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on June 12, 2012
Let me first start off by saying I've read the biggest portion of the reviews for this trimmer here on Amazon. And while most reviews were positive, there were quite a few negative as well. So, I didn't know whether I should invest alot of money into yet ANOTHER trimmer that wouldn't work as well as it is marketed to be.
I've tried alot of name brand trimmers to try and get the "stubble" look that kinda looks like a five o'clock shadow and most trimmers do not work at properly capturing that specific look. I used a cheap Conair trimmer years ago and was disappointed, expecting this Conair trimmer to be no different.

I've only used this trimmer once, but, what I can tell is alot initially;

1}The i-stubble has a great setup. It has the attachment comb on the trimmer which also has adjustable lengths for up & down right above the power button. With this, you can go from 0.4 to 5.0. This is great for people with different styles of facial hair. You can be longer length at 5.0 or short as you can get with 0.4, which is basically the above mentioned "stubble" or "five o'clock shadow" look. You can even unattach the attachment comb and flip it back and go even closer if you are wanting the one-day stubble look[which is what I did to see how close it would go]. If you wanted shorter than that, you'd have to involve a razor and cream. Which should tell ya alot about how close you get.

2}Most negative reviews were complaints about the guide comb not being secure enough or not getting problematic areas[such as under the lip, soul patch, etc]. I can tell you this was not the case for me. Even before I flipped the comb back and used the blade to get closer, the comb went all the way under the nose/mustache and even obliterated the soul patch area of mine that grows thickest. The comb stayed in place the whole time the trimmer was in use and didn't tug or pull whatso ever[which I expected with a week's worth of beard already lined].

3}The battery charge is a big issue. I seen some complaining about the battery life/lack of power in the i-stubble. First off, if you read the guide book that comes with the trimmer, it clearly tells you to charge the trimmer for 4 hours, 3 days. Which means it has to be charged for 12 total hours before you can properly have enough power to trim. I'm guessing some people glared over that little detail and it changed their view of how good the trimmer was in their opinion[s]. I charged mine for 3 days for 4 hours and maybe even an extra day for maybe another hour or so to be sure it would be fully functional.

4}My only complaint is minor; the handle is too slippery. Conair didn't design enough rubber grip onto the handle section, which makes it prone to slipping out of hand during the trim process. It only happened once to me, but, if you don't accidently hit the up or down button to adjust the length it's still not a big deal.

I've tried every beard/mustache trimmer on the market with a few exceptions[mostly the Braun cruzers, Phillips 'perfect stubble', and a few others]. I've owned conair, the cheaper phillips', remington, and the wahl line of trimmers[including the lithium ion]. None of them came close to giving me the type of smooth, even finish of stubble that this trimmer did. Most of them leave you looking uneven and dirty[in the bad kinda way]. Glad to report this one does the job and seems to be worth what I spent on it. At least, a real "stubble" trimmer!
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on October 24, 2014
This is my second one, the first lasted for about 3-4 years before the batteries started going south. It uses 2x 600mAh NiMH batteries so I don't consider it unreasonable after years and hundreds of charge/discharge cycles, the blades also become dull so replacing it every couple years should be expected.
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on February 3, 2015
Best electric shave for stubble I’ve ever had. Perfect stubble length every day…

However, the unit stopped holding a charge after two weeks and would only come on for less than a minute. After seeing postings here complaining of the same, I assumed the battery was the culprit. The battery is soldered on and must be removed carefully, but you can find a replacement at Radio Shack for under $7 bucks. Now it works like a champ.

Original Battery: 2.4V 600mAh NiMH
Replacement Battery (Radio Shack 2302374): 2.4v 650mAh NiMH
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on July 4, 2012
I was skeptical when I bought this. A product that allows you to not take metal to your face and gives you a 5o'clock shadow? Well it does, does everything it says an with ease. I have used virtually ever ele tric razor/trimmer on the market and had finally given ino manual shaving for the past year until this gem came into my house.
It cuts your stubble to "shadow length" if preferred, and cuts it effortlessly. Easy to use, easy to clean, great price, great buy.
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on October 10, 2015
***Please note that this review is for the SUPER I-Stubble, not the regular one. The Super version has very important features that are not available in the less expensive version (waterproof, settings memory, etc). You can pick which one you are ordering by toggling it from the main product page.

First off, i'd like to say that my beard is made of steel, and my skin is as sensitive as a wet piece of paper. On top of that, my facial hair grows back at a ridiculously fast rate. It also grows in multiple directions. This makes shaving extremely annoying, and almost useless. For that reason I've resorted to using a double edge safety razor to clean up my neck and cheek area, while using a trimmer to keep a stubble look. I've used many options, including both cheap ($20-$40) trimmers, as well as expensive ($100+) trimmers, and wound up throwing them all out. This one is the best I've used so far, and here's why:

Waterproof: The Super I-Stubble is completely waterproof, which just makes cleaning that much easier. I don't like to trim my face in the shower, but for those who do this would also be a good plus.

Memory: The trimmer does not have any combs to add/remove, it simply adjusts itself based on you hitting the up or down arrows. When you turn it off, it remembers the last setting that you set it to so when you turn it back on it returns to that length. If you accidentally hit the up or down arrow while shaving, it will stop the razor. This is good so you don't accidentally shave off too much.

Display: The display is extremely useful. It constantly displays the current length that you have set, and when you turn it on and off it also displays how much time is left on the battery. I can't tell you how many times I have been in the middle of a trim with other products and it just dies on me, leaving my face completely unfinished. That is why I've switched to battery powered trimmers to prevent this, but now I no longer have to worry. There's also a 5 minute warning light, which turns the number 5 red and flashes all the way down to 0.

Power: The power is just fine. It's not the strongest trimmer I've used, but it gets the job done. I have yet to EVER use any type of trimmer or razor for that matter that will trim or shave my beard in a single pass. My hair just grows in too many directions, lays flat against my face in some areas, and is very thick. I do have to use multiple passes from multiple angles to get the look that I want, but I've gotten used to expecting that at this point. When I flip the guard back and use just the trimmer at its lowest length setting (no setting), it's very nice and actually gives me one of the nicest trims I've experienced.

Battery: The battery is fine for me. 3 hours initial charge (please don't forget this) and then 90 minutes for every charge after that. Battery lasts for 60 min, which is perfect. Also, the trimmer remained at constant power all the way from 60 to 0. It never slowed or got "weak" near the end, which I really liked.

Maintenance: It's easy to clean, and although you SHOULD oil it every once in a while you don't HAVE to like some other trimmers require. But really if you want it to last you should oil it every now and then.

Evenness: This is the only con for me, and isn't really that bad. The plastic guard that adjusts itself is not made of extremely hard plastic. For that reason, if you press too hard against your skin the guard can actually be pushed closer to the trimmer head, resulting in some areas with shorter trimmed hair. I have noticed that it's not terrible, and by using even pressure everywhere and allowing the contouring head to go along with your face you shouldn't have a problem. This is the only reason I took a star away, since this product is a bit pricey. But again I've experienced much worse with other trimmers and when you get the hang of it you should be fine.

All in all I am very picky with what I use now that my stubble has become part of my look - since I hate shaving so much. If I have any issues with this product down the road I will update this review, but for most people most of the time this should be the perfect solution to maintaining anything from a shadow to stubble to a beard.
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on August 6, 2012
Im going to keep this short. this is a fantastic trimmer when it works. Other reviewers are correct about the features, quality of trim, etc.

I cannot however recommend this product. I have bought 2 (two!) and both of them have fails in about 2-3 months. That's a very bad record. other reviewers here are having the same problem, so I know it isn't just me.

Save yourself some grief. Look for something else that will last longer. I called Conair and they said they discontinued this model. I think I know why!
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Style Name: i-Stubble|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There is a lot of discussion about the comb part - you have to unsnap it & fold it back to get a close stubble shave (like the guy in the ad). You should know, the comb part isn't really meant to fold like that on a regular basis. Half the time, the blade part falls out (hopefully it lands on the floor or in the sink, not into the toilet or something like that!)

Then, and after about 30 uses (less than one year), the comb part snapped & broke completely. It's pretty thin to start with. It can't easily be replaced, and now the *only* thing I can use it for is close shave (you can't adjust it *at all* without the comb). I stick with my original assessment: This model has multiple problems. I knock my original review down from a 3-star to a 2-star.


I thought this would be a fully adjustable trimmer. It's very cool looking, with digital programmable adjustable length (from .4 mm to 5 mm). Trimmer functions great out the box, & very cool-looking.

But it doesn't replace *anything* in my medicine cabinet because the "comb" is not functional. I still have to keep my other trimmer for upper lip, sideburns, neckline, eyebrows, etc.

The head is just too big. With the comb feature, you can't get stubble as short as in the video (which is a bit misleading). His stubble is 0.2 to 0.3 mm ... to get that close, you need to flip back the comb head, and trim with just the metal blades against the skin - much like using Wahl Hair Clippers (or similar) to shave, without the guard.

Additionally, when you flip back the head, you get a much shorter (uneven) finish, and the "comb" part is huge and bulky so you can't really get too close to the upper lip, etc. Just a clumsy design.

The worst feature on the iStubble (design oversight) is there is no "catch" for the hair. It just jams up the cutting blades until it falls on the floor (or worse, all over your shirt). No compartment to empty. Makes a mess every time.

But it does have it's perks - the comb head doesn't irritate the skin AT ALL. No need for soothing aftershave lotions. It's very quick, easy, and painless to use (do my whole face in say 30 seconds). But they seem to sacrifice function & versatility, and opt for cool looking design (neon glow-in-dark display, etc).

I'd recommend the iStubble to someone with a longer goatee, who has other products for the rest of the face (i.e., if you shave with a razor, but want to keep a short or medium goatee).

If you're looking for a all-in-one trimmer/groomer for goatee or stubble, I'd recommend something more versatile, such as (Norelco All-in-1 Grooming System (I've owned for years, and works great). No digital glow-in-the-dark display, though. But it comes with about 10 attachments for everything you need, including nose hair trimmer. For stubble, simply use it without any attachments for a perfect .2mm to .3mm stubble. The Wahl Groomsman Trimmer is similar, also for around $15, and probably just as good.

The iStubble looks cool, and it works great for trimming chin & cheeks. But I just don't want a drawer full of electronic grooming devices. Not versatile enough for me.
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on July 12, 2013
You've already spent way too much time online, reading reviews and forums trying to find the perfect trimmer. Like Jimmy Hoffa's body - it doesn't exist. This product is pretty good though. It helps you cut your stubble down to various lengths. It lights up and makes cool mechanical sounds as you adjust it. And it's seriously quite stellar at spewing those trimmed whiskers into the furthest reaches of your bathroom. With the competition, you'd have to go over the same area four or five times, then shake the trimmer like a martini to get the same effect. With the GMT900, one pass... maybe two and your done. (And why didn't they name this the GMT9 THOUSAND?! talk about a lost marketing opportunity!)

I digress. Some will criticize it's inability to trim below your nose. Sure, with the guard in place - you'll be left looking like Hitler. Just bend that puppy back into it's "relaxed position", and you can carefully trim in those confined spaces. It's not like you need a surgeon's hand when trimming without the guard, but those with over caffeinated nervous systems should take pause.

This trimmer let me down in a couple of ways. Ways which led me to quarantine myself from society until my facial hair grew back. The first was when I attempted to trim my sideburns. I'm thinking... hey, I'll just keep on mowing upwards until I feel/hear the extra resistance. When I hit my eyebrow, I knew I had made a grave mistake. Following that - I decide that it's time to shape my goatee. Look - we aren't talking Tony Stark here, I just don't appreciate looking like a fat gerbil sat on my face and died. I'll just bend this here guard back, hit my line, and shave upwards. I mean, that's they way I do it with my old trimmer, and it works great - clean, sharp lines.

Not so much with the GMT900. In fact, not at all. But whatever. Now I know why it didn't get the vaunted "GMT9 THOOOOOOOOOUSAND" designation.

So - it takes two trimmers to get the desired effect. This one for variable length trimming, and my old hacksaw for precise lines. It's not like you only have ONE screwdriver in your toolbox, yeesh. Just buy this already. Your face will thank you and you can rain stubble all over the wife's side of the bathroom from eight feet away.
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on April 14, 2013
This is a good idea in theory, but it doesn't work. I used to use hair clippers with an adjustable trim level to get my 5 o'clock shadow. I bought this thinking it would be an improvement over using hair clippers. False! These things take much longer to use that hair clippers. I need to go over the same spot over and over again to cut the hair and it doesn't get everything done evenly. In addition, there are certain spots it just can't get! Like under the chin. Or close to the nose since the plastic guide hits my nose and I can't shave the top of my moustache. I've since gone back to my hair clippers. Don't waste your time or money with this. Whoever made it obviously doesn't shave with it.
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on October 4, 2012
I had searched the net for countless of hours looking for a true stubble trimmer, before ending up buying this one in particular. I wasn't sure, because there were a lot of mixed and negative reviews, but took the chance and I'm glad I did. First of all, this is a stubble trimmer and it is not meant for long beards. Also, this trimmer is not meant to be used with wet hairs and it isn't washable.

The unit comes in a standard retail package. Nothing much included, just the trimmer itself, a small cleaning brush that has two brush heads, one wide and one small; a power cord, a "sample" size tube of trimmer/cliper oil and an instructions booklet.

The instructions clearly say to charge the trimmer for 16 hrs before its first use, this is a must, according to the manufacturer, to make sure you get the most out of the battery. After the initial charge, the unit will take from 2 to 4 hours for a full charge from a completely dead battery.

There's only 3 buttons on this trimmer. The rectangular/black buttons are for increasing/decreasing the cutting length, the smallest setting is a wopping .4mm! which is perfect for the "5 O'clock shadow look", which I tried and it worked. The other button is the power button.

On the screen, you get the trimming level/number and the battery status, which will flash as you use the trimmer.

The trimmer can be used with or without the guide, but the guide itself can't be removed; it just flips onto the back of the trimmer, but it doesn't get in the way.

As for the performance, this thing did what I was expecting, I first tried it at 1mm and I had fantastic results, the trimmer did a great job a cutting the hairs evenly and without much effort. Some spots, specially on my neck and the corner of my mouth, required some skin stretching and different approach angles, but the results were great.

I then tried the lowest setting, which is .4mm and I was blown away. The trimmer gave me the perfect shadow look, the way my beard looks a day or two after I shave, which is my favourite.

The trimmer's head moves as you slide it accross your face, so when you reach the chin, jaw, etc, you don't need to adjust the position of the trimmer. I didn't experience any hair pulling or pinching.

The guide, as I said before, can't be taken off of the trimmer, but it can be flipped to the back of the trimmer, which is perfect for when trimming sideburns, etc. I didn't need to remove it when I was trimming my beard.

Cleaning the trimmer is easy. Simply flip the guide to the back, grab the included brush and give it a good swipe accross the trimming head, then, apply a drop or two of the included oil and you're done.

In conclusion, if you want the shadow look or the perfec stubble, look no further, the Conair GMT900 is not just the tool you need, but it is well made, simple to use a true stubble trimmer.
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