Concerns on accuracy of this scale ? I have this scale for over 2 months now. I'm 5' 3" male weighing about 116 lbs. I really wonder if the body fat% shown by the scale is accurate though ? On non-athelete mode it consistently shows 7.5-7.8% and for Atlhelte mode it shows 3.8%. I'm curious to know why we actually need these two modes ? . I'll be thrilled if my body fat is really under 8%. but I doubt it is though.. :)

Here are the overall stats :(in non-athelete male mode)
Weight : Varies from 114-117 depending on my workout intensity & consumed nutrition.
Body fat: 7.5-7.8%'
Muscle mass : 47-49%
Water content : 65-68%
Bone mass: 38-41%'

Did any one else observe this kind of difference ?
[UPDATED] asked by ycmrun on April 11, 2012
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yes i did.I consider myself an avid exercisre,I have been working out consistently for 8 years,averaging 5/6 hours every week.According to the booklet it says I should use athlete bodt fat was 18.4% which I was happy with but If i changed it to non athlete it said 23%...quite a difference.I would really like to confirm that the lower is the difference is quite big really.
HPHAIR answered on September 28, 2012
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It is very accurate. Most people are going to see better accuracy on non-athlete mode. However, less than 8% body fat is unhealthy for an average adult male. 9-19% is considerred ideal.
C. Jorgensen answered on October 15, 2012
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But if you go by the booklets advice , it says to use athlete mode if you have been working out consistently for years .....I have .... So are u saying the non athlete is better then ? It's very misleading but bottom line for me is the figures are going down in either mode !!! And that's what I wanted
HPHAIR answered on October 15, 2012
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