Customer Reviews: Concealed in Death
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on February 18, 2014
I was waiting for midnight download because I'm in love with Eve Dallas. She's a heroine I see a lot of myself in - only I'm not a tough cop and I'm not married to a billionaire.
The thing is, as good as this series is, it's starting to fray at the edges. I'm not a conspiracy theory person - but I am starting to believe the rumblings. Maybe these aren't completely ghost written - but they clearly are being partially ghost written.
The mystery in this is fine - engaging, in fact. Sometimes it is hard to find a justifiable reason for Roarke to be involved - but that isn't the case in this one.
Something is still off, though. I started noticing it right after the Dallas storyline. It wasn't big things at first. Strained dialogue, weird word choices, forgotten story threads. If you've read the entire series, you know what I'm talking about. Some things just aren't the same as they used to be.
The truth is, an author has certain tells in their writing. Certain phrases that pop up edition after edition. That's not a bad thing. It makes the reader feel comfortable.
That's not here in the In Death series anymore. The prose is fine for 75 percent of the book and then a phrase is off. Then the dialogue crumbles.
It's just not the same. I sound like a broken record, I know.
I'm not ready to give up this series yet. I still love Eve. I am ready, though, for a return to greatness. I may be alone in that endeavor - but that is what I want.
I just want to add - after a few minutes of further reflection - that Eve's perfection when solving a case doesn't always ring true. She's an outstanding cop. She's a moral person. She has demons and she has a haunted past. At times, though, she seems infallible - and that's not always believable.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 18, 2014
CONCEALED IN DEATH is the 38th novel in J.D. Robb's series following the cases of Eve Dallas, a lieutenant in New York in the near future. The novel begins for the first time from her husband Roarke's point of view. While in the process of beginning a tear down of the interior of an old building, two bodies wrapped in plastic are discovered. Soon twelve skeletons of young teenage girls are discovered. Eve and friends are soon engaged in discovering what happened to end these young lives. The investigation brings Eve into the world of street kids that touches some of her past, Roarke's and especially her friend Mavis's.

I enjoyed this book. For me the last few books have been uneven. Since NEW YORK TO DALLAS, there hasn't been a book that has really gripped me. This one doesn't rise to the levels of earlier books in the series. Since the resolution of Eve's past, much of the series angst and tension has dissipated. Eve feels more happy, more settled and more reconciled rob her past and her present.

The focus here is on the victims. As Robb does with most of the books in the In Death series, the theme of the crime is mirrored with our crew of regular characters. That works better here than in the last few books. Eve, Roarke and Mavis all recognize a kinship with the victims but the recognition is softer than some of the earlier books. Because the crimes are old, this has more of a cold case feel. The pave is slower, allowing for more contemplation about the connections and circumstances.

A longtime reader of the series will find plenty of references and continuity to revel in. We also have the chance to meet a new character, Dr. Garnet DeWinter, a forensic anthropologist, who seems destined to become a recurring character.

I would rate this book in the middle of the series. Not one of the best, but better than the last few.

I recommend it.
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on February 18, 2014
I have read every book in this series and pre-ordered with great anticipation.

I am not sure what happened, but Dallas isn't really Dallas. Some of the language is the same but not used as Dallas would or even when it would be expected. Rourke is the same. Some of the internal thoughts ascribed to Dallas are things I cannot imagine her ever thinking, such as "her eyes were a dreamy shade of blue" or "Her face, dewy and smooth". These comments are ascribed to internal observations made by Dallas. The same Dallas who thinks having her hair trimmed is tantamount to world war 3. I am supposed to believe that Dallas thinks anyone has dewy skin when she is looking into the face of a potential suspect? Please...

The interaction between Roarke and Dalls is just off, wierd and disjointed. The story does not have the normal Roberts zing and flow.

I have laughed at the previous theory of ghost writers, but now I am not sure. So far, I am very disappointed. This book was either written by someone other than Nora Roberts or Ms. Roberts had a terrible year of writing.
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on February 20, 2014
Whole book seemed off. The interaction between characters did not ring true. The worst was the fact that I guessed the whole plot in the first chapter. Eve just did not seem to be Eve. She did not act or sound like herself when she talked to Peabody, who also sounded off. I really believe that this book was at least partially ghost written with ms Roberts possibly adding small bits to it. It will be the last "in death" book that I buy and I used to love them.
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on February 24, 2014
I've read this series from the beginning and have always enjoyed Eve and Roark but this book was simply tedious. I could barely turn the pages because there was no excitement. Simply doing interviews with witnesses or suspects doesn't cut it after awhile. It was, quite simply boring. I'm finished with thus series, sadly.
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on February 18, 2014
Like lots of other people, I have read every book in this series. About every three years, I go back and reread the early ones. Unfortunately, I finished Midnight in Death just before this book downloaded to my Kindle so a much better book was fresh in my mind.
The dialogue is way off; both the spoken and the thoughts. By page ten it was obvious this was not Ms. Roberts work. There are so many mistakes in the history that I stopped a third of the way through the book and am deciding if I want to return for a refund.
The story premise is interesting but the book keeps side tracking me with all the mistakes. It is distracting to read a line and instead of it leading you to the next line, my thought is "Eve would never have said that ."
Being a longtime fan I am disappointed that Ms. Roberts has so little respect for her audience. At the very least, the editors at her publishing company should have caught some of the many historical mistakes. The author, whoever it is, is responsible for the poor dialogue.
There are 800 books in my Kindle after two years of ownership. I have read them all. This is the first time I have written a review as there are normally so many, any comment I might have has already been expressed. This time, I am just insulted and couldn't let it go.
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on February 22, 2014
It almost felt like Nora Roberts handed a fan fiction writer a plot and an outline, and left them to it. Either that or she has a completely different editor, and we have not been giving this person enough credit. I am all for having a happier, healthier Eve, as some have mentioned. But that is not the problem. The problem lies in the voice of the characters, and the general dialog. They were not true to the charachters. As far as the story goes, I stuck it out. Thw whole thing left me a little flat. If this is in fact Nora's writing, well, she phoned it in. But honestly, there were only bits and pieces that even felt remotely like any of her work.
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on February 24, 2014
She may have helped write it, but this is not the same author as the early books of the In Death series. Its insulting to readers to not let us know that someone else is writing the book... we pay to purchase books written by the author calling herself JD Robb. When its painfully clear by just a couple of paragraphs that someone else wrote this, I consider it stealing my money.

Everything was off in this book. The characters word choices, actions, interactions with others. Everything. Even the police procedure of solving a "mystery" was wrong. And the mystery was very bad. That's too bad, since it had a lot of potential. Even the introduction of a new character (is she supposed to be one of the smart girls?), comes off as stilted and jarring. A forensic anthropologist with a dog named Bones? Seriously?

If you're a fan of the previous In Death books, don't read this one. It will ruin the series for you. As for me, I'm done with Robb & Roberts. I dislike being insulted and tricked out of money.
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on February 24, 2014
Having read all of the "in Death" series, I was very disappointed in this one. Here's why. After a while, you come to know the characters, how they sound, how they think, how they react. For the first time in any of the books so far, the characters just didn't sound like themselves. The choice of words, the reactions, they were just off, as if someone else had written this book. The same thing happened when Robert B. Parker died and another writer tried to pick up the Spenser character. It just didn't sound the same, as if someone was pretending to, or trying to be, the character. The plot, which I won't spoil, also wasn't one of her best, but it was the characters not being themselves, or perhaps more accurately, not sounding like themselves, that really threw me off.
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on March 17, 2014
I have reread this book just to see if all these reviews had clouded my original judgement of Very Poorly Done NR. If anything, it been has confirmed. I have reread this series so many times and I agree with many that since the Dallas book, things have been slipping. Seriously hope this is the bottom, because I don't know how it could get much worse. I also don't or don't want to believe that NR wrote this book. Regardless, she, her editor, and publisher should be not just ashamed of Concealed, they should be deeply embarrassed by it.

I realize that Eve would be evolving, but remember that only THREE years have gone by in this series. She's not going to change that much.

There was so much of the creative writing that NR books are known for that is missing. When I read earlier books, I get inside the dialog. I feel the frustration, humor, etc of the characters. My mind sees pictures of them laughing, scowling, etc. There was NONE of that in this one.

NR has been given such a wonderful gift. I just hate to see that legacy become so tarnished.
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