Customer Reviews: Concealed Carry Beginner's Crash Course - What Every Armed Citizen Must Know About Carrying A Concealed Firearm
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on February 18, 2012
I purchased this thinking that I would get soem new insights on concealed carrying. With the way society is going, I want to be able to defend and protecte myself, my loved ones, and my property. This is essentially a pamphlet with little articles dedicated to different aspects of concealed carry. The first 2 or 3 articles pretty much soured me on the whole pamphlet. These chapters talk about the right to carry, which is fine. However, the author-Robert Boatman, come sof as an overzealous gun nut, whose only purpose is to to attack the left, liberals, and other anti-gun individuals. He even insults their intelligence often. I understand, being a gun owner myself, supporting the 2nd Amendement. But when you are trying to educate individuals on something serious, better to focus on the task at hand than to use the platform to make vile attacks against people who you disagree with. Just because you disagree with them, doesn;t mean that they don't have valid concerns. Instead, he comes off as a person who is trying to gather sheep into his fold and to get them to have this hate for people who oppose gun owners. It's irresponsible and hurts the gun community more than it helps.

Once you get past the vitriolic garbage, there is some very good information. Mostly, things to consider as you entertain the idea of carrying concealed firearms to protect yourself. I especially give high praise to the sections by Paul Benjamin,Oleg Volk, and Steve Krystek and Micheal Potter. Those sections are exactly what a pamphlet of this type should be like.
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on July 11, 2013
A series of articles slapped together mostly having to do with the mindset of carrying concealed. Lacking in information and background on just about everything having to do with concealed weapons, how to carry. Mostly dedicated to justifying the WHY you should carry. A bit radical and opinionated for my taste although it may suit yours. Also a very short book which, if compiled with the dozen others with subjects regarding concealed weapons that it advertises at the end, may actually make an informative read worth purchasing.
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on January 20, 2016
Regret this purchase big time. I merely tried to download the sample, and somehow it ended up in my cart, and became mine. I didn't even know I had bought it, til I got the email. This "book" is a "work" of useless "information," a term I use very lightly here. There is no substance to it. I wasted my time reading it, thinking something of use might be squeezed out of it. Nope. The writing is bad, with some sentences directly contridicting the "theme" of this book, for example, in one place by failing to put "not" in the sentence; obviously this thing was slapped together without any real thought or substantive followup editing. These "experts" don't say anything you can't get for free by googling the topic. This thing is a piece of c**p. Its a crash alright, straight Into the ground. Nose dive. I wasted about $3.00 on it - without meaning to buy it. Don't waste your time or money on this useless thing Amazon calls a Kindle book. Don't take up their offer of a sample either (as I did) or this junk may end up yours. I'll be deleting this "book" from my Kindle library.
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on December 24, 2015
The book is excellent and straight forward. It is very simp,e to u der stand and helps with handling legal situation if u have no choice but to defend yourself for fear of ur life from a perpetrator who meant harm.
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on April 10, 2014
Crazy me, I purchased this digital version hoping to learn those things which will broaden or enhance my understanding of concealed carry. The first chapter, by one Robert Boatman is a one-sided diatribe that promotes the carrying of a gun. Statistics are pulled from nowhere so demonstrate that the more guns that are in the hands of the people, the less crime there is. Al the usual Constitution quotations and prattle. He rails against those who are not in favor of guns, and he has a sizeable repertoire of put down words for them. He takes the opportunity to express his views about gun ownership and to denigrate any different views. He glibly claims that guns exist so they can be used to kill criminals. He cites how having a weapon available has saved lives, and what a success this has been. He has seized this opportunity to subject the reader to his right-wing views, and shamelessly and rather childishly resorts to name calling for those whose views are different to his. He makes the mistake of thinking his biases and point of view are truth - they are not. They are only his truth.
This slanted piece by Robert Boatman belongs in a manual for the Mountain Men, not in a book.that purports to be a Concealed Carry Beginners Course.
Writers such as this, along with the NRA, have usurped my freedom to own a gun (I own 3 rifles and a revolver) insofar as I find myself frequently having to explain to friends and neighbors and passers by, that the guns I am loading into my truck are for shooting holes in paper at the range. Thanks to Boatman and others of his ilk, and the NRA, someone with a gun is immediately stereotyped and becomes associated with the views of the NRA and people like Boatman. I own my guns, and I enjoy them. And I do so while studiously avoiding the fear-based, unoriginal and limited viewpoints of people like Boatman and the NRA...who need to realize that they do not own the monopoly on points of view concerning guns.
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on August 10, 2015
It is a well written book, straight forward and easy to understand. The book tells you a lot about the pitfalls of carrying and using a gun.
I also tells you what to do after you use it, things like reporting it to police and how to interact with officers when they arrive. Good things to know and think about before you you have to act.
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on August 25, 2014
There is nothing in this book you can't find online about state to state concealed carry laws. Pass on it and go to google.
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on April 16, 2015
The Constitution of the U.S., through the 2nd Amendment, gives everyone the right to own guns. That, of course, means everyone should be able to carry their gun concealed or not. Therefore, this book will help everyone to become more educated and know more about their responsibility when it comes to guns. I recommended this book for everyone even those who already carry their guns concealed or not.

If you have no reason to own a weapon, this book will also help you. You will gain a better understanding of those who do and help you to gain respect for those who do carry a gun.
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on May 14, 2015
This book was very informative and insightful to the ramifications of carrying a weapon in everyday life. Having been a firearms instructor in the military, I found much of the information spot on, thanks!
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on March 1, 2013
While I am not new to guns, I am new to CCW. In fact, am waiting for issuance of my CCW permit so the word "beginner" in the title caught my eye. The principles put forth in the book seem obvious: you must practice with your CC gun, practice how you would need to use it in the "real" world not just how you use it at the range, etc. Each article is like an "executive summary" - broad concepts intended to get you thinking about CC. The article on "what happens after" you use deadly force is especially thought provoking. Good read for beginners.
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