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I bought the Comply Tx-500 foam tips to use with my Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro earphones. This is the model Comply's web site indicated fitted my phones and it was correct. Before ordering, I suggest you visit Comply's site and use their selector tool to identify the tip model right for you.

I've never had much luck with the silicone tips that come with in-ear phones, and the foam cylinders UE included, which worked ok for me, have deteriorated, so I was on the lookout for a good replacement. The Tx-500 is comfortable and the outer surface being smooth means that it won't fill up with dirt too quickly.

If you order this set from Amazon, you get the medium size, which "fits most". It is also available from Comply's web site in small and large, and in a set with one pair in each size. My ear canals are, I guess, a bit on the small side. The mediums work but next time I'll try small to see if that's better.

I was very impressed with the sound isolation - I typically use the earphones on airplanes, so that was important to me. I've tried various noise-canceling headphones but never liked any of them. The Comply tips worked great in that regard, and I got good sound quality from the UE phones.

I highly recommend the Tx-500 - just take into account which size is best for you.

Edit: I have tried to get Amazon to specify that the size is "Medium". They changed it from not specifying the size at all to "Small/Medium", which is not correct, and rejected my second attempt to correct it. Comply doesn't make a "Small/Medium" - these are Medium.

Edit 1/19/10: I see that Amazon gave up on listing the size - sigh. Also, I just returned from a trip where I spent many hours listening to the earphones through the Comply tips. They were very comfortable even after extended use and were also easy to insert and remove.
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on February 9, 2010
I own a pair of Shure headphones, and I don't really think you can go "wrong" with either these or the Shure tips. However, I would definitely purchase these first because:

-They are a little more comfortable in the ear
-They are easier to get a perfect seal with
-The wax-guard is fantastic (think... no more need to clean out the grossness deep inside of your canalphones)
-They will make your headphones sound better (mostly as a result of the previous three reasons)

Now, to answer the questions I myself have had at some point:

-The foam is a little different than the kind Shure uses. It seems to be a little firmer... until it is placed in the ear, where it feels softer and a little more comfortable. It's also slightly more resistant to wax in my experience, and is a quality product that can withstand daily use.

-They aren't tricky to apply. I was worried that the fit on the headphones themselves would be too tight or too loose (the former being annoying and the latter literally making the foams useless). I can only speak for SE Models, but the fit was perfect for me. The build is a tad different, as the foams feature a slightly thinner and flexible core tube... but this doesn't really change the ease of applying them in comparison to the Shures.

-For Shure owners: the "one size" of these roughly equates to the medium Shure size... they are themselves a tiny bit smaller than a medium Shure foam, but it is very close. I will say this... I wore the mediums AND larges for my Shures (mediums preferred), and the smalls wouldn't fit quite right... but these create the best seal by far that I have experienced with any IEM tip. If you are hesitant about the fit, go to the Comply website. They have three different sizes for all of their models.

-For non-Shure/non-foam users: soft foam is generally better than flex tips/silicone/hard foam, but it depends on your ears and your preferences. For most, it is the best blend of comfort and sound quality. The foam (if fitted correctly) is not painful on the ear at all after prolonged use and will not cause headaches. The fit is crucial in getting good sound, just like pretty much any other tip. If the build quality is good (like these), there is little to no change in frequency response in comparison to silicone.

-The sound quality with these is better than with other foams, and this is why- they are designed to give a better fit and keep wax out, allowing earphones to stream more pristine audio as a result. Earphones with these tips will sound more "open" and clear, and even the discerning ear will probably notice a wider soundstage with their current headphones.

-Sound isolation is close to most foams, but a little better (for me) because they seal so well. For users who want premier sound isolation, these will suit your needs very well.

-The 2dB of transmission loss with the wax guard is virtually a non-issue, especially since ear wax within the audio canal is much more detrimental to sound quality than anything else.

Overall, I do not hesitate to give these a five star rating. If you are interested in these or are even on the fence, I would stop reading this review right now, place them in my cart, and checkout. Happy listening!
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VINE VOICEon November 7, 2009
I have used all sorts of tips for canalphones. There is no question that foam tips are the superior choice. They fill the entire ear canal and block out all sound, they are very comfortable and durable. I had a pair of E3C's and always used the Shure overpriced foam tips. After they died I bought the Klipsch canalphones and these ComplyTx-100s. This is a very nice product. They are designed far better than the Shure tips. They are less bulky and a better fit to the ear canal. Very comfortable. The wax-blocker thing is a definite plus. I heard people complaining about these getting dirty and/or not lasting. I have had no problems. I am still on my first pair and they seem very durable. Tip: Clean them with hydrogen peroxide - dissolves the ear wax right off and won't damage the tips. Avoid alcohol for cleaning as this will damage them. I would definitely buy these again.
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on July 2, 2013
I really enjoy my Jaybird Bluebud X headphones, but the tips and ear pieces that come with them did not fit well. I have used these Comply tips for about a month and love them. I was able to remove the earpieces and the Comply still remain tight in my ears. Comfortable and still look new. My only question is why Jaybird couldn't supply these types of tips with their headphones?
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on April 5, 2014
As other reviewers have mentioned, these are very hard to get on the BlueBuds X. You can't just pop them on - you've gotta force 'em on. With that said, if you manage to get them on, they're great. Very comfortable, excellent noise suppression and very secure. I'm curious to see about their durability - if there's anyone who can make these last, it's me. I always put my headphones back in the case when I'm done. And I treat them with great care. Plus, I wear ear plugs every night, and they never wear out. I'll write again in a few months if/when they wear out.

**Update** Two months in: Still going strong; no sign of damage. One note; with the warmer/more humid weather, the foam is "squooshier" making it harder to put them in my ears. Gotta jam them in my ears faster before they expand. Also, no matter the weather, these aren't ideal if you have to constantly take them in and out of your ears. Once they get warm from being in your ears, ideally, you have to wait for them to cool down before you can put them back in. You can put them right back in, but the warm foam is less than ideal to work with and the fit isn't as good.

**Update #2** Almost five months and still using the original pair. I've bought a second set for my wired earbuds, so I'm going to tell what I've learned. The new set is just like I remember; you squeeze them, and they stay compressed for a little while, then expand in your ear. My older pair doesn't behave this way anymore. So the reason that Comply recommends that you change them every few months isn't because they fall apart, it's because you get a better fit with a fresh pair. While I prefer the fresh-out-of-the-box fit, I see no reason to stop using an old pair just because I have to wiggle them into my ears.
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on November 2, 2010
I bought a pair of Klipsch S4 earphones and unfortunately none of the included ear pieces were comfortable or achieved good isolation of external noise. I ordered the Comply foam tips and I now love my earphones. When I go to the gym or get on a plane, I can't hear a thing except my iPod. The foam tips are very comfortable even after several hours of use. One small con is that they do wear out over time. They come in a three pack and I'm on pair #2 after about 3 months of daily use and periodic cleanings (the foam on the first pair got a little too soft to stay attached to the earphones). I assume this is why they come in a three pack. I'm willing to invest a bit for superior comfort and performance of my earphones.
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on July 8, 2011
I got this set for my ie8s. They fit great, the isolation & seal is better than all of the other tips included. They are extremely comfortable. The problem with them is they rip far too easily. I'm on my third pair <2 months in.
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on April 17, 2010
Doesn't matter what others said how their earbud tips work, they were not in your ear channels. You have to try them for yourself. I am not a fan for those silicon tips. The original Klipsch S4 tips hurt my ears after about an hour of listening, even on low volume radio. These foam tips changed all. When you put them in your ear channels, while them expand, you can clearly tell the noise fade away. Someone complained the fit. These tips are available in different sizes. Amazon's version might be medium. Try the three size pack to see which one is best for you. You can find some retailers on Comply's official website.

I've never seen better foam tips as I do not own any expensive pieces. These are not cheap, but I am willing to pay a couple of bucks for my own comfort. I can lower the volume to about 2/3 of what I used to. Because they shield considerable amount of noise, the sound quality improved significantly as well. I have been using the first pair for about a month. They seem worn out a bit. After the warm soak water treatment, they resumed to the near original state.

Don't wear both of them on street, they may block the traffic noise and that is were you want them for your own safety.
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on July 24, 2012
Let me start by saying I don't feel compelled to write many reviews. I'm an Amazon Prime member and buy all sorts of items on here but I don't generally take the time to report back. But I am so happy with this product that I had just had to...

I just added these to my Klipch Image S4 buds. I was previously using the rubber tips that came with the S4s and they just didn't stay put in my ears or make a good seal for long. I was using the largest size that came with the S4s and they still didn't work well. If I shoved the factory tips in as far as they would safely go they would make a decent seal and then sound fairly good. You could hear the bass fairly well and life was "OK".

The problem was that I was using the earbuds for running. After a minute or two of the cord tugging at the buds and my ears being sweaty made the factory tips lose seal and start sounding very flat. I found myself constantly adjusting them and shoving them back deeper inside my ear to try to get a seal. Since I noticed the sound and volume being significantly better when they were properly seated I decided to look around for larger tips. Thats when I found these Comply TX-100s.

Based on the number of good reviews I figured I should try them. I thought the price was a little steep for what they are (that's why they are only getting 4 stars and not 5) but it sounded like the best solution.

After measuring the factory tips I was using I decided to order the large size which seemed to be just very slightly wider. I just tried them on my first "trial run" and WOW!!!

These things really brought my S4 buds to life!!! The sound quality was improved drammatically (even when compared to the factory tips while making a good seal). The volume was improved drastically as well. Before with the factory tips I found myself cranking the volume on my iPhone up to 100%. With these comply tips I was hearing bass notes and everything SO MUCH clearer at a volume level of only 50%. Once it got past 60-70% it was just too loud...

And the best part was that I ran for 25 minutes without the tips ever losing seal. Not even once... I broke a good sweat and JAMMED the entire run. Just an FYI - in hindsight I'm thinking I might should have even ordered the XL size but I can't say that for sure. The Large size that I got did make a seal without fail for my entire run but one of them felt like it could be tighter. Only time will tell. I guess I have large ear canals lol. I would recommend to anyone buying these to measure what you have already and choose wisely. Buying the various size pack may be the best approach...

In closing my only thought is this:

Why don't ALL earbud manufacturers include these from the start??? I think most of them are really diminishing the value of their product by not providing a tip that will make the most of the drivers. I just knew my S4 buds could sound so much better and now they DO!!!
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on September 6, 2010
don't throw out your stock silicone eartips just yet. you may still need them.

whether or not comply foams of any model will fit well for you depends on the shape of your individual ear canals and the design of your iems/earphones. ignoring questions of fit then, i want to address an issue which i feel is more important to your music listening: comply foams actually degrade sound quality.

comply foam tips absorb high frequencies. for example, cymbal crashes will sound fainter and the trailing end of words sung/spoken will decay faster. there is also a well known trade-off in human sound perception between bass and treble. if we lower the treble, then the mind will perceive the bass as increased even if we make no changes to the level of bass itself. comply foams will thus make any set of iems/earphones sound darker and bassier by sacrificing some clarity and details on the high end of the spectrum. this shifting in sound signature toward the lower end can potentially be quite significant, and perhaps unpleasant, depending on your gear.

on the other hand, if you can get your comply foams to fit well, then there is no denying that the sound isolation will be improved. you will be able to enjoy music at lower volumes on noisy buses, for example. just be mindful that this benefit does come at a cost in sound quality so that you can make an informed choice between foams or silicone eartips. those silicone eartips don't sap the high frequencies like the foams do.
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