret of most dynamic driver IEMS. When you shove the driver deep in your ear canal (or even not so deep) the air pressure can sometimes make the tiny thin little driver inside the housing move a little bit. You can hear this happening; when you push the driver in, if you hear a cellophane like wrinkling noise, that is driver flex.

What happens after the driver flexes? Sometimes nothing, all is well. (However, the long term health of the driver may be at risk. There is no real evidence one way or the other, but anecdotally, many online users claim their earphones had shorter lifespans due to driver flex.) Other times, you will have volume level drop in one or both ears, sometimes even no volume at all in the affected drivers. Other times, you will have bass drop out in one or both ears. These two problems - volume level disparity and no bass - are vastly common complaints in earphone land. How many of these complaints are actual defects and how many are due to relatively easily fixable driver flex? Who knows? Note though that balanced armature IEMs seem to be immune to this issue as they work differently in terms of mechanics and seem relatively insensitive to pressure flex.

Not all dynamic drivers have the flex issue. It depends to some extent on driver shape, then on eartip shape and material, then on internal ear canal shapes for each user. My dynamic drivers from Monster and Shure were never affected by this issue at all. Other models I own from Thinksound, RHA, Velodyne, and MEElectronics have the problem to a greater or lesser degree. My BA models - from UE, Etymotics, & Brainwavz - have never had this issue at all.

Comply foams fix the flex issue by expanding slowly after you compress and insert them. This gradual expansion does not create the sudden pressure changes that can mess up dynamic IEMs. Plus the Comply foam is soft and isolates well.

What's the downside?

1) Attenuated treble, warmer sound. Many people like this combo. If you like classical or acoustic jazz, it makes a lot of music far less enjoyable. All earphones I tried various Comply models on had this issue - T100, T200, T400s on Monsters, Velodynes, Brainwavz, UE, & Thinksound. More bass emphasis, less highs. I absolutely disagree with Comply's statement that there is no audible effect on music with use of their foams. There may not be much effect, depending on your music. Jay Z may sound fine, but Mahler's Fifth or Sketches of Spain will sound much the worse with Comply foams.
2) Hard to keep clean. Like Shure "olives" the Complies tend to soak up ear wax that silicone tips would never attract. This interacts with problem 3 below, as the foams then need frequent cleaning. Plus if you take them out with ear schumz and can't clean them right away, the wax dries and looks foul.
3) Durability. Complys do not take well to the rigorous life of portable IEMs. If you baby them, clean them properly and store your phones in a case, you'll get about 2 months of use before they start to lose pieces and compress less easily. If you shove em in your pocket or knapsack, maybe a month of use, barring acute traumatic episodes.
4) Cost! Do the math 1 - 2 months per pair, 3 pairs per package, $ X for cost and shipping. It's like having a mini cable bill. The stock silicones that came with your IEMs will last six months minimum and are dirt cheap to replace if and when you need them.

The Comply TX series costs more than the T series and adds an ear wax filter screen. These don't sound worse than the T series (i.e. still adds warmth, attenuates highs) but they do add cost for a sort of gimmick. Many canalphones already have a filter or grill across the sound tube, and my relatively waxy ears never produced any accumulation of wax on the internal filters on the TX400. Unless you have a regular candle factory in your ear, the 15% price increase is not justified.

The Comply series is an imperfect solution to some very common IEM problems. Unfortunately, there are not many other universal fit solutions available for multi-brands. Shure and Etymotic tips are much more durable, cost less, and don't mess up the sound as much. The Sony Hybrids are also a fine tip choice. Unfortunately, all these other brands do not necessarily fit brands other than their manufacturers. A secure fit is vital, otherwise the tip gets wedged in your ear and you are off to a loved one with tweezers in hand, or off to the ER if you have no loved ones available. Unless you are positive your Shure Olive or Hybrid will fit your specific Brand X, Comply is the only game in town if you don't like your original fitting options with a given earphone.

Comply has a new TS series tip out with an oval shape (a la Klipsch Image S4s) which is said to attenuate the highs less. Haven't heard them myself, they don't seem to be available on Amazon, and, of course, they cost more than the base models. Considering the unhappy cost to usefulness ratio of the TX series, I would say caveat emptor...
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on November 29, 2014
These tips DO NOT fit the JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones that I ordered despite the manufacturers report that they do. The male portion of the headphone and the "female" portion of the tip are both hard plastic and are the exact same size so that there is no way to make the tip fit without destroying the product. I believe that the tips are of very good quality and would likely work well if they fit. Amazon does not accommodate a review for such things.
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on March 22, 2009
I purchased the Sennheiser CX-400 in-ear headphones. I did not like the earpieces that came with the headphones and I am using the Comply T-400 foam tips instead. They are more comfortable and make a better seal for noise abatement.
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on November 9, 2013
The good news is, these fit okay and look great with the Blue Panasonic RPHJE120A headphones I also ordered from Amazon (see my picture) However, these blue earphone tips seem to have 2 drawbacks.
1) Their memory isn't very strong. So if you squish them before putting it in your ear or squished them in your pocket, it'll take a long time for them to expand and offer their max isolation ability. Could take up to 20 mins!
2) The material they made these out of is unnecessarily tacky (sticky!). This will cause these tips to have unusually short life as they will easily pick up dirt/dust and the obvious 'stuff' from your ears. I bought some other tips in the past that didn't have this tacky problem.
I hope the above 2 problems are just due to the material or paint they had to use for the BLUE version and not a problem across their whole line. I hope this helps with your shopping decision.
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on June 17, 2009
These eartips were a really great investment for a number of reasons:
1) They offer a tight seal for maximum noise isolation and bass response.
2) They are extremely comfortable. I can wear them for hours and not even notice they are there, even though they are inserted deep into my ear canal.
3) It is only $5 a pair, and I have heard these last for months before the foam starts to lose its elasticity.
4) They stay in your ears no matter how much you shake your head or move around

They obviously also have a few downsides:
1) They tend to roll off the highs a little bit, nothing too extreme, but if you are an audiophile like I am just beware (I have my ipod set to treble boost to compensate)
2) The foam DOES degrade after some time, and although it takes awhile, it just sucks.
3) They are extremely annoying to get on and off of the headphones - it feels like the foam will tear off (it doesn't)

Overall, this stuff is a necessary luxury - buy it and you won't be disappointed.
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on February 13, 2015
I bought these things after reading other reviews about how well they worked. This product gets a 1 star rating from me because they do not last. After a week or two of use the Comply earphone tips develop cracks and split in half. Geez all I did was put them in my ears. I guess that is how they get you to buy more. Don't waste your money on these (see photo).
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on April 5, 2015
Let's keep this simple, I was skeptical about it's not going to fit my Bluebuds X. IT DOES FIT with a little effort and boy does it rewards you for the effort.

Ditch your stock earphone tips and get these. They are a heck of a magnitude better if you do a lot of running. (Earphones won't fall out anymore)
Holy cow it's very very comfortable compare to stock ones
Excellent noise isolation

Steep price for something like these

Even though these are expensive, but I would keep on buying it. Stock tips are a thing in the past now. I said earlier that these are good for running but if you have $15 to spare, spend it on these. Your ears will thank you.
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I've done an about face when it comes to these Comply Foam Tips. They're capable of resurrecting phones that initially appear to be bass-deprived or lacking in volume. Upon using these with my Altec Titaniums, Sennheiser CX-300s, Sleek Audio 1's, Phillips SHE-9850s, the phones came to life as never before. Previously, I had dismissed the foam tips for several reasons:

1. Sony advises against their use, and the Sony MDR-EX300, 500, and 700 phones (either the LP or the SL versions), are so good that foam tips are a bad investment.

2. Even if the tips transform your little ear plugs into magnificent concert halls, they're quick to register wear and tear not to mention dirt. At five bucks or more per pop, it can be pricey to replace these every month or two.

Be sure to check the Comply site to get the right fit, consider black (it shows less dirt), and don't become overly alarmed if the tips become a formless blob when you attach them to your phones. They'll shape up within a minute or two.

They're over-priced in terms of the material but not necessarily in terms of effectiveness. Every user of IEM phones definitely needs to have a supply on hand along with silicone replacement tips. (Along with Comply foam tips, I'd recommend the packages of Sony Hybrid tips, which come to about $2 per pair and don't wear out.)
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