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on July 18, 2014
A pleasant and visually relaxing Gin Rummy application that is sure to satisfy the average player that seeks to play the card game without having to find an opponent. The game has 3 settings for skill with the easiest setting not being a complete push-over, but beatable nonetheless. I found that without the ability to adjust a few basic game options (such as Oklahoma rules, or not having a deadwood at all) was a bit surprising for the quality of the app. It would not have been much effort to include this ability and it would have made my rating a 5 star easily. Not everyone will like playing with a 10 pt deadwood each and every hand, and for $2.99 for a game app that is nothing more than 2 dimensional cards, I find this limitation the worst aspect of the application. The marketed consumer for this kind of app may be smaller than perhaps those apps that offer guns-a-blazing and such, but the inability to customize game rules and personalize the table/card textures makes this app way overpriced at $2.99. As the FAOTD, this is a sure winner without question, but paying more than $1.99 for this app will have most people dissatisfied.

That being said, there is a lot to be said about how smooth this application ran on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9. I was impressed at how easily I had forgotten I was playing an application and had immersed myself into the game as if I were actually sitting at the table with someone. The graphics are excellent when compared to other card games of this nature. The computer opponent is well programmed, so as to actually feel as if you're playing an actual player. Although I found most of the computer opponent's skill resulted from the timing of your opponent's knocking, rather than the game-play itself, the computer still became progressively more difficult as I increased the level of game-play.

Here are a few of of the good points that have allowed this app to hang onto the 4 star rating:

• Playable WITHOUT internet access
• Exited cleanly using the back button
• No pop up ads
• No persistent requests to rate the game

Perhaps the developer will offer an update in the future to allow more rule options and personalization for the cards/table, but until then, this app cannot really be considered seriously to be the best of the best. 4 stars is the best I can offer.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 18, 2014
This is a rather good, unique implementation of a Gin Rummy game. The game play is good. Drawing and discarding are smooth and the touch is accurate for pulling cards out of your hand. The one knock I have to make against the game play is that you don't get to decide what combinations to make. If you are holding a group of cards that could end up being two runs or two sets (say, 6H-6S-7S-8C-8H) and you pull a card that completes a run, it automatically puts that run don't get to decide to keep it just sitting in your hand waiting to see if you complete the second run or maybe two sets. That is actually a pretty BIG problem in the play of the game and costs 1 star.

The theme is definitely designed to appeal to the "steampunk" fans, of which there seem to be many. Lots of monocles, gears, etc. The music is supposed to sound like an "old timey" player piano or silent movie background, but to be perfectly honest, I just found it distracting.
The game play is slowed a bit by all the animation, and I couldn't find a way to turn that off. If anyone has found a way to change the level of animation effects, I'd really like to know where that setting can be found. Thanks.

There are more permissions than there should be...and the author has chosen to include Flurry analytics code. But the biggest gripe I have in this area is the "tell your friends on facebook/twitter" buttons along with the "more of our games" buttons being front-and-center. This is a paid app, there shouldn't be any ads...not even for the author's other games...on the main menu page. If you want to hide something like that in the settings or information menu, fine...but not right up front on a paid app. This is what cost the second star on the rating.

There are no ad networks, the app will run with the WiFi off, and when you exit via the back arrow, it doesn't leave anything resident in memory or running in the background.

As the Free App of the Day, it's definitely a good deal. But with the up-front "share me" stuff, ads for the author's other games, and the big issue with the game play, I would not recommend spending $2.99 on this game. $0.99 or even $1.49...probably, but definitely not $2.99.
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on January 30, 2014
I tried the free version of this app & liked it so much I decided to support the devs. This paid app removes all adds. Also, it seems to take away tournament or continued play. Maybe I just haven't figured out the setting for this as of yet. By no means let this discourage you from paying 2.99 for this most excellent gin rummy game! I have tried many on the Amazon app store. The smooth graphics, ability to have or not have sound, personalized character with 3 levels of difficulty including many spunky opponents makes this a must have for gin rummy lovers. Read in a previous review that it wouldn't download on Kindle Fire HD; when I first installed the free version I had an issue with forced close. I sent my data logs to developer. They promised and followed through with an update that removed that glitch. My advice to Kindle owners is to uninstall app & then reinstall. This is what I did, Now the game has no glitchines to it at all.

Even though I gave a 5 star rating, I would have given it 10 if I could have! I, also, highly recommend the free version if you don't mind adds. It is basically the same.

Thanks for reading my review!
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on June 30, 2013
Best android gin rummy game out there. Only complaint is that it should have running statistics of your wins and loses, otherwise very changeling and addictive.
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on July 18, 2014
This game is faultless. I started playing on the easy level as I was uncertain of the rules. I quickly moved to more difficult levels. You play against a host of quaint characters, and have your own avatars. I have now been playing for hours - it is so much fun! Get it, it's way better than any other card game around.
I have one little quibble now that I have played it more often than any human should! I wish for an oops, go back button. With touch screen playing it is very easy to reject the wrong card. Other than that, still the best card game ever!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon July 18, 2014
Playing cards was a way of life in the Navy. Spades, Hearts, Cribbage, Gin Rummy, you name it... and although ACES GIN RUMMY PRO doesn't have the constant smack talk that I do miss (at times, hah), it's a fairly polished Android version. What has me wondering is why it has a MATURE rating from Amazon. If it DID have sailors smack talking each other, I'd understand.

Network Access: This game is somewhat loaded with deadwood. Facebook and Playhaven social networks, Google AND Flurry Analytics, and Google In-App Billing. However, the game plays OFFLINE.

First, the Facebook link takes you to Concrete Software's FB page (not your own even if you have one), nor did I experience any FB nag pushes. Second, the Playhaven Network seems to be used for the Concrete Software News function (bottom center button on the Main Screen), and when opened, you are very clearly prompted with the ability to turn off these internal News Push Notifications from the Playhaven Network. As for the Google In-App Billing, there isn't any IAP in the game, so it must be a vestigial leftover from the freebie version. That just leaves two sets of Analytics, which are limited to anonymous usage collection. Still, two sets is rather over the top.

Gameplay is smooth with cutesy animal avatars (of course, I chose the cat as mine). The display was full and pleasant on my Samsung Tab 3's 10.1" screen. Additionally, if you hit the Pause Button during game play, then choose the Menu Icon in the upper right of the score table, it does pause/save the in-progress game to continue later on. The back-key prompts a clean exit from the Main Screen.

The game doesn't offer anything in the way of optional rules, sticking with basic Gin Rummy. As for picking any card from the discard deck, that is a -variation- of Gin Rummy, and like many popular casual card games, variations abound and mix about. This is a straight-up, traditional format. I did double check the Wikipedia page on Gin Rummy just to be sure since variations do get quite easily accepted as formal, and even I wasn't sure what I held as basic Gin Rummy wasn't a variation itself. This is indeed basic, two player Gin Rummy.

As for AI, I won all my matches on easy (although there were a few close calls), sometimes getting 30 some points per hand with a nice Gin to close out a match. Like all card games, luck is a factor... and smack talking. But I'll still keep this game on my tablet in spite of the lack of cross-table talk. Heh.

- Tinfoot Tall
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on July 18, 2014
this is a really nice app...plays fast so you're not waiting you can also set to play to a few different scores as well as how hard you want saves your game and score so you can play as you want...great graphics and easy to use interaction..if you like gin this is a wonderful and fun way to play. the hardest level is a great challenge and I enjoy this app a lot.
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This is a nice card game with very good graphics and decent audio. The app wouldn't work for me but I believe that I was getting a corrupted download. I reset my tablet and tried a third download and it worked fine. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 eight inch display unit.

The game play is fun and the graphics are well done. It is a good app to kill some time with.
* Modify or delete the contents of your USB card
* Full network access
* View network connections
* view WIFI connections

This app contains Flurry Analytics and monitors your game play and the software's operation. The app installed onto my device memory a file 30.29 MB in size but I manually moved it to my SD card. After moving it there was left 2.27 MB on my device memory and 30.5 MB on my SD card.
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on August 1, 2012
I simply love all of Concrete's previously released card games, so I was eagerly anticipating the releases of their gin rummy game, and this new offering does not fail to excite. The sound is fantastic (and familiar), the characters are gorgeous, the animation is fluid (I especially like how your opponents points are added to your score) and the game play is smooth and loads easily on both my Kindle and Asus Transformer tablet. The options available are: Character choice, level of difficulty and game points to win. This app is well worth the $2.99 asking price.
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on July 3, 2015
Fun app. Like the customization of the game you can do. But, it is pretty predictable. You can have a 90 point lead and often, you will lose because your opponent miraculously gets the perfect hands to beat you. Doesn't happen all the time but often enough to see it coming.
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